Android 5.1.1 hits the ASUS ZenWatch with new gestures and always-on apps


asus zenwatch update

The ASUS ZenWatch is the latest Android Wear smartwatch to receive Android 5.1.1. In case you don’t remember, this update brought a lot of great new goods such as support for always-on apps, WiFi (the ZenWatch doesn’t have WiFi radios, though) and new hands-free gestures for navigating the user interface.

So how do you get it? Well, one way is to simply wait. You could manually check for it (Swipe Down on Watch Face > Swipe to Settings > Go to About > System Updates) but our experience tells us you might not get very far. You can also download the OTA file and flash it manually if you’re handy enough to go about doing that. By the end of it all you should be on Android 5.1.1, Android Wear version, and Google Play Services version 7.3.36.

Otherwise, you’ll simply have to wait until your device is tapped to receive the upgrade (which could be as soon as a day or as much as a month). Be sure to take it for a spin and let us know what you think about it once you have it loaded up!

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  1. Not available yet for me, but no biggie

  2. Moto 360 now

    1. How’s the battery life on your 360? I can barely made it through a day?

      1. on my 360, I get about 8 hours using watchmaker, but if I disconnect from my phone, I can go about 18 hours or more.

        1. I get 1.5 days with ambient mode off.

          1. i get 1.5 days with ambient mode on

          2. Am a heavy user.

        2. But what would be the point of disconnecting from your phone? I sure hope Motorola does a better job with the second iteration of the 360… I feel sorry for the people who paid full price for this thing…Looks like I’ll be sticking with my Sony Smartwatch 3 for a bit more.

        3. I get 21 hours with ambient mode on, 2 days with it off. If you’re only getting 8 hours, I think it is defective.

          1. It depends on the 3rd party app you are using for watch faces. I use watchmaker and it sucks the life out of the battery. With the moto watchfaces, won’t suck up as much battery.

  3. I get a full day with ambient Mode
    On and watchmaker

  4. Only thing missing is Motorola start selling the 24mm Monolink Metal Band separately

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