KitKat update for Verizon HTC One rolling out now, here’s the changelog [UPDATE]


Verizon HTC One KitKat update

Well, that didn’t take long now, did it? Less than a week after Sprint was the first carrier to release Android 4.4 KitKat for the HTC One, it appears Verizon could be coming in a close second. HTC’s @moversi tweeted the good news not more than a few moments ago, letting One owners know that KitKat has been officially approved by Verizon, and that the OTA would be rolling out shortly.

Verizon HTC One KitKat update changelog

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HTC released the update to carriers back in January, and it’s been undergoing certification before hitting handsets. It’s possible another carrier could swoop in from now until the rollout begins on Verizon, but we think it’s safe to call it in: Verizon is the 2nd carrier in the US to update the HTC One to KitKat. Surprised?

UPDATE: The update is now live, and rolling out to customers across the US. If you’d like to see what’s new, we’ve posted images of the changelog above, or you can view the official PDF for yourself (linked below). Enjoy!

Thanks, Mike!

[Verizon Wireless | Changelog PDF]

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  1. I’m sincerely shocked

    1. IKR!

  2. WTF, I’m officially pissed with ATT right now

    1. should be any day now for ATT and Tmo

  3. This is why I’m staying on their network with my grandfathered unlimited data. At least they’re improving their update cycle.

  4. T-Mobile and AT&T people in charge of getting the update out are really on dope. When Verizon beats you, you have problems.

    1. They’re too busy fighting recently each other on customers to pay attention to their phone updates. Verizon has all the time in the world to do so because they have no competition to worry about at the moment.

      1. If Verizon wants to make more $, they should tap into the $60 prepaid market. I feel like it’s too expensive to get. T-Mobile has a plan in place, but they need to pull out every stop, not just some.

        1. Verizon has $60/mo prepaid…

          …on 3G CDMA EV-DO. Yikes.

          1. Yeah, the market is 4G LTE. They’re in the 2010 market lol.

      2. Idk about that, I now have 4 lines, 10gigs of data, unlimited talk and text for 160, all because of competition, I think cellular wars are good

      3. I don’t know about “no competition” but they’re certainly not going to get caught up in the pettiness of t-mo vs. AT&T.*

        * Also unless John Legere is personally doing all of T-Mobile’s testing, there’s absolutely no correlation between the two.

        1. Maybe he’s the Steve Jobs of T-Mobile. After all, didn’t Steve Jobs create the iPhone.

  5. YES!!!!!

  6. So, who do think will be next? T-Mobile or AT&T?

    Place your bets. Whee!

  7. FWIW I just did a manual update check and it popped up right away. I’m downloading it as we speak. It’s 617 MB, not small but it claims it will be done in 30 minutes or so. In other words, it’s actually rolling out right now. (Verizon customer living in the Boston area in case it’s location specific.)

    1. Awesome, thanks Mike!

    2. I’m in Illinois and it’s almost done downloading here, too.

    3. 617mbs for an update? Wow. CM11 with gapps is less than half that size.

      1. Stock Roms are always huge. The S4’s TW Roms are nearly 1gb. Sense takes up a bit of space as well.

  8. runnin smooth on Kit Kat so far! Well done Verizon and HTC!

  9. uh oh…one day after update and I’m losing connectivity intermittently. The SIM icon shows up in the notification bar with an exclamation point, then it fixes itself. Any other Verizon One folks having this issue?

  10. So far so good here. Loving Kit Kat!!! I’m so glad I got rid of my Note 2 for this phone. It was a great phone don’t get me wrong. But just barely receiving 4.3 on it not to long ago and how many bugs and glitches, I jumped ship right away. Kit Kat is running super smooth and no problems whatsoever. Thanks Verizon and HTC. Even though I hate Verizon with all of my heart lol

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