Angry Birds goes medieval for upcoming sequel – launching first in Canada and Australia [VIDEO]


Angry Birds medieval teaser

We’ve seen Angry Birds travel to Rio de Janeiro, we’ve float through space. We’ve even seen them race each other in go-karts, and battle the Republic in a galaxy far, far away. If you didn’t think there was anywhere else left for the birds to travel to, it appears Rovio might soon be sending them back into time.

Over the weekend, Rovio uploaded a teaser video to their YouTube channel, showcasing knights armor with their trademark red bird inside. While there were little details provided in the teaser, a look back at a Rovio 2014 preview video from December shows this medieval version initially teased, but managed to fly under the radar for most.

In the video, a variety of upcoming Angry Birds games being plastered on a wall as an aggressive Razor scooter skater does x-treme tricks. In one scene, an image of the birds outfitted as a wizard, knight (or viking?), and archer was revealed, leaving us to wonder if Rovio will stick to their tried-and-true slingshot formula, or go with something different altogether like an MMO RPG, tower defense, etc..

Angry Birds Medieval

One could make the claim (as so many often do) that Rovio is simply beating a dead horse when it comes to their Angry Birds franchise, first they’d have to prove that Angry Birds is dead. Well, it isn’t. The games (in their vast many iterations) are still very much alive and well, topping the charts in the many different app stores you’ll find them available.

There was no word on exactly when we can expect this new medieval version of Angry Birds to hit the Play Store. Rovio only mentioned that, similar to what we saw with Plants vs Zombies 2, a soft launch would begin first in Australia and Canada, followed later by other regions. We’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Does anyone still play this/care?

    1. Like Mario Bros, I think I’ve played every version/sequel that’s come out. :x

      1. wat

      2. Even the Phillips CD-Mario games?I ? Yes those count in my opinion! :)

        And even if they are milking the angry birds cow I can’t say i really blame them if I knew it was gonna make millions regardless of how stale a small % of the market may think it is i would do it too. And if you say you wouldn’t knowing it would most likely be a slam dunk for revenue then you guys are crazy!

  2. Still milking it!

    1. *suckles on Rovio’s teet*

  3. As if it wasn’t like Crush the Castle enough as it is…

  4. And yet another one…

  5. Sweet. I tend to delete Angry Birds after a while but I’ve downloaded every one and redownloaded them after they’ve added a bunch of new levels. Lots of fun.

  6. Medieval setting, huh? Looks like the circle is now complete! (Castle Clout & Crush The Castle being the ‘progenitors’ of this style of game play way way back in 2008) :p

  7. “…and battle the Republic in a galaxy far, far away.” WTF, weren’t you supposed to battle the Empire in that game??

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