Report: Google Smartwatch to launch at IO 2014 in June, made by LG



According to a knower of things, @evleaks, Google’s long rumored entry into the budding smartwatch market will come at this year’s Google IO in June and will be manufactured by LG.

We haven’t heard much from Google regarding a smartwatch, often leaving tech bloggers and enthusiasts to piece the puzzle together over the past year.  We know that last year Google purchased WIMM, a smartwatch manufacturer, and quietly added the wearable company into the Android fold. We also know that Google has been awarded a patent or two for smartwatches in the past, slowly adding to the intellectual property needed for successful entry into this market.

As for LG as the manufacturer of choice, LG and Google have a good history together, producing televisions with Google TV, the Nexus 4, and the recent Nexus 5. In fact, it was reported a year ago that LG was getting into the Android smartwatch craze, so this little gem should be right up LG’s alley.

Image Source: T3 Concept

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  1. Yes.

  2. I guess this will be the Nexus watch?

  3. Please have a front facing camera. James Bond style

    1. A watch does honestly not need a camera, it’s a watch for christ sake.

      1. You could say the same thing about numerous other features.

      2. Your car doesn’t need cruise control or a radio either.

  4. curved, display needs to be

  5. Google needs to hop off of LG’s d***.

  6. What I want: Affordable ($150 or less), good looks, water resistant, and for the battery to last at least a week. So basically, a more affordable pebble steel without a logo on the front.

  7. If the watch looks anything like that render and performs like it’s Nexus phone counterparts I’m in!

  8. Needs a curved OLED lcd, thin, and the battery needs to last a week or more.

    1. Right? Of all the devices that could benefit from LG’s curviness, a frakking watch would be it!

    2. At least a solar-powered battery… I don’t think I can own a watch that I would have to charge every 6-8 hours…

      1. A solar panel on the back, or maybe the straps, would seem to be a useful feature. I have a Casio that can charge for a month’s worth of use in just a couple of hours of direct sunlight. The Casio is so low energy usage, though, that I can actually charge it while wearing it as long as my sleeves don’t cover it.

        These smartwatches are going to all require more juice, though, so a solar charge means taking it off and setting it in the sun. It kind of defeats the purpose of pervasive computing. A wireless charger that can fast charge or charge overnight might be the only viable solution. A traditional solar panel can already be used to give USB current, so add a Qi charger and you’re even set for camping or earthquake survival, as long as you’ve got enough sun.

        1. On the back? The sun would never see it.

          1. Oh, you’d have to take it off, lay it face-down, and open up the strap. Unless you can get solar panels on the strap, I don’t see any other way to put solar charging into the watch. The back is generally not used for anything else, so it is an open canvas, so to speak.

          2. the strap?

      2. Neither could I for 6-8 hours, but 24 hours or more I can.

    3. A week charge, no problem! …so long as you don’t mind having your radius and/or ulna replaced by a battery implant ;)

  9. Take my money!

  10. Well it’s gonna be hard to do worse than the competition (Galaxy Watch) :p

  11. If it looks like that and is cheap. You sir have made a sale

  12. might be my next toy… it definetly has to look nice though, and of course water proof.

  13. imagine, instead of starting with “watches” they made futuristic looking forearm bands. That would allow manufacturers to work on making things smaller and eventually create more of a watch.

    1. like the “Opsat” in splinter cell chaos theory, hahaha i would def buy one!!

      1. yes exactly. I mean ya it is basically a cell phone strapped to your forearm but i feel a lot of these watches aren’t sleek enough. They need to start with something bigger.
        The concept above looks nice though.

  14. You guys suck at covering news, there’s been a lot of stuff going on at MWC 2014! I keep hoping one day you guys will step it up like the good old days!

    1. Why report news that people actually care about when you can report on rumors and post ugly renders?

  15. waiting patiently for the price drop on google glass.

  16. So they curve a phone that doesnt need to be curved, then dont curve a watch that should be curved.

    1. Let’s hope that photo isn’t representative of the actual device (aside from the nexus label, I hope that is true).

      1. Maybe it’s flexible and the screen bends? O_o

    2. It’s a render of someone’s concept, not the real thing.

  17. i switched from itunes to “play music”…if this is has native support and same features that are comparable or above the galaxy gear i’m buying one

  18. I think June is going to be around the same time Sony releases their Smartwatch 3, so this is going to get interesting if these rumors are true.

  19. Is it water proof?
    I never take my watch off….except for xray or MRI.

    1. Well look no further. I’m sure these don’t have good battery life and you’re going to have to be tethered to an outlet

  20. This I will go for.

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