Dead Zebra’s “For Science” collection celebrates the brilliant minds of science


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Dead Zebra has done a lot of cool themed collections over the years, but the coolest one yet has just arrived. This is “For Science,” a collection of Android figurines made to look like some of the greatest scientists, inventors and thinkers of our time.

The first release of this set takes place April 20th, and kicks off with three figurines. Isaac Newton and his law of gravitation, Marie Curie’s discoveries in radiological science and Nikolai Tesla’s work in usable electricity receive the honors of being first out of the starting gate. Each figurine will resemble the people they’re named after, of course, and will also come with a small related trinket that goes into their hand.

They all ship inside a windowed box stamped with foiled lettering for the collectors out there. The rear of the box gives a small summary of that person’s accomplishment (which would hopefully urge you to go and learn more if you aren’t already knowledgeable). It’s a fantastic idea, and it’s a collection that Dead Zebra expects to add to for the foreseeable future.

The Dead Zebra shop will have these promptly at 11AM Eastern on April 20th, and you’ll be asked to pay just $10 per figurine. You can also get them in a 3-piece set if you want to collect them all. Be sure to mark your calendar, and feel free to let the geek in you get excited.

[via Dead Zebra]

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  1. I must own these… for science of course.

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