OnePlus Tab leak suggests a tablet is in the works, but will it settle on the same invite system?


Oneplus tablet evleaks

If the process of buying a OnePlus One wasn’t frustrating enough, how ’bout trying your luck at one of their upcoming tablets? Still not official, @evleaks posted a screen grab of the OnePlus website, showing a link for a OnePlus Tab, right next to the link for their hard-to-get smartphone.

While there’s no details provided just yet, we’re sure OnePlus will once again use their grassroots marketing and rock bottom low pricing to lure in prospective buyers. If you guys had to build the perfect tablet — one that didn’t “settle” — what kind of hardware would you like to see?


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  1. Yes!!! I just smashed my Nexus 7 and my 47″ Toshiba because it’s big and flat and kinda looks like a tablet. That will definitely get me an invite!!

  2. The only question that matters is…. Wil people be able to purchase it, ever?

    So disappointed with the OnePlus team.

  3. They really need to make the phone available to the masses, before they start another disaster with a tablet launch.

    1. +1, if anyone still cares. Me personally, I stick to Nexus devices. Can’t wait for the release of Android L :)

  4. I was really close to pulling the trigger on that phone but shit it’s took the biscuit for biggest wind up fook em ; )

  5. How good could it be it you can’t buy one…

  6. I’ve avoided saying anything negative regarding their unique approach to marketing.

    In comparison,the time to wait for the phone vs the competition isn’t much different as far as seeing “leaked” info on their next flagship models to actually being avaiable.

    However,their window is closing,as the price will appear less attractive when better hardware becomes available.

    For myself,that window closes on 7/16/14 & opens for the LG G3.

    1. Ditto to the LG G3 may be more expensive but it is better if only it comes as GPe or Android Silver would make it so better.

  7. Who cares. I am over them at this point!!! Yawn. Next.

  8. The kind of hardware I can buy without playing games.

  9. Hunger sale strategy will never work, maybe only xiaomi in Asia lol

  10. If it had been available on release day I would’ve bought one on the spot. Too bad. My money will be going towards an LG now.

  11. OnePlus should just go out of business

  12. I have to agree with Kolio. It seems that in an effort to reinvent the wheel, One Plus has hot a ditch. While no one likes to have the ability to purchase a phone and find that there is no inventory, they really need to get production in gear and open up sales. Other smartphones are coming. Better spec’d flagship are rumored. One Plus needs to get their act together if they want to sell more phones.

  13. I’m not even interested anymore.

  14. All I wish is I didn’t have to hear about this ridiculous company anymore.

  15. My OPO shipped today, got the invite on Monday.

  16. This company is a joke. I got sick of waiting for their phone so I bought the HTC One m8. Amazing phone!

  17. Don’t care about the price or the ability of the device if its this hard to get one.

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