HTC’s latest ad is really weird, takes shots at Samsung and Apple [VIDEO]



HTC has a long history of really strange ads. There was Hipster Troll Carwash, and then a bunch of short-films starring Robert Downey Jr. The latest ad is a parody of all the commercials for medical products we see on TV all the time. HTC calls it their fake drug Cellami, which is the cure for “suffering from having to choose between the same old options for a smartphone,” or “Bi-phonal Displeasure Disorder.”

HTC says one of two things can cause Bi-phonal displeasure disorder: SAD and iOS. SAD stands for Samsung Effective Disorder. iOS, of course, stands for Irritable Operating System. Like all drugs, Cellami comes with a list of side effects. It can lead to “pinched zoom, clogged charge port, permanent thumb loss, and only plastic discharges.” But, if you are currently taking HTC One M9 they are quick to point out you don’t need Cellami. In fact, “your phone is the best!”

I’ve watched this ad a couple of times now and I can’t decide if it’s really clever or really dumb. This is not the type of ad we’d expect to see on TV anytime soon. What do you think of Cellami? Did HTC actually create a good ad, or is this just another in a line of weird videos?

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  1. “Oily plastic discharge.”

    Might wanna get that checked out. Lol

    1. Yeah…now people who see someone with an M9 will assume they have “oily plastic discharge”. This campaign could not only backfire but tank HTC sales completely.

      1. i see comprehension skipped you. The fake add clearly said if you have an M9 you dont need the drug.

  2. That was… Weird…

  3. Another stellar marketing effort from HTC. :rolleyes:

  4. ahh they could have done better with that. It was kinda clever, but the drug name should have been something about the M9 instead of the generic of the drug being metalidone boomsoundide…

  5. I think the ad is fitting… a medicre ad for a mediocre device.

  6. It was funny to me ?

  7. Cellami, which is the cure for “suffering from having to choose between the same old options for a smartphone,” or “Bi-phonal Displeasure Disorder.”

    Hilarious!!!…considering how similar the HTC One M9 is to the HTC One M8. Good one HTC.

  8. “Men and women who are pregnant, or if you know someone who has EVER BEEN PREGNANT should not take Cellami.”
    I’m confused HTC. Are you saying that no one should ever take Cellami?

    “In Studies 23% of Cellami users became pregnant during weeks 2-3 of treatment.”
    WTF HTC?! Why would I want to take Cellami.

    This is certainly a strange ad, indeed. It doesn’t seem very well thought out and I’m really not sure what they are getting at.

    1. The only people that this ad would appeal to are generally those who struggle to scrape a few bob together and those are the ones buying the cheapest of cheap Android phones…not a premium phone.

    2. Ugh!! I can’t wait to get off work to watch this ad. It sounds idiotic!!

  9. “I’ve watched this ad a couple of times now and I can’t decide if it’s really clever or really dumb.”

    At least you weren’t offended. A lot of people over at Android Police (including the editor who posted it) were taking offense to this because it was “making fun of serious depression” somehow. I thought it was kinda odd, but definitely not worth getting offended by. These weak-minded people that get butt-hurt over this minutia need to stay off the internet if dumb stuff like this seriously offends them.

    1. How on earth did someone manage to sit through that twice!

    2. Thank you!!

      I always show people this photo when they say people are offended by things and need to quit bullying or picking on people.

      Don’t speak for someone else. If you can laugh at Comedy Central and stand-up comedians, you’re in no position to talk about what offends people. You can laugh when a comedian says it, but a random person makes it offensive?

      Please!! Out my face with that mess!! I’m sorry I rather laugh and be happy instead of become mopy and sad at hurtful and dreadful thoughts. Like I already went through that. I don’t want to relive pain, I want to relive joy, so make that sad moment joyful.

      1. “Don’t speak for someone else”

        I agree. We shouldn’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t feel offended by.

    3. If they would have poked fun at any other disease people would be up in arms. Why is it okay to make fun of mental illness? We should be able to make fun of child cancer too according to your logic.

      1. Then you’re obviously not comprehending my logic or this commercial. It’s a parody of any number of drug commercials, not of any illness. But you go ahead and keep getting butthurt over nothing and reading way too far into it. It’s a lame commercial, but not offensive (at least to any rational person).

        1. Not all drug commercials are the same because not all of those drugs treat things as serious and as sensitive as mental illness. People suffering from depressing and trying not to kill themselves is not the same as someone who’s got some bladder problems.

          Personally, I’m not terribly offended but I do see and acknowledged that HTC did wrong here. You’re allowed to be disappointing and offended by these kinds of things and not be a terrible person for it.

          Whatever is or isn’t offensive is not for you to decide for others only for yourself. Only for yourself.

          1. So assume the worst and hold them to the coals for it..? Seems logical. /s

            Anyone is free to feel how they want about anything. But there is certainly a point where a reasonable person can discern if their feelings are warranted and call their rationality into check.

            In other words; this is the internet. Don’t post your FUD and not expect to be called out for it and defend your position at the very least.

          2. I don’t think any reasonable person would expect their
            comments not to be challenged, however ridicules the challenge to their opinion may be. But to find it odd that some would be offended by this advert IS odd. Why must you call them “weak-minded”?

            Because they shared their opinion that’s contrary to yours they’re “weak-minded”?

            However tongue-in-cheek this advert is meant to be it’s still
            not odd to think some may find it offensive. Many of those offended may be currently suffering from mental illness or have a family or friend who is. Some may have even lost someone they know to suicide.

            Either way, we shouldn’t put their views on blast regardless
            of this being the internet.

            Yes, this is the internet but not every place on the internet is meant for uncivilized discussion. Phandroid certainly isn’t the place for uncivilized commentary. Just because this is the internet it shouldn’t give you license to be inhuman and insensitive.

          3. It’s weak minded because they would rather be offended and spread their ignorance than just see it for what it is; a lame parody of a typical pharmaceutical commercial. Also, I somehow think that half these people claiming to be offended by this are just jumping on the band wagon just to seem opinionated and to hear/read their own voice (as demonstrated all too often online as well).

            I’ve met and know several people with severe medical conditions and handicaps that would not be offended by this and even make jokes about their own condition(s). So why not follow their lead and just stay positive about it? That pic No_Nickname90 posted in response to me is a perfect example of this. It’s just simply not worth getting upset over, but I know the futility of convincing anyone that has, to not be. So I’ll just end with that.

          4. It’s entirely possible to see the advert for what it is and still feel offended by it. These people who feel genuinely offended by it, how is that a terrible thing and why would it provoke such vitriol from you and others?

            You know some with these illness that wouldn’t be offended? Brilliant. Those people don’t represent the entire community.

            Some can chuck it to just a bad advert, some would do that and be offended by it. That’s ok. Allow them to feel what they feel. We don’t know where they’re coming from and shouldn’t assume we do. And we certainly shouldn’t demean them for feeling that way. That’s just cruel.

          5. Ok, Mr. White Knight. I’ve said all I’m going to say about it now. Thanks for your moderation between both sides on the subject. I could easily keep answering your rhetorical questions, but I’ve invested more than I already wanted to into this asinine debate. You can refer to my previous comments for any more info on my stance on it, as it’s not going to change. ;-)

          6. Well, I see we’ve devolved to the standard internet spat. This is my stop. Take care.

          7. Wait, who’s advocating to hold anyone’s feet to the coals?

  10. They aren’t taking shots at Samsung or Apple, they are taking the piss out of people who suffer from depression. Honestly, I tend to boycott companies that are assholes.

  11. Wow, HTC really needs to hire a different marketing department. I understand the oddball humor, but most people simply wont get it. Commercials should be marketed for everyone and captivate our interest in the first few seconds. These did not…

    I think it’s be interesting if a cell phone manufacturer’s shot and edited an entire commercial (tastefully) using the actual phone.

    1. Didn’t they do this? It was something about taking the phone across the world or something on one battery charge.

      1. Apparently they’re more focused on making “creative” adverts rather than feature the phone’s best features.

      2. No that was the Samsung Galaxy s5 with its ultra power saver mode.

    2. Show the phone. Feature the damn device heavily, not some random actors. These guys are unbelievable.

  12. I’m never getting those 2 minutes back.


  13. Not only is it uncomfortably unfunny, it trivializes mental illness and MAKES A JOKE ABOUT SUICIDE.

    I really, really wanted HTC to make a comeback. Now I see that they are deeply insensitive, lack any sense of taste or decorum, so when they finally go out of business, I won’t care at all.

    1. They’re still not getting this advertising thing. Wow. I don’t understand how they can’t figure this out. You promote your devices’ practical features heavily and let them do the talking. Why are they trying to be “creative”? Just show the phone, show what it can do, show us examples of real world practicality. It’s not that hard.

      Samsung and Apple have been doing this effectively for years. Why can’t HTC figure this game out yet? Who the hell is approving this mess?

      1. Htc lacks vision and creativity. They can advertise their phones have not received any updates in like 2 years. Even thought the current stile looks amazing. How long are they going to milk the body stile before they realize they need to do something else.

  14. I like the “irritable operating system” part. Lol

  15. HTC never ceases to amaze, in a bad way. Instead of advertising the competition hmm idk ADVERTISE YOUR OWN DEVICE. It was creative, but this only belongs in some cheap SNL show.

  16. Horrible!!

  17. HTC needs to watch their mouth and stop poking Samsung that tiny little stick of theirs. They talked crap last year and look what Samsung turned around and did to them. It’s going to be even worse for them next year.

    1. What, got sheep like u to buy their cheaply built crap, with lack luster software…. Sales ain’t everything, I bet customers had better experiences with the m8 than the S5

      1. That must explain why barley 5 million people bout the htc flagship last year. Even lg was able to manage 15 million sales and people where complaining about the lag and studded on the G3. But htc is better right? Even thought they couldn’t even get to 10 million. Same can be said about the S5. 40+ million units even with the so called lag and studder.

        1. Sheep dude, you can sell them anything, in fact apple must be better to since they sold millions…its called advertising. When u flood the world with pics images and commercials of your products people automatically think yours is the best without really knowing, all because they see it more….Sheep

          1. HTC is getting desperate with Cheryl Wang not able to keep her Hubby Happy and blowing her fortune (instead of him) buying Samsung and Apple devices! ;-P

            They’ll be bankrupt inside of 3yrs says most experts!

          2. Well until then if I like there products I’ll buy

          3. Far from being a sheep just because Samsung has put out good products recently. I don’t like Samsung phones and was very tempted at purchasing a s6.

        2. Do you think those same people are going to buy from that company again? Every single person I know has talked about the LG G3 heating up. One friend is talking about how he wants to change phones.

          Marketing brings in the people, but if the device sucks, they won’t be getting it again.

  18. HTC is an ant next to Lions like Samsung and apple. Gtfoh with this ad.

  19. this video looks like it was recording with an HTC M9 camera. Dull colors galore lol

  20. love it, hilarious. For the record , the Hipster Troll Carwash was part of the Downey Jr ads.

  21. The anticlimax was not seeing an SNL crew member make an appearance at the end of the video!

  22. Headed
    Chapter 11

  23. This was actually funny, I’m not go try to fit in and call it stupid, imma give a real opinion of mine

  24. I don’t get it. Not once did they mention anything about their phone. Not mention of the specs of the Camara. No mention of anything about the phone. Oh wait that’s right they don’t have anything g new in their mobile devises to advertise it’s the same thing from last year. And the year before that. And the year before that one. And so on so forth. This was not appealing At all.

  25. Htc has a bad history of making commercials and leaving their phones out of it. Nothing new

  26. wow..this is actually really REALLY BAD…whoever it may have come from Apple, Sony, Samsung, htc etc etc

  27. I’ve just watched this ad. This ad is so dumb. Like really? I didn’t find this offensive, though. The reason being is because I watch Family Guy and Robot Chicken. LoL!!

    I can see why someone would find this offensive. Possibly because it’s live and not animated makes it hit home more.

    But this ad was dumb. I feel like it belongs in an Adult Swim show. Possibly when Family Guy has nothing else to show, so they show some real life event that has no relevance to the show.

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