Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is official, introduces unique Edge Screen form factor


While the rumors leading up to today’s Samsung Unpacked event centered on the newly announced Galaxy Note 4, it wasn’t the only smartphone to debut on stage. Samsung surprised us with a second Note handset, the Galaxy Note Edge.

The Note Edge is Samsung’s second smartphone to utilize their curved AMOLED technology, following the proof-of-concept Galaxy Round and taking advantage of a unique new form factor. The Note Edge presents users with a side view created by a display that curves down toward one edge (get it?). If the Edge looks familiar, it bares a striking resemblance to a Samsung prototype handset we saw back at CES 2013.

The crux of the Note Edge is Edge Screen, the name for both the actual secondary portion of the display as well as the ecosystem that makes it a reality. The Note Edge and its Edge Screen are comprised of a Super AMOLED display with Quad HD resolution, and offer added functionality on top of what the normal Note 4 can do. Shortcuts are housed with Edge Screen to free up more space on the main display, plus this secondary display offers a plethora of functions including acting as a notification display without waking the entire screen and more. Samsung is also making an SDK available to developers to add third-party functionality to Edge Screen.

The Note Edge is being touted as a special edition version of the Galaxy Note 4, and likewise features all the same features you can expect from the standard version of the handset. This includes 2.7GHz quad-core processing, 3GB RAM, a 16MP camera, and 3220mAh battery. The Note Edge also takes advantage of the S Pen stylus and software multitasking capabilities.

Both the Note 4 and Note Edge will be coming to US carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile later this fall. Specific details on pricing and release date are forthcoming.

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  • David Narada Brown

    i would love to see a video of how they feel this is useful! this is definitely different, and adds a level of excitement for being new, i just want to see what the benefits are.

    • El Presidente

      Ditto. I’ll reserve judgement until I see something more than relatively low res promotional screen shots.

    • Willie Stylez

      There’s a couple videos floating around YouTube already (Android Authority, for one), and it looks extremely useful and cool! I’m onboard to get one!

  • Marcos Peña

    This. Is. Stupid!

    • crapifiknow

      seriously….tell us how you fell please. joke…

      • Marcos Peña

        Isn’t this what you’re doing now? Also, isn’t this the point of the comment section.

        • crapifiknow

          Just giving you a hard time… Take it as a joke. Either way I’m not interested in the price unless it had 4gb of ram.

          • Marcos Peña

            Thats more ram than my Yoga dude. What are you planning to do with your phone? Lol

          • crapifiknow

            my note 2 rooted usually has about a 1gb free….when I looked at the note 3 non rooted it only had about a 1gb free. I figure that the 4 will be locked forever and would love to see a little more horsepower out of my phone.

  • swk4672

    I think this is something that could with time prove useful. Definitely something that I would skip the first generation of though and see what happens with the Edge 2 and 3 (assuming it survives.

    • Willie Stylez

      I see your point and am now kinda thinking the same. I do hate when new tech or software is introduced, and you hear “they’re releasing their SDK to allow developers to find more uses”…then like a year later…still no new uses!!! But from the videos it looks like they should have us covered for a few good use cases.

  • Michael Tran

    It’s got the same specs as the note 4 right? I imagine it’ll be a bit more expensive than the note 4 initially. If it’s the same price, I imagine a lot of people would opt for the EDGE just because it’s different and unique.

  • objektiv_one

    I thought this leaked last year? or am i crazy?

    • Willie Stylez

      the drawings and patent was released last year, but the “pictures” were all artist renderings. Nothing real until now.

      • objektiv_one

        Thanks! I thought i was going crazy.

  • Jiro K

    If this takes off expect apple to invent it.

    • David Narada Brown

      If im not mistaken i think apple has already patented a edge wrapping display.

      • Jiro K

        Apple patented the idea. That’s what’s wrong with the us patent system they allow you to patent cool ideas so company’s file patents just to be on the safe side.

  • Jason Farrell

    This is the curve I’m looking for…

  • Dre

    This is going to be a very difficult choice… but I’m definitely getting one of them.

  • EarlyMon

    Shades of Notion tablet, an edge display for notifications.

  • Dwight

    This is going to need some very interesting cases.

    • Dwight

      And screen protectors

      • Jurk

        And hands

    • Willie Stylez

      They’ve already developed some good ones. Check out the youtube videos. This is a great feature…not for everyone maybe…but those of us looking for something new and different, it fits the bill!

  • kwaping

    Now devs have yet another screen layout to develop for. Yay…

    • Willie Stylez

      You’re KINDA right, but you gotta remember, the “Edge” portion is really just a secondary display. so regular app Devs don’t really have to really worry about it, unless they want to put notification, status or controls into it (which Android 4.2 or 4.3 already had APIs for anyway). If they didn’t use the 4.3 APIs, then yes, it’ll take a little tweaking.

  • Fuzzypaw

    Man, what an ugly POS. Couldn’t they make it symmetrical? It looks like they put the screen on wrong. I imagine left-handed people are insulted by this.

    At least since it’s AMOLED instead of LCD, they actually can just light up that side portion if the phone is otherwise sleeping or in a flip case covering the screen.

    • Willie Stylez

      The Edge is secondary, so you’re right, it can be lit separately and independently function from the primary screen. I think it looks cool! Though, to your point, lefties will be a little ticked by it, but I’m sure they’re used to getting over looked, seeing that hardware makers always look out for right handed folks (with the exception of the new LG stuff). Even Apple doesn’t love lefties!

  • Giles Peach

    After owning two Samsung’s, I’m not a great fan of theirs. This however has piqued my curiosity.