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Hashtags are as synonymous with social networks as terrible smartphone photos and useless never-ending monologues from your most annoying friends. Emojis fit into that same category.

And for Instagram, those two can now become one in the same. Instagram has introduced a new featured called “emoji hashtags” that allows you to use Emojis in your hashtags. One example might be “#:)”, where the smiley face is actually a standard smiley face emoji (or any other emoji for that matter). The picture will be recognized as a hashtag that you can click to explore similarly-tagged posts.

instagram hashtag emojis

We’re not sure what the practical need for this is, but it’s always nice to have these sorts of quirky options available to you for whatever you might need them for in the future.

Today’s update also brings us three new filters, all of which serve to make outdoorsy shots look, well, more outdoorsy:

  • Lark: Desaturates reds while making blue more profound
  • Reyes: Brings a dusty and vintage look
  • Juno: Tints cool tones with green, makes whites more vibrant and strengthens warm tones

instagram filters

You can see the effect the different filters have on a photo with the samples seen above. It’s nothing huge, but it’s always nice to get a wider variety of options to find that perfect look for your photo. You should be able to find Instagram version 6.2 over at Google Play as soon as today so be sure to upgrade and play around with the new filters and hashtag features.

[via Instagram]

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  1. Ugh… I never got filters. Either that, or I just fail at noticing artistic things. Like Lark and Juno look practically the same to me. Juno seems to have a bit more contrast, or Lark could have a bit less. Reyes just looks slightly faded, like it has less saturation.

    Am I seeing this correctly? This is probably why I don’t care about cameras on phones. My Sharighan isn’t what it used to be.

    1. Lark seems to have more natural skin tones. But hell, instagram is just doing this to say hey we added this this and that.

  2. #WooHoo

    1. #?

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