HTC confirms smartwatch was delayed, says other OEMs have yet to get it ‘right’


htc one m8 wm_5

Word of HTC’s plans to launch a smartwatch in 2014 have been circulating around the net for awhile now, ever since HTC CEO Peter Chou made public his interest in the wearables market back in 2013. Since then, the general consensus was that HTC was looking to release an Android Wear powered smartwatch sometime around August of this year, only to later learn the project had been scrapped, then back on again but with a new launch date: 2015 (around the same time as the Apple Watch).

We’ve oft wondered ourselves how legit these rumors may have been and if you needed any further confirmation look no further than HTC’s US President Jason Mackenzie who was quoted in an interview with Re/code as saying:

“We had originally planned to have a wearable launch in this time frame. It ended up just not being ready.”

So what went wrong? Why did HTC decide to postpone a smartwatch of their own? Well, HTC Creative Labs lead Drew Bamford helped shed some light on the topic saying:

“When we come to market with our product we want to make sure the product has a strong point of view and there is a really compelling reason to strap it on your wrist. We honestly don’t think anyone has gotten it right.”

Sometimes pulling back and seeing how the market responds to new tech is the safest move and when it comes to HTC, they really can’t afford to make any more mistakes. Focusing on their bread and butter (smartphones) before looking to new ventures makes perfect sense to us, especially given the current crop of smartwatches/wearables have all left us wanting in some regard. We look forward to seeing what HTC and their talented group of designers can come up with.

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  1. I don’t know what “right” is for them, but the Moto 360 got it right enough for me… At least for the first 3 months before I see something cooler and start hating it

  2. I agree with HTC, no watch has really screamed you need me!

    1. I don’t really see any watch screaming “You need me” because they don’t seem like a necessity, especially if it has Android Wear. However, I think it’s cool enough that I’ll be getting one soon

      1. Also, they don’t have speakers…

  3. sounds like they’re waiting to copy someone.

    1. Let’s hope it’s not Apple they decide to copy.

    2. yea like htc actually has a history of copying, if you ask me there more original than any other OEM… design and UI wise

  4. Nice HTC. So Grace the world with the “right” smart watch then…..
    Interesting this trend of saying something has or hasn’t been done right. Like I’ve seen a few articles on iPhone 6+ stating it’s been done right in terms of a large screened phablet. Dunno what right is, but nobody can seem to elaborate on it and explain the “right” factor!

    1. For a 5″+ phone…. right for me = small bezels that keep the overall form factor to a minimum. Likewise, weight must be kept down. The strain caused by holding a large heavy phone becomes noticeable after a while (and I have large hands). You should be able to carry out essential functions (phone calls and msgs) with one hand.
      For me, I find the LG G3 fits the bill perfectly. Less than 150 grams, as small a bezels as you can currently find, a curved back that makes it comfortably sit in one handed, and, if necessary, software to make one handed usage easier too.
      HTC M8 = Great design, but 2 heavy.
      Sony Z2 = Too square, and too heavy. Z3 looks much more promising.
      Samsung S5 = not quite as comfortable as the G3, but not too bad.
      iPhone 6+ = too heavy, massive bezels, very difficult to use with one hand.
      I can’t comment on the new Moto X as haven’t seen it in the flesh.

  5. Actually the competition did get it right, they’re getting my money.

    1. If you haven’t purchased it yet, how can you be sure?

      1. Ur question is absurd. Steve said the COMPETITION got it right..not HTC….

      2. First ones to bring a metal bracelet get my money. And I tried on a 360, I like it.

        1. I’m waiting for one with an interchangeable metal bracelet filled with 2,000 mAh of Li-Poly battery. It would last for almost a week, and you could instantly charge it just by exchanging wristbands.

          And in a couple of years when the Li-Poly battery wears out, you just get a new band, not a whole new watch.

          1. That is what dreams are made of.

            Honestly tho I was talking to someone about that specifically. Batteries on the bracelet just make sense! Maybe flexible batteries aren’t there yet, but I can’t wait for the future to get here.

          2. The batteries don’t have to flex; they just need to be molded into a rounded container. I think instead of the normal 13 or so links that make up a bracelet, such a watchband would have only four or five links. The failure points on the watchbands I have are at the pins anyway, not the cross-section of the links, so hollowing them out and losing 70% of their mass would seem to be no problem.

        2. So Moto’s getting your money.

          1. Probably. But considering the high demand and lack of updates on availability someone else might show up. LG and Asus are possible.

  6. I doubt HTC will get it right either, HTC is know for having bezel and on a watch that will not be sweet

    1. htc is known for bezels for a reason, like the m8, take away the speakers and the applifiers powering them to make them the best sound on a smartphone, hey no more bezels…………. other than that all phones used to have some decent amount of bezel until recently

  7. Like I’m trusting HTC for their opinion on what has been done “right.” These types of obnoxious statements from companies kill me. They claim they’re holding back their smartwatch until they get it right, supposedly unlike everyone else, yet they surely had no problem releasing phones before they “got it right.” LOL, HTC, why didn’t you hold back that Thunderbolt? And more recently, maybe you should have delayed your HTC One too, as the camera sucks, the device is too tall, too heavy, and too slippery, and Sense is no Stock Android. It doesn’t matter that HTC doesn’t think other’s have gotten it right as people, for example, have connected with, admired, enjoy, and continue to purchase the Moto 360.

    1. The HTC One M8 just one the T3 award for bestof the year… Again .

      guess ur opinion is not shared by others :(

      1. Who cares? You clearly must not have seen many others express the exact same thing I did, over the past year plus, on many sites, including this one, or you wouldn’t have made such a silly statement purporting “the T3 Award,” to represent the feelings of every technology consumer in the world…

        By the way, The Moto X was widely lauded as the best phone of 2013, and the New Moto X was recently proclaimed by at least 2 sites as “The best Android Phone Ever,” and “Possibly the best Android Phone Ever.” I guess UR opinion is not shared by others. :(

        1. I own both and the S5 and G3

          The M8 is def the overall best phone so far

          1. Ur opinion. I’m not here to change urs and u won’t change mine. My point still stands, people who have ultra pixel cameras shouldn’t throw stones….or Thunderbolts.

        2. aye, i can see some points you make for not liking htc, but other sites also proclaimed the m8 as well as the m7 last year as the best smart phone… now spec wise and design, nooo moto x doesnt cut it, but actual smart features, then yea because voice controls are nice, like you said, its all about opinion….take care nexusman,….whos btw boasting about the moto x and not the nexus 5, shouldnt you call yourself MotoMan?????

          1. I don’t even “hate” HTC. I used to LOVE them back in the Droid Incredible days, but since then, they just haven’t done anything compelling enough to me, for me to switch back. Making a phone out of metal is not what I need. And while Boom Sound is great…also not compelling enough in comparison to other choices out there. What I DO hate though, is the hypocrisy in their statement as if they’ve only released devices that they “got right,” when that is clearly not the case.

            By the way, thought about changing the name, but still hoping Nexus once again finds it’s way! But hey, Moto & Nexus are to be one very soon! :)

          2. I see what u trying to say, but I can’t fault HTC for their comments, I mean they really are one of the better OEMs but they are struggling, and they are not a big company like LG, Sony, Samsung, even Motorola, all them companies have bigger names for other stuff they sell, HTC needs to do all they can to grab the attention they need, I truly feel if HTC had the money similar to Samsung then handsdown they would be able to put money into a cellular product that would really really raise the bar, but for their budget they go premium in my eyes that’s y I support them

          3. HTC pissed off a lot of their consumers not only for the problems with their products in the past, but I think more-so for their lack of great customer support. Once you lose the trust of consumers, it is very hard to get it back, especially if they have found someone better to fill that void for them. I’m sorry, but HTC dug it’s own grave.

          4. I see what u sayin, HTC did make alot of mistakes coming up, but they wasn’t alone, almost every OEM had issues coming up, the nexus was most reliable for updates but even they had alot of bugs coming up, so truthfully the android OS was basically digging it’s own grave for the first few years, but we loved it because it allowed us to do stuff , blackberry, Apple, Symbian,,whateva OS couldn’t do, and that’s y it got a lot of support…truthfully the only OEM who did it right was Samsung and what they did was blind the world with there over the top advertising, they basically spent way more money than any other OEM to advertise and people having the mind set, “if it’s on t.v. or the radio the most it must be the best”….only if people really knew and actually had an interest in seeing which phone was best before throwing out money, Samsung wouldn’t be as big, in my eyes today the galaxy series is probably the 3rd or 4th best phone series

          5. The best phone is the one that connects to it’s user the best. I have no doubt that there are smart, knowledgeable, tech savy people out there who genuinely love Samsung’s phones, and those phones are the best for them. You and I are not one of them, however, different strokes for different folks.

          6. Yea I you right about that, I can’t even argue, who kool people’s nexusman

          7. thanks

      2. You’re right, EVERYONE thinks HTC got that camera right. Not a single complaint from anyone. (SARCASM INTENDED)

        And I love how you ignored the Thunderbolt.

        1. What does the Thunderbolt have anything to do with this? Its 2014 bruh

          The M8 camera is serviceable BTW. A few changes to the settings and I’ve had few overall complaints with it.

          There are more important factors to a good smartphone anyhow.

          1. If you actually read my original post, you’d know what the Thunderbolt has to do with this. Not gonna repeat myself. HTC is having an event tomorrow to announce a new version of their recent M8, so clearly even THEY don’t think they got that phone right.

          2. A new variant means nothing but HTC wants to make more money.

            Have a good night, gonna take some pics of the moon with my M8.

            Stay angry.

          3. Lol. A new version in less than a years time, with a better camera (after the camera was largely panned) means HTC is attempting to fix what they got wrong the 1st time around. Not angry at all. I simply pointed out HTC’s hypocrisy, and YOU chose to jump in and begin a back and forth. I’m actually very happy, enjoying my gorgeous and useful smartwatch and fantastic smartphone…neither made by HTC.

            Stay silly.

          4. To use your phrasing, the LG G Watch is also “serviceable,” so again, don’t understand HTC’s silly swipe at it.

          5. I’d hardly call that a swipe but whatevet

          6. LG made a smartwatch. HTC says they didn’t get it right. What exactly are you missing?

        2. Your digging deep if you are really referencing the Thunderbolt. It was the result of 2 highly regarded phones the HTC HD2 and the Evo 4G. It may have sucked because of it’s battery life. It was the first phone with LTE. It wasn’t HTC’s fault that the first generation LTE chips sucked. HTC can make the claim that no one has done it right. We are only seeing the first modern smartwatches now. Regard modern touchscreen phones, did Palm do it right? Did Microsoft? BlackBerry? How good was the original Nexus? So much room for improvement.

          1. You are clearly missing my point. Yet, you completely resubstantiate my point in your own statement.

            “It may have sucked because of it’s battery life. It was the first phone with LTE. It wasn’t HTC’s fault that the first generation LTE chips sucked. HTC can make the claim that no one has done it right. We are only seeing the first modern smartwatches now.”

            So, going by your statement, I can ABSOLUTELY say HTC did not get the Thunderbolt right. Who cares if it the “first generation LTE chips sucked?” You and HTC don’t seem to care that Android Wear is in it’s 1st generation. So, again, pointing out HTC’s hypocrisy, if they can come out and say none of these 1st gen smartwatches have “gotten it right,” I can say neither did HTC “get it right” with their 1st gen LTE phone. And HTC should have taken their own advice and held the Thunderbolt back until LTE chips were better…Apple did.

          2. You clearly have no point. Nothing you said makes any sense. We don’t understand your rational for using such a old device. HTC was contracted by Verizon to make the Thunderbolt to work on their new LTE network. Apple is a company that can do what it wants. No LTE, NFC, etc. Verizon was not in any position to tell them to include LTE.

            Your posts are like Touch Wiz. They are a bloated mess that make absolutely no sense. They slow you down from finding important things. They are the very definition of throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks.

          3. “You clearly have no point.”

            Congrats! You win the award for THE DUMBEST comment on this post!

          4. That award has already been bestowed upon you. Unfortunately, it gets harder and harder to keep up which one of your comments are the dumbest because you have such a large portfolio of them.

          5. “That award has already been bestowed upon you.”

            Now, you’ve won the award for the SECOND DUMBEST COMMENT, too! Are you going to respond to this comment by claiming again, “That award has already been bestowed upon you,” AFTER it has actually just been bestowed upon you?

            How did you even get involved with this conversation anyway?

          6. Your own experiences with the HTC Thunderbolt that have left such a traumatic impession on you. Even after 3 years the name HTC still has a negative connotation with you. It must have been really difficult to think you bought the latest and greatest only to have it run out of battery after only a couple of hours. But now you have a new love the Moto 360 and you must defend it at all costs especially from those at HTC. After reading a few more of your posts I am beginning to understand why you are posting irrational and incomprehensible posts. We are here for you brother!

          7. “Your own experiences with the HTC Thunderbolt that have left such a traumatic impession on you. Even after 3 years the name HTC still has a negative connotation with you. It must have been really difficult to think you bought the latest and greatest only to have it run out of battery after only a couple of hours.”

            Wow, you’re on a roll! NOW you have the TOP THREE DUMBEST COMMENTS…

            I’ve never owned the Thunderbolt.

            Just give it up. Move on.

  8. I agree with him. I haven’t seen a single smart watch that I would want to spend my money on.

    1. The Gear S is imho everything a true smartwatch should be on the inside, on the outside on the other hand it isn’t so pretty.

      1. dude honestly i think the gear s is the best looking so far, IMHO

      2. I think the exact opposite.

  9. I think lg are pretty close with the g watch R. Now they just need to release it with a competitive price.

    1. The price is expected to be quite high. No ambient light sensor and proprietary charging dock also seem like pretty big negatives to me personally…

      1. I can see that, but I have read that it will match the moto 360. Although that, like everything else these days, is a rumor. But if we look at design, just the design, I think it is the best alternative out there.

  10. I don’t really understand comments like ” nobody has gotten it right.” Or ” I will wait for Android Wear to mature.” I’ve been rocking a Gear Live on my wrist everyday since early July and I love it. The OS is pretty much maturing everyday. Within the first week Wear Mini Launcher was developed and introduced a slide in “app drawer” that replaced the clunky method of launching apps that came with Wear. There have been quite a few other apps that have added functionality to Wear as well. We also just saw how much the new update increased battery life on the 360. Android Wear isn’t being marketed as this “gotta have phone replacement.” It’s nice to be able to respond to a text while driving with a quick message while leaving your phone in your pocket. Or settling an argument between two coworkers by simply asking your watch ” What year did the TV series The Voice debut?” I’ve also noticed that my phone tends to stay in my pocket more than ever before. I’m not saying AW is perfect, but if you understand it’s purpose and shortcomings ( still needs daily charging, less than stellar sunlight visibility, ect) you’ll love it. It looks to me LG, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, and Asus got a lot “right.”

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    2. Exactly.

  11. Have to agree with HTC on this one. I am super excited about Android Wear, but I haven’t seen any actual devices yet that seem like they quite “got it right”.

    I tried a Moto 360 for a while, and I think that one is the closest (especially with the supposed battery improvements of the last update), but it still has some flaws like not having enough battery to use ambient display (always on). If it had a better screen tech like transflective or mirasol and maybe a more modern SOC it would be awesome.

    1. Fortunately, these are relatively small changes for a gen 2. I’ve been using my ambient display during work days when I know I’ll be heading home right after work, it’s more responsive, but of course it does drain the battery more.

      1. Yeah, then gen 2 Android Wear devices will probably be pretty awesome :)

        But I have been waiting a long time for Android Wear, so I was really hoping there would be a gen 1 device that would justify the cost to me, but I’m just not sure…

        1. I guess that depends on how precious $250 is to you. I am very happy with my purchase of the M360, wear it every day and am really growing to depend on it.

    2. I saw the mirasol display on qualcom’s toq and it looks great even under direct sun light. However I don’t think they have a circular one yet. And it’s kind of an expensive screen. What I don’t understand is why not go pebbles route with an e-ink but still have android wear.

      1. Yeah, e-ink would be great too, but it might be hard to get the refresh rate high enough to be compatible with the Android Wear OS.

      2. Most people prefer a vibrant color display over e ink.

    3. I’ve ALWAYS only used Ambient screen on. After the update the battery lasts me from early morning to when I’m home late night, and has never died before I’ve taken it off at night to charge. So of course it has enough battery to use ambient screen.

  12. Bezels weren’t gargantuan enough. Don’t worry HTC will get it right.

  13. “especially given the current crop of smartwatches/wearables have all left us wanting in some regard” What? No way? Didn’t see that one coming.

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