Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge starting next month

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Wondering where you’ll be able to buy both the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge when they launch? The former is unpredictably going to be on nearly every major carrier you can think of world wide. Expect T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint + US Cellular to carrier the device here in the United States, which is pretty much all of the national carriers at your disposal.

The Note Edge is a bit of a different story. While it will be available on all four major United States carriers, Samsung made it a point to mention that this device would only be launching in “select” markets. They also noted that this is a “limited release” in their press event, so you can expect to see it available for less carriers and regions than the Note 4 is slated for.

Unfortunately the “when” and “how much” are still unknown at this point, but we’re sure carriers and retailers will be announcing their pricing and availability details as we inch closer to launch. Be sure to stay tuned for Phandroid for more!

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  • mreveryphone

    Edge for me!

  • ac

    Sprint confirmed getting the Edge http://goo.gl/wuT27r

  • Defenestratus

    I need to see how the Google Now Launcher works on the Edge before I plunk down payola on it.

  • namesib

    *fewer carriers and regions

  • Discuss

    lol, no way im going for the regular note

  • Defenestratus

    Also, T-Mo already has a signup page for the Edge so its not like its too “select”.

  • Paul McBride

    Has anyone mentioned $$$? With it being limited I’m almost afraid to know…lol

  • ColorblindMonk

    I would totally love to invest in one of these in advance for the Gear VR set, but would be a stretch if it turns out to be $600+ off contract.

  • Timbo1

    Both are gonna be overpriced like the Note 2 and 3 were. Then again Samsung really doesn’t have any competition in this segment either so they can charge whatever they want. I suspect around $700-$750 without a contract will most likely undercut Sony and their crazy prices for the Z line.

  • The_Chief

    I am slobbering for the Note Edge… but as rural as I am, something tells me it won’t be available here. Probably New York or LA. Hey… I could fly there, buy it and fly home! :D

    • Lennatron

      You know you can just buy it online right?

      • The_Chief

        One can certainly hope so! Looks like either that or a major road trip :p

  • Magnus100

    Plan on greeting the A Note. I think the Edge is a gimmick