Moto X’s upcoming wood finish might come with an added cost



So you’re dying to get your hands on the Moto X, but you want to hold off until Motorola finally releases those amazing wood gain back covers we saw back at the unveiling event. And who could blame you, they look pretty damn amazing.

Because they’re made from an organic material and you have to, you know, actually grow wood, it seems the wood finish might come with an added cost. Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo posted some interesting info to his Google+ this afternoon, showing what happens when you dive inside the page source of Motorola’s all new Motomaker site.

Moto X extra cost

Moto X wood finishes price 50

According to the HTML text, some of the options when picking the color (and soon finish) on the back of the Moto X will have a field called “extra cost”. While no price was mentioned, Google Plusser Lasse Olsen also found another string linking current color options to a “cost”of 0, while all the wood finishes — Bamboo, Ebony, Teak, and Rosewood — have “price:50” attached. Does this mean the woodgrain finishes will cost Moto X buyers an extra $50? While nothings for certain, it definitely looks like they’re going to come at some sort of a premium.

That being said, what’s the most you guys would pay to outfit your Moto X with some wood?

Chris Chavez
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  1. this is basically a customizable droid ultra….and customization is limited…..this sux

    1. All I would ask Motorola for is a wood finish, and optional 3,000mAh battery. Then I’d be sold.

      1. Chavez u do not want that ugly mess, I want u to quit the malorcky

      2. I wonder if they’d let you customize it so it had no back. Then the battery would technically be “removable”.


      3. you would ask, but moto wont give…i feel like this is a half-assed feature which will have problems…now i heard that engraving is not available due to quality issues….if you are really trying to bring a company back, do it right. dont spend 500 million on marketing a half/baked product. this product should of launched on all 4 carriers with moto maker all at once with both options for 16 and 32 memory, also they should have included the 12 basic colors that come in the crayola crayons box!!!

        1. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than the box of crayons with the built in sharpener. Please pass the Eggplant and the Fuchsia

      4. I dunno… customizable is nice, but I want the damn thing to be CUSTOMIZABLE! You know, under the hood.

  2. I wonder how much Motorola is paying Phandroid to promote a phone no one cares about.

    1. Lol this comment wins

    2. Maybe you’re chasing specs: WE’RE chasing functionality. The LG G2 beats the X all day in specs… but I bet you’ll be pulling your hair out within 2 weeks because it’s so dysfunctional. The X is all about the user experience, not benchmarks. You’d be surprised, I think, by how many people really care about this phone. I’m one of them.

      1. I stand corrected. One person cares about this phone.

        1. Well, TWO. I’m just beside myself over this phone! :D

        2. there are tons of people who are excited about a phone FINALLY designed around FUNCTION and not numbers… idk why you don’t realize the benefits of such a device but its your loss man… ENJOY YOUR SPEC MONSTER WHATEVER IT IS!

          1. there is nothing my SPEC MONSTER can’t do that this phone can, but there is plenty this phone can’t that my SPEC MONSTER can.

          2. I tried the hands-free, always listening “OK Google Now” trick on my Galaxy Nexus using a 3rd Party app. It drained the extended battery dead within 2 hours… just listening for me. The low-power processor that is always listening on the X is designed to do so – even in standby, even in your pocket – without killing the battery. Most SPEC MONSTERS aren’t designed to do that, and would be a paperweight in a hurry if they tried. Not sure what SPEC MONSTER you have, but I think we can agree that we’re each after two different types of phones. Fortunately, the market is big enough to please us both :)

          3. Ummmmmmmm there’s actually a ton your spec monster can’t do the X can. But you already knew that, you just wanted to pretend otherwise.

          4. Like taking really bad camera photos?

          5. Tons? OK that means 2 really really fat guys

        3. lol

        4. Don’t know if I’ll buy it but I care about it. This phone lays the foundation for Moto Google’s new direction. I think it’s a smart direction since specs are always bound to increase. Functionality on the other hand seems to have been lost in the spec war.

      2. I think you really just want that wood trim. :)

        1. Huh huh… huh huh… he said wood.

          Yeah! Yeah! Wood!

      3. Sounds like you’ve been drinkin the Googl-aid with that royal WE. Not saying the line of logic is entirely incorrect as user experience is quite important, but you’ve added nothing to the thought that couldn’t be found in marketing materials. Like the advertising ate your brain, and turned you into a repeater.

        1. Thank you for your opinion: you’re most certainly entitled to it. I’ve been on Android since the original Motorola Droid’s launch with Eclair… so new enhancements of a device’s functionality are important to me. While advertising a device’s capabilities is certainly important, marketing doesn’t influence me greatly: content and functionality DO. I appreciate killer specs… but without content and functionality, specs are worthless to me. I live in a small rural town and I promise you: there is no one here who would be impressed by a quadrant score. So if you’re accusing me of marketing and guzzling Kool-aid when I’m simply talking about what the phone can do, then I guess everyone who does that is guilty.

          Besides, it seems very difficult to me to accuse someone of having drunk a certain Kool-aid without having sipped at least a bit of an opposing Kool-aid. Just sayin’ *wink*

          Bottom line is: you can get the killer spec’d phone you want with either lousy firmware and function or the one with great function and a ton of bloat eating up the memory: and I can get the phone I want (which happens to be lower spec’d, great function and almost no bloat). And we can all be as techy about it as we individually want :)

          1. Well, I guess my comment wasn’t so much a knock on you as a commendation for the Google ad team. You might not have noticed the thought shift, but I personally doubt if you were walking around with that philosophy before the big G marketing team put it into words. Once again, I’m not saying it’s wrong…I’ve just taken to noting such things. Watching ideas take shape around the internet from origin to current location…it’s a hobby. Anyway, nice chat. have a good day.

  3. people Would really pay extra for that ugly wood grain finish?

    1. How about shark fin leather, with baby seal trim, and bengal tiger accents? $1199 extra.

      1. This. Shout out to the down vote crew as well.

      2. The PC era is over!

        1. Yeah man! And global warming’s a hoax! *highfive*. Back to partying like 1999 :)

          1. But climate change is still occurring! All the latest models predict that in a few months, leaves will change color and fall and that’s why the world will end!!!

    2. You can wear THAT shirt and still call a wood grain phone ugly? (rollseyes)

      1. You know this is a cartoon right? Lol

        1. A very ugly cartoon!

  4. duh….. i’d gladly pay $50 for a bamboo finish though

  5. i’m also wondering what is listed to cost $299.99?

  6. I think charging more for the wood finishes is almost expected. It should be more exclusive so charging a fee will put most people off so they chose a standard colour. Those that really want it will pay and will be happier knowing not many people have it.

    1. That’s not the point, they shouldve let us know that when they announced the option.

      1. Why? Its not like Motorola is your wife and and you just found out she cheated on you.

        Get over yourself.

        1. HAhaha, YES!

  7. How about clear, so I can see its insides.

    1. Oh, so I have YOU to thank for all those crappy watches in the 90’s :D

  8. I will also take functionality over specs, but more importantly I like my phones to be built well. Most of the high specs phones get shattered by a hard look. The quality of Motorola makes Moto X much more attractive than many other models available..

  9. I want it! Take my money!

  10. I expected that it would cost more, actually.

  11. It looks so cool! The extra cost is fine.

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