New HTC M8 details: HTC One+ name, Snapdragon 805, 2,900mAh battery, and software keys [RUMOR]



Yesterday, @evleaks was able to provide us with a short list of preliminary specs for the upcoming HTC One sequel — the HTC M8. Now, according to Mike1986 (a popular ROM developer on XDA who regularly obtains leaked HTC software builds) we now have some additional info on what we can expect from the HTC One followup, including its possible release name.

Going by HTC One+, this could be a clue that this device might be more of an incremental update from the already stellar HTC One, as opposed to a fully redesigned, spec’d out 2K monster. That’s not to say the specs haven’t gotten a nice a bump. The One+ is said to feature the obligatory improved processor, coming equipped with a Snapdragon 805 working alongside speedier DDR3 RAM.

Display size has been increased to 5-inches (hopefully by shrinking the One’s bezels) but in a strange twist, it seems HTC could be doing away with capacitive keys in favor of on-screen software keys. It’s not a “feature” everyone will be too happy about (myself included), but I’m sure we’ll learn to cope.

Addressing criticisms with the original HTC One, the HTC One+ could be this year’s “people’s smartphone”. Not only has HTC increased the battery size to 2,900mAh for added screen-on time, but they may have also equipped the One+ with the oft requested micro SD card slot. We know, that’s kind of a big deal for some of you out there.

Still up in the air is whether or not the HTC One+ will feature the recently rumored dual-lens UltraPixel camera (not for 3D video, thank goodness) for increased dynamic range and improved picture quality. Here’s all the “leaked” specs at a glance:

HTC One+ (HTC M8)

  • 5-inch full HD 1080p display with Gorilla Glass 3
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
  • 2GB LPDDR3
  • 6MP or 8MP “UltraPixel” camera with possible dual-lens
  • 2.1MP front facing camera
  • 2,900mAh battery
  • No capacitive buttons (software)
  • Android KitKat with HTC Sense 6.0
  • Micro-SIM
  • NFC
  • SD card slot

The HTC One+ could be shaping up to be one helluva smartphone for 2014. Given the “+” in the name and not a new number, we’re wondering if the new design wont mirror closely that of the current HTC One (gapless construction, aluminum body, etc.). Don’t forget if HTC once again goes the Google Play edition route, we might have one heck of a Nexus killer on our hands.

[Android Revolution HD]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. If this rumor is true (and I hope it is), this will be in no doubt my next phone :D

    1. Yup. As long as the M8 has the 805 and software keys it will most likely be my next phone.

      1. Same here.

  2. nice specs and battery size + sd card, cross your fingers for a google play edition

  3. hmmmm got me listening…still favor Lg and Moto though!!

  4. That software button rumor is a far stretch, since HTC has never done that yet. However, if it does have it, kudos to HTC for (about to) making a phone that involved the people’s input. If it does have all the listed features above, I’m definitely on-board.

    1. HTC is listening to customers. I hope this is true.

      1. Along with the fast(ish) upgrades compared to other OEM’s, HTC is on the right track… Now if only they can catch a break and make a decent profit…

        1. They’re fast with updates.

          1. Compared to other OEM’s? No doubt.

          2. Moto is fast too. Samsung and LG are too slow.

          3. Meh, not for their Droid lines, but that could be mainly Verizon’s fault. But Moto is 2nd fastest, at least in my books :)

          4. Maybe in the past, but this years Droids seem to be getting updates within a month of the Moto X. I’m sure the similar internals helps with that.

  5. Chris, are you saying you prefer HTC’s capacitive buttons over on-screen software keys? Whatever you prefer is cool with me, but I hope to never go back from software keys.

    1. I love the capacitive buttons.

      1. I prefer them over on screen keys as well. Just like with the LG G2. sure it’s a 5.2 inch screen phone, but some of that space is lost with the on screen buttons. In that particular case, I think capacitive buttons would have worked better. The LG logo works as the home button and to the right and left of it, the other buttons. On screen buttons are just wasted screen space in my opinion.

        I’m surprised to see that this would use the Snapdragon 805 cpu. I thought the new HTC One would come out too soon to use that chip.

      2. Yeah. Boo to on screen buttons.

    2. I don’t like how software keys take away from screen real estate. Maybe I’m weird, but if I could, I’d go back to the days of actual physical click buttons. Eliminates accidental presses when playing games and such :P

      1. With 4.4.2 developers can make it so the software keys disappear when in apps or playing games. Wouldn’t take up space then.

        1. Problem is, not too many developers take advantage of that feature and it’s just not practical in most apps. Cool for video games and media, not so much for everything else.

          1. How is it not practical? If you need the home, or back button, you simply swipe up from the bottom to get the buttons up.

          2. HTC is likely planning on implementing the immersive API system wide like the expanded desktop feature on some custom roms. However, I agree that it’s not practical with software keys. On the HTC one it was great and gave a bit more screen space since the status bar was hidden, and it’s benefited from having capacitive buttons. With software keys though, the navigation keys are hidden as well and it just adds one more action to leave an app. It would be more useful if they added gestures to it.

            My only complaint with htc’s capacitive buttons was the layout and the lack of a function for that huge htc logo.

      2. Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled. :) I see your point and I do like capacitive buttons, but I fell deeply in love with software buttons. I was just a little surprised as I don’t hear too many folks mourning a companies decision (or alleged decision) to swap capacitive for software.

        1. I’m one of the few still mourning the death of the physical keyboard as well. :*(

          1. LOL, I’ll sell you my wife’s Stratosphere for sentimental purposes. It also makes an excellent paperweight.

          2. Asher SwiftKey I can’t imagine using any other phone keyboard, physical or software

      3. I actually use gravity box on my N5 to make them as small as possible
        There so small you can barely see them maximizing screen real estate….. TGIF…peeps stay warm. Brrrrrrrrr..

      4. The only time you need more screen real estate is when you’re watching a video (the keys already disappear for that) and while playing games. And I’ve never bought the argument of accidental presses. Do you accidentally press the capacitive buttons or the bezel while playing games without software keys?

      5. I think manufacturers removed this to cut down on costs versus UI reasons unfortunately. Throw in some physical answer/end call buttons on there too and I’m sold.

      6. Gotta agree with you there, as far as buttons go physical > on-screen > capacitive.

    3. Ditto

    4. I had never had software buttons I came from an HTC one to a nexus 5 and I love the Nexus and the software keys if HTC can come up with them I’d see me replacing the nexus with the new One

  6. These specs are better.

  7. Definitely would sell my LG G2 for this phone 5″ with boom sound = perfect phone for me the bigger battery and improved camera would be icing on the cake. Also I would be glad if Htc went with onscreen nav buttons I like using xposed on my G2 to change the button layout and colors.

  8. Would like to see wireless Qi charging added to this list.

    1. It’s as important as bluetooth once you have owned a phone with it. I have the Nexus 5 and Nokia 1020 and love plopping them down anywhere in my house (and soon, car). It’s the best thing ever.

  9. Make it 3900mAh and we have a deal. No joke, its 2014 we still have to deal with batteries bellow 3000 mAh on flagship devices. It goes to show how Razr Maxx was so ahead of its time with a 3300 mAh battery 2 years ago.

    1. Lol. 2900-3000 mAh will be plenty. The G2 was praised for its battery life and any other upcoming flagship should use it as a reference.

      1. Never thought i would see anyone right on the middle of smartphone era say 5-6 hours screen on is good enough. Because it is not. In my case until I can get at least full 24 hours with heavy usage i won’t be satisfied(not that i think it will happen anytime soon).

  10. I’m still very happy with my GS3, this hardware progression seems to not make much difference anymore, don’t really NEED to update. But that being said, I am tired of Verizon, so when my contact ends this summer, I’m probably switching to T-Mobile and getting a new phone, and this is looking like a very nice option!

    1. I also have the GS3…bought the nexus 4…but gave it my younger bro cause I need that SD slot!!!! contract expires in September… will see if anything sparks my interest…

      1. Try a Meenova I have two for my nexus 5 and nexus 7 and they work flawlessly ……

  11. What about………………….

    1. Exactly, you got nothing lol

  12. Sounds like I’ll be selling my Blue HTC ONE

  13. Front facing dual speakers still???

      1. for Xmas… my cousin came by to my house…she was upstairs and I can hear her watching Rihanna video….went upstairs.. and lord behold…an HTC one with Boomsound!!! had to give My cuzo props on copping the HTC one….but those bezels!!!!

        1. Yeah, after experiencing the G2 and Nexus 5, the bezels on the One really got to me. Here’s to hoping they minimized them. Onscreen nav buttons should help as well.

    1. That the main selling point Bob

  14. SD card slot?!!


    1. Highly unsubstantiated internet rumor. That’s wuuuut.

  15. You had me at MicroSD slot!!

  16. Highly Disappointed , I think HTC really needs to bring the A game the plus reminds of an appleesque move , No Thank you kind of ashame , oh well there will be plenty of other opportunities to fill my android obsession come on LG G3…… lol

    1. Uhhh… what?

    2. Appleeque HTC would’ve taken the same phone and added a finger scanner and the 805, call it a game changer.

      1. I had the One for 6mnths I absolutely loved it, I’ll assume my original comment did t translate to what my brain wanted to say that being said putting a slightly faster processor, a extremely minimal screen change and adding an SD card, did t equate to much of an upgrade, I hope it turns out to be more then that, I’ll be the first one to purchase itit it just seemed to me originally that there was going to be minimal changes that’s where the appleesque word came in…..

        1. I hope not for HTC’s sake, if they release the One as rumored above it’ll be a hit.

  17. I might consider it this time around if it has software keys and a micro SD card slot.

  18. Like most rumors, this sounds too good to be true. Probably because it is.

    This would be darn near the perfect device so color me a little pessimistic.

    1. .3″ bigger screen and 15% more battery capacity and you’d have a world-beater. As it is now, still looks to be a very solid follow-up to the One IF HTC gets it to market well ahead of the GS5.

      1. Disagree. The S5 will just kill the HTC One with specs and if they fix TW with a huge overhaul.

  19. Wow, this is an HTC phone I can get behind. No SD card is a deal breaker so I’m glad to see it will be included with an impressive spec sheet. I don’t upgrade till October, but I might get this still if it doesn’t release too early in the year.

  20. Wish the screen was slightly bigger since they are giving it on-screen keys… but either way, I’m definitely getting this device.

  21. good lord, I hope Mike is accurate with these specs… Me and my HTC Sensation have been through all kinds of wild ish together and I love it, but its about time we part ways…

  22. All these comments and not one discussion about how a dual lens system would work? How would you shoot anything upclose. You can’t put lenses on top of one another and it doesn’t have enough to do a Lytro type system(which is for refocusing not higher dynamic range)

  23. I guess all the people ranting on how unimportant SD card support is, feel a wee bit foolish now.

    About time HTC went back to their old game plan.

    1. Its a nice option, but I’ve converted to the cloud a while back… I don’t even know if I’d pop an SD card in mine. As long as it has 32gbs on board, I’m fine

      1. People like me who live out in rural areas where data is spotty can appreciate expandable storage.

        1. Even in areas with good service and SD card is an advantage. I take the train to and from work and I have content on my SD card.

      2. Even if it had 64 GB, another benefit of having an SD Card is if you have important data on it and the phone dies for no reason, you just plop the card out. If the storage is internal you’re screwed.

  24. Here I come running back to HTC like she’s a bad ex girlfriend

  25. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting from the 2014 One! Bring on the software buttons and hopefully less bezel! The processor and ram are a nice touch, and I’m hoping for a multi color launch.

    1. Agree, I want there to be no bezel’s but in reality the screen could crack easily as it would absorb the pressure from falls.


  26. It’s mine!

  27. It needs to look more like an iPhone

    1. lol… really man?

  28. Please give us 3Gb of RAM, and more mega ultra pixels, longer battery life and we shall be satisfied…

    1. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give me more megapixels because I’m planning on taking that pic I snapped of my pho last week into a wall mural.

      The megapixel arms race is even more absurd than the spec one.

      1. Please…..Try zooming into a 4Mpx image. Great photos from the HTCOne, but some pics might need more definition. I’m certainly no Mpx fiend, but if I can get a few more Upxs then why not?

  29. HTC One …HTC One+

    iPhone 4/5 … 4S/5S

    …is there a little similarity? I THINK SO!!

    1. What? No..

    2. My Thoughts Exactly……..

  30. Most major carries like HTC and Samsung will be following in Apples foot steps, small iterations of phones because they know it works.

    1. This is a pretty significant difference between phones, its not like HTC is taking the M7 and throwing a finger scanner on it and calling it a game changer. This is defiantly a worthy upgrade from the HTC One.

      1. I agree. But my point was that mobile phones will make small cosmetic changes and hardware changes…
        I said that bc some ppl were disappointed that HTC is still keep the basic design element

  31. even 2300mAh on HTC ONE was good enough to last for a day

    n battery backup was better than 2600mAh of SG4,

    so 2900mAh will be very good n HTC will make maximum out of it….

    1. My battery life on my HTC One sucks tbh. I bought an external battery case to back up my battery life on my phone.

      1. I find that to be a pretty amazing claim. My one consistently outlasts the GS4 we have in the house and that’s when we compare onscreen time. The battery saving options really push the limits of the smaller battery without compromising user experience.

        1. I am being dead honest. HTC said my phone’s battery was no issue. I lost like 50% battery from 7:30 pm to 2 am last night and that was with minimal usage excluding an hr phone call, texting, and some FB messaging. I didn’t use a GPS or blast a lot of music for 2 hrs or something. I am too hesitant to ask T-Mobile for another phone: A. Takes too long for one, B. Too expensive to ship if I want to get it back fast as possible, C. I don’t want to go through the unlocking process with T-Mobile again, D. I lost out on my new Tempered Glass screen protector.

    2. I don’t know about that. I can get a day and a half or more out of the S4. Then there’s the added bonus of going from close to zero perfect to 100 perfect in a matter of seconds if you have an extra battery.

    3. wish I could agree with u but for heavy users, the 2300mah battery just isn’t enough. I’m not talking about gaming, just regular surfing web, emails and social media.

  32. Please tell me this is just like the HTC One X+, a slight upgrade to the HTC One X? I really don’t want this to be the M8 if it’s the specs. No point in upgrading from my HTC One anyways. HTC better make the HTC Two with specs aligned with a next gen flagship and not a 2013 flagship.

    1. “No point in upgrading from my HTC One anyways.”

      Even with Jump! and the ilk, I’m betting HTC is aiming this more at the people who still have a One S/One X, not the people with the One.

      1. Yeah, but still, aren’t upgrades meant for customers to feel a need to move on up? Look at Apple, their 5 to 5S got so many people to sell their 5 to upgrade for small upgrades.

        1. upgraded CPU and GPU
          upgraded RAM
          upgraded Display
          upgraded Battery
          Upgraded Design
          Upgraded Camera
          Upgraded Software
          Upgraded Storage

          and this is just from leaked specs– I dont see what else u could improve on

          1. But put yourself in my shoes. I am an HTC One owner. What incentive is it for me to pay $400 extra for this successor? I have a good CPU and GPU that provides a stable experience. My RAM is the same quantity, but not same quality, but still gets the job done. My screen is a great size for me and has a higher PPI since 1080p is the same pixel quality used by HTC. I don’t care about a new Gorilla Glass upgrade. The design is very similar, dual speakers, all-metal body. Camera, big whoop, 2-4 extra MP/UP. Software? I’ll get that via updates. 32 GB of storage is enough for me. So I ask again. What is the incentive for me to upgrade to this HTC One+?

          2. I feel you, if I had the One I most likely wouldnt get the One+… but I got a HTC Sensation, and felt like last year’s One wasnt fully worth upgrading. These leaked specs are pretty much perfect for me.

          3. I understand. The Sensation is a 3 year old phone almost. What made you hold onto for far too long? I got rid of that thing a few months after it got ICS. Why wasn’t the One worth the upgrade from the Sensation?

          4. the Sensation just never let me down to a point where I felt the need to upgrade.

            The One is a great phone, I feel like it was a “next gen” phone, and I knew the next model would improve on its faults.

          5. So I assume you would rather buy a PS4 slim than the og PS4 to avoid faults within the technology? The HTC One had a major issue though: the camera. Everyone had a bad camera. Mine had to get replaced by HTC and it’s still not as good as it should be. It’s fine because I don’t do a lot photography. My phone is mainly to communicate, use email, play basic games, Netflix videos, websearch, and social network.

          6. Sony consoles are different than smartphones, there are dozens and dozens of different model PS3 fats and slims… so u kinda have to wait a while to buy one until they work out all the kinks

          7. > So I assume you would rather buy a PS4 slim than the og PS4 to avoid faults within the technology?

            I learned with the PS1 not to buy release-day Sony hardware. :P

            I think what it really comes down to is this: We only have rumors for the M8, and don’t know anything for sure for at least another week. The specs listed in this article would put it squarely in the flagship range, though maybe not quite as high-specced/bleeding edge as the S5. It will be a great upgrade for anyone using a phone older than the One, and thus a contender against the S5 for most people looking to buy.

            If they can also compete on price (beat the S5 by $50-100), or if the S5 has the lag issues the S4 has making the performance difference irrelevant, then they’ll do very well.

          8. Not worth it to upgrade from the Sensation to the One? Are you kidding me?? I upgraded from a One X because the One design and my personal hands on experience told me I must buy it.

          9. Im not saying the One isnt a dope phone, just that my Sensation was enough to hold me over until a better one came out.

          10. So your problem is that the phone they made last year was too good ? How can they improve on last years model anymore than the leaked specs show. You said so yourself that the One had a great user experience so how much faster can you go than instantaneous ? I get your point, but at the same time outside of the camera and battery life the htc One already is on par with phones that released Q4 of 2013.

          11. Easy. Qualcomm’s CES processor, 3 GB of RAM, 13-16 Ultra Pixel Camera, 2k display, 3300 mAh battery, SD slot, dual wifi, Sense 6.0.

          12. It is already rumored to have qualcomm’s CES processor and sd slot. previous rumors also pointed to a 2k display (but do you really want that?) . That leaves you at 400 more mah and 4 more ultra pixels.

          13. Yes, why not? If they can optimize the stuff to have a good battery life, go for it. HTC hasn’t made a good camera in awhile anyways.

          14. Yeah, lets destroy our battery life on pixels we cant see and destroy our low light performance by adding more megapixels to the camera.
            I would say, READ:
            – it has the lastest qualcomm soc that not a single phone has yet.

            – SD card is include
            – it has sense 6
            – dual wifi doesnt exist..

          15. I was asked how they can improve it from last year’s model. So I did read. Now, you can READ this: http://www.phonearena.com/news/HTC-M8-aka-One-2-gets-its-WiFi-certification-will-sport-fast-dual-band-wireless_id50373

            Nobody knows if Qualcomm is releasing a new CES processor, so you cannot assume anything.

          16. You just want specs for bragging rights. If the One ran great with the 2nd rate cpu of last year, what reason would they have to put the brand new super expensive one they haven’t even announced yet in ? I feel the same about a 2K display. 1080p is amazing on a screen this small why waste processing power on it ? The camera definitely needed improvement but did you really think they would go from 4 UP to 13 ? Ill give you the sd slot, and larger battery but the rest of your expectations seem a little unrealistically high IMO.

          17. Nah, unrealistically high is this: 4GB of RAM, 3.0 GHz processor 64 bit processing power, 4k display, 6000 mAh.

          18. If there is no incentive in your mind to upgrade, then don’t. It’s really really simple.

            Companies are not sitting around saying, “What can we do to get HeatFan786 to upgrade his device?” They build the best device they can, and if it’s for you, you’ll buy it.

            Do you buy a new car every single year? Fu*k no. Why? Because you don’t need one and it would be asinine to do so. And if you did, you wouldn’t complain that they only slightly updated the headlights/stereo/whatever year over year.

            I would say that more than any other product smartphones have better upgrades years over year than any other type of product.

            I’m sorry that a multibillion dollar corporation didn’t cater to you, HeatFan786, specifically, this year. Maybe they’ll read your comment and come to their senses.

          19. Your comment is asinine because the last few years have been dominated by Samsung and they make bigger upgrades than this. This upgrade is like the HTC One X to the One X+. Cars are a totally different subject. There is a huge market to get people to buy the latest and greatest tech. Cars, not so much. You don’t hear a bunch of people lining up at Toyota, Ford, or Honda to get the latest Camry, Fusion, or Civic. You hear about people lining up for iPads, iPhones, Galaxies, Playstations, Xboxes, etc.

          20. S2: 480p display, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera, dual core 1.2 GHz exynos processor, etc.
            S3: 720p display, 2GB of RAM, 8MP camera, dual core 1.5 GHz S4 processor, NFC, etc. New eye scrolling and a bunch of nice software.
            S4: 1080p display, 2 GB of RAM, 13 MP camera, 1.9 GHz S600 processor, IR blaster, more new hands smart actions, etc.
            S5: 2k display, 3 or 4 GB of RAM, 16-21 MP camera, 4.4 Kitkat with new version of TW with even more features, Exynos/Qualcomm processor with at least 2.5-2.7 GHz at the minimum, bigger battery.

            Now that’s a good way to upgrade. I don’t like the mediocre upgrades. I like the Samsung style of upgrading.

          21. You are just a gimmick fanboy

          22. because samsung NEEDS those absurd performance to lagg less. Yes, less, it will still be not smooth.
            Atleast the M7 runs already smooth, has better battery then S4 although it has less capacity.
            Its all about optimalisations, not about pure performance.
            Look at PS3 and xbox360, hardware that is 8 years old, but untill last 3 years it still managed to outclass 800$ computers in visuals.

            I hope one day you’ll understand, hardware is one thing, but the optimalisation of the software on that hardware is crucial.

          23. Are you kidding? For $800, I could get a desktop that runs BF4 at 1080p and 60 FPS and look better than the 360 and PS3. No way. You honestly are not too familiar with PC gaming.

          24. REAAAAAAAAAAD untill 3 years ago.

            and lol for 800 you cant max out bf4 with 60fps, but yeah, it will still look better, thats not my point.

          25. PC has always been #1 for gaming. Nothing will top it since it will always have the latest and greatest components.

          26. yea start a different topic

    2. there are no further improvements to make on current generation flagships. The fastest processor out and a large battery and highest resolution available and fastest ram available and a microsd slot…. not really exactly sure what you would expect them to add.

      1. If Samsung can add extra stuff, so can HTC. The S5 is expected to get 3-4 GB of RAM with a 64 bit processor. How hard is that for HTC to understand. You cannot allow Samsung to play the power trump card. Idk how people don’t understand this at times. 2k display? There are some examples on how to improve a phone.

        1. 64 bit processor is not necessarily an improvement. Just like the exynos 8 core phone last year, odds it won’t make its way in the US version, so just like 2013, you are probably better off with the snapdragon version anyway. S5 will probably have 3gb of ram, you are correct. 2k display was also a rumor for this device earlier, however, i personally might even go as far as to hope it stays at 1080 to extend battery life even further. I dont really notice the difference between 720 n 1080 so i doubt i’ll miss 2k. So yes, in the end S5 will probably have an extra gb of ram over the One+, lets flip the table over n shout cuz htc screwed up again!

  33. Why you do this HTC?

    Rumours are rumours but I’m inclined to believe it as it’s a bit disappointing and they’ve always delivered on disappointing over the last year. Always a few things missing or lacking, if you will.

    I know, people will say “spec race isn’t everything” but if you’re going to tout as a flagship, it needs to show some more gusto. This is going to be release then Samsung is going to turn around in short time and outdo it. I hate Samsung and I just want HTC, Motorola and/or even LG to step it up a bit.

    1. “Spec race isn’t everything”.

      It’s kind of the difference between a GTX780Ti and a GTX690. Yeah, there’s a little bit of a noticeable speed difference, but the price difference means it’s not worth it.

      The One had more expensive components than the S4 (Aluminum casing, extra speaker and all that entails, etc), so they scaled back a little on the CPU. It didn’t hurt performance, only the spec page.

    2. What exactly would you want in this phone?

      1. мʏ ƈօ-աօʀĸɛʀ’ѕ нαʟғ-ѕιѕтɛʀ мαĸɛѕ $81/нօυʀ օɴ тнɛ ʟαքтօք. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ օυт օғ α ʝօв ғօʀ 10 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ ƈнɛƈĸ աαѕ $20277 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ʟαքтօք ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. աнʏ ɴօт тʀʏ тнɛѕɛ օυт fox200&#46com

    3. more gusto? highest resolution available and best processor available and a nice sized battery. They are also adding in a microsd card slot. Not exactly sure what more could be added?

      1. 2K resolution and a bigger screen.

        1. there were also rumors for a 2k screen, but one could argue the phone would be better off with a 1080p over 2k anyways . Screen size on 5+ inch devices is a preference thing not a pro/con bullet.

          1. If the tec exist I would want to have it. Also I would like a 3000+ battery. If it is their flagship phone for 2014 1080p is definitely a mistake. Regardless pro/con i would (and I believe many with me) rate a 1080p screen rather mid range in a 2K flagship world.

          2. that’s your preference and you are entitled to that, but many people are over the spec war and dont want to have tech just for the sake of having tech, they only care if the tech is relevant to their specific usage. I’m actually quite fine with my current 720p, i’m more concerned with screen quality than with screen density (lcd3 vs amoled vs ips, etc.)

          3. Better tech is progress. I’m sure I could sufice with a 800*480 screen and be fairly content if I didn’t knew that better products existed. But they do. I do see your point in that 1080p is probably enough today. But what about tomorrow? I don’t want the tech just for the sake of it. I want it because I like progress and better products, of course they should be tuned on all areas. I love the tech war. The day that die we could all just settle with the same product. Very little need for competition any more… Embrace the future ;p
            Ps. On the other hand I could just buy the LG G3, SGS5 or oppo 7 instead. Ds.
            Ps 2. The specs war will never die.

          4. that wasn’t what i was getting at. I’m not saying specs don’t matter, nor should they not strive to improve, however, i was simply refering to the things that might be able to fall in the category of “meaningless specs.” One example would be someone saying its stupid to go with the snapdragon 805 because its only quad core and not octo-core like the mediatech soc.

            So when i mean not just having tech for the sake of having tech i meant things like focusing on quality instead of just focusing on quantity. Instead of have 10 features/gimmicks/whatever you want to call them that work only 30% of the time, having maybe 3 or 4 features/gimmicks that work 90% of the time.

            So instead of just worrying about the MP count on paper, worrying about the quality of the sensor. Yes 1080p is definitely an impressive step over 480p, however I’m just arguing odds are the move to 2k is far far less noticeable, if noticeable at all. Not i would be mad if the device had 2k but if it didnt i wouldnt call the device doomed from the start. And in either case I’d rather they put their efforts in focusing on improving viewing angles/efficiency and quality.

            Kinda like how there is more to how a car drives then just looking at how much horespower it says in the booklet.

          5. Almost ^word on that. :)

      2. Bigger screen, higher resolution a plus. Battery is decent but something that has been stagnating all around with all vendors. Better camera. The MicroSD slot being “added” is something that shouldn’t have been taken away to begin with; they are simply rectifying a mistake, which I am glad for.

        1. There have been 3 different manufacturers with phones released over the past 6 months that boast 2 days of usage on a single charge. I wouldn’t call that stagnating and this phone on paper positions itself to slide into that category of “beast battery life.” There are also rumors of a 2k screen but is 1080p too pixelated for you? One could argue the phone/battery would be better off staying at 1080. Screen size on 5+ inch phones is purely preference and not a pro/con. Is the galaxy mega better than the note cuz the screen is larger? You don’t know the quality of the camera until photos are taken. MicroSD slot is a nice addition for some (i personally dont care, even when my device had a slot i never changed it out anyway) but you cant take away points for a phone that has something now because the previous generation didnt. Would you not give props to samsung if they made touchwhiz leaner? Or Google props if Nexus 6 gets stellar battery life?

          1. Boasting and actual results vary. Benchmarks are one thing, actual results per user can vary greatly depending on what they do. One thing affects another; it’s very similar to the hardware/software relationship. Often, one will not really improve until the other pushes boundaries. Not too pixelated, no (1080p), but again, complacency never got technology nowhere. If I wanted the same old, I’d get an iPhone.

            About the camera, there is merit to your statement. To say UltraPixel has been a disappoint isn’t necessarily entirely true and I don’t subscribe to the “megapixels is everything” philosophy.

            MicroSD, it is personal preference but the option should be there regardless. For my uses, 16GB and even 32GB are often not enough. And USB OTG is a terrible, battery draining band-aid fix. I never said I was “taking away points” because they are including MicroSD on this version. I said they are rectifying a mistake and I am glad for that.

            As for the whole props thing, I’m not sure where it came up in the discussion but yes, sure?

            Bottom line is this; a flagship phone should embody the latest in technology and specifications, irregardless of whether or not the majority find the phone most suitable to their needs. I mean, it seems like a majority of the opinion hounds on here act like it’s the only phone HTC is allowed to make. As far as I am aware, most phone makers create phones for all levels of users; is it wrong for there to be choice for each one of those types?

          2. I understand what you are saying, it just seems that we disagree on one fundamental point. Where you argue complacency I argue focus your attention on the things that matter. Yes we need to push boundaries, but I just feel we need to push boundaries with a purpose, not just pushing arbitrary boundaries for the sake of pushing arbitrary boundaries. I’m sure they could cram a 4k resolution into a 5 inch screen… however i feel like focusing on getting deeper blacks on SLCD screens, or getting more realistic colors on AMOLED screens, improving viewing angles, and power efficiency on displays is pushing more boundaries than simply adding in a few more pixels. I’m not saying they cant do both at the same time, i’m just saying if they were to achieve all of the above i mentioned… I would hardly call that being complacent.

    4. “Always a few things missing or lacking, if you will.”

      No, I will not.

      Basically you’re saying you wanted them to include technology that hasn’t been invented yet?

      1. Basically I said that? Where? If Samsung has the ability to pull top of the line hardware for their phones, HTC should be able to as well, Exynos aside (international models tend not to have Exynos anyway so it’s moot).

    5. Calm down. Unless there was some huge breakthrough in technology, the next year’s phone won’t be that much of a huge upgrade.

      I don’t know why people expect that.

      1. Not asking for a huge breakthrough (if they manage, all the power to them). And I am calm. Not sure why you would even think I am not calm. I am just stating my opinion. Unless that’s a shtick of yours, to get riled up easy?

        1. Sorry. “Calm down” is just a line I use. LoL!!

      2. not sure why you got downvoted for speaking logic…smh

  34. After reading the comments here, I just don’t understand the bitching, when Samsung went from the SGS3 to the 4 and there were improvements, Note 3 to 4? Nexus 4 to 5? All about a year or so apart from each other. Didn’t see these complaints.

    1. Note 3 to the 4? There is no Note IV yet. Nexus 4 to 5 was a big upgrade. LTE, better resolution screen, better camera, better battery, new software, more memory options, etc.

      1. Sorry Note 2 to 3.

  35. Make a GPe edition and I’m sold. Love my moto x and love my n5 but these specs and battery and HTC unibody mean a very uncompromized phone. I would rather have 4.7″ screen at 1080p with less bezel and smaller overall size with the large battery, but if it at least remains the same size with a 5 inch display and better battery, I would be more than willing to compromise. Make GPe edition available from the start with a reasonable price and I’m sure it will be a huge hit. A quick overall release and good advertising will be key to making this phone a success.

  36. Hail yes!! LoL!!

  37. Glad I didn’t jump on the “One”, I’ll be getting this as my upgrade to the EVO LTE.

    The SD Card & 8-Ultrapixel (I seriously hope it isn’t 6) camera are enough, everything else is icing on the cake.

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    ✔✔✔✔✔ ✔✔✔✔ ✔✔�✔✔✔✔ ✔✔✔✔They are also adding in a microsd card slot. Not exactly sure what more could be added?

  39. Software keys would be really nice. I’ve really loved having them since my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 (2012), and now Nexus 5.

    I know people say they use up screen space, but immersive mode pretty much fixes that when it counts. I hope HTC does this.

    1. It will since it will release with kikkat as well

  40. I’m really not sold that this is going to be the next flagship as much as this is a refresh. I questioned the validity of this being a true new flagship or whether this is going to be an update ala htc one x / +. It is shaping to look a lot like the updated refresh

  41. 600 to 805 alone is more than just a refresh.

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