Google to explore nine new metropolitan areas for Google Fiber expansion

Provo, Utah, Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri aren’t the only two places in America Google’s interested in launching Fiber. The company has revealed plans to explore bringing the high-speed broadband and TV service to nine new metropolitan areas, for a total of 34 new cities in all. The list is as follows:

  • Portland, Oregon
  • San Jose, California
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Google has the full list of cities right here in case you’re wondering if you’re in one of the surrounding areas being thrown into the hat. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can expect to wake up tomorrow and sign up for someone to come to your home and juice you up with all those fiber optics.

google fiber map


Google reminds us that planning and negotiations with the cities take quite a while, as does the actual installation of service. A lot goes into making sure proper infrastructure is built in a way that won’t interrupt the day-to-day lives of those in the area.

Furthermore, we’re also warned that cities on this list doesn’t guarantee a rollout. A lot has to happen between now and the end of the year, when Google expects to know more about which exact cities will be getting the green light. Still, Google says even if a city doesn’t ultimately make it, everyone will have been better off going through the motions.

More than anything, they will have at least been satisfied with the opportunity to get these people to start thinking about how they can upgrade their infrastructure and deliver the type of network that today’s information-driven world demands. You can read about all of the specifics over at the source link.

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  • Mark Wheeler

    We need this in Houston… Comcast needs to have the fire lit under their a**

    • John Andrew Stuart

      I think Comcast is buying our local cable and Internet provider, Time Warner Cable -_-

      • Mark Wheeler

        Oh man i am so sorry… I hope your internet never goes out. mine did last year and it took them 3 weeks to come and fix it because it wasn’t a widespread outage, turns out what happened was someone severed the buried cable about 3 houses down. oh and then they tried to tack $50 on my bill for sending someone out there to fix it. i had to fight my way to a supervisor through tons of foreign employees who barely spoke english.

        they treat you however they want because they know they are the only guy in town really. everything else is either not available in my area or gets like 1 mbps speeds like clear wireless. i think AT&T has a service too but its way overpriced for 6 mbps.

        they lie about their speeds too, I’ve got whats called their ” blast internet ” supposed to get speeds up to 50 mbps. try 16 on a GOOD day. sometimes its 6 or less. but again nothing i can do about it :(

  • Jesse_Knight

    Why is Utah so special?

    • Max

      another company and the local government had already built out a bunch of fiber lines and google bought them out, so google already had a good chunk of the work done for them.

    • John Andrew Stuart


  • ColorblindMonk

    It’d make sense if they’d bring it over to San Antonio and Salt Lake City sooner than the other cities, given their current areas are just next door.

  • Tomato88

    No Washington DC? Come on Google…

    • Max

      notice none of the cities are really old cities with ancient infrastructure and complex legalities. cities like d.c. nyc, philly, are much more complicated is my guess, also d.c. would mean maryland and nova would be the suburban build out so it’d involve 3 different states. the more suburban style cities they chose seem easier.

      • bigmase521

        I was thinking this too. The build out would have to involve the entire DMV (or at least the bigger cities), not just the District. NoVa needs you Google, I hate Cox and Comcast!

  • zim2704

    Now I just wish Google would come to nw Kansas, we already have the fiber infrastructure to all households and businesses. The company that provides services on it is local but got a huge govt. Grant to complete the work so it’s available to lease. They don’t come close to providing what it is capable of because last I checked the highest speed available was 50mb…on fiber to the premise!! It’s pricey also for what they offer.

  • blest

    No Baltimore love?

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Good bye AT&T as soon as Google Fiber launches in Santa Clara, CA. Thank god

  • real0325

    Can( indy ) get some love, dang!

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Damn you Google. How about coming 1 mile further north in KC? All my neighbors will sign up, I promise!

  • renGek

    Dammit, I’m off by one county. I’m renting a garage with a really long cable. :-)

  • DeezNuts4U

    I wish they would come to Los Angeles but it would take forever to run fiber all over this huge land mass that is L.A. county.

  • Anthony McKay

    Google if you are reading this. Bring GFiber to St. Louis right meow!

  • JointhePredacons

    Hopefully NYC is not far off.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    All I can say is, as soon as Google Fiber congress to my town, I am ditching Cox in a heart beat.

  • robjackson81

    So depressed that Baltimore isn’t on the list. Maybe I’ll just sell my house and move lol

  • Eddie Villalobos

    San Antonio, TX say yes please!! :crosses fingers:

    • John Andrew Stuart

      Amen! They’ve been talking about it on the local news. Let’s hope the logistics and Financials pull through.

  • vperl

    The state is run by LEFTIST, Thieves , and other assorted crooks. Cover Oregon was robbed blind, and tolerated. Google will have to pay off a load of these thieves..

    • ScottColbert

      Stop drinking the tea, you’ll be wiser for thinking for yourself.

    • JBrowne1012

      Not a political forum, but really even in a political forum the term leftist sounds dumb.

  • OtisFeelgood

    I wish they’d come to Daytona Beach, FL so we can have more options than Brighthouse and AT&T.

  • steveb944

    I need to move…

  • domahman

    Com’n …bring it to California! All of California!

  • Joey “JoeLinux” Espinosa

    No South Florida or NY? What a tragedy. At least northern Florida gets FiOS speeds. Come on, South Florida!

  • Aaron Sua

    Good luck getting into North Carolina. AT&T and Time Warner have a tremendous strangle hold over our government.

  • Joseph Kool

    Why not Detroit Google? Are you scared? Google’s afraid of Detroit.

    • Max

      Detroit has tons of infrastructure problems, with the population declining, right now it’d be almost impossible to predict what neighborhoods will even exist 5 years, have neighborhoods with huge amounts of foreclosures/abandoned houses, would mean running tons of lines to service relatively few customers. Sadly Detroit has more pressing needs.

  • CGS

    Yay for Salt Lake!

  • rcrow490

    Little trouble with the math there Quentyn?

  • Max

    Looking at the population sizes most of these cities range between 1.8 million and 6million people, a very rough estimate would tell me google will be servicing 30-40 million customers counting these 9 +the original 3. That’s 10% of americans. The top 11 metropolis(including atlanta and san fran (which includes san antonio)) contain ~100million people or 30% of all americans. So my guess is that a lot of it has to do with not overselling themselves, they may already be working on nyc, but the buildout time could be 10 years, and the day they announce NYC (which by itself is almost 30 million people) everyone in every neighborhood in every borough will be complaining they don’t have it yet. provo moving over to salt lake city I think gives you a good road map that san jose could grow to takeover san fran and oakland. Another reason google fiber is amazing, is it increased upload speeds to 1gbps+ as well meaning every business/government/institution site in these cities will now serve everyone else content with 1 less bottleneck. The interesting question I keep having, is I wonder how much backhaul capacity do you need? obviously most people aren’t using 1gbps at most times. Another amazing thing about fiber is the lines can carry even faster speeds with only changes out the ends of the fiber runs…they upgrade seamlessly to 10gbps and even faster for the future.