Mar 14th, 2012


As the saying so often goes, bigger is always better. Strategy Analytics proved this today after they released a report showing that the majority of smartphone users polled in the US and UK, want devices with a bigger screen. When presented with various prototype devices, 90% of participants chose a device with a larger screen as more desirable than what they were currently using. The more popular prototype devices were around the range of 4 to 4.5-inches in screen size.

Even though the ideal screen size fluctuated between men and women (men like ’em bigger than women), Android and iPhone users (Android users also like ’em bigger), generally speaking, everyone at least wanted a little more screen real estate than what was available on their current device. The one area that was unanimous, however, was that everyone wanted a slim device, regardless of screen size.

At one point, I found 4.5-inches to be ideal but after a week with the G-Note, I think 4.7 is my new personal sweet spot. What do you guys think? Are you happy with the screen size of your current device? Or do you think you could use a few extra fractions of a inch?

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