Google I/O 2014 taking place June 24th – 26th (126 days and counting)



And so the countdown to Google I/O 2014 officially begins. Android lead Sundar Pichai has revealed the official dates the developer conference will begin via this Google+ page. Mark you calendars, everyone: June 25th – 26th in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center.

Pichai mentions that, like previous years, they’ll be live streaming many of the even (as well as the sessions) via the I/O Extended community around the world. We know, it’s hard to get worked up over the event when the vast majority of you aren’t developers and don’t have a shot at attending but wait…

Pichai also mentioned that they’ll be handling registration a bit different this year, opening up the conference to anyone who wants to attend. Google didn’t mention what you will need to qualify, but did says they’d be choosing “randomly selected applicants.”

Say what?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Their new registration process is similar to what NASA does with its “NASA Social” events. Allow folks worldwide (US Only in some instances) to enter and select the participants afterwards.

    Oh, and that’s how I wound up with my current profile pic for Disqus.

  2. Android 4.5? :0

    1. Doubtful

    2. I hope not. Hoping it’ll be like back in 2011 when they only announced the name of the next Android dessert, with the reveal taking place along with the next Nexus.

      Most people are barely getting KitKat, we don’t need everyone freaking out already about a new firmware. :P

  3. Announce the Google Play editions of various manufactures flagships, and the nexus tablets.

  4. Will they innovate past desert names, or just settle for the usual app dumbification?

  5. Google smartwatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Keep us updated on registration. Woo!

  7. chromecast 2 please

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