HTC M8 to be called “The All New One” – will launch in gray, silver, and gold [RUMOR]


HTC M8 concept

We had a feeling HTC would be facing a few legal hurdles if, as rumored, they decided to official name their upcoming HTC One successor as the “One+.” We discovered back in January that “One+” was a trademark already owned by former Oppo exec Pete Lau and his startup smartphone brand OnePlus. In fact, Lau caught onto this rumor pretty quick, publicly declaring on his Google+ page that he was confident about defending his legal rights. Ouch.

Today, @evleaks — who has brought us numerous leaks in the past — tweeted that HTC is now abandoning the One+ name, opting instead for the “The All New One.” Yeah, you heard right. Doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nice, huh? He goes onto to leak the 3 colors the HTC All New One will launch in: grey, silver, and gold.

While we’re pretty excited at the prospect of being able to pick up the HTC All New One in the color of our choice, there’s gotta be something else going on with that name. Not to discount @evleaks’ info, but perhaps HTC is going for a simple HTC One 2014 (similar to what we saw Google do with the Nexus 7 2013).

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  1. Well, it kind of worked for Apple with the “New iPad” aka iPad 4, didn’t it? No? No? Welp…..

  2. how fn stupid

    1. What else would you have expected?

    2. What do you expect.. It’s HTC.

  3. is that … is that the … One? No, it’s the all NEW One… Sigh

    1. I mean, how do people explain the Nexus 7 2013? Or new iPads? I’m just going to call it the One 2.

      1. Should have come up with a completely different naming scheme. Everything they have done so far hasn’t worked.

        1. says who ?

          1. Says their earnings report. Losing money is not a good thing. Most of us would say the One is a better phone than Galaxy S4, yet the S4 outsells the One. Why? Answer that question and fix it and maybe things will pick up for HTC. I have a One, had the Evo lte before that, abd the Evo before that. I love them. But HTCs naming convention is confusing to the average customer who doesn’t read the geek sites. And their marketing is worse.

        2. I think the biggest issue for HTC is that Samsung has so many gimmicky features that sound good in an advertisement but most rarely use.

      2. The “New One” will probably unofficially just be called the One (2014), just like the Nexus 7 (2012/3) is. And when you’re selling it on EBay it’ll alternatively be called the One (2014) or One (2 Gen) or One (Gen 2) etc. Names…

        1. Yea this seems the most logical

        2. I think One 2014 is better than anything they are trying. “One More” “One+” “Another One”

          If you are going with a marketing a number keep it simple or no body will know the newest version.

          Isn’t this the like 6th HTC One something phone anyway?

      3. Oh — the ole One 2, aye?

        Why I oughta …

      4. I have ” the iPad ” and I wondered what they were gonna do when the next generation came out, and they started calling it the iPad 4. and so logically I think everyone calls mine the ” iPad 3 ” unofficially I think htc will learn the same lesson, I hope they survive to make another one next year so we can find out what they call the next one.

    2. “Which new one? What’s the phone called?” That’s what every person who isn’t a techie is going to ask owners of this device.

      1. I love that, actually.

    3. “I don’t have the old One, I have the All new One.”

      Hmm… I may just find myself liking the name.

  4. Why don’t they put an Apple logo on the back of the phone too? Really Gold color?

    1. Samsung had a gold phone too. Gold isn’t a patented Apple color. Tool

      1. Actually, the limited edition gold One predated the gold iphone.

      2. I just find it odd that all of a sudden all of these other companies started doing gold phones all of a sudden. I wouldn’t call it copying but more like ” trend setting ” same as 64 bit, finger print scanner and sapphire displays.

        And don’t lump me in the same group as Stevie. That guy is clearly a troll and a turd burglar

        1. fingerprint scanner? like the 2010 moto atrix ?

          1. Wow way to miss the point of my post altogether. I didn’t say copy if you read the post you would know that. I said ” trend setting ” that 2010 Moto atrix.. How many phones came out with a finger print scanner right after? Ok so apple decides to try it out now look what’s happening it’s called a ” trend ” I never once said apple invented it. But they sure as hell did a good job with it, I had a laptop with finger print scanner around the same time ( 2009 ) and it barely worked.

    2. Next thing we’ll hear is that apple invented the finger print scanner! Never mind the fact that Samsung did the gold color before apple. Oh and Motorola did the finger print scanner before apple did. Check out the atrix!

      1. LG Expo. 2009. I’m sure fingerprint scanners date back even further.

        I don’t know why people think like that…

        But then again, it could be a troll just bored on their bus ride. LoL!!

    3. (Nods in agreement and pukes a little in own mouth).

  5. Should’ve called it the “One Bezel”

    1. One bezel to frustrate them, one bezel to mindfuck them, one bezel to bring them then all and in the dissatisfaction bind them.

  6. I’d went with UNO,or have a naming contest………………..

  7. although its not as good as the fan rendering, this black bar is much smaller than last years. I dont mind it nearly as much as i thought i would.

    1. Agreed, its not very threatening in that image. Im fine with it.

      1. “Threatening”? That word choice, though.

        1. Lol some people react like its somehow threatening. Its a centimeter or less onnthe face of the phone. Its a 5 inch screen above. It doesn’t make the phone that much bigger.

  8. I think The Podcast team came up with the best solution for HTC. They should just name all future iterations of the “One” squared, 3rd power, 4th power, etc…And I believe Joe had even brought out the point that, the number will never change from 1, regardless. I think that HTC should pick up on that and give the Podcast team some credit!

  9. Wow too much ala Apple , htc , too much

    1. What?

  10. All New One is gonna sound pretty awesome (read “NOT awesome”) when it’s a year old. Who’s on first!

    1. All new HTC One… I can see it

    2. What’s on second.

  11. I just wish the EVO name wasn’t owned by Sprint. Not only did I love both of my EVOs but it’s just a cool name, too bad it’s dead.

    1. Agreed that’d be a great name for the flagship line

  12. I called this one out about two years ago when I saw Samsung,LG,and HTC, launching phones with different names..I knew eventually names were gonna run out or perhaps the imagination would cease.. I said that since phones come out every year..they should keep the same name and just identify by year just like cars do…..

  13. They could easily trademark “ONE+” All they would have to do is trademark “HTC ONE+” but honestly One+ is a sucky name. They should call it the HTC TWO or something along those lines.

    1. Not too easy to do when the trademark is already owned as the article indicates.

      1. I guess you can’t read. “One+” is trademarked. “HTC ONE+” is not the same , and can be trademarked as such ,as my original comment indicated.

        1. I can read perfectly fine but using One+ is trademarked. So sticking the brand name in front of it won’t help that.

          1. If the title is trademarked as I suggested there is no problem. If they try to trademark “one+” by itself they’d have a problem. I’m not gonna argue back and forth about this. Transformers does it like this all the time with certain character names because of prior trademarks. Example : the Age of Extinction line. There’s a dinobot named “strafe”. Since the name is trademarked as a prior character Hasbro changed the name to “dinobot strafe” making it legal and fine. HTC can do that as well. After reading all the comments I think HTC 2014 is best.

  14. Meh, they should have stuck with the One+… It wouldn’t be as confusing as “the new One”… Regardless, I’m super stoked for this phone.

  15. There is no way they are calling the model of the phone “The All New One”. Maybe as a marketing thing but not outright; if they do call it that then they have the worst marketing team ever.

    1. I don’t know. They could have hired some of the executives that cancelled Futurama the first time for their marketing team.

  16. It’s probably just one. So it will be nick named HTC One 2014….just like nexus 7.
    I’m down with it if that’s the idea.

  17. How about the HTC One 2?

    1. So twelve then?

      1. Haha, I haven’t heard a joke like that in 8 years. Insightful of you to look at the name they way, too.

    2. So the next one would be the HTC One 2 3? This is something else to think about as well.

  18. Auto manufacturers don’t change the names of their cars every year, neither do TV makers, fridge makers, or even cast iron skillet makers. Only the model number changes.

    I like this move.

    1. I agree with you but One branding isn’t that strong but the problem is that they don’t have the money to rebrand.

      1. Neither was the galaxy brand but samsung stuck with it and look at them now. HTC did the right thing by keeping the One name, they just need to continue to support the brand and hopefully in a few years they will be back to where they once were.

  19. Should have called it “HTC One Mk.2”

    1. Mark two. I like the way you think. That’s the best alternate name for a device I’ve heard about.

    2. Much like the Viper Mk 2 in the best TV show of all time.

  20. It’s a difficult name to succeed as most things like “One Two” or “One Plus” sound stupid and where do you go from there anyway. They need to capitalize on the brand they have build so far with the one so I would think going the same route as the iPod naming convention would be smarter. Call it the One and only that but just note which generation it is. This strengthens the One brand only the people who really care about cutting edge will qualify which generation of the the One that they are holding. Just my two cents.

    1. It’s not difficult, why complicate it? Best is just “One 2014” – it not just distinguishes the generations, it also says how old is it and when was it “the flagship”.

    2. Agree with your point. Call it just HTC One. For any version related information, simply refer to it’s codename – M7 or M8. That actually doesn’t sound too bad either!! Don’t know why they can’t play around with the names they already have.


    1. “One” doesn’t stand for a generation number, it’s a line of products that launched 2y ago and it’s just something different. What evleaks say is bullshit I hope, best would be just “HTC One 2014”. HTC Two is really stupid and I can promise it won’t be the name of the actual product :D

    2. Easy with the caps, dude.

    3. You know, HTC did a horrible marketing job. People actually think ONE is actually meant to be a number.

  22. Apple copy cat. Also I predict Confusion with consuners

    1. No one would be confused. You just ask for the new HTC phone that came out this year. A consumer may ask for the “new one”. =.3

    2. I don’t recall Apple having any products called the “HTC All New One”

    3. Kiwi

      Y u think HTC copying Apple

      1. in the naming a of the device “All New One” is similar to “The New iPad” which is what Apple did. Definitely not copying Apple with design. The HTC one actually reminded me of the Z10 from BB. lol! Imagine If Apple released the iPhone 5s as the iPhone 6 in the HTC One’s body!! The HTC one design was fantastic for last year.

  23. Maybe it’s an internal name and the phone will be called the “one mate”…. One m8

    1. Clever!

  24. Why do people insist on “One Two”? In any case, it’s One Three. Did people forget the 2012 One? (x and s)

    1. The HTC Too would solve this problem instead of one two or two or one plus

    2. I’m pretty sure they want the ONE to be considered a completely different phone then the X and S.

    3. People will probably think HTC can’t count if they name it the One Three. I understand what you mean, but it would be lost on quite a few people.

    4. Because onex was not a one:-D

  25. How about the HTC TOO

  26. HTC One Up.

    1. 6 more and they get a law suit on their hands.

  27. And the next one will be “The next one”.
    The one after that will be “This is the one”
    The one after that will be “Let me be the one”
    The one after that will be “This is the last one”

    1. followed by “Another One”

    2. LOL

      Yet another One!
      Oh God! Not another One!! :P

      1. Can’t tell if those are puns or actual suggest names.

        1. For me, those are suggestions?
          I think the official name should just be one. HTC can give it marketing name like “the all new one”, but the public and the stores will just name it HTC One 2014.
          I doubt HTC will ever use “Oh God! Not another One!!”, but that’s funny.

        2. Those are, of course, puns. The truth is – the naming is horrible. It is the exact opposite of the quality of the phone. The phone is an absolute stunner, be it M7 or M8. But the naming is just horrible. Surely, not HTC One Two, surely not HTC One+…..sounds so dumb. You have a world class phone, keep a name going with the quality of the phone. People do get put off by such dumb names.

          I’d say the code name given for these phones are actually quite nice. I wouldn’t mind calling it M8 – sounds actually terrific.

          Like TheJunkie says (and others around might agree) – HTC One 2013, HTC One 2014, HTC One 2015, is probably the way to go. If you need some “versioning”, you could always call it M7 or M8. That too is great….

          But surely, not “The All New One”.

  28. they need to stick with just “htc one” im not a fan but people are finally starting to recognize the “one” title nothing like “galaxy” or “droids” name recognition but the htc one out now is a stunning phone and people always ask me ab mine and they say oh thats the “one” …they CAN NOT change the name! stick wiith the one from now on or fail ..people are all ab the brand either u have a galaxy or an iphone or a droid ..no one cares about the model# this generation is a bunch of blind sheep everything needs to be kept SIMPLE


    1. It’s supposedly a 13MP shooter, will allow you to focus after the image has already been taken. Also gives you the option of high quality night shots or higher mexapixel count. Also to kinda see behind things, giving you more depth in your photos.

    2. It’s a surprise.

      1. It’s not a horrible device name if you yell “surprise” beforehand.

  30. Well, now that I’m back stateside and I’m not dependent on SD cards any longer, looks like it’s time to skip Sammy. I wanted the One when it came out, but living in Afghanistan, the SD card was pretty much a must.

    1. It’s a 13MP shooter, will allow you to focus after the image has already been taken. Also gives you the option of high quality night shots or higher mexapixel count. Also to kinda see behind things, giving you more depth in your photos.

  31. Thank God the bezel for the htc logo is slimmed down in this one. I’d rather it be gone, but at leasts it’s smaller than in recent leaks. Still have the off centered top speaker grill, and top mounted power button (loved the placement on the MAX) but all in all it’s looking good.

    1. this is fan made…

  32. Really hope that name is wrong. Absolutely hated when the 3rd Gen iPad came out and it was simply called “The New iPad”, makes it hard to search for info and accessories. Was not a big fan of the Nexus 7 naming scheme either, 1st gen was Nexus 7, 2nd gen was Nexus 7 2013 or Nexus 7 FHD, but it seemed like nothing was official becuase people often refer to it as both names. Take 5 minutes and come up with a good name.

  33. That render looks nice, actually. Like REALLY nice.

    1. You gonna ask it out on a date?

      1. Yes. But I don’t know what to say. =.[

        1. It will say yes, but it will cost you $599.99, $649.99 if you’re in Canada lol

        2. ive tried on several occasions to date the phone… it only thinks of me as a friend

      2. ive tried on several occasions to date the phone… it only thinks of me as a friend…

  34. Phone looks decent, I hope the bezel ends up being smaller/thinner overall. I find the HTC One to feel a bit big for 1-handed use.

    Otherwise, Sense is looking cleaned up, almost likable compared to the perfection of stock KitKat. Also, is that a front flash for selfies?

    1. One thing though, please add the “tap Android version” for easter egg on sense. It’s awesome!

  35. Im suprised to not see someone say HTC One squared or HTC One with a little 2 to indicated One squared..

    Me personally I’m still gonna call it M8.. just because its simple..

    1. Having any name like HTC One squared or HTC One Two would lead to a failing product in the long run. Giving that HTC will want to continue to make newer models of the phone each year, ie. 2015, HTC wouldn’t want to lock itself into naming the device HTC One Cubed or some other nonsense. :p

      In my opinion, I think they should name it HTC One for every version they release, but add (2014) or (2015) etc. next to each version to denote what year they released it in.

    2. Calling it M8 somehow feels something like calling water H2O :-p. “2014” suffix would be ok imho, but I’n not sure if someone out there already patented the “naming of products by suffixing it with the year of their release”. Companies nowadays can seem to patent anything they can think of. Thanks to Apple for starting the trend.

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