If Apple made an Android-based iPhone, would you buy it? [POLL]

We often aren’t surprised when something crazy comes out of The Woz’s (Steve Wozniak, former Apple chief) mouth, but his latest suggestion for his old friends back in Cupertino takes the cake. According to an interview with Wired, Wozniak went on record suggesting that Apple should diversify their options and look into creating a phone that runs… Android.


There’s nothing that would keep Apple out of the Android market as a secondary phone market. We could compete very well. People like the precious looks of stylings and manufacturing that we do in our product compared to the other Android offerings. We could play in two arenas at the same time.

I’m guessing Apple’s top brass are happy that he no longer has a functional role in the company. Wozniak makes a good point, though: as much as folks clown Apple for their stagnant innovation and the over-simplicity of iOS, it’s no secret that they craft some of the best credits from a pure design and build quality standpoint.

Take HTC, for instance — the Taiwanese company turned heads with the HTC One’s build quality alone. It’s a fantastic device on other merits, but it was the beauty and durability of that metal chassis that had a ton of consumers falling in love.

We imagine anything Apple would do wouldn’t resemble Android at all. They’d likely fork Android from the publicly available source trunk and modify it to their liking, not unlike what Amazon does for their Kindle Fire tablets.

Apple wouldn’t be the first to do something quite that bizarre. Microsoft-owned Nokia is reportedly planning to announce an Android-based phone either later this month or early March. The situations aren’t totally similar considering Nokia has a history of being platform-agnostic, but their new parent company (and previous statements about never wanting to dabble in the Android arena) makes it all the more noteworthy.

So that brings us to the big question — if Apple were to announce an iPhone that, for whatever reason, ran Android, would you buy it? It doesn’t even have to resemble an iPhone 5S.

Let’s break the rules of quantum physics, the pythagorean theorum, and everything in between for a second and dream. Imagine if Apple brought out a 4.7-inch device (which they’re rumored to be doing with the iPhone 6) that ran a very customized version of Android.

Whether that phone is a true Android experience or something so deformed that you couldn’t even recognize it, would you give Apple a shot? There’s a nice big poll waiting for you below, and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section beyond that!

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  • ehndrew

    yes, no doubt their phones are beautifully designed and crafted

    • maysider

      but Apple is very rotten company, now has just stolen another patent:

      “Apple patents language auto-detection and autocorrect improvements”

      don’t support such the rotten company

  • bigdav1178

    I don’t avoid iPhones because of iOS, I avoid iPhones because they’re made by Apple.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Just say “I hate Apple, period”.

      • Jerel Butler

        I agree just say what you mean

      • bigdav1178

        Actually, it’s more like “I hate Apple, the anti-competitive company”.

      • Unorthodox

        I hate Apple, period! And this started long before iPhones.

    • Darin

      I agree with you there.

    • Bret

      I think Apple products are built well and look fantastic. I just don’t like how Apple behaves as a company. I think iOS is too simplistic, but that’s a personal choice. I support that some people really like that interface. I don’t like that Apple markets things like they invented it and everyone else just copies them. I think Apple is extremely skilled about improving upon things but that doesn’t mean they invented it. I really like the things I can do with Android and I’m happy I gave up our Apple products.

      • No_Nickname90

        You get an award. Give him awards!!

      • bigdav1178

        Agreed; I don’t actually have any problems with their products, but I could never support such an anti-competitive company.

      • Unorthodox

        In simple words – Apple is full of it!

  • WhoaManWtF

    I do not like their small screens.

  • lion7718

    F’n No

  • Phaz0n

    It will never happen but I voted ‘Yes’ anyway. Never hurts to dream.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Definitely. That’s part of the reason i got the Moto X. It feels just perfect, compact and small in my hand just like the iPhone. Not these giant screen phones like the HTC One.

  • Jerel Butler

    No not a fan of the hardware

    • AbbyZFresh

      Not a fan of the hardware? You mean you actually like Samsung’s plastic/fake leather model?

      • Jerel Butler

        I have never even owned a phone with galaxy in the name, I like how sony phones look and how Motorola phones feel

      • Eddie L. Rosado

        So? Are you that materialistic to not buy a phone because it’s made of plastic?

  • Travillion

    Their hardware is nice, but too small and locked down. They have a very different business philosophy that I just couldn’t get behind (i.e., limiting consumer choice). Running Android wouldn’t change that.

  • Max

    I am just saying I have seen way more shattered iphone screens than android screens.

    • egern

      Might be iPhone users obsession with not using cases. I know so many people (granted I’m in finance) that love showing off their iPhone 5S but refuse to use a case because then people might mistake it for a 5 (that’s not the reason they state, but come on). I love the look and feel of my Nexus 5 without a case, but I’m smart enough to know I’m clumsy. I feel like if you’re going Android, which is not as much of a status symbol as iPhone is, then you’re probably going to use a case.

      I live in SF though where about 10 people use Android, maybe I have a warped sense of reality. For the tech capital of the US, there sure are an overwhelming majority of people avoiding technologically advanced devices.

  • Robbie Gerling

    If it had a large enough screen and a lightning connector, then yes I would. Oh and it would need to get updates from Google really fast too

  • Glockreaper

    oh god no..that would be the most locked down idroid phon ever.pretty much defeats every purpose that stands for android. ive owned iphones, wp7/8 and android since the g1. each os have thier purpose lets not mess with law of nature by mixing it up like a mutt with no identity

  • Psykhe

    I like their small screens and I am not buying iPhones because iOS first and Apple second.

    Besides, if Apple ever gets so desperate to bring out an Android phone they will have fallen quite far from their current position. Difficult to dislike them then.

  • Darin

    I will not buy anything produced by Apple.

    • flamencoguy

      Me too. I dislike the company for their low quality patents that they use to stop the competition. The latest is the Autocomplete patent. Wasn’t that invented by someone already on the desktop before it showed up on phones?

  • Darkbotic

    I’m an Android user (Nexus 4 here), however I don’t hate Apple or the iPhone.
    What I really hate is the high price of all Apple devices. They’re too overrated…

    P.S. I also really hate what they do with their stupid “design” patents…

  • housry23

    I think we need more options. How about a “I would have to see it first”

    • harold

      How about I’d die first I wouldn’t put any money in apples pockets

  • egern

    Almost 100% of my beef with iPhones are contained within iOS. If they could make a phone that catered to my needs (5″ screen to start) while maintaining the quality and style that Apple is known for, then yeah I’d consider it.

    Things that would give me pause? Having a phone that looks the same as 50%+ of the population, and timely Android updates. That’s why I’m all Nexus at the moment. I keep getting complaints and questions from family members who loved their GS3 when they bought it a year ago, and now are pissed about the tardiness of KitKat and some JB update that broke bluetooth. My advice? Go back in time and get the Nexus 4 like I suggested.

  • No_Nickname90

    No. And that is because there is no hardware in the iPhone that I want. It’s the same reason I don’t have the S4 or the LG G2. If the HTC One didn’t come out or wasn’t the same phone, I probably would have gotten the Sony Xperia Z1 just because it was water resistant.

    At this point, phones have to differentiate with different hardware. Software is nothing. You can easily get that.

  • Ronnie Ron Weez

    I would only if it ran stock android. I hate android overlays. And I don’t like rooting my phone

  • Chris Pratt

    Only if it came bundled with a PowerBook running Windows.

  • Eddie L. Rosado

    It’s kind of sad how people’s response was “no.” I thought it was iOS that had the problem; not the hardware itself.

    • Chris Pratt

      I agree iOS is the problem, but they’re hardware doesn’t offer anything especially enticing.

      • Eddie L. Rosado

        So… It’s just hardware. It’s the face. I see nothing wrong with the face. If you’re talking about internals, specs are irrelevant. It’s all about optimization, and since Kit Kat is more efficient, the spec war should already be over.

    • No_Nickname90

      Did you read the comments? I’m sure people are posting why they said no. I said because there’s nothing I want with the iPhone.

      It would be considered.

      There aren’t enough options. This question isn’t limited to just yes and no.

      • Eddie L. Rosado

        I sure did. What do you mean “there’s nothing I want with the iPhone?” Hardware is hardware. It’s the software that counts. Software enables experiences.

        • Jarl

          an Android phone with a lightning connector, that needs itunes to sync?
          same kind of monstrosity the normandy will be

          • Eddie L. Rosado

            Oh, well, yeah. That, I can agree with. The proprietary accessories would be pretty lame.

          • Jarl

            oh and of course, no option to install a different launcher, and no widgets, just app icons, no nfc either or micro sdcard slot

          • Eddie L. Rosado

            Yeah, that would be pretty stupid. Alright, point taken.

        • derpsalot

          With hardware dated from the start? With a walled garden that doesn’t allow you access to more software? Apple would not allow the play store. They would force users into an iTunes/amazon style app store where they would lock down outside installs or purchases outside their kingdom. Apple wants all revenue. Its not software enables experience for apple…its apple enables experience.

          • Eddie L. Rosado

            Whatever happened to the “rooting” method? Do you root? I’m not a rooter, so I just want my software to work.

        • No_Nickname90

          Since I’m a rooter, software doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter who comes out with excursive software, I can get it if I want it.

          I can’t add front-facing speakers to the Sony Xperia Z1S or make my HTC One water resistant.

          That’s why I look at Hardware. You can’t add hardware. Unless you’re someone who does tinker with things like that. Then software would matter to you. LoL!!

          I had a friend add a front-facing camera to his GS1. Pretty cool.

          • Eddie L. Rosado

            Ah, well, if that’s what you mean by hardware, then I can see what you mean. I meant hardware as in design and building materials.

    • derpsalot

      Kinda sad you are sticking up for apple and blasting peoples opinions.

      • Eddie L. Rosado

        LMAO!!! “Sticking up for Apple?” If there’s one thing I hardly ever do, it’s “sticking up for Apple.” I’m not “blasting opinions.” I’m “blasting” reasons. Where did I “stick up for Apple?”

  • Don Barron

    If they did build one, it would cost $1200. No thanks.

    • TheJunkie

      I’m pretty sure the iphone 5s cost is about the same as galaxy 4s and htc one, where did you get the $1200?

      • Don Barron

        In my market, the iPhone costs (on average) $250-$300 more than the S4 off contract. If Apple did build an Android device, they’d still want to push their profit margin as high as it is on their iPhone. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as low as it is in the case of Samsung’s margin. We’d pay more and get less, true to Apple’s MO. I’m a former Apple fanboy and even did tech support for them, so I’m not just hating on Apple.

  • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

    AHHH! IT BURNS. Seriously though, I’m all about top notch hardware. If the screen were 4.7-5 inches, sure, if it ran stock Android.

    • ChristianMcC

      I don’t think I could do below a 4.5″ screen again. The price is where it would fail for me, I’m sure.

      • TheJunkie

        Screw you 300 pound+ fatties;)
        Those gigantic things don’t fit in my pocket.

        • derpsalot

          Quit wearing skinny jeans, bieber.

    • derpsalot

      Its not top notch. One release per year and at release time its already behind on specs.

  • DannyB2


    If it ran Android, then Apple’s hardware really isn’t so different than every other. It’s just one more of the many sizes, styles, colors, button placement, feature and price choices made by yet one more manufacturer. And that, manufactured by a Chinese manufacturer that makes other devices, whose major parts (cpu, flash memory, display) come from Samsung.

    Oh, but Apple has the unique non-replaceable battery. And the special “you’re not holding it right” antenna.

    Seriously. If it didn’t run iOS, then nothing positive differentiates it. And I don’t want to support patent trolls. If it runs iOS, then I would not buy it because it is not Android. :-)

    • filaos

      Nothing positive ?
      Being the sole really powerfull device with a great camera, a tough chassis and a bright screen… in a SMALL form factor is enough to me.

      • DannyB2

        Are you saying that Apple’s hardware is the only one with really powerful, great camera, tough chassis and bright screen?

        As for bright screen, I would point out that Apple does not have the AMOLED display which is very bright, does not waste energy on dark pixels like LCD backlighting does. And current displays on Android devices are up to twice the pixel density of the Retina(tm) display — but without anyone bothering to trademark and market the term. (My Nexus 7 tablet has over 320 dpi.) I consider screen one of the WEAK points of an iPhone.

        I also happen to like larger displays. Looking at some models, like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for example, there is a smaller screen version offered (the “active” model) with same guts for people who prefer small form factor. But I like the bigger display on a device like a smartphone. Of course, that is why choice is great instead of one size (or two sizes) fit all.

        How are other brands of flagship Android phones lacking in power compared to Apple. Multi Gigahertz / Multi Core / Multi Gigabyte memory models seem like plenty of power.

        As for nothing positive? I’m sure there is, but I’m not an iPhone user. I don’t see anything particularly compelling about an iPhone. Last year’s Samsung phones track your eyeballs and do not dim the display until you look away. Reading down the screen scrolls the text as your eye gets to the bottom. Movie pauses when you look away. Voice commands. Google Now voice commands. And more, but to me it seems like Apple is the follower. Apple added multi tasking (but poorly) because Android had it. Then Apple added the notification bar pulldown copied from Android. Then Apple added a bigger screen because many Android models had them. And multiple colors seemed like a concession to people wanting to be able to express some choice.

        iOS still does not have anything near the ability to heavily customize your phone like you might do to your PC.

        If I am misinformed, I would be happy to be corrected. Thanks.

        • filaos

          Are you saying that Apple’s hardware is the only one with really powerful, great camera, tough chassis and bright screen?
          – Yes, it obviously is (otherwise cite ONE Android device with the same specs + 112g and 58mm wide)
          As for bright screen, I would point out that Apple does not have the AMOLED display which is very bright, does not waste energy on dark pixels like LCD backlighting does.
          – AMOLED is very good at blacks but NOT bright, and colors are just off
          And current displays on Android devices are up to twice the pixel density of the Retina(tm) display — but without anyone bothering to trademark and market the term. (My Nexus 7 tablet has over 320 dpi.) I consider screen one of the WEAK points of an iPhone.
          – N7 has exactly the sane kind of screen as an iPhone (and it’s as good !)
          I also happen to like larger displays. Looking at some models, like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for example, there is a smaller screen version offered (the “active” model) with same guts for people who prefer small form factor. But I like the bigger display on a device like a smartphone. Of course, that is why choice is great instead of one size (or two sizes) fit all.
          – yes, choice us great. Android devices don’t give you any more choice than ios’s : it’s either large… or large.
          How are other brands of flagship Android phones lacking in power compared to Apple. Multi Gigahertz / Multi Core / Multi Gigabyte memory models seem like plenty of power.
          – a few new high end Android phones have about the same performance as the iPhone 5S (the S800 powered ones). All of them are huge phones
          As for nothing positive? I’m sure there is, but I’m not an iPhone user. I don’t see anything particularly compelling about an iPhone. Last year’s Samsung phones track your eyeballs and do not dim the display until you look away. Reading down the screen scrolls the text as your eye gets to the bottom. Movie pauses when you look away. Voice commands. Google Now voice commands.
          – all VERY gimmicky features nobody actually use.
          And more, but to me it seems like Apple is the follower. Apple added multi tasking (but poorly) because Android had it.
          – no. Apple’s multitasking is great, especially on iOS 7. iOS users don’t need to worry about background apps going crazy.
          Then Apple added the notification bar pulldown copied from Android. Then Apple added a bigger screen because many Android models had them. And multiple colors seemed like a concession to people wanting to be able to express some choice.
          – I give you that one.
          iOS still does not have anything near the ability to heavily customize your phone like you might do to your PC.
          – you can’t customize look and feel BUT all the behavior and services can be set to your liking. Try disabling location for one given app on Android…

          • DannyB2

            There are some points I would still disagree with you about, but it is pointless to argue.

            Some of the distinctions you point out are from iOS itself, which misses the point about an Apple Android phone. I only brought up iOS in pointing out that Apple has moved more to copying than innovating on the software front.

            I’ll give you that Apple’s hardware is great. Running Android, it would be just one more choice among many.

            Your remark that there is Large and Large completely ignores that I pointed out small screen phones — which do exist, even in flagship models, which in pointed out. If you’re talking about small size measurements, I would point out that my first Android phone in 2010 was about the size of an iPhone and much thinner. Since then I can’t think of an Android phone I’ve seen that wasn’t thinner than an iPhone (but I’ll concede that they may exist).

            I’ll give you your arguments about cameras because I’m not so much into phone cameras. But for someone who is, it would be something to consider if Apple made an Android phone. As it is, for someone who is interested in a good camera, there are some to choose from in the large Android world.

            But ultimately, in my original post, I pointed out one thing that is difficult to counter. I don’t want to support Patent Trolls. I was once a longtime loyal card-carrying Apple fanboy (1980’s-1990’s) and longtime Mac developer (Timbuktu and related Farallon products). But now I dislike Apple as much as I ever liked them long ago. They are not the same company. This is a much more complex discussion and I’d be happy to carry it on with you by email if you would like.

  • WORPspeed

    No, screen is too small, updates would probably take ages to get through Apple’s iSkin testing to reach their quality level (which would be good if talking about anything other than a skin, if they did stock, this would be a moot point). I think they’d mess it up on the software side.

    IF they had a GE iPhone…than the screen would still be too small ( and probably waaay to expensive given waht you get for it)

    • TheJunkie

      I like screen big….but they just don’t fit in my pocket.
      Unless you are a women (with a purse) and a man over 300 pounds, how does a 5″ phone fit in your pocket comfortably? Coz HTC ONE and nexus 5 are totally annoying in my pocket…and I’m not exactly a small guy with a small pocket either.

      • WORPspeed

        Don’t wear skintight pants? Get Pants with normal-sized pockets?
        I have a few pants where my N5 is too big to pull out while I am sitting and even when standing it is a hassle to pull it out of my pocket. But also have some pants (slim fit) where the phone sometimes slideout of my pocket when I sit down.

        It fits just fine in most of my pants pockets.

        p.s. in which pocket do you put your phone? Mine always goes in my front right pocket.

  • PuzzledObserver

    Yes I will buy Apple’s Android phone IF: 1) Hardware equivalent to Nexus5 (screen size & quality, CPU GPU RAM). 2) Price equivalent to Nexus5 or lower, which means $350 MAXIMUM, for 32GB internal storage. 3) Bootlocker UNLOCKED 4) Absolutely no Apple craps installed in the phone. 5) standard USB port. 6) 100% compatible Google Play Store. In case you are an Apple manager reading this post, if you wonder how to do such a phone. Please have a look at the Nexus5 or ask LG. Or may be just hire me as hardware and design director.

    • Darkbotic

      Well, you just described a Nexus 5…

    • Misha Bear Lipkin

      Okay you just told apple to make a Nexus phone that’s what it sounds like. Why would someone buy an apple Nexus phone (which would be more expensive if they use their build material), when Google already makes it. I Think if it runs android it will be just an after thought. I think they would skin the hell out of it and have instead of “App store” call it play store.

      • PuzzledObserver

        The question was “If Apple made an Android phone would I buy it”. If Apple wants me to be a customer, then they would better do the phone I described above. Otherwise, nothing forces them to do so. But then they won’t get me as customer. If Google and others already makes good Android phone and Apple wonder if it’s worth to make another Android phone. In that case, why ask the initial question? I just gave Apple some encouragement. That I would give them a chance if they makes a good Android phone.

    • TheJunkie

      You might as well buy a nexus 5. Why would you bother considering android iphone?

      • PuzzledObserver

        Sigh! you guys seem to miss a kind of tongle-in-check I made to Apple. In short, I know pretty much Apple is never going to build an Android phone. I just wanted to make it clear that I want an Android phone with no Apple in it. In other words, Apple is going to have some serious troubles to get into the Android market. At least for customers like myself. I am not going to camp 1 week in line to get a $700 phone. I want a better phone for $350. I cite the Nexus5 in example, just for the Apple people know that such a phone exist.

  • George Fayad

    If it is quality and reasonably priced, sure why not.

  • ArmageddonX

    I voted yes and you want to know why? I think the idea of Android on an iPhone would make more than a few iSheep furious lol… Can you imagine Steve Jobs learning that there is a version of the iPhone that runs Android? lol… Also it would cement that even Apple thinks Android is somewhat better (because it is).

    • tomn1ce

      if you put it that way I would think about it but it has to come with a removable battery and sdcard slot. :-)
      oh and no itunes

      • ArmageddonX

        … and pre-installed with Flash =D lolol

    • TheJunkie

      Just for that reason, we should pray for it to happen……but just for that reason, apple would never go for it.

  • spawnbay

    How bout an apple made Nexus device… That would be something

    • Segroukin

      Yeah, something stupid :/

      • TheJunkie


  • saltyzip

    I wouldn’t give Apple a penny of my money, given how they’ve tried to destroy Android and have publicly snubbed companies that support Android too.

    • themuffinman75

      I hate apple as much as the next person but they are a necessary evil. Competition breeds innovation and I can assure you that if ios was never around, android os probably wouldn’t be were it is today.

      • Patrick Smithopolis

        There’s enough competition among Android manufacturers for innovation. We also have the custom rom crowd to drive innovation.

        • themuffinman75

          True but that doesn’t really count as much because at the end of the day, other than UI differences, they are all basically still running the same thing. Another reason why I wish webOS was still around.

        • TheJunkie

          except none of those competition help us as consumers against google

  • missinglink69

    I hate apple pie, but I love me some kitkat

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    I swore off Apple when they decided to take the litigation over innovation route.

  • Christopher Robert

    Doubt many people would. The article specifically mentions the HTC One as an example of an Android phone with great build quality…the HTC One had minuscule sales compared to the S4. Its not always about build quality. Sometimes its about the screen. Samsung sells tons of phone because of their big beautiful screens, WAY BETTER THAN AN iPhone SCREEN.

    Yes everyone would love to have the great specs and the great build quality, but Samsung has proven with 3 straight models that people will pick specs over build quality all day. And beside anyone who is even halfway trying to get the phone to last is going to put a case on it anyway.

    • TheJunkie

      HTC one doesn’t sell nearly as well as S4 because HTC does nearly no marketing. Apple’s big marketing machine might not be as big as samsung’s, but they can definitely keep up the heat. Samsung’s marketing machine is basically operating on the same principle as dumping. They just want the market share. Apple likely wouldn’t match that, but apple won’t be anything like HTC that’s for sure.

    • malcmilli

      the iPhone display is actually reall really nice. Other phones may be bigger and higher res, but i would challenge you that samsungs displays are “way better.”

      • derpsalot

        Actually its not any better.apple screens are average by today’s standards. Fact.

        • malcmilli

          it doesnt sound like you’ve touched an iphone in quite some time. I dont own one, my girlfriend does (iphone 5) and when i hold it up to my phone i’m like damn this is nice. Would i switch to iphone? No, but i can acknowledge what they are good at. Sure my phone has a larger screen and higher ppi, but there are other important parts to a screen. Kind of like when you see a 42 inch Dynex 1080p dynex in best buy sitting next to a 32 inch 720p Samsung. The picture quality of that samsung will still stand out.

          Now im not calling android displays dynex or anything, but i’m just saying there are other factors besides just size and resolution.

    • Alan Shearer

      For many people samsung is android. I ask them, so you have and android, they say huh? They are not apple sheep, but samsung sheep.

      isheep or s-sheep, your pick :)

  • steelew

    If the iphone 5S were 1 icon row wider and ran kitkat, I’d buy it.

  • rageboardr

    The problem is that Apple devices are wicked expensive for hardware that isn’t special, and seems behind the curve in alot of areas. Honestly the only thing i keep hearing is Metal Chassis, metal chassis, metal chassis. I figure that there is a reason why Apple is nearly the only player using metal. If it was so necessary, everyone would do it. I’ve never understood the want for a heavy metal phone. Most people use a case anyways. Apple just has everyone fooled that plastic is synonymous with cheap.
    Outside of the metal, what is so special about iPhones once you get rid of iOS?

    • TheJunkie

      iphones are pretty much the same price as similar quality android phones. They are wicked expensive, but they aren’t more expensive. If it runs android, why would prices be in question when they are equal?
      And, yes I like the metal skin, but when it comes to metal skin htc one is still prettier than iphone 5s. Unfortunately HTC one mini is nowhere to be found. If iphone runs android in december 2013 and htc one mini was available, my choice would have been htc one mini, but since it didn’t, iphone 5s probably would be my choice.
      So once you get rid of IOS, what’s special would be the presentation.
      I still wonder which one would have more bloatware. If apple puts tons of bloatware on android iphone, it might be a deal breaker. But again, if the said bloatware runs as nice as htc sense, I may not mind.

    • malcmilli

      Metal feels nice in hand and looks nice, and yes many people use cases, but many do not. Iphone’s also have very nice screens and cameras. So would people buy an iphone with a nice screen and a nice camera and nice build quality. I think many would.

      • derpsalot

        Most use cases.. Over 80%. Metal is therefore useless. Screen is no better or worse than premium competitors. Their camera have sucked since 4. Most would not buy it.

        • malcmilli

          80%? sounds like you are pulling arbitrary numbers out of your rear end. Screen is on par with premium competitors correct (iphone 5 screen is much better than my Nexus 4) Their camera sucks? You obviously have bias there. They camera is constantly rated as the best overall camera phone outside of the Nokia pureview that no one has. The iphone 4’s camera was better than my Evo 4G’s. Every new phone camera i get, my girlfriends iphone camera is always better.

          I havent tested out the gs4/note’s camera so i cant speak on that but there are plenty of comparisons online.

          • warren

            Totally unbiased opinion here…i agree 100% with you @malcmilli:disqus . there are so many obvious reasons why Apple hardware + Android OS would be awesome. Anyone who disagrees has probably never owned an iOS device…Im a die hard android fanatic (and developer) but ive never owned an Android device that was anywhere near build quality of an iOS device (camera, screen, etc) all in the same package. to find a true competitor, youd have to combine several existing devices. example: GS4 camera + HTC One chassis + GN3 RAM/processor + LG G2 screen = best android device ever. Until then, Apple hardware FTW (NOT just specs..specs alone do not win the race! IMO, spec wars have tainted the android ecosystem)

    • warren

      I totally agree with you…but i wonder why people keep referencing “an i5s with Android” as an example of something you would or wouldnt buy. Seeing as though the 6 will be a significant spec boost..i doubt that if this became reality they would use hardware from last year to implement such a thing..right?

    • Ronnie Ron Weez

      Inaccurate about heavy and metal. The iPhone is light as hell and feels great. Just way too small. And everyone has an opinion and a preference but I think the majority (even if its only 51%) would say that That metal (iphone and htc one) is far more aesthetically pleasing than plastic

      • rageboardr

        Its lightweight because it is small. If the sizes were equivalent, the metal iPhone is heavy. Weight to surface area ratio. I agree metal is pretty, and a diamond phone is prettier, but at what trade-offs.

  • Jarl

    not gonna happen anyway, so why bother asking?

    • derpsalot

      Slow reporting day and most editors here have junky slow airs and iPads.

  • watson111505

    No but Hell no…I wouldnt buy an Apple product if it was the last bit of technology on Earth.

  • Segroukin


  • KingOliver


  • TheJunkie

    Why not? I like android. I don’t like IOS.
    If the price is right, the quality is there and the presentation is good, absolutely.
    Apple is an evil company, Google is even more evil than apple, samsung probably gives google a run for its evil-ness…..but I really don’t care. They can be as evil as they want, I just want a good device at a good price.

  • David W

    I seriously doubt it. I have owned them in the past, and, although my main issues were based on iOS, I just don’t think there is a need to go back. I’m not hung up on metal build quality and the sort, so that isn’t an issue.

    I know that if Apple adopts an Android OS, they will mutilate it and corrupt it so that “typical” iPhone users can feel at home on it. It will no longer be the true open source ideals that this world has grown in to. I’m just not feeling an Apple App store in place of the play store on an Android device.

    Before you idevice users start jumping on me, the “typical” comment is not directed at you. You have to admit the majority of users are merely sheep. That rings true on all OS.

    Just my thoughts.

  • bitflung

    they make nice devices. i can’t answer the question though, not enough info built into it.
    my biggest gripe with iPhones isn’t the OS but the walled garden around it.

    if Apple made an iPhone running Android with full access to the Play Store and none of this craptastic “your app does something we want to do, so your app is banned” stuff? yeah, i’d consider buying it.

    if they made an iPhone running Android with a walled garden around it and/or tightly monopolized APIs? no. i wouldn’t buy one with someone else’s money.

    A while back I read an article stating that Apple made the best Windows PC. I don’t recall the source (and i’m too lazy to look it up) but overall i think the article had a point: apple’s hardware can be great. their control over it sucks horribly. and their behavior in the industry? patenting aesthetics and suing the crap out of companies that actually invent stuff? makes me want to pay some mafioso to break their non-existant legs (you know, because companies don’t have legs).

  • Major Suave

    I actually voted yes but the answer is much more complicated. It depends on the hardware as well as their implementation. I would not buy an iPhone 5S if it ran Android. I would have to be a new device with a large enough screen.

    and then again, it would have to be vastly superior to other Android offering AND at a competing price. Which I highly doubt.

  • J Cav the Great

    I know I may get down voted a grip…but Apple does have some good hardware…if they release a 4.3 or 4.5 inch screen +KitKat…take my money!!!!

    also it would be nice if a developer could root the iPhone to Run android…that would be BEAST!!!

    I’m talking to you CyanogenMod!!!!!!!

    • derpsalot

      Worse hardware than the premiums it is priced against. Down voted because you are wrong.

      • warren

        I disagree. Maybe NOW, but not always. Example: name ONE Android device that was released the same year as i4 that is still relevant today……………….

        To find a truly comparable android device, you would have to combine several different existing devices…i dont think there is ONE android device with the “total package”. example: GS4 camera + HTC One chassis + GN3 specs = premium. by themselves, they are all missing something….specs like processor and RAM do not win the race alone. IMO, spec wars tainted the Android ecosystem…its just a competition now with no one actually focusing on making a truly great device from top to bottom…like Apple.

        Sorry..and btw Im an Android dev, so no bias here.

      • filaos

        Get your facts dude. Apple hardware is top notch. Don’t get fooled by fancy numbers they feed you.

  • Jeff72

    No, but I might consider if Woz was in charge at Apple.

    • derpsalot

      Why? He hasnt done anything in years. I’m not sure the fascination people have with an aged polar bear that left apple decades ago. Derps

  • Stev J

    I SAID “YES” but really, no. Because Apple couldn’t release an android phone the way they do an iPhone with iOS. The phone would be like the Moto X but with a better camera. Tweaked to the core(s) and a (most likely) smaller screen, but nothing very innovative. They would be just another OEM at that point.
    What makes the iPhone special is the software/hardware marriage. Without that, I doubt Apple could compete, and that isn’t really a bad thing.

  • Ilay Ron

    Now, cuz it will still cost twice the price.

  • derpsalot

    No.,,apple would lock down the experience and you would be forced to use an apple only app store and iTunes for purchases. People need to quit thinking about the dated apple hardware and think how they restrict access to outside stores and vendors for apps and media purchases.

    • warren

      As the author stated, doesnt Amazon do the same with their Kindle series? App Store et all..?

  • timothy

    They could call it an “a”Phone, and release it only in Canada.

    • disqus_7zCKYC2BSD

      HA! clever!

    • warren

      hahaha awesome

  • disqus_7zCKYC2BSD

    If apple builds they will buy it!!

  • CGS

    Ugh. Just no. Apple is so controlling I feel an Android-BASED iPhone would not be a fulfilling Android experience at all. Even if I was wrong, unless they added an inch onto the screen size, no thanks again.

    • CGS

      Even then probably still no.


    screen too small

  • MK2

    If it was a play edition, with a 5 inch screen, 3 megs of ram, and at least 1080p, in a minute. In short, no, because they wouldn’t make it.

  • CerealFTW

    small screens, low end specs(compared to android devices), small screen, low resolution, and the fact it’s made by apple. definite no for me

  • matt

    3 megs of RAM

    • warren

      you do mean GIGS right?

  • steveb944

    Hell no. I don’t like Apple the company, not just its phone/OS. I don’t like that they sue the companies that use my favorite mobile OS, their closed system, old specs, and overpriced hardware.

    Did I miss something?

  • reddragon72


    Apple Sues the same as any other company out there so people that hate the company are hating them for the wrong reasons. You should be hating them for their insistent closed source ecosystem.

    As for an Android product, yes I would buy one.

    Simple reason is they could not close it off. The reason I don’t have an Iphone today is because of that and they keep all the hardware at a “simple” level, but hey that works.

    If Apple and Nokia stepped into the Android ring it would only help escalate Android and draw in more development.

    I’m for Apple stepping into the Android ring.

  • spicymeatball

    Apple ‘Android Product’ = Amazon Kindle fire = Closed System! I don’t like amazon devices because they are exactly like Apple as far as devices go. Their saving grace is they aren’t over priced like Apple devices, but other than that they do the same proprietary nonsense as Apple.

    • spicymeatball

      And that is why we still don’t have an instant prime video player on Android but Apple does and so do Kindle Fires. This kind of crap says exactly which camp Amazon really is in.

      • Dean Politis

        Android does have the Amazon Instant Video. You can find it on the Google Play Store. There is only one caveat. It only works on Google TV.

    • warren

      totally agree…the author even makes the same comparison. for all intents and purposes, Amazon IS the android equivalent to Apple

  • chris_johns

    will the apple logo on the back be being ate by an android?..bc then…..maybe…

  • http://hughisaacs2.googlepages.com/ Hugh Isaacs II

    There needs to be an option that says “Yes, if sideloading is allowed”.

    • phinn

      Since it’s hypothetical of course there would be sideloading. It’s Android and all that comes with it.

  • Jeff Moreira

    I thought IOS7 was already a forked version of Android!

    • uniquename72

      Since iOS 5.x — where they adopted a laundry list of functionality that had long existed on Android — that is certainly the case.

  • Ethan Bailey

    I wouldn’t buy a iPhone running Android, but if apple made an Android phone I’d consider it..

    • Del373

      If they were to make an Android phone they’d likely call it an iPhone anyway. Unless they went with something like MacPhone or unearthed their old Newton brand.

  • Shiny Ramirez

    If apple made the phone pure Android, and did not lock it. (Also removed the hardware home button) Then there is a tiny chance I would get it.

  • chuckles87

    Now why would anyone pay $600 for a midrange android

  • C-Law

    Dat bezel

  • phinn

    If it was going to be updated quickly like the iPhone, Nexus or Moto X and was running pure stock Android with Apple’s hardware and Apple’s local support at all their stores… yea I’d consider getting it.

  • Dan Fryling

    No not ever. I hate Apple.

  • flashfast2000

    You can’t put lipstick on a pig.

  • Ae Tee

    fact is, apple’s hardware quality have always been much better than the rest. but its OS is closed and not to my liking.
    if this comes true… yea, its a possibility, though I’d like to also see removable batteries and external memory. :)

  • http://bit.ly/plusrichard Richard Soper

    Honestly Android is the only reason I dont have an iPhone. The iPhone hardware is great. Sure its missing NFC and it doesnt have the big specs that are considered the norm for Android phones these days, but you really cant deny that the build quality of the iPhone is second to none. The camera quality is undeniably awesome. Especially now with 1080p 120 fps slow motion.

    Once I set up my android home screens my phone tells me what I need to know in 1 or 2 taps if any at all. Widgets are a huge win! Plus having Google Now integrated into the launcher on my nexus 5 makes Now so much more convenient.

    I do think Jony Ive running iOS UX will be a fantastic improvement for iOS. With iOS 7 he had very little time to make it his own, hence the polish but little utility. However I am hoping iOS 8 can give Apple a chance to properly use the term innovation. GIVE ME A REASON TO BUY INTO iOS.

    • danbob999

      You are confusing build quality with look.
      iPhones do not last any longer, they do not survive any better to drops than the average high end Android. Therefore their build quality isn’t better. You might prefer the look, but this is entirely subjective.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Apple is just far too closed minded and would not do Android justice. They would find some new and truly disgusting way of molesting Android and the ideas that it promotes to the point where the Android Community would want or even beg them to stop.

  • mavericksun

    How quickly people forget. If apple wants to close off an android device, they can. Pre-Google Motorola locked the boot loader, there is nothing to prevent apple from doing that. What makes Android work well is the connection to Google services and that’s something apple is not going to give up control to. I’m not in favor of another android app store. All this talk about how much better the hardware quality apple stuff is, is just a load. There are plenty of android hardware out there that is comparable if not better than apple hardware. It’s just that every Android user is not forced to pay for them. I’m not interested in paying more for some “metal” chassis since I am probably going to replace it in a year with something else faster. Android phone from apple holds no value for me. If Nokia produces a phone that is open and is part of the Google ecosystem then I would consider them. Their Symbian phones were good hardware wise.

  • guitarist5122

    I feel like Phandroid is asking something as crazy as, “if hell froze over, would you vacation there?”

    • Shaftway

      Do they have a good halfpipe park on their slopes?

  • wtsamatta

    Maybe if they built a better wrapper for the package…Still doubt it though, I’m so burnt on apple this and apple that…I just think that it’s not all that. Lackluster hardware on a worn and tired package..and their unwillingness to cater to the consumer… My niece (20 y o) has been a big apple fan since she got her first iphone 3. She now has a 5. But something funny happened…she bought a nexus 7 “2013” she loves it…can’t wait for her contract to run out to get a android phone

  • Don_SoLow

    Too small. If they made a 5.5″ or bigger version then maybe

  • godrilla

    lmfao little android phones already exist vs note 3 and other phablets.

  • thatcrazyone

    if you can’t beat em join em right :P

  • akki0920

    Apple’s build with Android flexibility sounds great. A better HTC perhaps :D :P

  • Paul Victor Finch

    They would prob skin it to look like IOS! What would Apple bloatware look like?

  • xdapao3

    Yeah sure why not… As long as it has not a ridiculously small display, it has not an integrated battery (and a small one to boot), it has at least double the RAM, it is not made of fragile metal, it has not a proprietary connector, it has NFC, it has a microSD slot or much more reasonably priced storage options and last but not least its “customized” version of Android is not the usual LIMITED and DUMBED DOWN crap they always offer.

  • Micah Dawson

    I’d hate to see something like this. Forked or not, i’d hate to see Google continuing to be adopted by manufacturers to the point where there is little choice except…Android(Stock), Android(Galaxy), or Android(Forked).

    Apple’s hardware is beautiful and i am not even an IOS fan. But this OS on apple hardware would look like an abomination. I am already hate that Nokia has that ugly low end phone with android.

  • Steve

    Nice thing about tmobile now is I am willing to take more risk when trying a new phone. 6 months isnt that long to be stuck with a phone. Cant decide now on what to get. I have s4- which I dont like as much as I did the s3. Either wait for s5 or Nexus, htc one?

  • jd_from_da_80s

    Never. I’ve noticed most of the people I know with them have cracked or shattered screens. What’s up with that?

  • pr0xidian

    Yes I’ve always wanted a tiny low res screen with only a dual core processor and 1gb of ram.

  • Davil124

    Apples Iphone it is a very solid phone, beautiful inside out so why not. The best of both worlds, Iphone hardware with Android Kitkat. I would check it out

    • Red Colored Glasses

      I prefer my moto x with a wood back (ebony) and edge to edge display…It is only a tiny bit larger than the iphone but has a screen that is almost a full inch larger.

  • InspectorGadget80

    That’s a close vote. and no i won’t buy any APPLE PRODUCTS that continue too sues against android. plus i don’t buy GLASS PHONES with over price products

  • Paul

    Err no. I don’t agree with Apple, who they are and how they pitch themselves.

  • Malcolm Williams

    Frankly I wouldn’t want android to run on iOS. I like android and iOS respectively and each os has their strengths and limitations.

    On the one hand, this would lead to some very cheap devices (sub 50) but apple has always been a premium product. And then there’s the ecosystem.

    I say nay

  • jwinford

    I wouldnt buy it only because it would still be $900 smh

  • YNWA

    Since I only buy phones off contract I would say hell no since all theirs will be $550 and up and $650 for the premium version. I will stick with a Nexus 5 thanks.

  • Fel Pe

    Id buy it. For 50 bucks out of contract.

  • Me

    I have an “open mind” I’d buy it… why not merge the best of both worlds? As long as it’s not on those microscopic, boring, bricks, that Apple has been making, I’d get one.

  • Dave West

    Don’t think it’s possible.

  • Jay Holm

    I can’t believe how even this poll is. Personally, I hold Apple accountable for ruining certain basic fundamental designs of the smartphone, I’m referring to their influence throughout the industry. How HTC, LG, and Motorola have all followed in Apples lead by having non user-accessible batteries, non-expandable memory, and also real/physical keyboards are damn near non existent, all because of Apple’s influence on the market. No matter what anyone says, there is still a market for qwerty keyboards, the market never went away. Manufacturers just refuse to offer any choices other than the same old, same old 5in smartphones.

    • Ian Moffatt

      Don’t forget the handwriting thing. It was one of the main reasons that I moved from an iPhone 4S in favour of a Note 3. My iPad Mini may go the same way. And I have been Apple since 1991. I miss my Newton :-(

  • WAPC1

    I will never buy an apple product as a matter of principle they don’t deserve my money.

  • lannister

    One of the best things about Apple is the tight integration of their software and hardware. I’d be surprised if they made an Android phone, what would be next? A Windows computer? Lol!

    see: etui galaxy note 3 & samsung galaxy s5

  • jpswain

    Woz realizes IOS has reached it economic zenith, if Apple does not embrace Android it’s technological future is limited.

  • wiredflesh

    apple already runs on a modified android os – Cough –