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You might be chomping at the bit for a chance to buy the OnePlus One by now, especially after seeing our hands-on time with the device yesterday. Unfortunately it’s not so simple right now — only 100 units are currently available, and that’s only if you’re selected to smash your phone as part of the company’s controversial Smash the Past campaign.

Thankfully, OnePlus didn’t take long to let us know when, exactly, they expect things to pick up. Their latest forum post lays out some production details for those interested:

  • Production of 64GB models will ramp up as more people seem to be interested in those than the base 16GB model. They won’t produce 64GB models to the detriment of availability for the 16GB model, though, so expect them to strike a key balance in production runs.
  • A larger batch of 16GB devices will be available mid-to-late May, but you might still need to work hard to find an invite.
  • A larger batch of 64GB devices will be available starting in June, but you might still need to work hard to find an invite.
  • Availability will significantly increase in late June, and while you will still need an invite to purchase one they shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

Unfortunately there’s no timeline on when we can expect these devices to be available without an invite at all, though we imagine OnePlus will feed us more information by the time June comes to a close. We can’t really ask for much more out of OnePlus in terms of how open and honest they’ve been about this whole ordeal, because it’s a lot more than other companies are willing to share about their production schedules.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. I’m not kissing any aas for a phone. They wait around long enough, i’ll get the LG G3

    1. Patience young padawan

      1. Confucious say: “He who quotes cliché from space opera will soon find himself watching the opera from space.

  2. They are just avoiding the bad press of not having enough phones by not letting you buy one until they have one to give you. Even though its a premium flagship killer for little money people hate to be told when they can spend their money. And personally if I don’t get an invite before the G watch comes out I’m getting that.

    1. Don’t tell me what to do, haha.

  3. I’m not sure the hype can last months out. I’m interested now, as are a lot of people. That’s when you make it available. My money and interest might not be around then.

    1. $600 vs $300. I think they’ll have our attention until a Nexus 6 comes out.

      1. It will be called Silver One HAHA

      2. For some folks.
        A lot will just pick something else. Moto X, Nexus 5, oppo find 7a. Lots of options that don’t require waiting until june and still trying to get an invite.

        They should have no announced it before they were ready to sell them.

      3. By the time this phone is available without an invite HTC M8 and others will be cheaper too. And at leats one new phone will be out. So I do agree with snowglyder. It’s now or kind of never.

      4. I agree. If this was available right now, I would purchase it NOW. Unfortunately the closer it gets to the Nexus 6, I might as well just wait to hear what the 6 has to offer. My impulse buy territory wont last forever :).

  4. If oppo is producing the phone, why would it take so long to ramp up production? Seriously ppl can only wait so long before they go and get a competitors product.

    1. Oppo has 2 phones of their own to produce, the Find 7 and Find 7a.

  5. I do not care enough to wait for some gimmicky phone.

    1. Ill wait as long as it takes till the next phone(nexus 6) is released. I dont see why its gimmicky? I think the price is awesome for some of the highest specs of any phone to date…

      1. He probably thinks that because it’s release method and availability can be somewhat frustrating.

        1. Frustrating? It is just one large gimmick. I have zero interest in waiting for or paying to be their plaything. There are plenty of even better phones on the market that I can pick up at will.

    2. WhoaManWtF?

  6. must have the 64gb model. will wait if I must but would never buy any device with only 16gb of int storage. the 64gb model is a freaken beast.

  7. I was interested in this till I found out you have to wait 2 months, no thank you. LG G3 here I come.

  8. This company needs to fire it’s PR group. Releasing a phone to 100 people in May, and then having to wait until late June to even have a chance to get the phone is ridiculous.

    1. PR group my a$$. The manufacturing and distribution end of Oneplus is where things went wrong. I’ll just release my amazing device to 0.000001% of the population. That’ll be great.

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