Samsung is back to poking fun at iPhone users in new ‘Wall Huggers’ commercial [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life ad

It’s been awhile since we seen Samsung take a jab at iPhone users. Samsung’s original smear campaign began with the Korean manufacturer’s first “Next Big Thing” ad spots, targeting blind consumers waiting in line for another incremental release of the new iPhone. Backed by a huge multimillion dollar budget, the ads were everywhere and seemingly effective too. Despite playing it safe in terms of design and build materials, we watched as Samsung further dominated the smartphone market with their onslaught of Galaxy devices.

Today, Samsung is back and right where we like them: poking fun at iPhone users in their latest video, “Wall Huggers.” That’s what Samsung is calling all those sad little iPhone users desperately clinging to their wall sockets, looking for any available current to charge their depleting iPhones. Samsung goes on to show off their Ultra Power saving mode and the fact that, unlike many phones on their market, their Galaxy line features removable batteries for quickly swapping out with a spare. While the same fate could befall even Android users it’s only in recent flagships we’ve seen OEMs get serious about battery life.

Yet another feather in Samsung’s cap, the ad effectively showcases one area in which the Samsung Galaxy S5 excels above all others. Even though the Galaxy S5 is far from perfect, battery life is a huge selling point as more consumers begin relying on smartphones for all their computing needs. Gotta give it to Samsung, they sure know how to drive a point home. Check out their latest video below.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Well there is no denying the Galaxy S5 has great battery life, that’s one area they have a clear advantage.

    1. I could name quite a few more.

      1. So could I, but battery life is easier to market.

        1. Easy, not sure about easier. Samsung has done a great job previously, marketing everything else. :)

    2. In any case, battery life for most devices is very subjective with too many variables.

      1. Yeah, it wasn’t that great for me when I had it, but like you said. Any number of reasons could have been the cause.

        1. Well most people don’t constantly take pictures of their pretty pretty hair Chris. Most people also don’t have the great hair genes that you do. :D

      2. Yeah that’s usually the answer users in denial give when it comes to comparing devices.

        It’s a easier to just dismiss battery life tests and benchmarks than to provide actual evidence to proof them wrong.

  2. Love it. Can never get enough.

  3. Removable batteries are the main reason I own a Samsung phone. Glad it finally gets the attention it deserves!

    1. If they want to continue with the traveler theme, showcasing the benefits of expandable storage would be effective as this battery advert. How many of us have been on very long road trips or flights where a large Micro SD card full of entertainment helped pass the time?

      1. Careful now. Don’t let “The Cloud” groupies hear you..

        1. There’s “Cloud” groupies?

        2. Lmao so true

      2. it’s not a good time to advertise removable/expandable storage, with google restricting access to it.

        1. We’re fortunate enough to have a very capable dev community that will always find a way to maintain access to expandable storage. It’s a staple really these days and something that shouldn’t be taken away.

        2. He was talking about entertainment such as mp3s, or videos. You can still access these with Kitkat. And also samsungs built in apps like My Files which is their version of file explorer can still rename, delete, and move any files in SD. Their gallery app allows you to move images from internal to sd and back. This is on stock kitkat unrooted. So I think this would be a good Samsung ad.

    2. Are there juice packs available for Samsung Galaxy devices…beacuse they are for the iPhone.

      1. You seem to truly love juice packs don’t you? Obviously there are, but why use them when a battery can so simply be replaced?

        1. Well one advantage is you do not have to carry two separate things. The juice pack forms part of the case.

          1. And does anyone care? The fact that juice packs are barely used shows how impractical they are for people. And any juice pack will break when dropped, they’re not much protection and are fragile themselves.

          2. I rather have a small battery in my bag compared to a juice pack, and then have the juice pack connected to my phone. You swap batteries, its finished, youre at 100%, no shenanigans.

  4. Now let’s all watch as whatever is on the iPhone 6 this year will be on the galaxy S6 next spring

    1. Lol you mean like swype, widgets, and milti screen.

    2. The Android L update will be here before then, and the Galaxy S5 will likely get it. As soon as the iPhone 6 comes out a software update for the newer Android phones will make it obsolete, unless their new iWatch is much better than what rumors are saying…

    3. Um….yea right. Try the other way around. Custom keyboards, widgets, larger screen. LOL. All of those Samsung features will be on the iPhone 6 this Fall.

      1. These so called features are not Samsung…so stop attributing them to Samsung who at the end of the day is just an Android OEM.

        1. My post was in response to someone who stated “Now let’s all watch as whatever is on the iPhone 6 this year will be on the galaxy S6 next spring,” and I am ABSOLUTELY CORRECT in stating, to the contrary, the features I noted are already on Samsung phones and will be on the iPhone 6. At no time did anyone start a discussion as to who invented said features. Samsung’s Galaxy phones run Android, and I will continue to attribute Androids features that Samsung retains to Samsung devices, because said Samsung devices DO have those features, ie. attributes. And p.s., Android did not dictate to Samsung to have a larger screen, however, Samsung IS dictating to Apple to have one.

    4. Are you serious? All iPhone has done is incorporate old Android features lately. They have been all out of ideas, they need to go buy some more start ups with good ideas so they can look “innovative”.

      1. Agnostic person here….remember that Android is not Samsung and Samsung is not Android. Android is Google…touchwiz and some low uptake apps are Samsung.

        Apple is not known for being first…they are about ergonomics and usability…Samsung is known for hardware and lower cost.

        1. Samsung’s screens are better than Apple’s. That has nothing to do with Google. Samsung’s battery life is better than Apple’s. That has nothing to do with Google. Samsung’s screen size is better than Apple’s. That has nothing to do with Google.

          1. You make it sound liek Samsung have the best handset…I beg to differ there are better priced phones with better hardware. HTC One is better than S5 IMO and Nexus is better too.You sound like you are a Samsung troll but use Nexus in your title to hide it. Samsung have been known to pay commenters in the past.

          2. The One is better? It lacks in screen, size, waterproofing, and camera but it’s better? Same for the pitiful battery life on the Nexus 5. Also the One is much more expensive than the S5 off contract. Validate things before you comment them.

          3. Dont worry…Samsung is on the commodity conveyer belt….its obvious that they have not much to differentiate themselves between the other Android OEMs that they cannot easily copy. Samsung are are trying desperately to ensure they are number one when the next stage in the Android lifecycle occurs which is consolidation of OEMs. This is the PC market all over again and it will become increasingly difficult to ask premium prices when the only way to differentiate themselves is by lowering prices.

          4. Sigh, here’s the troll again with empty baseless opinions. And while you’re hating, my S5 will be outselling all other Android phones and matching if not outselling iPhones. Also my S5 is plenty different. No other flagship has an AMOLED screen, especially one this bright. No other flagship has a touch screen display lag this small. No other flagship has TouchWiz but the Note. No other flagship has a 16 megapixel camera thought to be one of the best this year. No other flagship has a heart monitor (albeit pretty useless due to apps that do the same). No other flagship has a 5.1 inch screen. No other flagship has Samsung’s design logic. Also one thing that will make Android different from the PC market is…it’s Google…not Microsoft. There’s little to no difference between PCs but their bloatware. While each Android manufacturer uses their own skins and give what they think Android should give.

  5. This theme is old and done. They need to focus on something else. Nobody is sitting outside Samsung’s store waiting to buy a phone.

    1. its old, but its not done. I love it. I was actually disappointed when they went away from it.

    2. It’s old and done, when the iPhone has excellent battery life, iPhone users stop complaining about it, and iPhone users stop asking me every day of my life, “Do you have an iPhone charger?” None of those things have happened yet, so the theme is accurate, current and ripe for satire.

    3. Nobody is sitting outside Samsung’s store waiting to buy a phone:
      Next time, please know what you are talking about before you speak again.

      1. Lol that’s not even in the US. Nice try. Im pro android. But no not beats apple hype in the US. Well except Nike/Jordan/Yeezy hype

        1. I don’t believe either one of them discussed location.

  6. As a wholesale used phone buyer & seller, the number 1 complaint we get about iPhones is battery life. The number 2 complaint we get is how fragile they are. Number 3 is screen size.

    1. All handsets have limitations…what are the Samsung ones? Could you please let us know. I am guessing it is the plastic body and with the S5 the crappy finger sensor. I heard the plastic case of the S4 gets a lot scratches so it does not look new when bought second hand.

      1. Plastic is a benefit, not limitation. Drop an S5 and your good. Drop an iPhone and its shattered, dented, and scratched. ESPECIALLY those versions with GLASS BACKS. LOL.

        1. I can think of something else made of plastic that you must love.

          1. My computer? Laptop? TV? Plates? Cars?

          2. Get a 3D printer and you’ll love plastic :)

      2. My fingerprint scanner works just fine. Stop comparing last year’s model. Samsung has improved plenty over the S4.

        1. S4 didn’t have a fingerprint scanner so obviously I am talking about the S5.

          1. You clearly said with incorrect grammar “S5 the crappy fingerprint sensor”. Then you said “I heard the plastic case of the S4 gets a lot of scratches”. You’re hating so much that you’re becoming delusional and cant even comprehend what you’re writing.

          2. Not really…the S5 has a crappy finger print scanner. The S4 has a scratch magnet plastic case…keep up please. I know the S5 also has a scratch/scuff magnet case but I did bother mentioning it…but since you openned the door….

          3. You’re an idiot you know? Always completely off topic and commenting nothing but hate to get some attention troll. You’ve probably never even seen an S4 or S5 in person, you probably don’t even have a 5s or a 5 but blindly follow Apple. Also my S5’s fingerprint scanner works fine and unlike Apple’s, won’t be crippled by the tiniest scratch with their so called sapphire glass. And I’ve never heard of anyone scratching the S4 back or having problems with it, fingerprint magnet yes but scratch magnet not so. Also my S5 hasn’t gotten a scratch or a scuff anywhere, you got any sources of these so called facts? Cause it seems like empty hate, get a life troll.

  7. I swear this is commercial is entirely true… saw this exact same scenario on a trip while at the airport… All iphone users were tethered to that damn outlet, it was ridiculous. And there I was with my G2 sitting pretty watching movies

    1. You see, this is effective advertising. You keep it simple by showing the true practical features of the device. In this case, being able to swap out batteries so you’re not a slave to a wall outlet whilst traveling. Very realistic situation that many travelers can relate to.

      1. Not that is that a big a deal but you have to power off the handset to swap out batteries but with the iPhone the juice packs swap out without having to switch off the phone and because iphone models are similar in shape you can use your juice pack when you upgrade.

        1. LOL. You act like juice packs don’t work on Android phones. If turning off your phone to change the battery is an issue, you can get a juice pack for your Samsung phone too. LOL. The whole point is you shouldn’t need a juice pack. And if your battery is so bad that you do, why doesn’t Apple throw one in he box? The product is definitely marked up enough for it.

    2. Perhaps they should have bought a juice pack for their phone. Doubles battery life. Not sure if they are available for Samsung Galaxy phones.

  8. Love these ads! Anytime anyone makes fun of apple or an apple user, it’s great!

    1. Yeah…except when its Samsung…something about them just doesn’t seem right. Probably got something to do with their lack of class or something. The S4 NY release event was just embarrassing.

      1. Apple mentions Android every chance they get at every press event and keynote, yet Samsung has no class. LOL.

        1. I think you are a bit confused…..Apple do not mention Samsung very often. But whatever…enjoy your Samsung handset…power to you. For me I chose Apple or Nexus.

          1. Wow. You are not even very knowledgeable about APPLE. Clearly, you’ve never seen an Apple press event, keynote, or seen any of the many quotes that have circulated around the internet from Steve Jobs up until the most recent WWDC. You should really do your research before engaging in an argument.

          2. Link please. This article is about Samsung not Android.

          3. While you continually bring up irrelevant things like press conferences, pretty much everything besides the point of the commercial…replaceable batteries? You might want to stay on topic yourself before you tell others to.

          4. Let it go…please. Samsung fanboy.

          5. Awwww….and for a while I thought you and NexusMan were the same troller since you upped his comments a few times. Maybe not…perhaps NexusMan has more common sense then your Samsung trolling.

          6. Lol smh I’m the troll while you sit there and constantly comment nothing but hate? I’m starting to wonder about just how intelligent you are if even so at all. You might want to pull your head out of Tim Cook’s ass for a second so you can smell the roses.

          7. “Apple mentions Android every chance they get at every press event and keynote, yet Samsung has no class. LOL.” I know that. But that statement was about Android. And Apple’s lack of class. Brought up because you brought up “class.” So, should my response to you have been, “This article is about Samsung, not class”? LOL

      2. Actually it’s even better when Samsung does it!

    2. Amen to that.

  9. I’m neutral in terms of Android vs. iOS. Both have their merits. I just don’t like Samsung. Why make fun of another company? That is exactly what bullies do. They belittle others to make themselves seem better. That said, I personally like Android over iOS, it’s just Samsung I can’t stand because of this. That, and Knox.

    1. “I’m a Mac, he’s a PC.”
      “If you don’t have an iPhone, well… you don’t have an iPhone.”

      1. thank god

    2. Making fun of others products, and bullying? Apple is pro at that. Samsung is just giving them a taste of their own tactics.

      “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this”

      And over the past X years, Apple has said they don’t need Y feature of Android, only to eventually copy them.

    3. Right…just like what Tim Cook said at the Apple WDC:

      “They had bought an Android phone, by mistake, and then had sought a
      better experience, and a better life. And decided to check out iPhones
      and iOS.”

    4. I guess you never knew a guy called Steve Jobs.

    5. Remember ‘I’m PC, I’m Mac’ ads? So Apple is allowed to make fun of other companies?

      1. Actually (and I do not care for this type of advertising), the I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” did not focus on anyone particular company…it was a broad comparison between two OSes. You could argue that its main focus was on MS as they were the company that provided the PC OS.

        It seems that Samsung’s fixation on Apple seems a bit silly but I guess more Samsung devices sold that also means less HTC, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, LG, Lenovo, and so on. Samsung has more competitors than just Apple but they seem fixated on them. Samsungs large marketing blitz seems to have negatively affected most handset OEMs as they continue to shed market share and make losses.

        1. Because Apple is their biggest competitor…who wouldn’t be focused? HTC and all those other companies are irrelevant in Samsung’s eyes as either Samsung and Apple can sell circles around them.

        2. LOL

    6. Why make fun of Apple? After all, all they do is try to sue and ban everyone else’s phones.

      1. Well then you must hate Kodak, LG, Sharp, Panasonic, Ericsson, Pioneer, Inter Digital, Department of Justice to name a few because they have all sued Samsung in the past for IP theft and price fixing.

        1. I don’t think any of them have sued Samsung over a black rectangle.

          1. If Apple had sued Samsung over “a black rectangle” then I would agree but it was part of a greater law suit which covered IP and trade dress…but you just focus on the “black rectangle” component because that makes your argument all the more credible.

            Meanwhile lets not forget that Samsung has been found guilty numerous times on conspiring with other suppliers to fix prices and limit supply of CRT screens, DRAM and LCD screens. They have also been found guilty numerous times of IP theft and finally have been accused of destruction of evidence and impeding government investigators. But you just keep on defending the little guy coz their marketing appears to be working on you.

          2. Who cares??? Almost every company has done something dirty! Look how many times Apple steamrolled little companies to get things they want like even the names of their products. Steve Jobs played the crap out of Cisco for the iPhone branding. Stop harping on the negatives, you’re just showing nothing but hate on a SAMSUNG commercial. If you don’t like them don’t go out of your way to watch their commercials online.

        2. Don’t get me started on the DOJ…

    7. Apple built a brand on making fun of “another company.” Samsung is giving them a taste of their own medicine. If you can dish it, you should be able to take it. Guess you forgot about the decade long attack on Microsoft Apple waged. So, in your scenario, Apple is an even bigger bully, because they not only make fun of others, but they also SUE everyone they can, over ridiculous things like “black rectangles.”

  10. Samsung’s marketing team is at it again. I love these commercials!

  11. Looks like samesung forgot to check the App Store for new gimmicks and features for the gs5 so now their comparing hardware? Really!? Like apple can’t just stick 10,000 mah battery in the phone if it so desired. That’s not the point!… Ooohhh samesung when will u learn. Apple has android and samesung shaking in their boots they’re doing everything they can just to keep up with apples RUMORS imagine when these devices hit the store shelves.

    1. Oh please. Apple is so damn sorry they can’t even stick a 2,000mAh battery in their phones. They use batteries in size that are comparable to FEATURE phones.

      1,440mAh in the 5S? What a joke.

      1. Um, double that. Standard battery on S5 is 2800. Nice try though.

      2. There is more to handset life than battery size…there are a number of factors that come into play such as screen technology, CPU design….I am agnostic to handsets but hate ridiculous marketting from Samsung….and still pissed off about how they fixed memory and LCD prices in years gone by.

        1. You are right. There is so much more and Samsung has addressed other things in their other commercials. THIS commercial is addressing battery life. And it’s true and funny as he11.

    2. You realize, Apple’s next os is touting features Android and Samsung have been rocking since 4 years ago, right? LOL. Nice try. Go post on BGR.

    3. I’m guessing you haven’t seen the e-mail from Jobs showing the exact opposite.

    4. Even the original Moto Droid had a replaceable battery. When will Apple figure out how to do that?

      1. Just get a juice pack….and you can buy them from anywhere.

        1. Sure…if you want a brick

    5. Sigh, the dreams of Apple fanboys. Dream big but never receive.

    6. Boy genius, how is Apple gonna fit a 10,000maH battery in a baby sized phone? LOL. iSheep never cease to provide laughs.

  12. That commercial is brilliant!
    lthough it applies to my Nexus 5 as well…. :(

    1. My Nexus 5 had outstanding battery life. I thought I’d miss my GS4’s extended battery, but the Nexus 5 shocked me. 18-20 hours regularly with 3+ hours screen on time.

      1. I regularly get 6 hours of on screen time with my S5, the Nexus 5 is nowhere near outstanding with battery life.

      2. The nexus 5 is one of my favorite phones but battery life is barely average, my m8 lasts easily twice as long as my nexus 5, still like my nexus 5 a bit more, but the battery life is nothing to brag about on it.

    2. Google would probably kick their ass if Samsung tried it on the only company that keeps them in the market.

      1. No need to, that’d pretty much be free advertising for something as little known as a Nexus.

      2. Samsung is in partnership with Google, so your scenario makes zero sense.

        1. We’ll see. Samsung know Google is wrestling control from them and Samsung are fighting back with Tizen. I doubt Samsung give two hoots about Google…they just want their OS.

          1. Samsung just released an Android Wear device, continue to use Android on their phones, just recently entered into a renewed agreement/partnership/pact with Google and GAVE their highly regarded Samsung Knox technology to Google to make a part of Android. Clearly, you know very little about anything not iPhone.

          2. Samsung only handed over some Knox technologies so Android only gets the base functionality. Also Samsung have deals with many companies (some if them they started off by just stealing the IP before taking out a license

  13. Haven’t had great battery life with Android phones outside of my Droid MAXX.

    1. Or the LG G2. Agreed. But at least in Android land there is a choice. iPhones you are stuck with the hardware with the only option being changing the amount of memory the phone has.

  14. My GS3 can’t even hug a wall to get a charge

  15. This is quite true and very hilarious. I was at a airport heading to FLORIDA. and BELIEVE me I never saw so many sheeps plugging their iphone in every wall huger socket. I just wanna laugh so hard. My Xperia Z1 had only 80% when i got to florida still strong at 40%. Typical sheeps. Typical Apple

    1. They should have bought a Mophie Juice Packs or one of the other ones. This will double battery life and you can replace them without having to lose power to the handset.

      1. Lol. iSheep are so funny, always boasting how “beautifully designed” their precious phones are, and they always have them covered up in giant battery packs and ugly ass cases to protect their fragile glass backs or fronts or provide enough battery life to make it from home to work. LOL. Juice pack. What is this 2009? Hahahaha!

        1. Get off your soapbox…I’m just pointing out the options. Most people dont buy second batteries…how many people carry around second batteries. If you are a business use then throw one in the case. BTW…the Samsung battery life is over hyped…so I guwess you are an Samsung fanboy or Samboy or something…isheep…what are you…2 years old!

          1. Most? Don’t use such glittering generalities. And unless you can survey the whole world…we’ll never know. Also of course there are options for everything, it’s just that a removable battery is the easiest and most convenient. And check your facts, another nearly 3 hours of battery life isn’t “over hyped”. http://blog.laptopmag.com/iphone-5s-vs-galaxy-s5

          2. Right! That makes sense “Most people don’t buy 2nd batteries,” they just buy giant juice packs. Perfect sense.

          3. Good juice packs are not huge and they integrate by becoming the case.

          4. Direct from Apple: “iPhone 5 set a precedent. Apple engineers and designers managed to compress first-of-their-kind technologies inside a space that’s a mere 7.6 millimeters thin and 112 grams light. A feat like that required designing or redesigning multiple components. And it resulted in an incredibly thin, impressively light, extraordinarily powerful smartphone. ” …I’ve seen those “good juice packs,” they most certainly don’t make the phone, “a mere 7.6 millimeters thin and 112 grams light.” I’m sure Apple LOVES that after setting such a “precedent,” with all their hard design work. LOL.

  16. Don’t know how to feel. I had to turn a lot of things off on my Galaxy and HTC One to get decent battery life.

    1. um yeah ok troll.boy go play with your icrap wallhugger

      1. I just listed 2 android phones, yet somehow I’m an icrap wall hugger. Makes perfect sense, I suppose.

      2. You should check out your own post history one of these days….

        If 50% of your posts contain an insult, you might just be a troll yourself.

  17. This commercial is so true hahahhaha

  18. I charge my Galaxy s4 twice a day or I run out. Sure I can turn down the brightness, turn of 4g, not browse the internet, not use spotify, or use this “extreme power saving mode” where everything is turned off and the screen is black and white. Then whats the point?! I’ve had every galaxy phone and they all ran out of power quickly – the S4 being the worst.

    1. This commercial is so clearly about the S5.

      1. Doesn’t the iPhone have Juice Packs like the Morphie ones. This means you can replace battery packs for the iPhone without even having to switch it off first.
        Oh well….interesting ads anyway.

        1. Compare the prices of those things to a whole other battery. Also they are a case pretty much, unlike a whole other battery they can’t be put in a case and increase thickness for those who like a naked device.

        2. Lol. Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I want. A pretty, precious phone covered up in a giant space pack.

      2. But it’ still exactly the same for me. Didn’t have the S4 but had the S2 and S3 and my S5 still lasts me less time during the day than my 5S did a every other iPhone before it. If I were Samsung I wouldn’t be spruiking about battery life. That’s my main bugbear about Android and especially Android with Touchwiz….what’s the point in turning everything off, not using it or going into a low power mode where you don’t have access to everything. I’d much rather have everything still on and have a system that manages background processes better.

        1. http://blog.laptopmag.com/iphone-5s-vs-galaxy-s5 try checking your battery usage. Something is draining your battery as you should experience way better battery life than that. My S5 outlasts all my friends iPhones including the 5s and 5.

          1. Nothing is draining it…..I use it. I do know that there are a lot of processes that run in the background that I don’t use and cant get rid of unless I root and uninstall which is far too much hard work. What im saying is if I use an Android phone in the same way I do an iPhone, i’m always recharging the Android before the iPhone. And standby times even when I dont use it are worse on the Androids.

          2. You’re battery just doesn’t just drain like that, compared to what most say you’re experience is abnormal. Any process that takes up considerable amount of battery show up in the battery part of settings. So all those background processes don’t matter. Only things I can tell you. Unless it’s a faulty phone or battery.

          3. I don’t think you understand and I didn’t say anything about considerable amounts of battery. I’m talking my average usage comparing same use on 2 platforms. In my daily use, on my SGS5 I’ll take it off charge at 7am. I’ll read a few emails before I leave for work and by the time I get to work (a 10 minute ride) my battery is at 90%. On my iPhone 5S I’d only be at 98%. During the day I leave wifi, BT and GPS on as I always did on the 5S. I use apps all the time that use different radios and don’t see why I should have to keep turning things on and off on Android where I don’t on other OS’s. By the time I leave work at 4 or 5 pm I’m down to around 20 or 30% on the SGS5. On the same type of moderate day I’d be at 40-45% on the 5S. If I look at battery usage, the usual apps use power Android System, OS, Screen. All other apps are average.

            Now my point is that battery life is REALLY subjective and depends on how people use the phone and where they live/use it. Battery life can be really good for a lot of people in US cities where they are always in good wifi and cell reception. So many other people don’t have that luxury and I have never seen some of the battery life times that I’ve see some people say they get in the US.

          4. Of course battery life is subjective, I was just stating the average. But some facts, power saving mode for location saves much battery, also setting WiFi to only on when charging also saves battery. You have to realize they’re 2 different OS’s with different radios. But in the end that doesn’t defeat the purpose of this video, you can switch your battery out. The difference you described seems minor, like 15% at max. 2 batteries at 100% will always out match the 5s. Also the S5 has features like power saver and ultra power saver, something the 5s doesn’t.

          5. Rooting a phone takes about five minutes. Just rooted tab pro 8.4 took about 4 minutes.

        2. Stop complaining and simply buy Note 3 – this battery is awesome, after all day of hard using, at the evening there is still at least 50% battery.

        3. My friends who have Samsung use their phone more than iPhone, browsing the net is not something iphone people do on the 4″ screen.

          1. You know, you’re friends must be one of the small pockets of users then. Google for usage stats that well known web tracking entities put up, you’ll find that the majority of the worlds web traffic come from somewhere else.

      3. I know, I’m just saying that I’m a wall-hugger as well, and been one for years with Samsung devices. The s5 commercial is making fun of last years iphone – so Samsung might as well have used their own galaxy brand because they are as bad or worse than the iphone when it comes to battery life.

        Here’s to hoping Android L will “change everything”! Cheers!

        1. This video has nothing to do with battery life, it’s making fun of the fact that even if their phones die…they can replace the batteries which is much easier and will take much less time than charging through an outlet. Also the 5s being last year’s iPhone doesn’t matter, when the 6 comes out then the S5 will be as old as the 5s. They come out on 2 different sides of the year so it’ll never be a “fair” comparison. Also there’s something wrong with your original post, the S4 doesn’t have ultra power saving mode only a regular power saver that I’m pretty sure doesn’t make the screen black and white.

          1. I know that it does not have ultra power saving mode, my point was: what is the point of having such a bad-ass phone when you have to turn everything off to make it through the day?

            Also I prefer to have a portable charger – more convenient to charge than having two batteries unless you have a stand-alone battery charger. Iphone users can have that as well… I guess my point is that Samsung doesn’t really have a good point since their track record when it comes to battery is horrible and the only way to make the s5 last is to put it in extreme power saving mode, thus making it a “dumb-phone” in that mode :P Useful in emergencies YES, but it won’t keep my away from the outlet.

            To sum up, I agree with everything Greg Lamb said about this bellow…

          2. You don’t, I easily make it through a day and more with my S5, just like what he said battery life is subjective. I’m constantly on my phone no matter where I go through the day, including WiFi to LTE and back. Of course there are simple things I do to increase battery life but they don’t hinder my phone at all. Making WiFi not always be on doesn’t hinder performance, neither does setting location to power saving so it only uses WiFi and mobile networks. The S5 is thought to have one of the best battery life’s out of any phone this year, your experience with it may be different but that doesn’t mean that it has bad battery life overall. And also there is a regular power saver mode that works well. Samsung has always been near the top with battery life to reviewers.

          3. I do! I am basing it off my own experience with every Samsung galaxy phone – including all my friends s5’s. I don’t care what reviewers say because it does not help me when I run out of power that the reviewer does not. I am basing it of real-world experience. What is your point anyways except being hung up on every word I write?

            Wow! Your phone lasts a day! Woop-di-du! Well, mine does not because of my usage pattern. If I keep my phone on standby in my pocket with the flight-mode on I might reach a day as well.

            In the Samsung commercial they should have 50 people with samsung phones hugging the wall as well… who wants to carry around a spare battery or a charger all day? My pocket-space is limited!

          4. And again that has nothing to do with the commercial. Do you really think a thin battery takes up as much space as a long charger? If you do then you might want your pockets checked. And didn’t you say you have the S4? I don’t see how your friends battery life’s affect you or why you’re comparing your battery life with mine. If Android power management doesn’t work for you, then find an OS that does. No one is forcing you to use an Android. It’s not Samsung’s fault as again their phones are always near the top of battery life comparisons. Also my point is your topic is completely irrelevant to the message of the video, the message is you CAN replace your battery. Never said you have to. This video never said anything about galaxies lasting longer or anything. Battery life wasn’t even a side point.

          5. The lack of good battery life might be the number one complaint on all platforms for smart phones period. Thats why Samsung made this commercial. Samsung making a commercial like this when they have no where near figured out how to increase battery life without disabling all the features is just insulting. But no bother explaining that to a fanboy…

          6. For one I’m not a fanboy, I enjoy any device, I know my S5 isn’t perfect but you’re bringing up irrelevant points. No one has figured out how to increase battery life without size increases, we’re reaching the limit of battery size as our phones get thinner and thinner, unless you have a new standard for batteries besides lithium ion then your point is irrelevant. Also again, the video is about being able to change your battery when your phone is dead, Samsung never said ANYTHING about better battery life. Go hate on another commercial.

          7. I think if we are speaking last gen all last gen Android flagships came out before the iPhone 5S and had as good (S4 and HTC One M7) or better (LG G2) battery life so if we go by that the 6 will still be behind in that department even though it will be released last. Also with all the leaked images the 6 as slim as it is might still be letting their phones batteries take a back seat to design.

          8. Right, the only reason the iPhone is so slim is because of the small battery. Quite frankly it should be even more slimmer compared to the fact phones with more than an inch on it in screen size almost match It’s thinness.

    2. I have S4 using it right now battery life is great

      1. Agreed, Galaxy S4 battery easily lasts a day or more on on single charge.

    3. My note 2 regularly gets better than 12 hours on a charge. It will tank if I’m in a bad reception area, but all phones do that. The only power saving feature I use is auto brightness, other than that, everything is turned on, wifi, bluetooth, nfc, gps all on.

    4. Either you’re on your phone for literally 12 hours a day, which would be very very sad, or there is an app draining your battery, or have a defective battery.

    5. Dude, my S4 lasts 12+ hours @ 75% brightness (no auto) with calls, texts, internet, facebook, reminder apps, helper apps, flashlight, calendars, wifi and 3g/4g. I don’t even bother to plug it in at work anymore!

  19. I’m pleased to see that they are actively promoting removable batteries. If they ever start making metal phones it suggests they won’t remove this functionality.

  20. This ad from Samsung is so true I travel a lot I see all the iphone users hugging the outlets like a death trap while I am jamming tunes on my S4 and working on it. Thanks Samsung Google awesome phone

  21. thats freakin awesome i laughed so hard

  22. GOD love promoting a great thing.
    Now if they could just put back the HDMI output..

  23. Nexus 5, HTC, and the OPO users are or will be wall huggers as well. This is a samsung commercial hyping up the removable battery. I like it even though my life style doesn’t require me to care because I typically get a full day of use on my Nexus 5.

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