Sep 19th, 2012

Samsung has just released a new 90 second ad spot for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and it takes us back to the build-up to the Galaxy S3’s launch. Yep, that’s right — it’s a new “next best thing” ad, and this time all the Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5 are teeming with anguish over the fact that it’s already bested by the Samsung Galaxy S3.

They look on in awe as friends instantly share photos, “bump” phones to share playlists using NFC, and speak of the wizardry that involves being able to watch a video and send a text at the same time.

The actors/actresses in this spot were so good that I felt genuinely sorry for the guy who hopelessly wondered if the next version of the iPhone would be getting some of those features before the iPhone 5 is even out. Get your eyes on the video above.

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