Jul 3rd, 2014


The wonderful thing about rumors is that they tell us about forthcoming products and developments well before they happen, giving us insight into the market and helping us make informed decisions based on what we expect to see down the line. The bad thing? They aren’t to be fully trusted, and that fact was reiterated in the latest hoaxing episode.

Yesterday, we ran a couple of stories based on rumors from reputable leakster @evleaks. The first was that OnePlus was working on a tablet, with the second being a leaked set of specs for the rumored HTC Volantis tablet (5GB of RAM should have given off a red flag for that one). We’d go into more detail here, but there’s no need — the rumors are flat out false.

The leakster admitted that he was duped into believing hoaxed documents and information as he sent the following tweet this morning:

Yesterday was not a good day. I got hoaxed 2x. First was OnePlus. Second was Volantis. 14-yr-old posing as a Google engineer. Embarrassing.

And that’s all that needs to be said. Time to move on, folks. If anything, let this serve as a reminder that rumors are to be taken with the smallest of grains of salt, sand and whatever other minerals come to mind, because as I always like to say — nothing is official until it’s official.

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