Samsung answers 4.7-inch iPhone 6 rumors with the 5.2-inch Galaxy S5, but does bigger always mean better? [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 commercial

We can’t pinpoint a specific phone launch or event, but we know at some point during the last few years, the tables quickly turned on Apple. No longer was Jobs and Co. leading the pack when it came to smartphone hardware and software, but instead, they were playing catch up with Android and her many manufacturing partners.

Take a quick look at current high-end Android devices and you’re sure to find smartphones with better multitasking, huge batteries and full HD 1080p displays — all key areas where the iPhone can still be found lacking. We know this. We’re sure many of your friends or family know this. It’s no secret. Apple’s strategy is the long term, and in order to keep consumers crawling back for more they purposely hold back many hardware features in order to introduce them in later models, piece by piece.

iphone 6 leak

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For those that haven’t been keeping up with Apple news as of late, the manufacturer is gearing up for yet another “major” hardware redesign in the upcoming iPhone 6. It wasn’t too long ago Apple was prosecuting leakers, but it seems current management is much more lenient. As a result there have so many leaks of the upcoming iPhone 6, we now have a pretty darn good idea of what to expect. So what is the single feature that will blow everyone’s minds come this September? Just like with the iPhone 5, Apple fans can finally look forward what else, but a larger display.

Enter Samsung who is now capitalizing on current iPhone rumors in their latest ad spot. In order to keep consumers from once again waiting for the next big thing, they need to convince people not only is it not that great, but it’s already here. The commercial depicts a situation almost eerily similar to one I’ve experienced myself. On one side you have an iPhone user excited about rumors of the iPhone 6 (finally) having a larger display.

In typical Samsung fashion, his friend dickfully reminds him the next big thing is already here, showing him the gargantuan display of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Like in Samsung’s previous ad spots, the ad once again attempts to drive home the point that iPhone fans are silly/ignorant/dumb and if only they’d allowed them, Samsung would gladly free them from playing catch up the rest of their lives under Apple’s reign. But are we comparing apples to oranges?

Look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X to find Android users have been enjoying larger devices with 4.7-inch displays since early 2012, at time when the iPhone 4s and its 3.5-inch display was still dominating the market. Android has long remained ahead of Apple when it came to giving consumers what they wanted: bigger display sizes. This much is true. But bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Some of you may remember a study from a few years back that showed that for many consumers, a 4.5-inch display was ideal screen size. For us, we’re hoping Apple’s choice to make the incremental jump to 4.7-inches for the iPhone 6 means a resurgence of similar sized devices from Android OEMs, a market largely untapped by current manufacturers. You can’t throw a Chevy Suburban at a Porsche and claim that it’s better. For some, a smaller screen size is is what affects their next smartphone purchase — why not face Apple on even ground?

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’m sure iPhone users will be happy with a 4.7 inch display, especially if Apple finally moves on from their sub-720p display and moves to a 1080p display with their rumored “sapphire screen.” (I can bet that’ll be a huge advertising point for Apple)

    It’ll make the iPhone finally be on par with cell-phone tech from the year 2010.

    1. Seriously, a 4.7″ screen with Sapphire glass could be slightly problematic for Android sales. Suddenly, you have a device that holds onto all of the lies of Apple superiority (best camera, totally smooth, easiest device to use ever, etc) that can also fend off the things seen as its biggest failings (screen size, easily broken screens, Swype keyboards, a utilization of widgets, etc).

      Don’t get me wrong, Android is the superior OS, having become really smooth (thank you KitKat and project butter), makes better use of widgets, currently has more and better keyboards/multi-tasking/customization, can make use of replaceable batteries and expandable storage, and has all sorts of OEM perks (like waterproofing, IR blasters, and boom sound).

      But the fact is that perception is reality in a lot of ways, and Android OEMs all over have been doing too much coasting recently. Yes, all of the specs of the S5, One M8, G3, and Z2 got a good boost over their predecessors. But the game is about to change, and these guys need to find a way to make the following happen:
      -INSANE BATTERY LIFE (S5 and M8 both started the ball rolling, but not enough.)
      -ULTRA SMOOTH/ULTRA SIMPLE (Make everything work out of the box)
      -2 YEAR MINIMUM FLAGSHIP UPDATES (And in a timely manner)
      -MORE INTUITIVE (Think Google Now over the entire phone interface, wow us with how our phones can respond to our needs)
      -CONSOLE/DESKTOP CAPABILITIES (Graphics, RAM, Storage, the works)

      1. Some OEM’s and the upcoming Android L update has already covered most of your wish list, and I’m sure next year’s flagship phones will surpass the iPhone 6 in every aspect.

        I gotta credit Apple for coming out with the Sapphire display tech, since it’ll be harder to break (notorious for the iPhone) than Gorrilla Glass. Hopefully it’ll stir up more competition and I can finally have the bravery to live without a plastic screen protector.

        But all in all, I’m still confident that Android OEMs still have a leg up over Apple.
        With the iPhone (suspected) finally having a competing edge over Android OEMs, I can’t wait to see next gen devices.

      2. Sapphire screen doesn’t mean unbreakable or un-scratchable

        1. Sapphire isn’t unbreakable/scratchable, but it’s the best, affordable option. Make no mistake, it’s a class-of-the-world option. VERY few things will scratch it, and it’ll resist drops better than any Gorilla Glass to date.

          It’s superior, plain and simple.

          1. You’re right that 100% sapphire is extremely good. However, Apple’s display most likely will not be 100% sapphire. It will most likely be a combination of sapphire with some other material. It’ll still be strong, but definitely not as scratch resistant as it’s made out to be. MKBHD has a video comparing the leaked sapphire display with different types of sandpaper with different hardnesses. The leaked display was scratched severely with something softer than sapphire.

          2. Sure, loads of people put there £600 smartphones in their pockets with sandpaper.

            The composite they are using is hard enough, and it won’t be pure Sapphire as that is brittle. This is a laminate, and if its a good as the leaks suggest, it will be a great selling point

          3. If you bothered to watch the video, you’d understand that the point was not about having sandpaper in your pocket, but a measurement using the Mohs mineral hardness scale. Simply put, anything higher on the scale will scratch anything lower and the “sapphire” display was scratched by something with a lower hardness rating than sapphire meaning it’s not a pure sapphire display. I agree that it will be a great selling point, but as usual marketing will blow it out of proportion using that S word. Then again, Gorilla Glass was touted to be effectively scratch proof but clearly was not the case in everyday use.

          4. So your point is that something can scratch it, and you can see into the future and see how it will be marketed as well. Ok, got it.

          5. daft

  2. I find it really difficult to NOT seem like a jerk when my iPhone friends get excited about a bigger screen or a new flashlight toggle or a new row of icons. Even when I try to act interested, it comes across as sarcastic.

    1. I just stay quiet, or I say, “Oh, that is nice.” But the moment they try to bash Android, the gates to Olympus open and all the gods’ wrath are let loose.

      1. Lmaoooo… I believe you.

      2. I do cringe when I’m around adults defending either company like it’s their family. Marketing scores another win and I weep for humanity once more.

        The one positive result from witnessing regrettable behavior like that is it becomes easier for you to spot the children in adult clothes and avoid that sadness altogether. Who wants to be friends with that?

  3. Meh ad.

    My biggest takeaway from this post was you referring to Android as ‘her’. I see it as ‘it’, genderless.

    1. My build of Android L has a vagina.

      1. I wonder if’L’ is for Ladyparts. That’s a tasty dessert to follow a kitkat and a jellybean ;)

        1. I’m mad at all the puns in that post.

        2. I shudder to think what you’re doing to your phone.

        3. Lady fingers

  4. BOOM! Right in their feels. Keep ’em coming Samsung!

  5. You’re waiting for a resurgence of 4.5″-class devices? What, like Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, and most of this year’s crop of “mini?”

    1. Correct, but with high-enough specs to compete against the iPhone 6.

      1. Last year’s Moto X fared well against the iPhone 5s, and few cared. They won’t care now either.

        1. I had the motoX and I couldn’t stand the size after having an s3

        2. cameraaa

          1. Touche

      2. I don’t think the manufacturers can build a mini phone with the same specs as larger phones. Size and cost are limiting factors. The larger screens that are popular today are the side effect of the phone builders needing more space for components.

        1. Don’t think that’s true, the z1 compact had the top end specs of the bigger brother, same ram, camera, cpu etc. Also I don’t think there’s a size difference between say a 400 cpu chip and a 801 cpu chip and most likely the faster cpu is actually smaller because it is using smaller Di etc could be wrong. Point is oems can make smaller versions with top end specs but they choose not too. Let’s take the s5 mini and m8 mini, has specs like the moto g but is double the price, ie more profit margins and that’s the main reason I would guess they do that. They make the mini versions £100 cheaper than the bigger version which to consumers look great but htc and Samsung it’s even better deal than selling the bigger versions because it has a bigger profit margin. They probably thinking hey there who want a smaller phone let’s take advantage and get a bigger profit.

          1. The Xperia mini is smaller, with the same specs, but overall it is a pretty good sized phone. All that means is that they could of made the specs better in the larger version but chose not to. Even so, I bet the mini version of that phone cost more to engineer and produce than the regular size version, and if they sell it for less than the larger version they don’t make as much money.

          2. Maybe but I would assume as it’s using less glass, less display, less metal that it may actually be cheaper and makes sense as it’s retail price was cheaper. It wouldn’t make sense to make it cheaper than the bigger z1 if it cost more imo. At the time the z1 came out it had the top end spec available at that time so I don’t think the reason it has Same spec as the compact was because they didnt want to put specs. Me I don’t even care about having the best spec ever, I would be happy with a decent cpu. If these minis came out with a s600 then I would buy one. The s400 just seems to low spec for what they are asking. Honesty if your looking at a s5 mini or m8 mini or g3 mini your better off just getting the moto g lte version whixh has the same spec and is half the price or cheaper.

        2. Moto put the same internals into their Moto X and 3 different Droid phones last year. The 4.3″ Droid Mini has the same specs as the 5″ Droid Maxx, both of which have the same specs as the Moto X. It certainly can be done. Most OEM’s just choose not to.

          1. True, but the mini only has 16 gb storage. Also those phones were not super high end specs either. Your correct though, it can be done, it just cost more to design and manufacture, and the bigger, cheaper to manufacture phones are selling just fine, sadly.

      3. Lolz not gonna happen Chris android doesn’t have to compete with iPhone anymore. The competition to beat is Samsung. The big screen game might be near over but mid 5inches is going to be the minimum. Iphone is going to always look small. Once you go big its hard to go back

        1. That’s not a lie, my Note 3 has truly ruined smaller screens for me.

        2. If Samsung is the competition to beat and iPhone can’t compete then why is Samsung even wasting it’s time bashing apple..? Why do they care and seem so threatened?

          1. Because it’s good marketing. Just like it was when Apple did all their ads mocking the PC. I love how the iLovers take the a behavior and embrace it when Apple does it, then trash it if someone else does it. Hypocrisy, thy name is IFanboy.

        3. You just nailed it “Once you go big its hard to go back.” I have a 5.2″ on my G2 and would never go smaller. I’m jealous of the 5.5″ on the G3. Funny that there was a time where I though the 4.3″ on my Droid X2 was humongous.

        4. Goin’ off topic,my apologies:

          You still looking for a 1+1 invite?

          If so,check this out,no strings attatched:


  6. Most iPhone users are so blind at what they’re missing out, they’ll be amazed by just about anything. Point in case: Back when the HTC Evo 3D hit the streets, I got one on Day 1. Took it to class later that week and the Professor and every iPhone user in the class swarmed my desk to look at it.

    1. So many Android loyalists miss the purpose of the iphone. Iphone is easy to use, intuitive, more compatible with stereos and accessories. Things are not buried 10 levels deep. If you are reading this comment, the iphone was never meant for you. With apple, theres an app for that refers to apps that help you do more, unlike android where you need apps to fix functionality that doesn’t work correctly. I have camera, flashlight, gallery and brightness apps as alternatives to the broken garbage on my s4. At least on the iphone, basic functionality works properly. A larger screen may convince me to switch back.

      1. Not sure how iPhone’s are more compatible with stereos and accessories. Bluetooth is Bluetooth and iPhone doesn’t have the easy to sync feature with nfc.
        As for your apps not being functional, you must not understand the interface. I find touchwiz very easy to control things like flashlight and brightness.

      2. More compatible? I think not. I’ve owned both and there are things that I can do with Android and my car stereo that Apple only dreams of. And yes, Apples stuff is buried 10 levels deep, if you’re even allowed to change what you’re looking for. What functionality on Android doesn’t work correctly that does on the iPhone? All those things you mention work Just fine on my M8, and also worked fine on my Note 2.
        You know what sucks about the iPhone? Everything has to open in Apple’s browser. Everything has to open in Apples maps app. Everything has to go through the stock Apple apps. Sure you can download another app, but opening a link will only open the stock app. It’s stupid.
        Have music on your phone and want to use Google Music to play it? Nope. Not allowed. At least it wasn’t when I had my 5s.
        Want swipe? Download a note keeping app. Type what you want in that, then copy paste it into the stock messaging app.
        Also, Apple’s supper awesome Appstore is a steaming pile of dog dung.
        Good luck finding anything on there. If I search for twitter apps, I want twitter apps, not crap image filter/editing apps that have nothing to do with what I’m looking for. Also the “swipe through the apps one at a time” thing is extremely inconvenient.

        I don’t want my phone to be the equivalent to the Chinese government.

      3. iPhones USED to be easier to use and more compatible with stereos. That’s no longer the case. Come on, man. This is 2014. Get with the program. Stop with the lies.

        1. My 2012 Explorer and 2 year old aftermarket radio in my 4runner would disagree with you. My S4 wont even mute media volume when I switch it to vibrate. Android is more customizable but I shouldn’t have to find fixes for basic functionality. Iphone UI is easier and its not debatable.

          1. It’s not supposed to mute media volume when you switch notification volume to vibrate. Media volume is not notification volume.

            The iphone’s settings are so hidden, it’s not even funny.
            I had to jailbreak my 5s and it still didn’t come close in functionality.
            Also, their file system is jacked.

          2. Why would I want to mute notifications but keep media volume up? Vibrate should mute everything. Luckily I found an app that mates media when I change to vibrate.

          3. You clearly have not learned how to operate the S4 you claim to have.

            iPhone UI is NOT more easier. If you were honest with everyone, you’d point out that they’re pretty much the same operational wise, they just look different.

            And you “having to find fixes for basic functionality” is your personal preference, not an issue with software. You clearly are a dummy who belongs on the Apple platform because Android is more advanced than iOS. Just as it’s mainly dummies who (with few exceptions) flock to a Mac computer over a Windows computer because they are so ignorant and unwilling to learn how Windows works, they fall for the ol’ “MAC IS EVERYTHING PROOF” line and spend asinine amounts of money for a device that’s truly worth half of its price.

          4. You are another android fanboi. I dont care which platform I am on, unlike you. I run debian as my main os and windows for gaming. I clearly care nothing about macs. Android is more like linux in that it works okay out of the box, but needs some tweaking to be fully functional. The iphone is more intuitive out of the box than android. You may not like the iphone’s limitations, and thats fine, but they really are two different OSes with two different approaches to the user experience.

  7. I’d like a 5″ or sub-5″ Android with top of the line specs. I haven’t upgraded my Galaxy S3 since I’m waiting. Maybe Moto x+1 (but doesn’t seem likely) or a “mini” will be my next phone.

    1. If you’re on Verizon, Droid Mini might be a high-spec’d option. I’m gonna look into. Has the Mini’s screen size been leaked yet?

  8. A larger screen iPhone just won’t work with that gargantuan button. I mean, people be talkin’ mess about the HTC One M8. Just image all the bezel the iPhone would have. There would be more bezel than phone. Good heavens!!

    1. It would be the bezels of the m8 without the beautiful front facing speakers.

      Although since apple bought beats, I fear a large screened iPhone with front facing speakers… Those bezels would be inches… Worse than the n7

      1. No its actually larger than the bezels on the M8, that’s what makes so dang ugly.

      2. The only way I can imagine Apple cutting of bezel is by removing the button, which will require a UI change. If they do that, they would need to find a way to have something similar to Immersive Mode, because I don’t think people would be happy with screen restate suddenly taken from them.

        And if Apple really does add front facing speakers, will they find themselves in the same boat as HTC where they need extra hardware which would stretch the phone even more? I just can’t see it happening.

        The iPhone would have to go through a *huge* design change if they have a 5′ inch device. I can’t wait to see what the next iPhone has in store for us. I wanna see what Apple’s gonna pull out now.

    2. The 5.5 inch iPhone looks gigantic next to the 5.7 inch note 3, plus it’s kind of pointless to have a large iPhone considering no matter how large they make them it’s home screen is still just a 5×4 grid of apps.

  9. Shit that white guy’s REALLY attractive

  10. I love android, but don’t be surprised if this is better than expected. What they should have done with the addition of a larger display, was to make the phone more indestructible like LG”s G flex, instead of a expensive sapphire material that adds to the cost, unnecessary. I find that for a phone, that will be prohibitively expensive, it cracks like an egg when dropped, and no real liquid protection.

  11. Wait. Despite Apple not meeting Android on even ground and still only getting up to aHD (almost HD) what’s really supposed to happen is for Android makers to validate that Apple was right all along and take a step backwards to meet them on their own ground?

    Interesting concept.

    My reply –

    Ah Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha!

  12. The mistake with this commercial is that Samsung thinks their big screen is all users want. A big screen is nice, but not when it comes with Samsung’s frankenstein OS, complete with Touchwiz. I would take a big screen Nexus (which I currently own) or iPhone over Samsung crap any day.

  13. To stay ahead, here’s what Android needs to do learn…

    -Chromecast shows us that screen mirroring works, and works fairly well.
    -NFC shows us that programmed functions are a touch away.
    -Wireless Charging shows us that we don’t need power cables
    -WiFi Direct shows us that we don’t need to have data cables

    Here’s what I envision/want right now :-)

    -Monitor (which Chromecast hardware built in)
    -Bluetooth Speakers/Mouse/Keyboard
    -Qi Charging pad with NFC tag on top

    You drop your phone on the pad. It starts charging automatically. NFC tag automatically pairs the speakers, keyboard, mouse, and Chromecast-enabled monitor. INSTANTLY, you have full desktop (or even laptop-style) access to your entire phone.

    When done, just pick the phone up. This is set to automatically sever the connection. Encrypt the connections, and you wouldn’t have to worry about data hijacking, even with a public terminal (like at a hotel, mall, or airport).

    Who’s with me?

    1. that sounds awesome. I hope someone higher up has thought of this and is actively working on merging them like you said.

    2. That sounds absolutely amazing. I’m with ya.

    3. What’s stopping you from doing this today? Use tasker (or other automation apps) to do this now if you want it. Personally, I have no need to browse my phone on a monitor (except for times when I want to share media with others), but a simple tasker profile should be able to do this for you.

      1. Me, personally? Nothing. But I want these units everywhere. All my data, encrypted and kept with me at all times. But various ways to access it (with no worrying about keyloggers or cloud connectivity) with the same UI every time.

        1. I asked “what’s stopping you”, since you said “Here’s what I envision/want” :) I should have probably rephrased that as “It can already be done today”

          Everywhere, as in public places? Who would fund it? Android has already provided the ability to do that. If stores/offices want this, there is nothing stopping them from making it available. User just brings their phone with them. The Store/office provides Qi charger with NFC tag, monitor with chromecast dongle (or TV with miracast built in), and BT peripherals, and throw in WiFi connectivity as well.
          All done. (again, if they can justify the need for it).

          The connection from your phone to chromecast is just for display or for URL sharing. It isn’t sending/receiving true data streams like a regular computer to computer network does that needs to be encrypted. The connection from Chromecast to web, and your phone to web can/should be encrypted anyway.

          I may be missing your point completely – it sounded like you are asking Android to do something to make this a reality – and I think it already has. Did you mean something completely different?

          1. Many places have computers, like airports, libraries, hotels, malls, etc. I’m thinking that getting the world on board with only having the peripherals is better for everyone. You don’t have to worry as much about data hijacking, and the people who supply the equipment are supplying everything MINUS the actual traditional tower.

            Conference rooms with this setup is a no-brainer.

            I’m also insanely interested in seeing a laptop variant of this. With most of the laptop shell going to battery, it would be the perfect companion for a traveler or business person. Kind of like the Moto Dock or the Asus transformer setups, but for any modern flagship smartphone running Android.

  14. Sony seems to be the only one making high-end sub 5″ Android phones. HTC, Samsung, and LG could do so if they wanted, but they seem content on making watered-downed “mini” versions of their phone.

    1. Sony Z1 Compact and the Moto X were almost completely identical in size, despite the former only have a 4.3″ screen, while the latter sported a 4.7″. And, if you’re willing to sacrifice only 5 more mm’s of width and height, you can have a full 5″ SGS4. Bottom line, bezels make a difference, too.

      I’ll be interested in the final size of an Apple device with a 4.7″ screen. If they keep their current bezel pattern, it ought to be taller than an SGS5!

  15. Bigger DOES NOT always mean better! A phone should be under 5″. I prefer a 4.5 to 4.7″ phone. I actually sold my OnePlus One away because it was way too big.

    1. 100% agree. My next phone will be no bigger than 4.7. If the specs aren’t top of the line, oh well. I don’t want a big phone anymore. I wish manufactures would make a 4.5 with their best stuff, but if not,…… ugh

    2. That’s because you don’t know any better.

      The best phone is the SHARP 304SH:

      Bezel-less is where it’s at!

      5.2″ display on a phone the same size as a Galaxy S3.

      If Google makes that the next NEXUS phone, I will throw money at them.

    3. A phone should be whatever size the end user is comfortable with.

  16. The point where Android was clearly ahead of iphone was with the release of Galaxy S2, the hardware beat everything and Android finally worked smothely – so now you know :-)
    Even the S3 was bigger (4.8) than the 4.7 upcoming iphone.
    I’m on Note 3 and I am disappointed that Note 4 will stay on 5.7″ so hopefully now that that the competition can buy samsungs superior oled screens I may be able to get a 6-6.2″ Sony/htc phone with great oled (and not lg’s inferior oled variant). But even lg’s budget oled would be better then the usually greyish lcd screens Apple always uses and even their upcoming 5.5″ is to small by now for me. And then we have ios which still makes it look more like a toy then a serious competitor with childish colors and a os that almost is just a launcher with no home screens and not even widget support – so I’m not surprised Samsung still hints in it’s commercials that iphone users should be stupid especially when they accept that the markup is twice that of most top android phones.

    1. Wow why don’t you just get a 7″ tablet..? Or hey why stop there why not drag an all in one desktop around everywhere with you. 5.5 too small? You’re insane.

    2. A markup that makes Apple billions in revenue. Must be doing something right, especially as Samsung seems to be stalling at the moment with its devices.

      But hey, stick with you 6 inch phone dude, seems to be working for ya.

      1. Apple are doing it right in terms of running a successful business, but their strategy doesn’t mean it’s a better product. If people are stupid enough to pay for an inferior product that’s up to them.

  17. Samsung seems desperate to thrash others to make look good their products. I like to say this, Samsung, just talk about your own products, and let market decide. For smartphone use in daily life, bigger is better to the point. After certain size like over 5″, it is no more phone that is comfortable to handle( hand, pocket, ear,etc). If phone is over 6″ than why not use mini tablet with phone functions built-in. I have seen people(especially female) with smaller hands, use large size smartphone but see struggling to hold and manage. Plus too large screen has a potential to easily get scratch and when you add protective cover that adds extra size.

    1. Umm… many manufacturers will try to trash others to make their products look good. Isn’t that part of advertising? (same way as Apple tried with their Mac vs PC ads)

      Regarding screen size, remember that just as there are people with smaller hands that prefer small phones, there are also people with larger hands who prefer larger phones. And then, there are people with smaller hands who are willing to make the compromise and use a large phone for the additional benefit it gives them.

      Let people choose… unlike some companies that insist that they KNOW what is best for consumers, and force that ONE size on all. Thankfully, companies that make Android devices recognize that people like choice – different sizes, different UIs, different screen resolutions, different prices, and so on.

    2. But yet 3 years ago you would have said if a phone was over 4″ then it’s not a phone and not comfortable to hold. But you can’t say it now that iphones will be over 4″. Love the apple hypocrisy.

    3. The market has decided, and they have decided that Samsung is the market leader. I’m not a Samsung fan personally but whether I or you like it or not, they sell more phones because they have more choice of models.

      If people struggle to use a phone that is too big for them, that’s their own stupid fault for buying it

  18. Recently had to upgrade from my galaxy s4 to the g3, it has a 1/2 inch larger display and it still feels like its the same size of my s4 in my hand. Lg hit a nice sweet spot for me.

    1. You rate the G3? That’s the one I’m thinking of going for. Only reports of the screen not being bright enough are stalling me. Well that and the plastic back plate.

  19. new iphone 6 with 2 display variations..

  20. You only need to look back about 3 years to answer this. 2011, people were saying 3.5″ screens were ideal on the Apple side because that’s all they had. On the Android side every other post proclaimed 4″ is ideal and 4.5 was too large. Now most of the post will say 4.5 is ideal and 5 is to large. Next year we will all say 5 is ideal…. Do we say this because we are stupid and can’t make up our minds? Nope. It’s just that if you only stare at a 3.5 screen everything else seems large and when you get desensitize to 4″ it will feel natural. Why even have this debate that 4.7 is ideal? Its the same debate from 2011 when 3.5 is insisted as ideal. I still remember all the iPhone folks in my office saying my galaxy nexus was ridiculously too large but 3 years later iPhone 6 is even larger but yet its not ridiculously too large.

    1. Agree totally. I can remember not to long ago using a 4 inch screen and telling myself I wouldn’t ever need anything larger. I now use a 4.5 inch screen, I have also tried a 5 inch screen (and only reverted to the 4.5 one because it’s a better phone with higher res) but find myself now considering a 5.5 inch.

      Only the ludicrous fact that the latest premium smartphones cost more than a quality 40 inch HD TV set is putting me off.

  21. The 5″+ Screen sizes for Android are Fine. If they’re to make any “Size” changes I say make the BEZELS smaller! Near Bezel-less phones should be the next new thing! Same screen real estate and easier to hold for those with smaller hands. Still waiting for that pen sized one with the roll out screen!

    1. Yeah, bezelless makes alot more sense than this flex, and wrap around display crap. That’s something I would buy.

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