OnePlus One’s CyanogenMod 12.1 nightlies now have touchscreen fix, and early results seem good


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OnePlus mentioned they’d be working on a final fix for the OnePlus One’s touchscreen issues, and it seems they’re further along than they let on. The fix can be found in the latest CyanogenMod 12.1 nightlies for the device.

The early word from those who have already flashed it seems overwhelmingly positive, with many folks suggesting their touchscreen issues have completely evaporated as a result. There’s a small group who remain skeptical, saying they’ll see how things fair once their device is used in warmer conditions (the issue is apparently magnified in heat).

So what do you do from here? Well, if you’re comfortable flashing custom ROMs and need this fix as soon as possible, the May 15th nightly (and any nightlies thereafter) should have the fix. Otherwise if things go well with testing in the early going it might not be long before the OTA is on its way to your handset. Let us know if you notice the change if you flash it!

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  1. well that only took a year

    1. Mine only just started this issue on 5.0.0 CM12. I’ll flash it later today.

      1. u are one of the lucky ones! I dont own one but i’ve read about this issue for quite some time!

        1. Mine has been solid! Luckily. Even with the touch issue, it was more of a lag. Thought it was just LP. The 12.1 came and it was just a touch (pun intended) worse. Flashing now. Couldn’t wait.

          1. thats awesome! glad they got it fixed and hope it works better for you =) i’m looking forward to seeing the 1+2 when thats released!

          2. Update… The newest firmware fixed my issues. I even had it in the sun and works as it should. Ii dial back to 300 min and interactive with no lag!

  2. I never had a touch screen issue to begin with.

    1. I haven’t heard that this was a huge issue.

      1. Pretty sure you’d be mad as hell if your touchscreen malfunctioned as badly as some people’s have. All happy Oneplus owners should consider themselves very lucky not to have had any issues.

        1. Read my comment, it doesn’t say it isn’t an issue just that it wasn’t one of their more publicized ones.

          1. Never meant to imply that you thought that it wasn’t an issue. Just saying that you’re lucky for not having the same issue.

          2. Okay cool. I think my troll defense is high in these forums, lol.

  3. Never had an issue with my touchscreen, but if this rushes 5.1 official to us, it’s welcome!

  4. Few days ago I got some “UI” problem after update. It was not possible to enter phone. So now I am back to stock on my nexus 4. Waiting for CM 12.1M

  5. so when i can update to it? currently i am on OS12

    1. Just so that this is clear, this isn’t an update that you will get OTA. This is a new nightly, one that if you want to run you’ll have to manually flash. It will no doubt be a part of the 5.1 OTA when that comes out, but do not hold your breath for that.

      1. oh i see. currently i had some wifi issues but since one or two days it seems to be stable somehow. but i do hope whenever that 12.1 comes out i fixes the issues

  6. FIXED! I had the multi touch bug, and unresponsive screen running cyanogen os 12. Flashed the 0517 cm12.1-nightly and it’s awesome again!

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