DayFrame 2.0 update adds Chromecast support


DayFrame has been one of our favorite apps since hitting the Google Play Store sometime ago, and now it’s getting even better. We’re up to version 2.0 now, and you can expect to see some big changes in a major version increase.

The biggest by far is new Chromecast support, which will allow you to beam the beautiful DayDream interface from your phone to your TV with ease. While the TV is showing great photos, you can use your device to swipe photos around, zoom in and out, and shuffle the order in which they show.

You can also pull in photos from Dropbox, Facebook, Google+, Flickr Twitter and 500px, so you should have no shortage of great pics to show off. All these Chromecast-specific features are only available in the low-cost Prime upgrade, so think about dropping some coin down if this interests you.

You’ll also need to have the latest Google Play Services upgrade (4.2) in order for this to work with Chromecast, as detailed earlier this week. The cherry atop all this is a newly refreshed user interface.

There’s a video sitting above in case you’re interested in seeing this in action, while the download is sitting in the Google Play Store for free. DayFrame now uses in-app purchases, so be sure to find the option to upgrade to Prime inside if you’re interested.

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  1. Why are all these new Chromecast apps pay-to-use upgrades?

    1. I suspect it has something to do with developers wanting to be compensated for their hard work.

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