You can now pre-order movies on Google Play (US only), here’s the list of available titles


Google Play Movies Preorder

New for Google Play users in the US, Google has officially announced the ability to pre-order your favorite movies fresh out theater and pay for them so you’ll have access the day they’re available on digital. Currently, there are only 15 movies available for pre-order, but we expect that list to change and/or grow as time goes on.

Google Play Movies Preorder list

Currently you have options of titles like Gone Girl, The Maze Runner, Lucy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and more. Pre-ordering is a relatively easy affair, with the steps as follows:

1. Check out the list of available pre-orders below.
2. Choose the title you want and click the pre-order button.
3. If you are new to Google Play you will need to enter credit card details, but your card will not be charged until the movie is delivered.
4. You will receive an email receipt, and the pre-order will be added to “My Movies.” Clicking on your pre-ordered movie will take you to the latest info about it, including release date.
5. On the day the movie becomes available, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and the delivery of the movie to your library.
6. Then it’s yours to own and enjoy!

So, if you’re looking to add a few blockbuster titles to your digital library, hit up the link below and get to pre-ordering.

[Pre-order Google Play Movies here]

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  1. Why would you pre-order a digital movie? Are there suddenly a limited number of copies available?

    1. I could see if you get the movie cheaper by pre ordering. It absolutely makes no sense to pre-order something that I can get day one even if I didn’t pre order.

    2. Maybe your download gets a higher priority if their servers are overloaded? Although I don’t think that happens very much… Yeah, it does seem rather useless.

    3. Until Google Play gets extras like iTunes, there’s really no reason to buy from Google Play any way.

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