T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.4 KitKat now available


Samsung Galaxy S4 users on T-Mobile are in store for a treat today, as the company has started rolling out the upgrade to Android 4.4.2. That brings us up to baseband versionĀ M919UVUFNB4, which doesn’t really bring us a whole lot of changes compared to the upgrade from Android 4.2 to 4.3.

Alongside typical KitKat goodness, you’re also getting improved stability, a new camera shortcut on the lock screen, and an improved on-screen keyboard. Thankfully there are a couple of different options for grabbing this upgrade.

You can opt to download it over-the-air, though that’s a hefty 388MB upgrade that you’ll want to make sure you’re on WiFi for. You’ll also want to have a good charge in your battery before attempting to pull it down — about 50% is good, if you can get it there.

Otherwise, users can also opt to grab the upgrade through Samsung Kies. Note that you must be on fully stock firmware that isn’t rooted before being able to pull it down. Need full instructions? This page will get you situated. Report back and let us know how everything is going for you once you’ve taken the update for a good spin.

[via T-Mobile, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • Jay

    …. and still no Kitkat luv for the Note 3 on Verizon.

    • Erin Chenault

      Or the S4. Big Red is disappointing!

    • Marsg

      Lol sometime next year we will get the update, just look at how long it took them to roll out the update to the Note 2

    • John_Jason

      My T-Mobile Note 3 just got Kit Kat. Wish I hadn’t done it. Battery used to last 3-4 days; now I get barely one day. And the S-Pen note app is totally broken. Lots of other crap. If your carrier offers Kit Kat, give it a pass.

      • KelboDelta

        I suggest you let it discharge until it turns off, then put the phone to charge until it’s 100%…. by the time you have done it 6-8 times, the battery life should improve.

        This happened to me when updating a new firmware (official or non-official) and it doubled my battery life lat time I did it.

        Battery life in kitkat (at least in other builds) is supposed to be better, but sometimes battery needs this calibration to give you the most.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    They are too busy counting your money, no time to coordinate updates.

  • crocop24

    does kitkat get rid of any phone lag?

    • Jerel Butler

      I doubt it my guess they didn’t optimize too much but maybe someone on xda may do a system dump and make it flashable to all s4s who knows

  • Josh Rigsby

    I’m downloading KK on my T-Mobile Note 3 as we speak. Err… type…

  • Sykobee

    Seems to have broken my S4 phone after a reboot. No touch input, screen goes black and nothing happens.