Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in new Rose Gold will be a Verizon Wireless exclusive


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold Verizon Wireless.jpg

After Samsung introduced new color options of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 back in early December, we weren’t sure which, if any, would be headed stateside. Fast forward to earlier this month where @evleaks had it on good authority the “Rose Gold” Note 3 would be headed to Verizon.

Today, those rumors have officially been confirmed by Samsung who’s announced that the Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 will be offered exclusively at Verizon Wireless. No word on a specific release date or if the Rose Gold will also be offered in black, but just know it shouldn’t be much longer.


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  1. Apple is Samsung’s idol. The ripping off continues!

    1. What does any of this have to with Apple?

    2. Yeah because Crapple invented multiple colours.

    3. Everyone has had gold phones before Apple even made phones.

    4. loser,so Nokia,Motorola,Sagem is Apple’s idol?and your name “stevie”?funny name.

  2. That’s one exclusive that Verizon can keep

  3. Oops I just cracked my screen by accident. Hello Verizon, can I get a rose gold replacement :)

  4. What an original idea.

  5. No news

  6. those MOTHER FUCKERS!

  7. Not enough Verizon logos on it, can’t be sure it’s a Verizon Note 3.

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