LG G4 users will get 100GB of Google Drive storage for free


LG G4 google drive

LG made sure to mention many times that the LG G4 has expandable storage, but that hasn’t stopped them from catering to cloud lovers. All G4 owners will get 100GB of Google Drive storage for free. This is on top of the 15GB of storage Google already gives users. With all of these storage options you should have plenty of space to save the full-size RAW photo files. Will this convince you to give the LG G4 a shot?

LG G4 announcement

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The LG G4 has been officially announced

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  1. When I bought my LG Thrill 4G I got 50 gigs through Box. I’d sure rather have drive though.

    1. Box was given 50GB away for free just for signing up. The reason I don’t even use Box is because you can only upload a 250MB file at once. I was needing a place to store my videos prior my 2TB hard drive purchase.

      So now I just have 50GB of Box space I have no idea what to do with.

  2. That’s pretty nice….but for how long is it free?

    1. Most likely 2yrs like the other offers

    2. 2 years according to another blog. Whoever gives me lifetime storage locks me in.

  3. I don’t know what promotion I have that’s given me all this Drive space. I have like 120GB of space. Hmm…

    Now what if I were to get this phone? 220GB? Hmm…

    I need to migrate to Drive from Dropbox anyways. Ugh!! I’m not looking forward to that.

    1. It’s not that hard if you have PC. Just install both sync clients. Sync your Dropbox folders to the PC and then move the contents of the Dropboxy sync folder to the Drive sync folder. If you want to be safer and have the space on the PC available, copy instead of move.

      1. My issue is lack of space on my laptop. So I’ll need the help of my external hard drive. LoL!!

    2. Not a problem! Just drag and drop the files from one folder to another on a computer, few minutes and you’re done.

      My issue with drive is that it hogs resources and slows down my Internet heavily when it has been installed on my last 3 laptops. It’s a known bug which as far as I know they have not fixed yet… And the bug’s been there for years. Can anyone shed a light on this?

      1. Well the real issue is the lack of space on my laptop hard drive. I’m sure I can easily copy and paste, but yea… I also wanted EVERYTHING in my Drive. Not just my media files, but my program installs.

        My school gave me copies of Windows, so that alone is 2GB. Those install files get pretty large.

        Though… I believe Drive allows you to choose which folders you want to sync. I’ll have to do a one time sync to put those files in there, then stop syncing from that folder.

        Ugh!! I’ll need to move things off my computer… OMG!! I just need to get a larger hard drive for my computer and quit BS-ing. But I plan on replacing my laptop at the end of this year. Ugh!!

        Now you see the pickle I’m in. And it doesn’t help my Dropbox promotions ends in two weeks. >.>

        EDIT: Failed to mention this, but I have an external hard drive. I planned on using that to move files to and from.

    3. I know that with Dropbox, you can’t use the same company’s promotion twice on the same account. My wife and I each got space to our single dropbox when I had and HTC and she had a Samsung. When I got a new Samsung, I wasn’t able to add the promotion space to that account, but could to a separate account.

    4. That’s why i haven’t switched lol don’t want that headache of moving everything.

  4. So if I only have say 6 months left from my chromebook promo and I use this before then it doesn’t add time does it?

    1. No. Let’s say this is for 2 years and let’s say your Chromebook gave you 50GB(because I don’t know the amount).

      If you get this phone today, you’ll have 150GB extra space. In 6 months, you’ll lose 50GB and drop down to 100GB extra space. On top of the 15GB they give free.

      Before: 165GB
      After: 115GB

      If you haven’t exceeded 115GB when your Chromebook promotion is up, you’ll still be able to add files.

  5. Yes yes yes yes I want/need the g4 leaving my note 2 behind

  6. If only I had the need or the money

  7. But then again I tend to use external hard drives as my cloud anyway
    I only use drive for any cloud storage for temporary storage or to transfer app apks from one device to another

  8. The 100GB extra, is it time limited or is it for lifetime?

    1. I’ve yet to see a lifetime promotion like this. I’d assume it’s limited, 2 years.

    2. It is for 2 years, confirmed by AA.

  9. This isn’t better than 128GB on the phone.

  10. Any Nexus 6 owners burned by the fact we didn’t get any extra drive space?

    1. we got a year worth of google play music for free.

      1. When I bought mine the promotion was over unless I missed something. Also I was already a subscriber

  11. I’m in, now VZW just needs to shut up and take my money!

  12. My chromebook 2 gave me 1TB of space for 2 years.

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