New Study Shows 4.5-inches To Be The Ideal Smartphone Size – Would You Agree?



As the saying so often goes, bigger is always better. Strategy Analytics proved this today after they released a report showing that the majority of smartphone users polled in the US and UK, want devices with a bigger screen. When presented with various prototype devices, 90% of participants chose a device with a larger screen as more desirable than what they were currently using. The more popular prototype devices were around the range of 4 to 4.5-inches in screen size.

Even though the ideal screen size fluctuated between men and women (men like ’em bigger than women), Android and iPhone users (Android users also like ’em bigger), generally speaking, everyone at least wanted a little more screen real estate than what was available on their current device. The one area that was unanimous, however, was that everyone wanted a slim device, regardless of screen size.

At one point, I found 4.5-inches to be ideal but after a week with the G-Note, I think 4.7 is my new personal sweet spot. What do you guys think? Are you happy with the screen size of your current device? Or do you think you could use a few extra fractions of a inch?

[BusinessWire | Electronista]

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  1. I dunno, I think 4.3″ is where I’d want to be at. I’ve gone from G1 > N1 > Sensation > Galaxy Nexus, so they just keep getting bigger. I like the screen on my GN, but I really think the 4.3″ on my Sensation was the perfect size for me.

    1. fits in your skinny jeans just perfectly?

        1. Wow! You just posted the same image 10 times in this article… If you know what I mean…

      1. I think anyone who wears skinny jeans has an iPhone.

        1. Yeah, no man should wear skinny jeans.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Anything less than 4.3″ or 4.5″ qHD is just too small for me :) Bring on the One X!

    1. I basically went with the Evo because of the 4.3 screen (among other important reasons). 4 would have been fine for my first phone, but I definitely would have gone bigger right after that.

    2. I love the 4.5inch screen size on my Samsung Infuse. it’s the ultimate size for me 4.3 seems just a bit small and 5inches can be too big in certain situations. but 4.5 to 4.7inches is the Sweet spot. However, I’m about to tour Australia in April and I’m getting that monster of a 5inch screen on the Galaxy Note!! 

  3. 4.5 is absolutely perfect size as long as there’s minimal bezel and phone is just the screen itself

  4. people used to say this about 4″ phones. It really comes down to total dimension of the phone not the screen alone imo. Example; droid RAZR feels more awkward than the htc rezound even with the same screen size.

    1.  true. my gnex feels way smaller than any 4:3 screen

    2. totally true, phone size matters more, I had the Droid Razr and that was awkward to hold in one hand, I have the Rezound now and it’s much easier to use

  5. The Galaxy Nexus screen is perfect for me. When I go back to my Nexus S it feels tiny but after playing with a note that screen is a little to big for my tastes so I’d say between 4.5-4.7 is ideal

  6. Men, 4.3 to 4.8… woman, 3.5 to 4.3. It really depends on hand size.

    1. the only reason I find most girls like smaller phones is because their pockets are so small!

      1. If you ever seen my sisters pockets/handbag, a desktop can fit in them. A 4.5-4.7 is nothing. lol

        1. I think he’s talking more teenage girls. Most teenage girls use their pockets for their phones, not their purse ;)

          1. Or inside their bra…

          2. That’s the place most girls store them. My wife tried to put her Galaxy Note in her bra and it made it look like she had some kind of boob deformity. :P

          3. The cops didn’t believe me when I said I was just seeing if she had a cell phone :(

        2. Actually it is, my phone feels a touch big when I’m grabbing the notification bar.  I agree with the article that 4.5 would be an ideal. I’ve got the Galaxy Nexus at 4.65, that 0.15 would make my notification bar issue melt away.  Of course there is the other route…I could just give up on one hand navigation and get the Note

      2. Andr oid 2.3 Tablet PC! Special!   


      3. HAHA, I can relate to that. I loved the screen size on my old EVO 4G, and love the screen on my G-NEX, but neither phone can fit in my pocket. Doesn’t help that I hate carrying a purse, so I”m stuck with the phone bulging out of my pocket. Wouldn’t trade that screen real estate, though.

      4. Also sum wanna stuff them in their bra… lol

    2. Well I based my opinion one handed operation. I believe it is the most important factor when selecting a phone size for most people. Sure, some like em big and some like em small BUT i think most of us want to navigate the phone one handed most of the time imo

  7. 4.7″ it is.

  8. If the phone has on screen buttons, I think 4.5-4.75 is perfect.. if there are permanent keys on the bottom, I think 4-4.5 is perfect.. I defiantly dislike any phone with a 3.5 inch screen ;)

  9. 5.5″ bro

  10. 4.5 to 4.7 is all good

  11. Ideal would be a 10”+ screen that would shrink down to pocket size when it was time to put it away. :)

    1.  lol foldable displays ftw!

    2. Jetsons FTW!

  12. Give me a 5″ screen inside the frame of G-Nexus and I’ll be a happy camper. If the bezels all around the G-Nexus would be smaller the screen it self can be made bigger.

  13. The Apple fanboys still use a 3.5 inch screen.

  14. The screen size on my Epic Touch is 4.5″ and I think its perfect! But the wife loves her 4″ screen on her Nexus S.

  15. Ravengunrod: the GN screen is essentially 4.3 when doing everything but watching video or playing a full screen game. That’s what makes the onscreen buttons so nice. You get a 4.65 inch screen for videos and gaming on a 4.3 inch footprint

    1. Eh, it’s still a bit bigger than my wife’s Bionic.  Not much, but a little.  Still, it is the nicest phone I’ve held.  Size is perfect.

  16. I would like 4.7-5. My 4.3 gets a little difficult to see after a while. I really use my phone more for data so a pocket sized mini tablet would be great.

  17. still too big for my hand. around 4.2 or 4.3 is good. 

  18. I’d like something a little bigger than the one on the bionic, but I’m not complaining look. 4.3-4.5 is the best for me

  19. I used to think that 3.7″ on my HTC Desire was huge. Same with my Galaxy S. Then my Galaxy S2 was massive. Same with my Galaxy Nexus. After using it for a while though it feels just right. Wonder if the same would happen when i get an even larger screen. 

  20. yes, anything bigger and she’s admitting she’s a porn star.

  21. 4.5″ but there was shrinkage from the pool.

  22. 4.3″ is the largest I’d prefer to go. The Galaxy Nexus’ screen is marvelous to look at, but as far as handling on a daily basis, 4.3″ is much more sensible for me.

  23. I think 4.3 is the best for the general public. That being said, I prefer bigger, and want between 4.5 and 5 inches

  24. 3.5 is best. 4.5 is not a phone, it is a pad. lol.

    1. Obviously, you’re wrong.

    2. 9.7″ is a pad, your iGod told you so.

  25. I’m a guy, with small hands unfortunately. Lol. I think my Galaxy Nexus is perfect though.

  26. To me the perfect size is 4″ screen.

  27. NOPE. I have a 4.3″ bigger is better

    1. Hahaha you’re small

      1. It’s not about size. It’s about how you use it…. the phone, that is. 

      2.  haha yeah yeah.

  28. Going from my Droid X to my GNex, the GNex felt kinda big. But after using it for about a week or so now, I am enjoying the size of the screen and the quality. I’m sure if I used my Droid X for a few days then switched to my GNex it would be the same. My GNex also feels pretty flimsy after my Droid X, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. =D

  29. I agree. 4.5 is the perfect screen size. I love my SGSII size (4. 52)

  30. Yes, my GNex is slightly above that but, ~4.5 is ideal to me.

  31. Tried out the GNote, too big. 4.3, 4.5 feels small. My GNex feels the right size

    1. I hope the phones were waterproof o_O

  32. Nope i like my note’s 5.3′. I dont think i could go nack to a smaller screen and the phone i had before thjs one was the t-mo galaxy s 2.

  33. I think the over all important measurement is the device itself. If the SGIII is really going to fit more screen then the gnex AND decrease the overall measurements the more screen they can fit the better in my opinion. I thought my gnex was gonna be to much phone but now I’m completely used to it. Typing can feel like a bit of a stretch sometimes but Ive adjusted. I definitely would not want the overall size any larger then the gnex and would still prefer a bit smaller. I’m all for the sgIII mock ups! Of they’re really bezzleless and 4.8 inches in a smaller form factor that would be amazing.

  34. There is no one-size-fits-all display size! Everyone mostly ignores this, but the ideal size depends on your hand size, and on how large you WANT to go in the face of skinny jeans, social factors, etc.

    NEW SURVEY: correlate ideal size samples with hand size and other factors.

    For myself, the Galaxy Note’s perfect in my above average hands, so I could see myself going up to even 5.5″ (in the Note2) if the bezel was commensurately reduced.

    1. How do people know if they have large or small hands?

      1. On the internet, people who brag about how large their hands are and how much they love large smartphones, also have the smallest dicks

  35. I just got a Galaxy Nexus and thought the screen size might be a bit overwhelming. I was wrong. The phone is just a LITTLE too big for one hand to type with (the scale I wish actually existed) but I can still manage it by tipping the phone to one side or another and stretching. I don’t think I could live with anything less than four inches in diameter now.

  36. There is no ideal screen size. It must be as large as possible. However, the phone must be as small as possible.
    If you can fit a 4.7″ screen in a 4.5″ chassis, then why not?

  37. I would vote for a 4.3″ unless its gonna be near bezel-less and have no keys. 4.5″ would be fine then. I must say though, imho, the gnex has way too much upper and lower bezel. If that is taken care of, proceed with the 4.5″ 720p displays.

  38. I’m rolling with the atrix 4g, with a 4 inch screen. So I’m definitely looking forward to getting something that is 4.3+.

  39. I agree, 4.5in is a nice size for media consumption, 4.7 is pushing it, but that’s it, 4.7 is the absolute limit.

      1. Your posts are stupid.

          1. Do you even have a life?

        1. Just flag such kind of comments and don’t feed the troll

  40. 4.7 allll z way…ithink however the Gnote looks pretty cool…

  41. I went from Hero to Desire S via Optimus 2x. Definitely prefer smaller screens. I think 3.9 would be big enough for me.

  42. The reason may also be that there aren’t any huge screens. I like my 4.5″, but I’d take larger easily

  43. 4.3 is too small.  4.65 is too big.  Hopefully my next phone will be somewhere in the middle :)

    1. That’s actually just what I was thinking. I can’t say for certain, but I think taking that .15″ off the GNex down to 4.5″ might be just enough to reduce the thumb strain, without losing all the advantages of a larger screen. Like some other people have said, one-handed operation is kind of important and with the GNex I really have to stretch to reach the upper left and really bend to reach the lower right(right handed).

  44. 4.5 is a little small.  I’d love 4.7-5.3 or so.

  45. Loved my DX, who i’m i kidding, still love my DX. But 4.65 Galaxy Nexus has stolen my heart away. I get a kick out of my friends saying “whoa, no that’s big”. then I say “TWSS”.

  46.  My phone is a small 3.2 and it is to small. I think 4.3-4.5 would be perfect for me. But I have never had my hands on a larger phone so I cant really be sure what the perfect size would be. My nook tablet at 7 inches is perfect for reading and watching videos for me so I dont need the larger screen for that on the phone but being able to type better would be a blessing and being able to read the texts a little better would be good as well.

  47. I like the size of my G-Nex but would LOVE to see a 5″ version with less bezel!

  48. Should update the headline to say *screen* size. Screen size isn’t as important as the size of the phone. More screen, less bezel. Until we get edge to edge, I prefer 4″.

  49. Go to http://www.phone-size.com and use the settings at the top of the screen to adjust to your laptop size and resolution. Personally I’ve got the 4.7 inch Sensation XL and my wife has the 4.3 inch Sensation XE. The great thing about the XL is that the icon widgets, text, keyboard etc is so much bigger. The qhd screen on the XE is also too long and narrow and the home screen icons have gaps that are too big on a stock launcher (fixed with ADW).

  50. I think I would be ok with a 4.7in screen, I’ve played with the Titan and its screen is gorgeous and has a good size.

  51. Hey Phandroid, posts like this and the uber-retarded CM9 flowchart article will rapidly make me never come to this site again.  I dropped BGR like a bad habit over a year ago and I’ll be happy to do this same for this site if you continue with these asinine articles.

    1. Check out all the people who have commented on this, and then ask yourself how much effect this threat will really have on Phandroid. The occasional post about something simple that is maybe mostly meant to spark a conversation about preferences, makes for a good mix with just straight up news. Plus it allows to them to post more often. 

    2. How rapidly are we talking about here? O_o

  52. 4.7-5.3 

  53. I have a 4′ Galaxy S and I think it is big to reach end from one hand and also in the pocket. May be around 3.7 is a good size.

    1. I had the N1 for 2 years, it was a good size, when I got the GN I was astounded by how big it is, to view it is great, but it just felt awkward. now though, after about a month of carrying it around? It feels natural.

  54. When the GNote 5.3 comes to Sprint I upgrade. The GNote fits in my pocket just fine. After experiencing the GNote 5.3 the rest of the field is just way too tiny. I primarily want a pocket computer with the convenience of having a phone on it.

  55. Ok halfwaycock! That’s enough….

  56. Phones screen sizes are like a man’s ummm…private part…although never practical or realistic, I will always want it bigger.

  57. Checkout http://www.phone-size.com and adjust the settings at the top for you computer screen size and resolution. Personally I have the Sensation XL and my wife has the XE. The extra .4 inch is put to good use by making the apps, widgets, text etc much bigger. Also, the qhd screen on the XE is too long and narrow, meaning the icons are spread out too much (fixed with an extra row of apps).

  58. 4.3 inches with itty bitty bezel would be perfect.

  59. Good thing about Android, not matter what you want from 2.8″ ~ 10.1″….soon to be 13.3″
    You have options, and options are good.

    We can all agree, one size doesn’t fit all….only sheeps will claim nobody needs bigger phone.


  60. galaxy tab with 7.7 is perfect. Good for movies, portable, great for webbrowsing etc.

  61. I disagree,, unless they get rid of the bezel, so the phone is 4.5″.

    I’ve had my Sensation (4.3″) for about 6 months now and it’s  real pain in the ass to use one handed (stop sniggering) when going for the notification bar or address bar, it’s just that little too far away and requires a hand shuffle to reach with my thumb.

    I have slightly longer than average hands aswell, so it’s not that!

    I do however long for a larger phone when reading stuff.
    Perhaps a thumb upgrade is in order!

  62. Its not about the screen size its the phone dimensions but a4s a general rule 4.2 or4.3 is ideal size the HTC one x and current nexus have massive dimensions so are 2 big for one handed use.

  63. Hells to the NO.
    3.5 is big enough

    1. …if your eyes are 2mm apart, maybe.

    2. that is what she said… until she held something a little bigger in her hands!

  64. While screen size is important, the crucial factor is the size of the screen i.e. screen size + bezel size. I have the SGS2 which has a 4.3″ screen. I’m happy for the screen to be bigger but the phone dimensions are as big as I’d want. I’d be happy with an edge to edge screen (whatever that size turns out to be) in the same dimensions as the SGS2 phone.

  65. Anything below 4.00″ is too small and anything above 4.5″ is too much IMO , 4.3 is still the sweet spot maybe 4.5 btw I don’t have small hands ;) just my opinion

  66. Finally, something to shut all these big phone haters with.

    Before smartphone phones people only needed to talk or text so having a small screen was ideal. You weren’t constantly looking at the screen like we do now. Also the key thing was you used physcal keys to use the menus, your fingers won’t get in the way like they are know if typing with a virtual keyboard.

    The justification is we now web browse, play games, take pictures, and etc. 4.3in or higher is ideal as long as its edge to edge. Another interesting justification for a small screen, iPhone, is that you can reach almost anywhere except the opposite corner with just your thumb. I would gladly give that up for more real estate.

  67. After having the Note for about 3 months I would say between 4.8 and 5.3 is ideal. When holding my iphone 4 it makes me laugh!!!

  68. Yes, agreed. I currently have 4.3″ screen but would like the 4.5

  69. 5″ is perfect IMO.

  70. These questions are kind of pointless to a large extent it has to do with what your used to, when I had an iphone I thought the screen size was ok, then I saw a galaxy S 4.0 upgraded, then I saw a thunderbolt 4.3 upgraded at some point a person might find a phone that they use and feel is too big, but until they find that size that is just too big, most people just report the current size they have is ideal.
    and I think for most people it hasn’t been reached yet.

  71. 4.5″ is an average penis size for people with small hands.

  72. in late 2010, it was said that 4,3 was way too big for a smartphone. I believed that no phones higher than 4,3 would be created. Then, appeared 4,5 and after that 4,7. (even 5,3) I get used with my 4,3 screen size and I think 4,5 would still be decent.
    But when they will stop?

  73. I’m considered a petite woman and I have the T-mobile Galaxy G2. Since my friend bought the G-Note I have fallen in love all over again. 5″ screen would be ideal for me.

  74. I switched from an HTC Desire to a Motorola Xoom /w 3g wifi key chain and have never looked back. I have a net book case I carry it with and I don’t mind at all, you get used to it, like a woman gets used to a purse I would assume. 

  75. I <3 my 5.3 inch Galaxy Note!  

  76. Depends with or without menu buttons?

  77. 4.5-4.7.

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