Moto X in bamboo, ebony, teak, and walnut wood finishes now available on Motomaker

Moto X wood finishes Motomaker

It’s been a long time coming, but those who’ve been putting off ordering a Moto X in hopes of picking one up in one of those all natural wood finish can finally have at it. Announced a few days ago but officially arriving on Motomaker today, the Moto X can be outfitted in retro-premium styled bamboo, ebony, teak, and walnut wood finishes for only an extra $25 on top of the base price.

That’s not a bad deal given bamboo originally debuted at $100 (ouch) back in December, a stark contrast from previous leaks that once suggested a $50 premium. As usual, you still have the option of choosing between white or black Moto X faces, along with 18 different colored accent trims — all for $75 with a 2-year agreement, or $475 (32GB) off-contract. Hit up the link below to start custom fitting yours right now.


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