About those HTC Volantis and One Plus Tablet rumors yesterday… disregard them



The wonderful thing about rumors is that they tell us about forthcoming products and developments well before they happen, giving us insight into the market and helping us make informed decisions based on what we expect to see down the line. The bad thing? They aren’t to be fully trusted, and that fact was reiterated in the latest hoaxing episode.

Yesterday, we ran a couple of stories based on rumors from reputable leakster @evleaks. The first was that OnePlus was working on a tablet, with the second being a leaked set of specs for the rumored HTC Volantis tablet (5GB of RAM should have given off a red flag for that one). We’d go into more detail here, but there’s no need — the rumors are flat out false.

The leakster admitted that he was duped into believing hoaxed documents and information as he sent the following tweet this morning:

Yesterday was not a good day. I got hoaxed 2x. First was OnePlus. Second was Volantis. 14-yr-old posing as a Google engineer. Embarrassing.

And that’s all that needs to be said. Time to move on, folks. If anything, let this serve as a reminder that rumors are to be taken with the smallest of grains of salt, sand and whatever other minerals come to mind, because as I always like to say — nothing is official until it’s official.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I must admit I read the 5gb and thought that can’t be right but didn’t read any further as I’m not in the tablet market.

  2. yeah i didnt believe them much either..dont care about the oneplusone tablet bc that company can barely do a cellphone right but the htc did intrigue me because im looking to buy the next nexus7/8 w.e it is…and those specs were wayyy to high to be a new nexus tablet so i took them with a grain of salt

  3. I’ve been flamed for this before, but EVLeaks posts almost anything forwarded to him. He gets credit for his hits, but he has far more misses than hits. He’s a good resource, but people need to stop giving him more credibility than he’s truly earned.

  4. Let’s boycott Phandroid… They knowingly reported this false information and force fed it to us as fact. They are apart of the Illuminati!

    1. Phandroid did something most outlets won’t do, which is to admit to being wrong. Last time I posted my thought on EVLeaks, the writer of the article actually responded to my post. So to see them willingly eat crow is refreshing. I give them credit for that.

      1. Toomuchgame was joking… He doesn’t actually believe that phandroid is a member of the illuminati… And I strongly doubt he’s going to boycott phandroid.

        1. I got the joke. He was also parodying the idea that people would pile on Phandroid for merely reposting EVLeaks carte blanche. I was just further preempting those comments in a more serious manner.

          1. Okay, good. I had thought that you were trying to convince him to stay, which is obviously unessesary. Who in their right mind would leave phandroid? :)

        2. Of course I’m joking, I need my Phandroid fix

    2. So you’re saying they’re not with the Illumnanti!

  5. I hate that image, such a terrible photoshop. There must be a better version of the double facepalm out there.

    1. Triple facepalm?

      1. Did you say triple?

  6. The Volantis one with the crazy specs was so ridiculous – its “leaked” image especially, with the phone camera “reflection” so obviously ‘shopped – that I was amazed anyone believed it at all.

  7. lol I think anyone could have predicted this which is why I was surprised to see them written about here as if they might be true. 5GB? lol, snapdragon 810? lol. come on man that right there was a dead giveaway it wasn’t true.

  8. People who believed 5GB is just funny in the first place LOL

    1. Now that it was at least rumored once, it’ll be demanded by people who’ll never fully utilize it from here on out.

  9. I didn’t pay those two articles any mind. I was like. Men.

    1. Men? What do men have to do with it!?

      ( haha I’m sure you meant meh but I couldn’t help myself. )

      1. Ahhh you jerk..I’m just now seeing this..lolz

  10. Yeaaaaaah I was thinking this seemed fishy since they’re still trying to get their smartphone mess sorted out and now suddenly a tablet is on the way? To tackle a project like that right now would be a disaster. They need to see if they can succeed and make money with the phone first.

  11. The best part about this article is that the Continued Reading section contains links to the false reports.

  12. Ya…its ok we didn’t believe it in the first place xD

  13. 5GB should have been a flag because it tends not to progress that way. A PC can have 5GB, by adding 4GB to and existing 1GB. On board memory is more likely to be in powers of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8)

    1. As someone with background in computer science and hardware, I agree. Which is why I always wonder: Why the hell all the 3GB devices? (RAM-wise)

      1. Triple channel?

    2. Note 3 disagrees.

  14. That still shows respect admitting when wrong. @evleaks still an excellent source.

    1. What else was he gonna do? :P

  15. Wow, I almost feel bad for Evan, almost.

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