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There’s no question that with growing privacy concerns and the odd nature of wearing a camera strapped to your face, Google is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to public acceptance of Google Glass. We’ve all heard the term “Glasshole” being thrown around. It’s a phrase used to describe a Glass Explorer who simply doesn’t behave “properly” in social situations.

In typical Google fashion, when users throw down $1,500 to pick up a pear of the advanced Bluetooth device for themselves, Google sets up appointments with new customers, walking them through the necessary steps on setting up and operating Glass — but fails to educate new users on proper Glass etiquette. Because it’s a new technology and subject to public scrutiny, this may have caused some initial backlash with Glass.

But Google is now attempting to set the record straight. They’ve provided a simple “Do’s and Don’t” etiquette guide for new users with the collective wisdom from veteran Glass Explorers. The handy guide was provided on Glass site and deals with everything Glasshole prevention, to how frequently one should play with their Glass (not too much or you’ll go blind). Below, we’ll outline their main points, interjecting our own experiences as well.


Explore the world around you – The whole point of Glass is to augment your life with technology (and Google), rather than staring down at your phone all day. This means you should use Glass to its full potential by engaging in Hangouts, looking up new places to eat, or setting reminders.

Take advantage of the Glass voice commands – In most cases, Glass can be operated completely hands-free. This makes Glass unique from your smartphone or Pebble smartwatch in that your hands are free for doing other things (cooking, taking photos, or having sex).

Ask for permission – When taking photos or videos of strangers, always ask for permission. We know, it’s so much easier to take pics/video without anyone knowing, but because we’re trying to set a good Glass example, you should treat Glass the same as when snapping pics and/or recording video on your DSLR or smartphone. Be courteous.

Use screen lock – Alright, we have to admit we aren’t the biggest fan of lockscreens, but if you want to keep prying eyes from accessing your personal data, or a lost device ending up on Craigslist — lock your Glass. In dire straights, you can always perform a factory reset remotely using the MyGlass app on your phone, or via the web browser.

Be an active and vocal member of the Glass Explorer Community – Glass is a new technology, and believe it or not, many of the new features being added every month were added thanks to a very active and involved Glass Explorer Community. It’s this feedback that will continue to shape Glass, and help mature the wearable into a consumer ready wearable.


Glass-out – Glass was not meant to replace your smartphone, it was meant to free you from it. What this means is you should never “Glass-out” for long periods of time, swiping through you timeline, checking messages, and or browsing Reddit. Get in, get out — that’s the name of the game. This will not only help preserve battery life, but prevent you from looking like a Glass zombie.

Rock Glass while doing high-impact sports – Pretty self explanatory. Glass isn’t indestructible and neither is your face. Also, probably wanna avoid water sports as well.

Wear it and expect to be ignored – Chances are if you own a pair of Google Glass — you’re one of very few in your city. That means when going to the grocery store, mall, or restaurant — prepare to answer questions. Glass is awesome, it’s a new technology, and people are excited about it. We’re sure you were too at first. Google’s tip? Simply explain that Google Glass works in much the same way as a smartphone (camera, maps, email, etc.) but it’s also hands-free. Wear your Google Glass 24/7? Then take it off during situations where you don’t want to be interrupted. Simple as that.

Be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”) – Google asks that as a Glass Explorer, you respect others and are polite about any questions they may have about Glass (I mean, why be a jerk?). Because you could try and explain Glass to someone and them still not “get it,” Google also encourages Explorers to give quick demos to those interested (of course, exercise caution). When in places where call phone cameras aren’t allowed (movie theater, court, girls locker room), the same also applies to Glass. If or when someone asks you to turn off your Google Glass (it’s happened to us a few times), simply turn them off, or wear them on the back of your neck. Seems fair enough.

Finally, here’s Google’s main point and drives home the reason they published this entire list:

“Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers.”

As we’ve seen publicized in the past by a certain Seattle dive bar, movie theater patron, and a Google Glass driver. Anything else you think Google should have added?

TL;DR – Don’t be this guy:

[Google | Image credit: Phillip Montgomery]

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  1. I’ve been asked how it works by all sorts of people, even some oldish lady in her 70s. It’s quite amusing sometimes.

  2. I want those cameras removed.

    1. I’ll make you a tinfoil hat, what’s your address?

    2. Thanks for this great comment. You’ve presented a lot of detailed reasoning. I shall consider your points one by one before forming my opinion.

    3. From what, camcorders, cellphones, traffic cameras, movie cameras? Which cameras do you want removed?

  3. People are a**holes. I can’t believe someone will pin that on google or any other gadget company for that matter.

    I don’t see WC manufacturers having to teach customers to pee inside… But still go to a public bathroom and tell me what you find.

  4. So in short, Google doesn’t want people behaving like iHoles in the early days of smartphones?

  5. How to not be a Glasshole:

    1. Don’t buy them.
    2. That’s pretty much it.

    Admit it, Google; you’ve failed. Nobody wants the dumb things except for Google diehards.

    1. No your comment doesn’t make you sound like a troll or Google hater at all…

      1. I’m actually die hard Google everything and ANDROID enthusiast and I still have zero interest in owning or really even trying Google glass… I’d probably try them if they were reasonably priced (why try something you’d never buy) but even at a lower price point I couldn’t see myself ever purchasing them. They’re pointless as they exist now.

      2. Nah, just someone who lives in the reality based community and can see that Glasses (and whatever new computer that you have to wear) is a complete and utter failure.

        I mean, who wouldn’t want to pay EXTRA for something that can do everything a smartphone does already. Oooooh, I can be lazy and not have to take the extra second to take the phone out of my pocket to check my Twitter. Score.

        1. Now I understand. It’s a failure because YOU don’t want to purchase one. I see no other basis for you to call it a failure. Did Google release sales figures? Did I miss an announcement that google glass development is going to end?

          Your OPINIONS seem to have no basis in reality. You haven’t offered facts or figures to prove to anyone that something so early in it’s life cycle isn’t matching up with expectations. But on the other hand there were quite a number of people willing to pony up the $1500 it takes to be able to buy one. They have also opened up sign ups for the next batch of “explorers” and are even preparing for wider use by releasing videos that teach people how to not be “Glassholes”. If you can prove me wrong about facts or figures please do so. But I’m going to guess you cannot offer any proof?

          1. Nope, it’s a failure because nobody is talking about it, there’s no buzz, and all it’s done is show how insanely creepy and invasive it is.

            Hm, sounds exactly like Bluetooth headsets, huh?

            The only people shelling out $1500 for the things are the Google drones, who would buy anything labelled Google. Of course it’s going to be popular with them…

            Talking to a Googlebot is like talking to a brick wall. Reality is not their strongpoint.

          2. Care to offer anything other than anecdotal opinions masquerading as your “evidence” or do you just want to attempt to insult me by calling me a googlebot? You have no evidence on your side that it is failing. You have your slanted view and you see what you want to backup that view.

            It’s quite humerus that you speak of reality not being my strong suit but as of yet you offer no real points to back your view up just your opinions based upon your perception. But go ahead and keep insulting me because it makes you look so much better. I will keep asking for some facts to back up your opinions. But we both know you won’t offer any up because you can’t.

            Before you call me a googlebot you should also note that I have not stated my actual opinion on Google Glass in this thread.You have no idea if I like it or not and even if I would buy it if I was able. But hey why let those pesky things called facts or truth stand in your way?

        2. I’m sure there were tons of people who felt the same way when the iPhone first came out too. Your line of thinking is pretty much copy/paste on top of theirs – just replace phone with ‘feature phone’ and Glass with iPhone.

  6. But google glass is great for those impromptu upskirts……GLASSHOLE!!

    1. Wouldn’t you need Google shoe for that?

      1. ever had a lady in a skirt sit in front of you and then forget to be careful when moving?

  7. Goolroids, listen up your master has spoken.

    Getting pretty dismal for Google Glass.
    $29.95 bin yet?

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