Samsung is back to poking fun at iPhone users in new ‘Wall Huggers’ commercial [VIDEO]

Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life ad

It’s been awhile since we seen Samsung take a jab at iPhone users. Samsung’s original smear campaign began with the Korean manufacturer’s first “Next Big Thing” ad spots, targeting blind consumers waiting in line for another incremental release of the new iPhone. Backed by a huge multimillion dollar budget, the ads were everywhere and seemingly effective too. Despite playing it safe in terms of design and build materials, we watched as Samsung further dominated the smartphone market with their onslaught of Galaxy devices.

Today, Samsung is back and right where we like them: poking fun at iPhone users in their latest video, “Wall Huggers.” That’s what Samsung is calling all those sad little iPhone users desperately clinging to their wall sockets, looking for any available current to charge their depleting iPhones. Samsung goes on to show off their Ultra Power saving mode and the fact that, unlike many phones on their market, their Galaxy line features removable batteries for quickly swapping out with a spare. While the same fate could befall even Android users it’s only in recent flagships we’ve seen OEMs get serious about battery life.

Yet another feather in Samsung’s cap, the ad effectively showcases one area in which the Samsung Galaxy S5 excels above all others. Even though the Galaxy S5 is far from perfect, battery life is a huge selling point as more consumers begin relying on smartphones for all their computing needs. Gotta give it to Samsung, they sure know how to drive a point home. Check out their latest video below.

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  • Martin Lane

    Well there is no denying the Galaxy S5 has great battery life, that’s one area they have a clear advantage.

    • NexusMan

      I could name quite a few more.

      • Martin Lane

        So could I, but battery life is easier to market.

        • NexusMan

          Easy, not sure about easier. Samsung has done a great job previously, marketing everything else. :)

    • Roaduardo

      In any case, battery life for most devices is very subjective with too many variables.

      • Chris Chavez

        Yeah, it wasn’t that great for me when I had it, but like you said. Any number of reasons could have been the cause.

  • NexusMan

    Love it. Can never get enough.

  • veesonic

    Removable batteries are the main reason I own a Samsung phone. Glad it finally gets the attention it deserves!

    • Roaduardo

      If they want to continue with the traveler theme, showcasing the benefits of expandable storage would be effective as this battery advert. How many of us have been on very long road trips or flights where a large Micro SD card full of entertainment helped pass the time?

  • Mark Wheeler

    Now let’s all watch as whatever is on the iPhone 6 this year will be on the galaxy S6 next spring

    • Blake J

      Lol you mean like swype, widgets, and milti screen.

    • Daniel

      The Android L update will be here before then, and the Galaxy S5 will likely get it. As soon as the iPhone 6 comes out a software update for the newer Android phones will make it obsolete, unless their new iWatch is much better than what rumors are saying…

    • NexusMan

      Um….yea right. Try the other way around. Custom keyboards, widgets, larger screen. LOL. All of those Samsung features will be on the iPhone 6 this Fall.

    • Keith

      Are you serious? All iPhone has done is incorporate old Android features lately. They have been all out of ideas, they need to go buy some more start ups with good ideas so they can look “innovative”.

  • dhinged

    This theme is old and done. They need to focus on something else. Nobody is sitting outside Samsung’s store waiting to buy a phone.

    • malcmilli

      its old, but its not done. I love it. I was actually disappointed when they went away from it.

    • NexusMan

      It’s old and done, when the iPhone has excellent battery life, iPhone users stop complaining about it, and iPhone users stop asking me every day of my life, “Do you have an iPhone charger?” None of those things have happened yet, so the theme is accurate, current and ripe for satire.

  • Vanakatherock

    As a wholesale used phone buyer & seller, the number 1 complaint we get about iPhones is battery life. The number 2 complaint we get is how fragile they are. Number 3 is screen size.

  • toomuchgame441

    I swear this is commercial is entirely true… saw this exact same scenario on a trip while at the airport… All iphone users were tethered to that damn outlet, it was ridiculous. And there I was with my G2 sitting pretty watching movies

    • Roaduardo

      You see, this is effective advertising. You keep it simple by showing the true practical features of the device. In this case, being able to swap out batteries so you’re not a slave to a wall outlet whilst traveling. Very realistic situation that many travelers can relate to.

  • shmigga

    Love these ads! Anytime anyone makes fun of apple or an apple user, it’s great!

  • Nathan Kalish

    I’m neutral in terms of Android vs. iOS. Both have their merits. I just don’t like Samsung. Why make fun of another company? That is exactly what bullies do. They belittle others to make themselves seem better. That said, I personally like Android over iOS, it’s just Samsung I can’t stand because of this. That, and Knox.