Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL launch as a trio of Android siblings


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We’d been so enamored with all of the Nokia X rumors leading up to Mobile World Congress 2014 that we didn’t consider Nokia could have more than one Android device in the works. The company actually has three, as they have officially announced the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. So are these poised to be rockstar-level superphones or an entry-level line without much exciting to offer? Let’s hop into the bare details for each one.

Nokia X

This is the same device we’ve been hearing about for weeks, which is an entry-level handset built to last. It looks quite nice for where it’ll be positioned, though it isn’t quite as impressive under the hood.

In the area of specs, we’re looking at a 4-inch 800 x 480 IPS display, 512MB of RAM and a 3 megapixel camera, for starters. It’ll also offer Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 1GHz dual-core processor, though we’re not sure which exact model it’s sporting just yet.


Of course, Nokia storms onto the Android scene with their bright and playful suite of designs. The Nokia X will launch in Yellow, Black, White, Red, Blue and Green.

Nokia X+

The Nokia X+ is pretty much the same device as the Nokia X, though RAM gets bumped up to 768MB and Nokia’s sticking a 4GB MicroSD card inside. It’s literally the same phone otherwise, with it launching in the same exact color options as the Nokia X and being exact same size.

Nokia XL

This is where things significantly change, as the Nokia XL will sport a larger 5-inch display. Unfortunately it retains the same 800 x 480 as the other two guys. It also gets a bump in the camera department with a 5 megapixel sensor as opposed to the 3 megapixel shooters on the rear of its smaller sisters. This one also adds a 2 megapixel front-facing camera for those all-important selfies and video calls.


The XL also has just 768MB of RAM and comes equipped with a 4GB microSD card, though, and should be running the same 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset found in all the aforementioned devices.

The Nokia XL will also come in a colorful range of colors, though they are a bit different from the smaller X devices. The tones are a bit more muted than the others, and the red option is swapped out for orange.

Android on the Nokia X family

Of course, all these devices run Android, though not quite like we’ve seen before. Nokia’s unique home-screen brings a tile-based interface for accessing your favorite apps, contacts and most important information without having to dig too deeply into a settings menu or two. Nokia has also customized the notifications experience to make it more like their “Fastlane” screen from Asha devices.

nokia x home-screen

A big focus will be on Nokia’s own services, with the Finnish company boasting Here Maps for turn-buy-turn navigation and directions, Nokia MixRadio for free music streaming, and Microsoft’s Skype with a free month’s worth of international calls.

Other apps being pre-installed are Plants vs Zombies 2, Viber, BBM and more. Want more than that? You’ll have to settle for what’s in Nokia’s app store, load up another third-party app store or sideload your own APKS — there’s no Google Play Store to be found here, folks.


In fact, Google services as a whole seem to be completely nonexistent on this trio of devices. It’s something we expected ahead of the official announcement, but it’s very real and could be a very big deal for those looking into purchasing one of these.

Pricing and availability

So when? Where? And how much? Thankfully Nokia wasn’t shy on answering most of that. You wouldn’t be wrong in assuming the devices above won’t cost an arm and a leg, with Nokia placing price tags of €89, €99 and €109 for the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL, respectively.

Those prices make it a very appealing option for those in developing markets who might not have hundreds to spend on more powerful hardware.

As for where and when to get it, Nokia says the X is available immediately in Asia Pacific, Europe, india, Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa, while the XL and X+ should arrive at some point in Q2. We’re on the ground in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress looking to get our paws on these things, so stay tuned for our hands-on look right from the show!

android at mwc

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  1. Woohoo! A step in the right direction, Nokia! The way to go!

    1. Too bad it’s a really half assed step.

      1. It is not mean for spoiled brat Americans like you.

  2. What garbage phones

    1. Oh yeah? You’ve used them already?

      1. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. That camera! That ram! That screen! The things dream phones are made of!

        I’m sure 768mb of ram will be perfect for multi-tasking.

        1. Android on Nokia! Sweeeeeeet!

          1. This is like finding out you’re getting a new bike for Christmas….

            You wanted the BMX, but what you got was

      2. I don’t have to drive a Yugo to know it’s junk…;-)

      3. No Google Services + 480p + cameras that are just a step above my old Motorola Krave + a hideous user interface = garbage. But since our definitions of garbage seem to be different, feel free to send me any LED tvs that you have, and I’ll send you some tube tvs in exchange.

        1. I’m glad that people have finally admitted that Android has no value, and that it is not open, and is worthless. Someone ring Amazon and tell them they need to get Google on their Kindle Fires!!!

  3. X = crap phone, X+ = still a pretty crap phone, XL = a slightly less crap phone. On top of the specs that would have been poor 2 years ago you have a crippled Android phone with no Google play store. Google services are one of the things that make Android great, what a mistake Nokia. Unless these things retail at half the price of a Moto G then they are in trouble.

    1. Nokia said they will never do an android version, but here we are. The first ones are obviously not great, but it is a start! Now they just need to bring a flagship phone out and flashable playstore and they could have something.

      1. Have something for whom? People said the same thing about the HTC One and that was a TOTAL disaster. HTC publicly apologized for putting so much attention toward the one. By the way, HTC is the second largest Android vendor and only has 5% of the market.

  4. Bad idea. People will see the interface and think Windows and be unhappy because of the specs. They will hear ‘Android’ and think that the OS is substandard due to the specs. They will have a bad experience with a Nokia device and be disappointed because of the specs. Looks to me like a No Win Situation.

  5. Seem’s like major fail to me, why bother making Android phones if your just going to cut out all the good stuff?

  6. I wanna say that this would be good for developing countries to get into the smart phone market, but it’ll never see an update… I guarantee it.

  7. more pos from ms to make android look bad. no playstore to android is like giving a blind man direction

    1. So, you admit Android is not really worth anything as a platform? Got it.

  8. Why no mention of LTE or no LTE?

    1. It’s a targeted at developing countries, which don’t typically have LTE yet.

      1. As is the Moto G, which is clearly described as non-LTE.

        LTE is a standard now. It’s important to note whether new devices have it or not.

        1. Where is the information that states the Moto G is targeted at developing countries???

  9. yeah cause those shits will not sell well in the U.S

    1. They’re not coming to the US. Ever

  10. The guy looks like he’s in pain in the video, which after seeing these phones, I may understand why…

  11. My 4 years old son has a better phone with better everything and not even him will take a look at those dumb phones.

    1. I hope his English is better than yours.

      1. Yes he does, you mad?

  12. All three are utter crop.

  13. Nokia once made good phones. We do need more competition and if Nokia can make good Android devices at low cost for the developing world that would be cool. Lenovo is not far behind.

  14. Pass, pass and uhh… PASS!

  15. Congratz to Nokia. They have successfully traveled back in time to about 4 years ago!!

  16. Maybe Google will pick up Nokia at the Microsoft Fire Sale.

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