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Earlier today the LG G4 was officially announced. We were in attendance at the event in New York, and now we’ve had a chance to get out hands on the device. LG made a big deal about how comfortable this device is to hold, which makes the hands-on that much more important.

LG is definitely right when they say the G4 is comfortable. The premium leather, rounded back, and ever so slight curved display make it very easy to hold. We especially like the leather, which feels really nice and definitely worth the 12 weeks it takes to make.

The display looks great. It’s brighter and the colors are as close to real life as we’ve seen. It’s the best display for viewing the photos taken with the new camera. LG talked a lot about the camera, but in the closed environment of a press event we didn’t get a chance to do much testing. We’ll talk more about that in our full review.

LG says the performance of the G4 is just as good as the Samsung Galaxy S6. In our short hands-on time that statement appears to be true, but once again we’ll have to further test the device. The software is basically what we saw on the LG G Flex 2, which is a good thing. It’s slim and only lightly skinned, but mostly keeps the Material Design aesthetic.

So far we’re really liking the G4. They took everything good from the LG G3 and improved it. The only question is did enough people hold off on the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 to buy the G4? LG didn’t do themselves any favors by waiting this long to announce the G4. The G4 will be available on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon sometime soon. Will you be getting one?

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  1. This is the worst hands on. No one wants to hear an LG drone talking about the phone. I’d rather hear an Android, nay, a Phandroid describe this.

    1. I agree, she stuttered and didn’t seem to know anything.

      1. No she didn’t… she didn’t have a whole lot of enthusiasm but she definitely showed what this device had to offer. It was a fine hands on.

        1. We must’ve watched to different videos, or where you imagining her having a hands on with your wewe?

      2. trying to memorize the stuff shes supposed to show

  2. i bet the leather feels great in hand. However I imagine that nice teel color would pick up a lot of dirt. Leather does not clean up easily like plastic or metal…decisions…decisions…was hoping to see Sony’s flagship announced in US as being water proof. This g4 give me everything I want except water proof…I think this beats out s6 or m9 for me.

    1. I bet it does feel real nice, but I’m worried that at even the slightest bit of moisture the leather would be screwed.

  3. I love my M9 but I really want some hands on time with this thing. May end up selling the M9 and buying the G4 if I like it enough.

    1. The front-facing speakers may be a big loss when switching to the G4 if you’ve grown very dependent of them. I dunno. If I had the M9 I think the prospect of a user-replaceable battery (with a leather back) may just be what pushes me to the G4.

      1. It has been very convenient not cupping my hand to channel the sound from the rear speaker and the stereo sound is also nice.

        1. Thats why I’m glad my Nexus 6 has the front facing speakers… its just an excellent device all around.

  4. This is it for me!

  5. If I didn’t have my Note 4, this would be my new phone. I’m just too used to my S Pen. I need a wacom-like stylus for my phone.

  6. LOVE IT….but that rear facing speaker….I fell in love with my Nexus 6’s. It will be hard to go backwards in that department.

    1. I said the same thing, they could have stuck it on the bottom, or sides. The speaker placement is why I’m passing

      1. yeah with the increase in total real estate in every direction, they could not throw a bottom firing speaker?? ugh. I might be waiting on their take of the next Nexus device.

        1. Well I was actually referring to the bottom like Samsung, not the bottom of the screen, just not on the back, that’s the worst place

          1. oh I know, I got you. I just read the measurements and they made it bigger in every direction than the G3. I just think they could have found a way to put that speaker somewhere else. I was never pleased with the G3’s speakers.

  7. How does the leather feel when it gets warm or cold outside?

    1. Like a dead cow?

  8. Definitely looks like a winner on their hands… probably the best device for me out of all the flagships released this year.

  9. Will I be getting one? Shizzzzz hell yes. Release day I am on it.

    1. not worried about the speakers?? I love my Nexus 6….I’m afraid of downgrading in the speaker department = it is literally my only gripe

      1. Me too! I cringed when I saw that rear speaker. Everything else is great on the device, but it’s still not the one.

  10. Those icons are horrible… Even if they put a snapdragon 820 I won’t buy it due to the horrible interface.

    1. That’s what Nova prime is for or the vast plethora of many other available launchers.

    2. lol..

  11. I hope the quality control department fixed the hairline crack issue from the G3 on the G4…

  12. Wireless charging? On the Droid-Life video when he takes off the back (2:59) you can see the copper conducting tape and thin electronic board in the backside cover = implies wireless charging out of the box despite some saying wireless charging did not make it into the phone – like quick charge – despite leaks that said it was coming included.

    1. That’s most likely the NFC pad!

    2. Thats NFC

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