HTC releases dual lens SDK for HTC One M8

ufocus 2

It’s not often an OEM releases an exciting new feature and opens it up for developers to tinker with, but HTC has done just that with the dual lens camera on the HTC One M8. The Taiwanese company has announced an SDK for the dynamic duo, giving developers the tools they need to create interesting new effects for the bokeh strength map mask (rather, the camera’s ability to separate the foreground from the background).

The SDK preview will also enable support for the DimensionPlus file format, which is the format used for the parallax effect that can be had when tilting a Dimension Plus photo on your HTC One M8.

While we don’t expect HTC to take community creations and apply them to their own stock camera app, this SDK will allow camera app makers to accommodate the unique needs of HTC One M8 users. We imagine it was necessary for the likes of the Google Play Edition of this phone, which supports the dual lens’ UFocus feature despite not being a Sense device.

The dual lens SDK is currently available for preview for those interested, so find the goods at HTC’s website if you anticipate needing it at some point in the near future.

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  • No_Nickname90

    YES!! I don’t like how the stock camera keeps the last camera mode you were on.

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