Do you hate the new Google+ YouTube comments?


YouTube update with Google Plus comments

Having the biggest video streaming site is no small accomplishment, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. When we heard Google+ comments were being integrated to YouTube, we could only assume people would either love it or hate it. Commenting is one of the most important factors in YouTube, and messing up that part would be catastrophic.

Well, it is all going downhill at YouTube right now. And we have to turn our heads when one of the most popular posts of the month is the announcement that this new commenting system had launched. What happens when we read the comments? We find out people hate it! Literally… it’s hard to find ONE positive opinion in our post’s 700+ comments.

What is so bad about the new Google+ comments?

First and foremost, not everyone wants to use Google+. YouTube has been a giant since its release; it quickly became the largest video community in the world and has been able to keep that title. When companies reach that point it’s very hard for people to migrate, so Google may feel like they have the power to force people to use their services.

Google+ is being pushed very hard by the Search Giant. They want to integrate it with all its services; first with Google Talk, Blogger, Google and others – now with YouTube. And it can be impossible to fully use YouTube without having a linked Google+ account. At the very least, not using Google+ will make life harder for you in the YouTube realms.

Users can’t comment without Google+, YouTube channels and Google+ comments are getting mixed up, setting up the account is getting confusing and there is no way to avoid all of this.

Could Google+ have been good?

GooglePlus banner

I believe things would have been better if Google handled it all with better care. Google+ comments are not so bad in Blogger, for example. The feature is an option, so you can opt out of Google+ comments in there. Also, you can leave comments as a guest. More importantly, Blogger actually benefits from comments being posted to Google+ (if you use it). YouTube getting comments all over Google+ just creates a bunch of noise.

What do you think?

We doubt Google will be taking the Google+ comments off of YouTube. Who knows, though – a huge part of the YouTube community is extremely upset over these changes. We don’t know, though. We wouldn’t hold our breath on it.

With that being said, what do you think about all of this? Do you hate the comments? Do you think Google will somehow fix it? Participate in the poll and sound off your opinions in the comments below? Maybe Google+ comments are here to stay. If that were the case, how do you think Google could improve them to make us all happy?

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  1. I won’t enable Google+ again until it stops trying to take control of Picasa Web Albums. Enabling Google+ severely downgrades the functionality in Picasa Web Albums such as: being able to download albums, viewing Picasa albums with apps for TiVo and similar devices, etc.

    Picasa is far more important to me than being able to join Google+ or being able to comment on YouTube videos. If Google thinks they can lure customers like me to Google+ by forcing its use for YouTube, they are wrong.

    1. You aren’t a customer, you are a user. Did you ever pay Google for the use of YouTube?

      1. Actually, you are incorrect. I AM a customer. I pay for extra space at Picasa. I do not pay for YouTube, but if I convert my account to Google+ simply to be able to comment at YouTube, it will greatly downgrade my Picasa functionality, which I do pay for.

        1. Then you are a Picasa customer, not a YouTube customer. Although I’m confused by your Picasa comment as well because I can download my albums and use Picasa apps on stuff despite having a Google+ account. I haven’t used the TiVo app, but I wouldn’t blame Google for that… TiVo develops its own apps.

          1. I am a Google customer, whether the product I pay for is Picasa or YouTube. When a change to one service has a ripple effect that impedes my usability for the other service, it is most certainly relevant, regardless of which service I am paying for.

            In our experience, Google+ removes the ability to download an entire album from the Picasa Web Album site. TiVo is not the only app that is affected by this. From this customer’s perspective, this is definitely a Google+ problem.

            I will not enable Google+ while it has this ripple effect on the services I value.

          2. https://support.google.com/plus/answer/2710716?hl=en

            How to download an entire album at one time.

            Again, as for the TiVo app… that’s most likely TiVo’s fault.

            What I’m saying is that you never paid Google anything for the use of YouTube. Just because they change something, you don’t have a claim. If you bought a copy of Office 2014, would you be mad because they took down Hotmail and say “but… I paid for that!”? That’s just silly.

          3. We will not use a photo album service that requires joining a social network to maintain privacy on the albums.

            You have your opinion, and I have mine. I don’t know why you are so offended by the fact that Google+ does not meet my needs, unless of course you work for Google. What is ridiculous is that you are taking my family’s unwillingness to enable Google+ so personally. It has absolutely nothing to do with you.

          4. Why would you assume I’m offended. It doesn’t matter to me what services you use, I’ll continue to enjoy what I have. But I do prefer to correct misinformation from being spread around. Such as “you can’t download albums on Google+”

          5. Tell em

          6. Jenn, did you know that you can specify by person who can view a picture or a post. You have quite a bit of control over privacy in google+.

          7. Good luck with these hardheaded people. Id have given up a long time ago.

          8. you’re a customer for sure. Youtube isnt free. You still have to watch those oh so boring commercials before every video.

          9. Adblock+ gets rid of those ads for me to be honest I have never seen a youtube ad

      2. So is the argument “user not customer” is a blanket argument for everything google does? Guess “Don’t be evil” went to “oh screw it.” If they are mining your data, you ARE a customer.

        1. You voluntarily gave them that data, they asked you. If anything, they are your customer.

          1. It is a trade, a barter. I give them access to my information and in return I get use of their programs. What is messed up is changing the terms of the deal after the handshake.

          2. You’re right. We should all be using Google from 1998, because they shouldn’t improve anything… that would be changing the deal after the handshake, correct?

          3. And no, improvement is one thing. Forcing a change in terms of use is another. I am all for improving the search algorithms, improving security, tailoring the experience. But, there are right and wrong ways to do it. Are you paid by google?

          4. So who gets to be the decision maker of what is improvement and what is “changing the terms”?

          5. You both do. At any time you or Google has the right to end the relationship. If it’s considered an improvement by both parties, you get to keep using the product. If either one of you disagrees, you can end the relationship. That simple.

          6. In that case, I suggest that Joshua stop using YouTube.

          7. No but he has a valid point. They have the right to change their product and they have the right to do so in a way that is economically viable for them. In the same token, you have the right to stop using their product. There’s a difference between doing something wrong and doing something you don’t like. And the difference is important.

        2. There’s nothing evil about what they are doing, and to suggest the commenting system is evil, means you have a very screwed up understanding of the word.

          1. From Eric “We are an advertising company.” That is a far cry from “do no evil” which google has not espoused in years. I never said google has gone or is being evil, but it sure as hell has moved away from the idyllic principals it once preached.

          2. In one moment you are saying that they are not being evil but in the very next you are saying they moved away from that principal. That doesn’t make sense. Either they are committing evil deeds and are moving away from their ideals, or they are not. Which is it?

          3. You do know the world is not black and white, but has an array of colors and shades…

          4. Of course I do. Evil itself is a degree of wrong. Evil is at the opposite end of the spectrum of Virtuous. Google espoused to do no evil, but they never said they wouldn’t upset people with business decisions that people may or may not like. Again, saying that Google is moving away form their ideals, is the same as saying they are treading on the evil side of the spectrum, which I really disagree with.

          5. http://www.google.com/publicpolicy/transparency.html


            They do still espouse it. Whether they practice it or not is another conversation.

        3. Why the hell are you all talking about “don’t be evil’/”don’t go against my opinion? If you wanted to be a paladin or a dark knight, join an mmorpg. Sheesh

      3. You realize google makes money with youtube right? They wouldn’t make any money if no one used the site.

        1. How does that make you a customer as opposed to a user?

          1. They are making money off of you. In order to use youtube you are sharing your information and watching advertisements.

          2. Picasa was it’s own entity before Google bought them. Now they have control of your pictures. Now your link enables for a user/customer to download only if you enable Google +. Like she is saying she was an original Picasa customer prior to Google buyout. She basically missed her opportunity to download her on pictures and did not forsee what Google restrictions would be.

    2. Have you given Google+ Photos a chance recently? I initially felt the same way about their migration away from Picasa but they have slowly brought back a lot of the functionality that I used to have in Picasa and have added so many others that are light years ahead of Picasa like Auto Upload and the editing features. BTW, you can download albums in Google+ Photos.

      If you don’t want to use Google+ as a social network that’s fine but I don’t think there’s a better online service for photos right now. If you do choose to use Google+ as a social network then things like shared albums based on events are very well done and you can continue to share via email link or through the social network.

      1. Yes, we looked at it again just a few weeks ago. It still lacks the functionality we chose Picasa for.

        Worse, my mother would have to sign up for Google+ to view our Picasa albums, and that just isn’t going to happen. She has stage 4 cancer, and is under heavy medication. Between the disease and the drugs, she finds it hard to learn new things, and also is unwilling to join any social network. She would be bombarded with well-meaning people if she joined a social network, which would be extremely stressful for her. She enjoys viewing my albums and my sister’s albums at Picasa and finds it easy to navigate. We will not use any album service that will require our Mother to join a social network in order to maintain privacy on the albums. If we eventually have no other choice with Google, then we’ll move to another online album service.

        1. I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s struggles. These little debates about commenting systems and such seem very small in comparison.

          Just like she didn’t need to join Picasa to see albums you share with her via email link she won’t need to join Google+ Photos to see albums that you share with her via email link.

          1. When we’ve tried it in the past, she was not able to see anything without an account.

            Thank you for your kind comments. When anyone has such an illness, changes like this that seem small to many of us are extremely difficult for some others. My mother is a very intelligent woman, and had no issues learning new things before the cancer took hold. Now, the smallest thing seems impossible to her.

          2. You don’t need an account to see photos. They just have to be tagged public.

            Ex: https://plus.google.com/112605653175407958955/posts?partnerid=gplp0

          3. Well, if you have an questions about Google+ Photos or Google+ in general, I’d be happy to help in any way especially if it makes things just a little more pleasant for your mom.

        2. That sucks. I’m sorry about your mother. That being said, Google can’t be expected to accommodate all situations with their services. Hopefully they will improve the service more as time goes on.

        3. G+ is much easier than Picasa Web Albums. Plus it has an automatic photo backup.

  2. I have a gmail account as my main email, so using the same user/password in all of their services makes it easier imo. I don’t use G+ as a social tool but I use it to log everywhere so it suits me.

  3. I don’t comment on Youtube videos, never really saw the reason. Being said, I think its good because it should hopefully make a dent in the trolling that went on in there. A video about a kitten taking a bath would have some racist/homophobic rant as its first comment.

    1. In my experience with new youtube comments, trolling got even worse. High rated trolls/spammers comments stay at the top for good. Just look at some popular music videos.

      1. Obviously I don’t pay close attention but the few I have seen it looks like its all “my cousin made 90/hr with this Nigerian scam” posts. They didn’t seem as bad as they were before.

        I guess the hope is, if they follow through, in the long term it could slow it down by putting the hammer on accounts that get reported. Then people wouldn’t be willing to risk their “everything Google” account just to say something inappropriate.

        1. And to add that comments that say ”click this link to get old youtube comments” that actually take you to a screamer are everywhere and are top upvoted on most videos. I reported many of those comments. And also Google confused me very much by making 2 youtube accounts and 2 google + profiles when I just had one. Really confused by all those changes gooogle is making.

      2. Havent seen that yet, but i doubt it would even come close to being “even worse”. Well they havent phased out the older comments as far as i know.

  4. I’m pretty sure some other folks will say the same. YouTube is freaking FREE. You don’t have to comment. Service integration and single sign-on is a good thing.

  5. it’s a love or hate situation with commenters using their real names. I must have watched hours worth of youtubes but i have never had a sense to leave a comment. I only give a thumbs up or down most of the time

  6. I feel this would help “clean” YouTube up a bit. Everything I watch on YouTube has some belligerent a#!hole just going off in the comment box about some random or hurtful conversation that just makes me irritated about what they do with their damn day if they are doing this all the time. Plus, also the fact of people advertising repeatedly in the comment section, spamming everything up. Making people sign up would make them think twice about saying all that craziness, it won’t fix everything but, it can make a difference.

    1. Exactly you have hate comments and people just dropping F-bombs for no reason. Google+ is the janitor of the comments

    2. Absolutely.

    3. Agreed. The trolls are the only ones complaining. Anonymous trolling was how they get their jollies.

      1. Yeah, everyone loves Google+!

  7. You don’t have to use Google+ for anything other than commenting, so “people don’t want to use Google+” is not really a valid complaint.

    1. How about people that want to keep it separate? People who want to use g+ for G+ and youtube for youtube. If google wants, they should just have a list of notifications to responses, or something like that. Forcing your comments to appear on your feed is asinine.
      If Google are truly going to be shmucks about this, they can at least have youtube be one of your circles so you can make it visible only to yourself.

      1. You really think Google should invest time and money just because some people want to keep it separate? And AFAIK YouTube can work exactly like that, in terms of your circles. That’s one of the whole points of the recent G+ integration!!!

      2. Your comments don’t appear on your Google+ feed unless you mark a checkbox saying that you want them to appear there.

        1. The checkbox for that is on by default, but is a simple click to undo that. People just cant figure simple things out, all they have to do is look, lol.

          1. You’re right. My wording was not very precise.

            I wish they’d leave it unchecked by default. People are very confused and having their comment simultaneously post to Google+ by default probably is a big part of the confusion.

    2. Good point! But now aren’t they running the risk of A TON of bogus accounts being created? Maybe they just want to inflate the Google+ numbers.

      1. …which is pretty much exactly what happened when Facebook started appearing all over a bunch of other sites. People create FB fake ids just for writing rants to newspaper articles. So now Google can fight FB numbers on their own terms. Not sure I see a problem with that.

  8. It’s better, but honestly, I’m most frustrated that I somehow am stuck commenting with my real name and there’s no way to change it back. I can comment perfectly normally with an alias on other accounts, except my main one. That’s super annoying when your videos are uploaded with one username, and then you have to comment with another.

    1. You can change your profile to a channel so you don’t have to use your real name but it has to be something reasonable of course.

      1. I have yet to be prompted to do this, nor is there a setting for it from my end. I’m not connected via G+, so I see my channel name in the top right, but the commenting is forced to be G+.

        1. When you comment you can just untick the box says “post via Google+” so it won’t appear on there.

          1. Right, but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’ll be posting under my real name, rather than the alias that I typically use.

            EDIT: real name, not username.

          2. Hmm I dunno then, when I linked my YT page to G+, it created a “page” rather than a regular profile. Can you try to unlink your regular G+ profile from your YT account?

          3. Nope, it’s not connected at all. Don’t even have a page. I did for about 5 seconds last month, but I undid it immediately.

          4. Okay. So I went looking for this because I prefer my username over my name as well.

            The closest I can find is disconnecting your Google+ account. Odd that you say it isn’t connected, but anyways, you look under:

            1) Go to YouTube.com. On the top right of the screen you should see something; possibly your avatar. Mines is a picture and email.

            2) You click this “picture” and something should drop down. Choose “YouTube Settings”

            3) Under YouTube settings you should be in the “Overview” tab. Tabs are on the left side. Here you’ll see the option to disconnect your Google+ account and go back to the original method.

            However, I think it doesn’t really matter since it seems you need a Google+ account to post. So I guess the problem isn’t being solved.

          5. That’s exactly what I meant. It’s not connected at all. Unfortunately I’m sure this issue could be fixed by changing my name on G+, which I actually use with friends and family. I guess I’ll be using alt accounts to post…

          6. No. The issue can be fixed by allowing a display name of some sort. In your Google account, you can have a display name for your emails. This display name doesn’t have to be the same name assigned to the Google account.

            So Google should allow for a display name in YouTube. Maybe this way I can get NoNickname90, instead of NoNickname9090. I mean who else took that name? I’ve never had a problem before. =.=

            I’m sorry, I’m getting too personal now.

          7. That reminds me of something…

  9. I really like most things Google, but hate everything about Google + It absolutely sucks. Whoever designed that interface should be fired. Lord knows most people would love an alternative to Facebook, but this isn’t it.
    I have to agree with this :http://youtu.be/LTq8TrA3hb4

    1. It’s all opinion.

    2. Interestingly enough, an Apple guy designed the interface. I, for one, don’t mind it to much. It sure as hell is not as intuitive as Facebook, but it allows for a bit more dynamic control of your feed.
      G+ really is becoming more and more some cobbled together experience that google is using to force everybody towards their singularity.

  10. Dislike them for now at least, cant see all the comments, guess i have to change some settingw onthe desktop

    1. Bravo, at least you are attempting to adapt and not just bitching about it and abusing others with your opinions. I salute you sir.

      1. You… you complete me

  11. I actually hate it.
    Its so confusing right now. I wouldnt want every comment i post showing up on my G+ account. So using my Youtube userrname is the answer, and to do that apparently i had to settle for opening a G+ page for my G+ account ?
    Seriously i have no idea whats going on. And im not interested. As much as Youtube has grown and become more “social” in the past few years. Its still not – and wont ever be- a “social network” website .. my opinion .

    1. So following users, clicking like/dislike, having public discussions, and sending private messages doesn’t tick most of the boxes of a social network? Well if there were any left unticked, G+ integration has surely fixed that. EDIT – I missed ‘sharing videos’ of course lol…

  12. I don’t care. Anything to cut down on YouTube comment spam is fine by me. Most comments there leave me wanting to take a shower.

    I was surprised to learn that over 18% of all North American broadband use is for YouTube according to http://www.slashgear.com/netflix-and-youtube-consume-over-50-of-fixed-network-data-in-north-america-11304895/

    All I really care about is that YouTube works great with my Chromecast. :)

    1. LOL! Misread that and thought that they were telling YOU to take a shower! I thought…man this some serious honestly if he is acknowledging that! ;)

      1. LMAO! Ok, have it your way – time for a shower! ROTF!

        1. HAHA! ;)

  13. What people don’t seem to get is two things. First is that people wanted Google to clean up YouTube, and people complained that there weren’t enough people on Google+. So now, there will be more of your friends on Google+, and the comments will be cleaned up. Eventually, it will viable to replace Facebook. And unlike FB, Google is constantly improving G+/

    1. Google has not really added anybody to google. Forcing you to be part of a service in no way realistically increases the amount of active users. It is not attracting people, it is conscripting them.

      1. Requiring people to share their Facebook information to do this or that is any different?

        1. This is about g+, not fb. I am not comfortable with what FB has you do either, since you want to bring that up. I am very careful about what I put into my FB account as well. Being that google scrubs the internet for information, it is a bit harder to remove yourself from their system or even control what it has on you.

          Facebook was started as a networking site. To some degree, it still is. Facebook never said “do no evil” and marketed itself as altruistic. Google was first and foremost, at one point anyways; a search engine. It then wanted to make more money. that is fine. The solution was “well, anybody that uses anything google has to be tied into all things google.” Anybody who does not begin to see a problem with that has a very limited view of basic human instinct.

          1. Isn’t it time people let the “do no evil” thing go? Google is now evil and has been for a while. If you like their services (= YouTube) then you’ll live with that. It won’t be long before you’ll require a G+ account to activate your Android phone – wait and see!

          2. I think blaming Google with the whole “do no evil” thing is getting to be a bit cliche at this point though. Chasing profits is not evil. Making changes to their own system is not evil. Yet every time anyone doesn’t like one of the changes they label it as evil. Seriously, these are such first world problems.

          3. What “instinct” ? To be worried about every little thing that threatens my supposed privacy. There hasnt been privacy since the 1940s. Plus anyone that even ventures onto the internet, sends emails, downloads apps, or posts on a public forum has no viable argument anyways. Go live on a mountain and put on a tin foil hat.

  14. all they really needed to do was get rid of the 500 character limit or at least extend the character limit.

    maybe a bit too ambitious with this move.

    1. Actually all they needed to do was get rid of the abusive morons hiding behind their screens. Perhaps that will be easier now?

  15. Interesting, the reader’s poll at the end of this post shows very different results from the claims at the beginning of this post that almost everyone hates the new commenting system.

    1. Yeah I was surprised. My previous post’s comments show completely the opposite!

      1. I wouldn’t be surprized if google was using bots to try and sway popular opinion with fake collective conscientiousness.

        face it google plus is the worst change the site has done. I tried to avoid google plus for six months straight, if google won’t listen I’m taking my talents to dailymotion.

        1. There is no reason to assume that just because the results don’t correspond with what YOU like that it must be some conspiracy. There are many of us that do use G+ and are happy for the integration.

          1. there are also more people who dislike the changes. yet for some reason these comments get buried while the positive comments (very few) get hundreds of upvotes. it’s sketchy and reeks of corruption.

            these are completely different services, I would be just as pissed off if I had to log into facebook to post.

          2. No the people who dislike this change are just in the minority, as is the case each time Google makes a change but of course they think they’re in the majority.

    2. Yep – it’s showing more than 50% in favor right now.

    3. Haters are always more vocal, they’ll make an effort find discussion threads to vent their anger. Most people will just take change and not go out of their way to express their opinion.

      1. i agree, though we’re getting some pretty vocal supporters here…

  16. “Meanwhile a petition protesting against the Google+ mission-creep has garnered more than 80,000 signatures online.”

    I don’t want to diminish the outrage, because there is a lot of validity to it. But I think in perspective it might not be what a lot of people are hoping it to be. A petition with 80,000 signatures on a site with maybe a billion+ users isn’t likely to make Google want to revert back on anything.

    I think the reality is it will be a lot like Facebook’s switch to timeline…a lot of very very vocal and angry people, a few who close their account, but most adapt and forget about it over time. I’m not saying that’s right nor the best thing, but I just have a feeling a year from now people won’t even remember what the old commenting system was like.

    1. I agree 100%.
      The angriest people are the people who just troll YT anyway. This makes it harder for them to keep doing so.

      1. And thats why theyre upset ! lol

    2. 80,000? Pretty sure each and every Facebook change generated more nastygrams than that. As you said, it’s really not a lot in the grand scheme of things. Google+ and YouTube will live on.

    3. people will adapt but they won’t forget. people are still mad about the changes made with the userpage and the fucked up, confusing, ad ridden homepage

    4. Just like with “Google Play”. I did NOT like that name at all. I wished they would have kept Google Market. Eventually it got stuck to me and I was like “whatever”. Now I’m like, “Yea it’s in the Google PlayStore”. LoL!!

      People are just afraid of change, not what the change is.

  17. I love it.

  18. Honestly, not much has changed. People can make bigger posts and everything is sorted differently. You are given the option of connecting the YouTube account to your current G+ account or making a G+ page specifically for your channel. People can do the latter and then make it as private and closed off as possible. When commenting you have a check box asking if you want to post the comment to G+, leave it unchecked and nothing happens. You even have the option to filter comments by the newest comment first instead of the way Google sorts comments now. You can turn the new system into the old system with a few options that were fairly prominently offered to you when they made the jump.

    I actually like the new system. I don’t comment on videos often so it doesn’t really impact me much. However, I have run into the text limit a few times and now that’s gone, and every once in a while I like to share a video so sharing from my comment makes that process a whole lot easier. I think the biggest problem people are having with the new system (other than the backlash that Google gets every single stinking time they try to change something) is it puts a bit more responsibility on the end user doing the commenting, and that was the goal all along.

  19. Google hasn’t ironed out the bugs yet. Until they do, people will take advantage of them to spam.

    Overall though, while it may be messier (for the short term) than the old version, it’s a lot better system Overall.

    People just need to understand that having a G+ is part of having a Google account, just like having a Gmail address or drive storage is. You don’t hear people bitching that their Hotmail account has cloud storage and Skype now, do you? No, because it’s just part of the package.

    1. I know this may come to you as a shock, but not everyone has Android. That means not everyone has a Google account. That means if you’re using YouTube, you will need to make a Google Account and then go and set up your Google+.

      However, you do make sense. YouTube is now owned by Google. That means it’s a Google service. It shouldn’t come to people as a shock that they’re integrating their gmail. I just think there should have been some type of notice about it. So people can start making an account. Unless there already was. LoL!!

      1. First off, if you’re going to call me an idiot, don’t agree with me. It just makes you look stupid

        Second – and This may come as a shock to you – I never once mentioned, or even insinuated, that Google accounts have anything to do with android. In fact, every iPhone user I know has a Google account, and every android user over the age of 50 I know does not. They have nothing to do with each other.

        Now, about this laughable point you’re trying to make. Do you know when Google bought YouTube? 2006. That’s 7 years ago. anyone who questions it being a part of the Google ecosystem is out of their mind. So what makes anyone, anyone at all, think they would use a separate account for it?

        If I want iTunes, I make an apple account. If I want skydrive I get a Microsoft account. Its not rocket science.

        1. Seriously? I called you an idiot? What are you referring to? My wanna be joke about the Google accounts? If you think I called you an idiot, then you have strict standards on yourself.

          And it doesn’t make me look stupid to point out what I do agree with you on. It would actually make me a more reasonable and mature person. Unless you’d rather me just put some troll post.

          Now your 3rd paragraph really makes no sense. I’m clearly agreeing with what you’re saying and you’re saying that it shouldn’t come to a surprise to that Google is integrating their service. Yet, it sounds as if you believe that I’m all “Wow!! Why do I have to use my Google+ account? So stupid!!” If you think that, then you’ve completely read my post wrong. Which would make no sense even more, since you know I’m agreeing with you on that very point.

          So you now I’m really confused. I don’t know what you’re thinking. Were you trying to troll me? If so, congrats.

  20. The old YouTube comments were heavily abused, and it was hard to trace back the comments to real people. As for Google, why would they want to maintain two different comments systems? Nobody’s forcing anyone to have a Google+ account. You won’t be able to comment without one though – is that the end of your world?

    1. we ARE being forced to use Google Plus for Youtube. I already have a functioning Youtube account. why is this not enough?

      1. Because YouTube is owned by Google and they want to unify their service. If you have an Android phone, then this shouldn’t be a problem anyways, unless you don’t download apps.

        If you have a Google account, then it won’t do you any harm to make a Google+ account. You can say the principle behind the matter sucks. What I mean is I agree with you that it sucks you have to make another account when you already had your stuff all nice. However, to actually make that account requires no time at all. Especially if you already have a Google account and an Android phone.

        If you have an Android phone, then you should be saying “I’m mad I had to take those 5 minutes out my life just to be able to comment on YouTube. *First World Problems*” LoL!!

  21. 99% of all youtube comments suck so this is not a big deal for me.

    1. This.

    2. Yeah but now they’re worse.

    3. Well now 99.99% of all youtube comments suck. Spam is at an all time high now with unlimited characters and being able to post links. Anonymity? If people are gonna be douche bags in the comment section, they’re gonna do it with or without a mask.

  22. I stopped making videos along time ago when they changed the format too many times. They wanted user videos to be in the background and it got more difficult to use.

  23. I hate so much the way Google is trying to push Google+ that I completely deleted my Google+ profile. It’s a problem for me, not because of YouTube, but because of Google Play: I cannot leave reviews anymore, because there Google+ profile is also mandatory. A pity, but yet one more reason not to have a Google+ account. That and the way Google has cooperated with the NSA…… enough.
    Google downgraded severely Google Maps trying to make it mostly a way of selling stuff. Crappy service now. Google is being soooo Micro$oft and soooo Apple…. Sad.

    1. I just don’t get the “you made me make a G+ profile” hatred? Who cares? You realize that with appropriate security settings on, its pretty much identical to a disqus account? It’ll help run out the trolls and completely useless, derogatory comments. Funny how a touch of accountability comes to the internet and everyone is up in arms.

      1. mmark27, agree with you completely. But, I’m pretty sure that Sussycadillac is not her ‘real’ name. Then again, you don’t have to create a ‘read’ google+ profile either.

        1. exactly.

      2. Agreed, as long as G+ allows you to completely control your privacy levels I don’t mind. I actually very much prefer G+ over any other social network right now even if it is not the most popular.

      3. I absolutely hate it when a website does things to my account without my knowledge and say-so, it’s a violation of privacy to me.

    2. I love all you people that think that spying and the NSA are only recent things. The govt has been constantly spying on its own citizens, foreign nationals, our allies, and our “enemies” since the 1940s. You think not having a Google+ really matters. You better go live in a cave or on top of a mountain, thats the only way you will avoid surveillance and spying. Google Maps is more advanced than ever, you think its downgraded because you haven figured it out yet and youre frustrated, so you think its downgraded.

    3. I like the way you have to have g+ s to leave comments for reviews in the play store.

  24. It’s an eyesore and it looks confusing and messy, It will definitely get rid of the trolls!

    1. Yep they all think its “complicated” But honestly it makes it look cleaner, more organized, at least thats what i think. No spam too.

  25. I go to YouTube for the videos, it’s rare that I even look at the comments section.

    1. Agreed. If you ask me what changed about it I really couldn’t point out the new from the old.

  26. People that hate it only hate it because they can’t troll…or troll anonymously.

    1. What? Like it’s that hard to make a fake account.

    2. Exactly. I saw the exact same complaints when our home newspaper website switched to using Facebook login for comments. Of course, they still troll, they just make up fictitious identities. The same will happen here. But the volume of trolling is significantly decreased on the local news site (now we get maybe 4-5 trolls per article where we used to see hundreds) and that’s a good thing. I suspect that’s exactly what Google will see in YouTube. You’ll still see “Boobs” comments, but not on every stinking video that allows commenting.

    3. Kurt … if you like it, it doesn’t mean everyone does or that people don’t like it because they can’t troll … I don’t like it because I just don’t. I find if ugly and unnecessarily more complicated. I also dislike having to change my account from google account to my original youtube channel every day AND also hate how the google app hasn’t been properly fixed yet. Soo yeah im not a troll and I deeply hate it. *angry face*

      1. LMAO @ “complicated”

        1. it’s not easier to use

      2. I just went there and I am noticing some oddities. For starters it doesn’t look like you can reply to every comment. The layout doesn’t look different to me. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re comparing there.

        I would prefer to see my username instead of my own name. I feel like I’ve seen that setting before.

        Also, the Google apps is just a bit personal. That has nothing to do with the desktop commenting system. LoL!! We can save that discussions for later.

        You say you find it complicated? What do you find complicated? What’s so hard about clicking “reply” and replying to someone? How I’m understanding it is that there was more stuff you could do before, but now they made it too complicated and harder to use. I don’t see anything harder about clicking “reply” and also, I don’t know of any other functionality the YouTube commenting system had.

    4. everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a troll. Great fucking logic.

    5. i used it and its easier to troll on you dumbass.multiple accounts can be synced to one master account and the note bell makes it a faster trolling process.

      1. LoL!! I do be using that notebell, though. I even have it as an extension. That is one of the most convenient things I’ve seen since sliced bread.

      2. Well if you keep trolling itll be easier for them to find you and shut you down. Good luck with that.

        1. That’s funny.they know where i live and viceverse,because i have my city in the profile and have let quite a few learn my address.Not once.

          Still counting.

        2. Now for instance if they were to come to my address what would they do?I know quite a few people in areas that could and certainly would push a block through an armadillo.myself included.

    6. bro, do you even look at the comment section… DO YOU SEE THE PEDO BEARS, JUMPSCARES, AND ROLFCOPTERS TO NAME A FEW????

  27. In a world full of options, it doesn’t hurt to use them no matter how much getting used TO them it may take. let’s take Phandroid for instance. If they one day decided to flip Disqus and adopt their own, or even G+, would people simply stop commenting? Maybe some. The reality is, others will simply create another account. Let’s back up a step to say 2005… It wasn’t too uncommon for people to have multiple outlets for their social networking. MySpace, Live Journal, etc… If commenting on YouTube, a Google service BT, is important to some, just get a G+ profile. If you wish to maintain it, cool. No harm no foul. If you’re simply making it to comment in an area that serves all things Google, that’s fine too. However, if you resist it and complain in the face of all the options that may be available, then I’m sorry. Just don’t comment on YouTube. There’s still Daily Motion, World Star, Vimeo, Break, Live Leak, Vevo, Ustream……

    1. Well said ! and i completely agree. The original article about this last week was filled to the brim with people saying” F U Google” and other similar comments. Some like reading the comments on YouTube. Some just feel its a hassle to start a G+ account when its really not. You are right, if its so super special to comment on YouTube for any particular person, its not that hard to create a G+ account. The comments also veered into privacy concerns, which doesnt make a lick of sense. Even if you’re posting “anonymously” under a nickname, comments can still be tracked back to a person. Plus if any person was really concerned with privacy they would never go on the internet, talk on an open phone line, or venture outside. The privacy concerns today are laughable.

      1. No one wants to use Google Plus for Youtube. That’s what a youtube account is for.

        1. Its a vocal minority that has a problem with this, just like every other time Google makes a change.

          1. No need for the stuck up marginalization, there are legitimate issues here.

          2. minority….? have you seen the number of people who use youtube regular that out right hate G+’s forced integration, namely the actual youtubers themselves?

          3. Ugh the ones who hate the integration most certainly are a minority. How many people that use youtube regularly (over 1 billion) actually comment? The answer is very very little and within that number, the ones who hate the G+ integration are even smaller.

        2. You dont have to USE it, just need a login.

          1. which means you need to use it. Did you forget the part where to inbox is now completely broken?

          2. bro…you need it to comment…you H.A.V.E. to have a G+ account

      2. I think the only issue is that Youtube used to be a standalone service. So there was a time where you were able to link your Google account. If you never linked it, then you would have to make a Google Account.

        There’s not much issue with it. Actually, I don’t see why someone who does use Android might as well goin’ and set up the account. It’s so easy. You can do it on your phone. Just click, bypass everything and change your display name to your liking. LoL!!

  28. Personally I just created a Plus Page and comment using that. No tie to my identity, I’ll never log into it so I’ll never see the notifications.

    1. Can’t wait until I can block unverified accounts by default.

  29. Its cool, looks cleaner, theres no spam, no trolls, and the comments are good. Plus if you dont want it to post on G+ you just uncheck the box. I like it because it will get rid of the trolls and ridiculous, moronic, hurtful, comments. I dont find them amusing, even if so many others do. YouTube is better this way.

    1. wrong. spamming and trolling has only increased.

      1. Like, look at Anne.JPG Pic screamer, and look at the cat. Trollers are gonna troll, and I wanna sue those guys.

        1. That will stop when they get banned from Google. Getting banned from Google is pretty horrible, you lose EVERYTHING.

          1. then they will just make another disposable account.

      2. Havent seen an increase at all, its been tranquil. If you dont like it just say so, dont make crap up.

        1. um…what part of youtube have you been on…?

  30. I hate them. Ever since the new layout came in YouTube has been slowly getting worse and worse. Replying is messed up and so is thumbs upping and downing. I’ve always thought YouTube was by far the worst Google service and this new commenting system proved that point. And for those who say they can’t troll, they can, just by linking it to a google+ page and since you can insert links and have practically unlimited number of characters, it just makes the trolling worse.

  31. Can I change my vote. I put I don’t like them but I think they could be fixed but by fixed I mean remove G+ from Youtube and stop trying to ram it down our throats every chance you get. I’ve been saying this way before G+ was forced onto youtube but I’m glad the youtube issue is big enough to get people to notice. Being forced to use a social network when you are not trying to and being forced not to be anonymous when you are simply trying to use the internet are both wrong! Google needs to be careful because they are large enough that the government might step in if enough people complain (which I would personally support)

  32. I dislike it for several reasons. I can barely see it causing trolls to stop. anyone who cares to troll will just make a fake account, the only people it hurts are those don’t want to make another social network account they have no use for.

    1. I notice it did seem to curb the spam…. for about two days.

      1. It only curbed the spam because the system was broken and nobody could comment. Watch the trolls go now but.

    2. It hurts the YouTube content creators the MOST. Lots of people are YouTube partners to pay for their college fees and bills as long as theres a lot of views and comments. When you have a lot of angry people threatening to leave youtube or stop commenting altogether because of Google+, that hurts the creators’ income. They might as well be out in the streets broke and hungry.

  33. I use google plus everyday, so my comment would probably be very bias :P

    1. I used to think like that too. Thinking because I own it, or use it my thoughts would be biased. Then I started thinking, but how? You use Google+ everyday and find it more convenient, so you like it. I don’t use Google+ everyday, but I do like how easier it is to respond to comments. So of course I’d be for it. LoL!!

      1. Too bad the world doesn’t work that way. The fact is, MOST YouTube users now DESPISE Google+ for the simple reason that it has messed up their account by forcing them to use their real name.

        1. From the look of the comments, that’s what it’s looking like. I think Google was trying to find a way to get Google+ out there.

          I do agree, though. I would rather use my username then my real name. I don’t spell my real name the same on social networks, but I still rather not have it there.

          I want to make it harder for employers to find me. The current way, I can be found with my last name.

          1. Am i the only one wanting to sue people using anne.jpg or that FIG Jeff the Killer Screamer? I want Google+ to take that option off so that they don’t have to scare the crap out of me.

          2. yeah, a 14 autistic kid got sent to the hospital because he is sensitive to shock and his family didnt know youtube had been changed to allow links,the jeff the killer jumpscare crap got real old after that

        2. That is not the reason. That is so not the reason. The google+ page is a fucking nightmare. I have no idea where anything is, I have no idea who responded to me on what video and when I go to the video it’s even worse.

          Used to just click on my inbox and see the replies now I have to check the google+ site, the most horibly designed website on the planet which incidentally no one fucking uses.

          Google+ is just fucking horrible and I pray for anyone that has to put up with it.

          1. Do you use Chrome? If not, then hopefully you’ll understand the concept of what I’m suggesting. Install the Google+ Notification extension. With that you can comment right from the extension. It’s almost like commenting from the notification bar on Android.


          2. it crashes chrome……

          3. It crashes your Chrome. LoL!! Are you serious? I want to ask “what OS are you using”. I sign into Chrome and sync it with every personal and work computer I use. This has only been in the Windows 7 environment, though.

            I also only use the stable version of Chrome. I don’t even remember the last time Chrome crashed for me. You sure its the extension? Maybe another add-on doesn’t like it. IDK… Every computer is different, even if they’re the same.

  34. 4th Option: I hate them! They Destroyed Google+!

    1. i though it self destructed…kinda like myspace

  35. I like them it stops racist and trolls in there track. Only racist people or trolls would disagree. Maybe now people will think before they speak

    1. I’m neither a racist nor a troll. I love classical music, particularly lesser known piano masters, and I comment to thank people for posting something or when a piece of music has recalled a memory. I don’t like being forced onto Google+. I was happy with YouTube and its freedom, and now it’s being ruined.

    2. HAHA :D. Have you seen the comment section? It’s filled with dicks and hitler pictures. Trolling is worse than ever on YouTube now. Besides, trolls and hateful comments got flagged and disliked almost immediately on the old comment section.

    3. bro, just hold the bloody phone. are you and the 9 people who upped you not regular youtube users?

  36. So now in order to stick to my nick on YT I have another G+ Page.

    Sharing a YT video on my main profile creates a YT comment in YT under my name.
    Commenting directly on a YT video creates a post on the G+ Page of my nick.
    I can basically have a conversation with my other self on YT :P
    If I have more G+ Pages I can storm a YT video with a royal debate among myselves!

    I wish my main profile and my nick G+ Page can become more integrated.

  37. Personally I don’t mind the integration as both are Google products but what I do mind is the fact that a comment on YouTube showing up on my Google plus profile. They have given an option which can be unticked to stop comments being posted on your profile but that option should stay permanently unticked once I decide to do so and I shouldn’t have to do it for every new video I see.

  38. Can’t they just give people a choice of which account to log into in order to post comments, like tons of other sites do?

  39. New G+ comments on YouTube rock.

    The haters are just gonna hate because they’re the old FaceBook-only crowd who refuse G+ and/or they just love the old way of easily being able to leave anonymous troll comments for various vids. Wah.

    1. Have you actually seen YouTube now? It’s filled with troll comments. I miss the anonymity because you can post almost anything and not worry about it. And no I don’t troll. I would undesrstand if they would give us a opportunity to choose whether or not we want a G+ account, but no they just force us to use it.

    2. Google Bot

    3. have. you. not. seen. all. the. pedo bear and rolf copters and links that are malicous in nature that are now allowed THANKS to google plus…?

  40. I really like the new comment system. I am also slowly appreciating Google+ more and more as I give it an honest look.

    1. Google Bot right? No one writes like that or uses their full name otherwise.

  41. i like that bell because you can reply without going into the video.

    but the rest is fuccked up

  42. It is the idiots who hate change that are making this a bad thing. The same people who whinge about every change no doubt.

    1. Oh you google shill. I hate it but if you called me an idiot to my face I will change your mind about who to call an idiot.


    2. Quit it with the snooty marginalization, the site is literally broken. This is coming from a content creator.

  43. How do I turn ads off? Phandroid, you’re getting a little greedy. I’ve already stopped visiting your sight. The only reason I came here for a while is because a different site was bogging my experience Down with ads. I accidentally Clicked a half dozen ads and bleeeeck!!!

    1. would you prefer a subscription? stfu.

      1. Take the whole website down I don’t care.

      2. would you prefer to becalled an ass hole..? because i’m seeing one…

    2. The guy has to make money somehow….

  44. I don’t like google+ or Facebook but now I am inclined to use facebook more as I am really starting to hate google+. I don’t like anything being pushed upon me like that! How can you even do that? That too something as messy as google+!! Google should fix the already present mess in their systems and products instead of poking their noses everywhere! people should have a choice, that’s it. Google+ fanboys are starting to get very irritating with their blind logics! Stop being such losers and start looking at the problem objectively. Use google+ to the end of your days happily; I don’t care! I should be given that choice and I should be the one to choose whatever I would like to use. Period.

    1. Your first sentence is pure ignorance. If you don’t like ether social network then you should not be inclined to use one over another because you ‘hate’ the other. People are overreacting this issue. I felt the same when I HAD to make a Disqus account to be able to comment on sites like this one (which had poor commenting system). Its the same with YouTube, to fix the shitty commenting system they had to force people to some log in process with less anonymity.
      What mess in G+ you talking about? Is simplicity to much for you? Maybe you are too old for new changes in computer “stuff”.
      Last you talk about choice. Well what about my choice and everyone else that hated the old commenting system? What about you choose another video social network that force you to make an account with them or log in with Facebook. I bet you can’t see the irony there.

      1. First of all, I was not talking about you, you are not that important to me. Secondly, you don’t know anything about me, so mind your own business. Thirdly, although I don’t have to explain to you, I am just 30 yrs old, I am an engineer, done my MS from Paris and working in Belgium as an engineer for the last 6 yrs. So, do us all a favour and get a life.
        I NEED TO HAVE A CHOICE. I DONT WANT ANYTHING DUMPED ON ME. ANd Lastly, GOOGLE+ IS A MESS. That’s my opinion and I am entitled to one. If you don’t agree, it’s your sad problem. Just don’t bother to reply to my posts because sure as hell, I won’t with yours.

        1. Lol. I never said you were talking about me. It was as an example. How you get to that conclusion? lol.
          lol mind my own business? explain to me? lol
          You made a public statement, that means me and anybody can reply to your opinion. That means you explain yourself to everybody. So don’t be so angry.
          Sorry I didn’t know you were an Engineer, an expert on Internet and social issues. lol.
          You can’t fight change. You ether accept the new commenting system or you use another video social service more of you liking. Simple as that. And yes you can express yourself and protest, just don’t make a tantrum please.
          Last you should consider not to post publicly if you don’t want people to reply to you.

          lol engineer

          1. oh! the way you were ongoing about your own preferences and choices, I thought ….anyways, excuse me for the misunderstanding!
            And just as anyone can reply to my comments, you would also agree with me that I can also reply to them publicly to refrain from replying to mine?
            And for your kind info, you WERE talking about my age and technical expertise…so don’t LOL me.
            I can fight change. Especially when I am a youtube partner. I am making quality videos and I as well as youtube are both getting money through it via ads. There are millions like me. So we do have a say.
            If you are so satisfied with that messy and crappy Google+, please go and spend time on it. Whether I make a tantrum or get angry, that’s my business.
            And your last words are just pure stupid and really really ignorant! I was not boasting or doing anything of that sort. You taunted about my age and qualification, so I said it! You proved yourself to be a complete no-brainer now.
            I am saying again, you are not my parents or anyone I even wish to know. So, I don’t need your advice. Please, GET A LIFE!

          2. Shill out man this is the Internet.
            “you would also agree with me that I can also reply to them publicly to refrain from replying to mine?”
            Yes, but that does not mean they’re gonna. Its hilarious you said that after you wrote “don’t bother to reply to my posts because sure as hell, I won’t with yours”. lol

            I wasn’t loling you, I was just (& still are) laughing out loud.

            What last words? “you should consider not to post publicly if you don’t want people to reply to you.”? It’s true. You got angry, your “blood pressure was pretty much soaring high”, insulted me after I reminded you I’m not taking this issue personal. Peace man. I won’t tell anybody a 30 y/o engineer is making a temper tantrum on a public commenting system about an Internet issue everybody will forget in a couple of months.

          3. your last words were “lol engineer” and i found it insulting…as simple as that…in fact, i found each of your replies insulting…my first post was not intended to you and yet you started insulting me personally….accept my apologies if I have insulted you back…i hail from a better culture and should not have done that.
            I am really finding you amusing now :D …keep posting…you are a real entertainer! :D
            BTW, I am dying to know this since morning, are you working at google+ ? please reply honestly :D

          4. That’s because usually on the Internet you can not verify a persons profession, I can say I’m a rocket scientist will be believe me? Also even if its true being an engineer does not make anyone a professional competent on social behavior in Internet social networks or afk social interactions (networks). See why I take it as a joke. Also one of my friends is a Civil Engineer and he does not know quack about social networks and modern technology stuff like smartphones, etc. In other words you should know better than to say a profession as an excuse that you know what your talking about (at least on the Internet). Now my apologies too if I insulted you. I already stated I don’t take any of this personal, nor anybody should do.
            I do not work for Google nor any tech company. I just happens to like from time to time to discus controversial issues.

          5. Oh! That’s not related to profession at all :) It’s a personal choice to not know about these things! But since, I was so tormented (as per your words) on an internet public place about some social network thing, I didn’t realise that someone would take me as a total ignorant about those things.

            Plus you said I might be ignorant about TECHNICAL/COMPUTER stuffs. You see, internet or social networks are totally different stuffs than technical/computer things. And I consider being an engineer makes me technical. BTW, I am an telecommunication engineer. Did my masters in electronics and optical engineering. I have research papers too. I have my own music channel and cooking channel on youtube and I have over 450 followers on my facebook page, 392 fans on reverbnation and 259 subscribers on youtube. Not much, but it’s a pleasant start for my hobbies! Maybe, you will now consider me at least a little technical and a little social ?

            I know I do not have to explain these to you, but I am feeling like.
            Please go through your posts once and see why I wrote those things. You will know yourself, as I see you tend to have fair mind. Please don’t judge people when you don’t know them. If I am angry over something, there must be a good reason, which you won’t know since you don’t know me. When you start posting about someone you don’t know and start taunting about one’s age and profession and expertise, you call it a personal attack. But again, I shouldn’t have really bothered about it.

            Anyways. Your and mine mindsets are different. We cannot convince each other. So, wouldn’t it be wise for us to vent our feelings separately?
            It was nice talking to you. Have a nice day :)
            Kind Regards

          6. bro, thats the problem with post completly public, when you take the anomisty away it causes flame wars like these to braek out and it not fandom flame wars, there bloody personal bacuse one feels the need to protect there image. the google plus system causes the same situationa as this chat does, but on a LOT LOT LOT larger scale and affects WAY more people and there lives,you say you can’t fight change? bro, the enternet society is made and changed by the will of people, whenther it be the owner of google or otherwise

          7. really can’t fight change…WE DIDNT EVEN GET A CHANCE TO INFLUENCE IT

      2. Google+ only exists for Google to gather more data about you, to make more money off you. That’s it.

        You can make a completely fake G+ account, so the anonymity excuse doesn’t fly.

        Also, simplicity? All the different settings for all the different Google products, now all tied in with G+… it is a MESS. Google has been a mess for a while. It’ll continue to be a mess, and forced G+ is only making it worse.

        1. :D …thanks for making me smile because my blood pressure was pretty much soaring high! :P

        2. Every social network make money on its users info. Heck almost every free website make $ on its visitor info and clicks. Whats the point of that?
          Many people will find anonymity on fake profiles or G+ pages, but not everybody, and that’s the point.
          I disagree on the settings, its organized, divided by services, and gives you control. Much more functional than Facebook settings to give you an example.

          1. yeah “organized”…..if terrorist can do it so can google…well im glad i didn”t say that before because it looks like they can’t…

          2. At least on Facebook, you don’t have people sending you fake website links, and people posting swastikas all over the goddamn comments section of your videos. This whole integration has created a massive orgy of vulgarity and malicious content splooging on people’s content. On facebook, im secure, When I watch a video someone has shared, the experience is there, the repulsive comments are quickly removed and with people being forced to use their real names, the amount of trolling is low. So, FALSE to your comments sir. The level of control on Google plus might be there, but the site is clunky, users of Google plus like Pirrilo who absolutely love it, who has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Youtube, fully admit to the fact that the site is still fairly clunky and somewhat complex to use than other social media networks, This integration hasn’t solved the issue of vulgarity on the comment boards. So what was the point? Oh that’s right, a bump in the number of “active users” to legitimize Google social network, err I mean, “social layer” (see, they admit it cannot amount to facebook, so they call it a layer, oh the hilarity.)

      3. Fix the shitty commenting system? What was the fault in the old one? Anonymity ? I think anonymity is a good thing. You are able to say things that you normally wouldn’t. It helps people to be who they really are. You don’t have to worry about your reputation. Also, forcing people to do something is never EVER a good idea.

        I agree with somdatta that G+ is messy. Ofcourse I realize that it’s just a matter of getting used to it. The problem is I don’t want it. In fact I hate it. But just like alot of other people I’m forced to use it in order to enjoy YouTube. Sure the new system has its benefits and the old one wasn’t perfect, but overall I prefer the old one.

        ”Last you talk about choice. Well what about my choice and everyone else that hated the old commenting system?”

        Well I’d say that if they have a choice then they can choose the new commenting system. That’s what a choice means.

        1. most probably, he is working in google+. That’s why he is so logiclessly and blindly defensive about it. He is taking this so personally!

          1. Yeah :D.

          2. notice how theres only one vote down? probably that out numbered google employee

          3. noice how theres only one vote down? probably that out numbered google employee

        2. “YouTube comments were filled with more than their share of bigotry, bullying, spam, shaming and trolling, to name just a few forms of mindless discourse. It wasn’t something that could be solved with a few tweaks here or there. The entire culture of anonymous commenting on videos needed to go.” Chris Taylor-Mashable. YouTube has change to be more serious, movies, series, paid channels, serious shows, etc. And the old commenting system only encourage trolls, and stupid comments. Impossible to establish a good dialog.

          About anonymity, it serve its purpose before but now YT needed a change. I agree what you said about anonymity and is still good for many websites like 4chan.
          I agree the change was forced and could be better integrated.
          I also agree any new social network its a matter of getting used to it. But I can assure you Facebook its a labyrinth compared to G+.
          I also agree about the choice. My comment was in reply of Somdatta thinking he should be considered about that type of change like he was a co-owner or something.

          1. Most people, even people who don’t troll, don’t and/or won’t use their real name on the account that they use for youtube anyway. It’s not stopping anything. At all.
            I for one, would like to welcome you to the internet…

          2. its the ENTERNET it can never be more serious just by a change of format its the people who use it who make the difference, and quite frankly i sure the number of non google employees that use youtube far and surpasses the google employees that do. but 95 % of us who want change get blown of because we don’t own billions in shares

          3. Have you looked at the comment board on some videos recently? People have been exploiting the huge character limit by drawing penises, and then the amount of outrage and “lol”s directed at those posts have reached a point where that post is at the comment of the comments section. I’ve seen videos made by a long-time youtube producer who criticized the new youtube and google-plus integration, by simply telling his viewers to look at some of the comments that are at the top of the comments sections: spam bots advertising fake websites, porn website links that are actually ridden with spybots, and of course there are still the offensive trolls who have made fake accounts on google plus and manage to use fake names to make vulgar comments that make it to the top of the comments board, because people engage in flame wars with these idiots, and of course, it’s there for everyone to see. Before, this simply was not the case, trolls had to consistently post every so often so that their troll comments would remain relevant, because no one in their sane mind would give a thumbs up to their stupidity and have that comment be at the top comments section for everyone too see. Google plus integration has embellished and even encouraged Youtube’s vulgarity among some of that community’s members through its moronic comment system.

      4. you are the ignorant one…every heard of don’t fix what is not broken? well googles motto might as well do not fix whats broken, add more problems for the people who actully really USE youtube and have been for along time and don’t fix any of the other problems. oh and the difference between things like Disqus and youtube, youtube has been around alot longer and yes the mangement could get derpy but this out righ blasemy for any one whos used youtube even casully for over a year, i still remember the 2008 and + site configs, the changes, the problems, the biggest and most complained about by FAR is googles forced fixing a non existentent problem by for integration with one of there failing services. oh and you know things like “is simplicity to much for you” makes me think of this one statement….

      5. The majority seems to hate it and for good reason.

  45. Google+ comments are great and have been working for me. It seems to have reduced the vulgarity and amount of offensive comments.

    1. HA! You’re joking, or you jumped and landed on your head. This new comment system from google, is a “pure” example of cuntery

    2. well we all know these are google emploees

    3. But it hasn’t done that at all. Have you looked at the comment board on some videos recently? People have been exploiting the huge character limit by drawing penises, and then the amount of outrage and “lol”s directed at those posts have reached a point where that post is at the comment of the comments section. I’ve seen videos made by a long-time youtube producer who criticized the new youtube and google-plus integration, by simply telling his viewers to look at some of the comments that are at the top of the comments sections: spam bots advertising fake websites, porn website links that are actually ridden with spybots, and of course there are still the offensive trolls who have made fake accounts on google plus and manage to use fake names to make vulgar comments that make it to the top of the comments board, because people engage in flame wars with these idiots, and of course, it’s there for everyone to see. Before, this simply was not the case, trolls had to consistently post every so often so that their troll comments would remain relevant, because no one in their sane mind would give a thumbs up to their stupidity and have that comment be at the top comments section for everyone too see. Google plus integration has embellished and even encouraged Youtube’s vulgarity among some of that community’s members through its moronic comment system.

    4. I think you’re full of it. You can easily control the comments on your video.

  46. LOOK YOU SO&SO I command you to BBM me NOW! 7B725FA9

  47. there is so much animosity in these comments lol hate or love the new system it’s probably here to stay for a while, so let’s just get use to it. yeah?

    1. If enough people revolt they’ll be forced to revert. The power after all is with us and that goes for anything. If enough refuse service to a store, the store will go out of business eventually.

  48. I do NOT get why people hate the switch from the very terrible comments system. As I do not create content, I had no idea why the content creators were complaining so much about it. But I DO make a lot of comments, and a lot of the issues I had with the comment system was resolved with the update. I have since investigated and I have found out what you can do to help with SOME of the issues.

    1. The links to jump scare websites or viruses: Under ‘COMMUNITY’ in your page, you can have it set to BLOCK things automatically. Just add ‘http https www’ to your filter. No more links will be automatically clickable on any of your comments. Feel free to add more keywords you don’t want to be posted on your videos automatically.

    2. ASCII SPAM: Under that same tab as above, just copy a part of the ASCII art, and add it to the filter. Since all the SPAM is just copied and pasted, they won’t know what part you selected and therefore won’t be able to post it… At least not as easily as before. And with everyone blocking parts of it, it won’t be a simple fix for every channel.

    NOTE: Both of the above will only apply to your videos AFTER you make these updates… This sucks, but it is all we have at the moment. Maybe they will make it so that you can retroactively apply these new filters to videos, but we don’t have that yet. If ever.

    3. Super-duper long comments. Sadly, there isn’t too much you can do that I can see at this moment, but you can add some of the more copy and pasted examples in the methods above… but I personally don’t see this as a problem as you have to click on expand comment to even see these… Sorry. I said ‘some’ things could be fixed.

    4. People complaining about the new comment system. Just ignore these ones… Not worth your time to sit and report them. They will quiet down soon.

    REPORT REPORT REPORT REPORT! If you see a spammy comment, report! Every comment has a little arrow on the upper right corner. USE IT! This is the only way to get those people banned! And yeah, it is easy to sign up for a new account… But it is one of the few tools we have, so use it! USE IT!!!

    (If anyone else has any issues, please let me know and I will investigate to see if we can fix them. I want to start making a list of fixes for issues, more than what I have here.)

    1. Ok my issue is that I don’t want to use G+ and I want to read comments from random strangers. Also the spam thing doesn’t work. It marks normal comments as spam and ignores the obvious spams. Yeah, yeah great I can report comments…just like in the old one.

      1. You can always read comments.

        And you had to have a youtube account before to comment… so I don’t see what the difference between a G+ account versus a Youtube account… If you can explain the difference, then I am all ears.

        1. The system actullay decides which comments are important to you. So no, I can’t read random comments. Just another example how Google gathers info about people. That’s one reason why I changed my search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo.

          The major difference between my G+ account and my YT account was that I wanted my YT account and my G+ account was forced on me. They gave me 2 choices: either make a G+ account or get out.
          G+ is some kind of a social media thing, a facebook copy, and I don’t need that. My old Yt account was basically private. Now my ”circles” can see everything I do on YT. Of course I don’t have anyone in my ”circles” because I don’t need that stuff, so that’s not a problem for me.

          The biggest problem for me is the fact that there is a program that decides which comments are spam and which are important to me. That’s BS people should have that power.

          this is written in a hurry so sorry for all the spelling/grammar errors.

          1. “The system actullay decides which comments are important to you. So no, I can’t read random comments.”

            Same way it used to do the top comments before, only there are more of them. It is similar to Reddit this way.

            “Just another example how Google gathers info about people. That’s one reason why I changed my search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo.”

            Moving on, Mr. Paranoid…

            “The major difference between my G+ account and my YT account was that I wanted my YT account and my G+ account was forced on me. They gave me 2 choices: either make a G+ account or get out.G+ is some kind of a social media thing, a facebook copy, and I don’t need that. My old Yt account was basically private. Now my ”circles” can see everything I do on YT.”

            Don’t put anyone in circles. They can’t see anything any more than you posting publically, just like YT used to be.

            “Of course I don’t have anyone in my ”circles” because I don’t need that stuff, so that’s not a problem for me.”

            Then stop complaining about things that don’t affect you.

            “The biggest problem for me is the fact that there is a program that decides which comments are spam and which are important to me. That’s BS people should have that power.”

            IF MORE PEOPLE WOULD USE THE REPORT SPAM BUTTONS THE SYSTEM WOULD WORK FINE. Nobody uses it, because they all want to complain about change.

            You are of course allowed to have whatever opinion you want, but these ‘reasons’ for hating on the new system are either very minor in my eyes, or non-existant and are being trumped up because CHANGE. Ugh. Buggywhip salesmen.

          2. Right…

            Anyways the old system worked just fine and I don’t like the fact that they’re turning YT into some social media site. Yeah, yeah I don’t have to add anyone in my circles, I get it but still it won’t be the same. I also realize that things change ( and they should) and it’s just a matter of getting used to the new system. But not all change is good.

            Generally if people get really upset about some change that is forced on them the change might not be that good. Oh and it’s not just these ”little” problems with the new system people don’t like. It’s the whole consept of G+. We love YouTube but hate G+ and if we are forced to use something we don’t need/hate to enjoy the thing we love that’s not good. Not good at all.

            ”Same way it used to do the top comments before, only there are more of them. It is similar to Reddit this way.”
            Yeeah..I still prefer the old comment system. Actually if there was something wrong with the old system it was the weird top comment thing you described. I always wanted to see the comment with most thumps up but for some reason that comment wasn’t always on the top. I actually thought it was a glich or something.

            Google does gather info about people. That’s one of the reasons their search engine is so good. That’s also why some ads you see match your old searches. Look it up.

          3. People have a right to privacy. They’ve a right to complain. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. There was nothing wrong at all with the previous comment system. You can easily control spammers and undesirable people from commenting. It’s not your job to think for us and behave as if you know what’s best.

            We the user know what is best for us individually. As for calling him Mr. paranoid, anyone with a brain can find out Google is in the bed with the government and that your whole “change” for the better is no different than that traitor in the White House and the “change” he’s brought this country. You pathetic puppet. You’ll dance when your master pulls the strings.

          4. Right! Just because I can ignore the filthy comments, and I don’t comment on YouTube myself, I’m not going to be a defender of this new system, claiming that if it doesn’t cause me any personal inconveniences, then it’s good for everyone. People have a right to privacy, a right to complain, argue and to demand having a choice instead of being forced to do something.

          5. I’m not familiar with the right to complain. Which amendment is that one in? Or did I miss it in the Bill of Rights? Is it listed near the right to demand that someone run their private business to suit your tastes?

          6. Sure, snip some words out of the context and troll with those! Complaining and arguing is a part of expressing your views and opinions. If you have a private business that doesn’t involve any customers, you can certainly ignore their interests and tastes.

    2. google+ defender sighted…okay how much did they pay you or have you not used youtube from 2008 and up?

      1. Yes, because I can ignore comments on a website, I am a fanboy/defender. You nailed it on the head.

        Still don’t have an issue here to resolve.

      2. totally nailed :D….this is getting so obvious, isn’t it? :D

        1. You do realize you are posting on a website that is litterally dedicated to one OS, and bashes the ever loving crap out of every other ‘Fruit’ based company… Right?

          1. Thank you for the confirmation! Now, I am 100% sure you are working at Google.

          2. I’m glad that one more mystery is solved for you.

          3. Oh! I am glad that you are glad! BTW, it was not a mystery. It was quite evident :D
            The mystery for me was how a company like google can make something as crappy as google+. Now the mystery is solved as I see all the employees spending time on internet defending the messy google+ (and google) instead of spending time at improving it.
            You see, Google didn’t get the simple truth. Make your product worthwhile and people will automatically use it, instead of trying to make Youtube as GoogleTube. Good day!

          4. I haven’t seen one actual issue that anyone has with it, as in an actual broken or non-working thing… other than people complaining about an interface change.

            Yourself included.

            Nobody has any real problems, they just hate change. Same with every other thing on the planet, and it will always be like that forever.

          5. really? then you haven’t read all the posts, including mine. I posted twice and many others did too. I am not going to repeat them. Here is a suggestion, don’t see it from google point of view. See from normal users point of view. If so many, in fact, millions (there is a petition and already its signed by more than million people) are outraged and only you are not, then it’s your problem. Secondly, if you don’t not see any issue, why should it matter to us? Good for you infact! Go and enjoy the new googletube! Why are you wasting your time here?

          6. Yes… Why am I wasting my time here. Good question.

            Buh-bye Phandroid. Somedatta just made me realize that there is no use talking to some people, becuase they won’t ever change their minds even when asked simple questions.

            Oh wait, because I am just one user that has an issue apparently i don’t matter.

            Majority rules. Yaaaaay…. ugh.

          7. exactly! i am glad that finally you understand. It’s the way a public site works where public makes the videos. it should not be anyone’s monopoly.
            furthermore, i am not answerable to you and neither are others. you are no one to us and if you can’t change your own mind on a simple matter that people should be given a choice, then why should we when we are having so many problems. As i said, if you don’t have any, good for you, enjoy googletube! we are facing the problems, so we are voicing our concerns. really, why should you bother? if you can’t give an answer to this simple question, then maybe you should not ask any. It’s as simple as that. If google+ was good, google didn’t have to force it on us. period.

    3. how bout you tell google to deliver a secure complete package, without us having to personally troubleshoot all the preexisting issues with Youtube on top of the Google plus social layer mess

      1. Too vaeuge. Can’t resolve these issues. What pre-existing issues? What ‘mess’ are you describing?

        1. only website that doesnt do 320kbps audio.
          1440p looks worse than REAL 720p on dailymotion.
          slow uploads.
          slow loading videos on even the fastest connections.
          awful layout and less organized flow.
          top channels never change.
          same jokes all the time.

          1. The size of those files and for how little people would actually be able to perceive a differance between a 128kbps file, makes this a point for serious audiophiles only.

            I admit, the HD settings on YT are kind of wonky at times.

            Never had an upload not go at my max upload speed.

            I do get the weird “slow loading” video issue, but if you reset your CDN this will resolve itself fairly quickly. Not too much you can do about this, and every website has issues with CDN’s not being responsive…

            I think the layout is at least okay, but then again I use it to watch videos and I just maximize the screen so it is little use to me.

            I never watch the top channels, just my subs. Can’t really judge on that…

            Same… Jokes… you having a giggle, m8?

    4. I think you lost most of your readers when you said that those complaining about the new system should be ignored. They have a right to their opinions, and are clearly the majority. And why would you even think that they should be reported? And for what? Having the temerity to object to being bullied into joining G+, perhaps? Or daring to exercise their right to free speech? Welcome to the future, folks.

      1. They are not the majority. The overwhelming vast majority of users on YT do not even comment, like, or anything. They watch the video, they leave. For the average video, this is something like 80% of the views.

        They are also not the majority of what most commenters think should be done with the comments. They are simply the most vocal, and they have the easy job of just copying and pasting things over and over again.

        Everyone loves to hate on G+ but outside of signing up for another social network–what is the big deal? If you don’t add anyone to your circles, you don’t post anything, or do anything with it… It is just another service that google offers that you don’t use. It wont affect you in any other way. Of the people I know personally who complained about it, they were signed up for at least 5-6 other sites that are far less ‘useful’ than G+. Myspace. Yahoo Groups. Zillions of online facebook games. They list goes on and on, but G+ is the one they complain about the most because they think google is stealing all your info with it… You give it willingly to the other sites–who are far less transparent with what they do with the data–and nobody bats an eye… You mess with YT, and suddenly everyone loses their minds.

        My comment about people complaining about the new system, and you should ignore them… They are trolls. They have existed on the Internet from the beginning, and the more you pander to them, the louder and stronger they get. They are not worth your time to worry about them. They will pipe down once the system is in place, and google won’t change back.

        1. They ARE huge majority. When president is elected, not voting are not considered. When most complain, not comenting should’t be considered too. After all the coment system is for those who coment.
          And i clearly see that the troll here is you, for calling the peoples who give complains – “trolls”.
          No, they are not.

        2. Those complaining are those who care enough to take the time to complain, and they are clearly a majority. There are few indeed who like the new system. And why “fix” it anyway? It wasn’t broken. There were offensive comments? So what? That’s life. And part of the fun was in taking on the racists, Nazis and the other assorted haters and showing them up for what they are by destroying their arguments. The YT community decided what was good, what was bad, what was spam, what was important etc, and that is how it should be. The whole thing was simple and easy to use. One of the major joys of YT was that everything was anonymous. I have set G+ so that it uses my YT name, and I have disabled everything I can, but why should I have to do that? And as like many I’m not computer savvy can I be absolutely certain that I will remain anonymous? A short while ago I “liked” a comment and up popped “you publicly voted up this comment”. What?! Publicly where? Who can see it? I haven’t a clue, and so what that I don’t use my real name. I don’t want G+, and it is clear that the vast majority who have commented object to being forced to sign up to it. And because I express these views you label me a troll. I find the whole thing rather sad. They have taken a channel enjoyed by millions as it was and turned it into something we no longer recognise or trust. And all so they can falsely inflate the number of G+ “users”. What a joke.

  49. Can not reply to comments, can not thumbs up nor thumbs down, and I even use that POS called google+!!!

    1. i know !! and I am angry on a new level totally…

  50. When is Google just going to accept practically NO ONE wants google+. It simply sucks and always has. Google should stick to utility and leave the social stuff to those that get it!

    1. google is known for poking their nose everywhere. they have to realize that in order to be successful you have to make your product better. people would use it automatically. i didn’t know business would stoop so low these days.

  51. Soooo, You Youtube using Google+ haters realize you do NOT have to use your real name? Facebook is the real convoluted crap.. Google+ may not be far behind but it is better.

    1. you can’t call the lesser evil better can you? evil is still evil…

      1. and yes we can.. on the merits of their interface and community. I find the communities and conversations and quality of posts and wideness of circles much much more preferable to the closed and convoluted interface and apps of facebook. Opinions are asses though.. I love the ease of use and tied inness in android. Google+ just makes more sense in all to me.

    2. The fact that Google is raping the Youtube community, by forcing them to use a social network site is something that Facebook has not done and never will do. Why? Because it goes completely against their business code of ethics developed by the youthful liberalism of Mark Zuckerberg. (not that you have to be a young liberal to understand that what Google is doing is one of the most arbitrary ways to force on people a social network site). You don’t see Facebook forcing people on instagram to have a facebook in order to use make an instagram account and use all of instagram’s features. The next time you hear Google’s report about how many users have signed onto Google Plus, just remember, a majority of those people where individuals who just wanted to use email and be involved in the Youtube community, and were barred those services unless they had a google plus account. Google plus has failed to attract new users on its own merits: it has failed.

  52. Love it! It will go a long way with removing the spam, vulgar and often blatantly racist comments that have plagued the site for years.

    Many news sites and blogs switched to Facebook commenting a couple years ago and saw a backlash at first but in time things simmered down and the comments are now more legit and frankly, not as offensive.

    I don’t get why there are so many G+ haters. More people have a G+ than realize it and you don’t have to actively use it. People don’t seem to get in an uproar over having a Disqus account to make comments on this blog and others.

    1. I’ve seen more spam since the implementation of G+ into comments. Also, the spam is worse now because people can outright post links when they weren’t able to in the past.

      Also, I dislike it because I don’t want everyone to know every single thing I comment on or discuss with others. But ultimately, I do understand I don’t HAVE to use these services and it’s my responsibility. It’s just ridiculous that money and greed have to work their way into all these systems. What used to be a freely used, freely post, freely comment/discuss forum has now been taken over by bureaucrats like most other areas of the internet.

      1. “What used to be a freely used, freely post, freely comment/discuss forum…”

        EXCEPT you are using a proprietary system/product/service. Google paid a lot for that business/app.

        As to it becoming worse…I don’t know what videos that you are watching but I haven’t seen this as the case personally. I’ve watched numerous music videos, tech reviews, and speaker presentations and so far all the comments were relevant to the material.

        I think its more of some people that just don’t like change. Haters gonna hate. Its a YouTube comment…get over it.

        1. Somebody takes his salary from google, or is classic troll.
          When the ratio is 700/1 ,is ignorance to label such majority as -“the haters”.

          1. I don’t work for Google or have any relation to their company other than being a user of many of their products/services…hence why I visit this Google Android site.

            As to troll..uh, I don’t comment very often and only expressed my own opinion as others have done so. Calling someone a “troll” arbitrarily is such a cop out and, well, a really old school ploy. Also, no credibility when you post as a “guest”. I stand behind my comments, coward.

      2. ALSO, you don’t have to share your comment everyone. There’s this little checkbox to mark for sharing or not. Its rather quite innovative.

    2. are…you blind…..? have you not seen all the pedo bear..?

    3. But it hasn’t done that at all. Have you looked at the comment board on some videos recently? People have been exploiting the huge character limit by drawing penises, and then the amount of outrage and “lol”s directed at those posts have reached a point where that post is at the comment of the comments section. I’ve seen videos made by a long-time youtube producer who criticized the new youtube and google-plus integration, by simply telling his viewers to look at some of the comments that are at the top of the comments sections: spam bots advertising fake websites, porn website links that are actually ridden with spybots, and of course there are still the offensive trolls who have made fake accounts on google plus and manage to use fake names to make vulgar comments that make it to the top of the comments board, because people engage in flame wars with these idiots, and of course, it’s there for everyone to see. Before, this simply was not the case, trolls had to consistently post every so often so that their troll comments would remain relevant, because no one in their sane mind would give a thumbs up to their stupidity and have that comment be at the top comments section for everyone too see. Google plus integration has embellished and even encouraged Youtube’s vulgarity among some of that community’s members through its moronic comment system.

  53. I was a beta tester before Google plus existed. Now, even though my account was linked a few months ago, I can’t post comments, or link my account (again) to enable them. On the plus side, I don’t get the annoying pop-up.

  54. Called to get an RMA for my Nexus 5 and rep told me it will take 2 Hrs to get it to my Gmail.

    At the end she asked me if she can help me with another thing and I said YES! why google is forcing me to sign up to google plus when I want to leave a comment on youtube??!?!.
    After few min she get back and told me that shes sorry but there is nothing to do with that so I told her I hate google i’m going to cancel my youtube channel and delete my gmail account and asked her what I will get the RMA now?

  55. I would not be so raving mad if the new Comment system actually worked. After linking my accounts via the scripted and forced update I can’t leave a YouTube comment. When I click on the “comment” box I get a new browser window “about:blank” that disappears after two seconds. Of course, Goggle/Youtube has not answered my requests for help for three or four days now.

    1. i am going mad too :(((

  56. Now, people will be looking for new alternatives to youtube like, “DAILY MOTION” to upload their videos. Smart move, google, for helping the competition out !!

    1. daily motion lol dont make me laugh. vimeo has been far superior to youtube for years now, where have you been!

  57. okay, i do not get how people defend this system by when people say “sorry,we don’t want to except google crappy management silently” the defenders say “sorry if you can not accept* every body is closed off and like change in thinges unlike most cavemen” then the flamers say back ” sorry i was expecting google predictions to take over” then the defenders suddenly have nothing to say back……oh and something else.i try posting on any comments about flaws in the game world of tanks and every single comment like that kind it says ” you do not have premission to comment on this post” but on warthunder flame comments it works fine…..WTF fix whats broken google don’t break MORE things then just ignore old problems

    1. people defending are from google corporation and there are lots of them. this is dirty business era like dirty politics buddy. it’s very sad to see that business has come to this.

  58. First of all, only the sluttiest corporation would try to legitimize YouTube and Google+ integration through the argument that this integration would mean that the youtube comment board would get cleaned up. obviously however this is not the case at all. First of all the way comments are organized is absolutely terrible top comments become top comments based on the number of replies they get, and as you can imagine, spam bots, trolls, and hackers have made dozens of fake accounts on Google plus and have made venomous virus ridden comments on many youtube videos by simply replying to their own comment numerous times. The ability to link with google plus integration has caused a phising bonanza, my little sister was scared witless after being tricked into clicking on a link on a comment and a screamer popped up. There’s more bugs, but quite frankly, one need but simply look at some of the swastika ridden top comments on some videos and get the point. This is just a numbers scheme to bump googles’ fledgling social “layer”.

    1. i agree. don’t forget the pedo bear.

  59. I love it. Please keep it!

    1. …………………./´¯/)
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…………. _.·´

    1. hahahaha!! I laughed soooo hard that I think my neighbours would think I have gone crazy!! :D seriously hilarious dude!! :D …Bookmarked! :D

  60. First of all the linked accounts: It seriously pisses me off and seem can’t to link to my already existing google account. I’ve created about 10 new google+ account just trying to link it to the right one, so far no luck. The comments are getting abused by people who paste screamer links (good that I recognize all of them but sad for those who fall for it) and other pointless stuff, also the top comments seem to fail. Overall it looks cluttered and it has a lot of bugs (such as reviewing replies) I absolutely hate it and hate google+ for forcing everything upon as which is probably because if we were able to make the choice ourselves, they would figured out that atleast 80% of the youtube community will not use it.

    1. it’s totally bogus and I think only people who are working in google would defend this so shamelessly. shame on google! I cannot simply reply to the comments now :X I am so so angry :X

  61. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  62. I am really out of my energy now! When I went to reply to the comments to my youtube video today, I discovered that I simply cannot. I had to search for another youtube video where someone as pissed out as me, explained how to do it now in google+ way. I am feeling like crying out loud now :( ….we have to type + and then type the name of the person you are replying to. You are in luck if that name appears. If a number of same name appears then you have to choose the one with the right picture and then reply. In some cases, the name didn’t appear and so I couldn’t really let that person know that I replied to his comment. I finally stopped replying as there are lots of them and I just don’t have the energy to do this.
    WHAT IS THIS :X How can one defend this? This is dirty way of doing business. If your product is good enough you don’t have to force it on people shamelessly :( We are suffering. We are youtube partners too and we should have a say in this. This is a simple monopoly and torture. I don’t care if someone finds this useful. It is killing me :(

  63. Google is forcing me to join Google+ to enter comments and read comments on youtube. I do not reply to comments any more. They do not come to my YOutube inbox any more. I am so frustrated. I am looking for other youtube alternatives.

    1. do me a favour please. if you find any, please let me know!

    2. vimeo. its miles better. you can even change your channel name without having to reset your account. imagine that

  64. Google needs to STOP sticking their nose on Youtube and accept the fact that nobody ever uses it. Google needs to STOP FORCING PEOPLE to join and like their services. It doesn’t work that way. PEOPLE HATE IT. Just leave Youtube Alone. Youtube is ONE thing and IT DOES NOT HAVE TO be connected to anything and everything. People just want to watch videos, comment, rate and interact ! Just share it on Google+ or Facebook if you want to share it with other people. Not everyone wants to use it ok !

    Maybe Google+ would have the potential if it’s just a separate social networking website, not being integrated with youtube. OR maybe you could give an option instead of forcing people to sign up to google plus to comment. whatever. I have 100 other things to rant about but I know this will all fall on deaf ears. Whatever we do, whatever we say, no matter how many people sign up for that petition, they’re never changing it back.

    1. google forced everybody to have a google account to use youtube since forever. dunno why your fanny is hurting all of a sudden

    My youtube account and google account had different emails, now I’ve lost my youtube account and can’t sign in!!! Apparently me email doesn’t exist? SCREW YOU GOOGLE YOU HAVE WRECKED YOUTUBE!!
    Especially the comment system! I can’t reply to any of them! AND IT ONLY SHOWS ME POSTS GOOGLE THINKS ARE IMPORTANT. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU CHANGE IT!?!?

    1. Same here! Had the SAME email for 4 yrs and SUDDENLY IT DOESN’T EXIST?! Google sucks!

  66. It’s a complete clusterfuck. Unlike others who seem to be flailing, I somehow ‘linked’ my old YT account to my gmail. I now ‘manage’ a separate G+ page that has my Youtube username. Seriously, I don’t care about that, nothing’s there. What I care about is that video comments are now completely pointless. People replying to themselves. People’s G+ friends commenting stuff that they obviously believe is on a private G+ page (so awkward.) Timecode links to the video OPEN IN A NEW TAB?? Spam’splosion? Christ on a cracker, I’ve never seen such a mess. I’m all for accountability, but this? *nopes into the distance*

  67. how about forcing google fiber stupid assses.

    1. Fiber isn’t meant to be a real product. It’s supposed to be Hey Comcast, Hey other providers get off your ass and get these speeds.

    ░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

  69. Quite honestly, there’s nothing wrong with Google+, it’s how they’re forcing users to have a G+ account before being able to comment on videos, and how people show up as replying to comments when they reshare on G+. I think that they should make the G+ optional.

  70. Obama Puppet Goes To Israel. JFK WOULD NOT DO IT THAT’S WHY THEY KILLED HIM…


  71. Seriously, the new youtube comments system is so much better. This is what it was like before. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd2z_ZLTcZQ

    1. :D how is it any different now? Besides I like all those dumb comments.

  72. The Bob army is fucking YT up!

  73. Rather than using Google+ more, this is making me want to just use YouTube less. I don’t want my comments being posted on my Google+ profile, there’s no reason for that.

    1. You don’t have to.

    2. id stop paying your subscription if i were you :D

    ░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

  75. regardless of youtube comments being 95% nonsense, i need to comment to either ask a question or give the video uploader feedback.

  76. I would gladly walk 50 miles over broken glass to avoid having a google+ account. people have no concept of how much their security is compromised by google forcibly the linking of all their various accounts, then publicly splashing it all over the internet, so local criminals have better research facilities than local law enforcement.

    If this means I cease using youtube, so be it

    1. come on man, even my granny knows that you dont have to use a real account. if you make a google+ account with some random email address and some random name then your “security” will be just fine. its not going to be linked. its seriously retarded that it needs to be spelled out for people like you. if you make a google plus account to sign into youtube, there is nobody forcing you to put any information on your google plus account or post and information on it…. so you know, local crinimals will have nothing to go on. ffs

      google allows fairly easy switching between google accounts as well anyway, its 2-3 seconds max. to switch between them

      1. even the slowest dimwit would realize that google tracks you and
        intends to force you to compromise your real account as well, and that
        they will hound you to link all your accounts. That is their purpose
        with this change. and what if you want to post a comment as yourself? Google forces you to have a plus account which it then links

        Now just for your information sonny, I’ve been a computer programmer, in the security area, for 30 years, so I have a bit of experience on that front. I also have recent experience where one of my children had to try to remove her accounts because the police informed her that she was being targeted by local goons through precisely this mechanism.

        Next time, before you open your trap, remember that just because you dont have the requisite skill set to work out what is going on, it does not mean that it isn’t going on, it simply means you can add one more thing to the list of things you dont know about

      2. But then you have to log in back and forth on your computer, which takes ages because passwords are so long, switching from one google id to another. I hate that. I want one google id to stay logged in with permanently and a different permanent anonymous id for youtube.

  77. I love it. Once your G+ is connected, you don’t really have to deal it. Google+ is great for what it can do (Video calling, image editing, proper discussion, some other stuff.)
    You get notified when people reply to your comment right away, and all shown in that small window without going through that inbox mess and loading pages after pages just to see a freaking reply.
    Youtubers now get MORE control of their videos.
    You can have private comment disussions.
    The only negative is being forced to G+, even though its not that BIG of a deal. G+ > Facebook in my opnion.

    1. oh yea, the comment notification is handy actually. lol its only been a week and ive forgotten how annoying it used to be having to open email and then open a new youtube page just to comment. way better this way

    ░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

  79. Your missing the point here, you tube will no longer allow you to comment unless you have a Google + account, picasa album, and google drive….and your common name listed! Talk about herding the sheep! Say no , or learn to say Baaaaaa

  80. Google now doesn’t even let you vote a post up or down without a Google+ account attached to your YouTube account. Somehow that is missed in every review of this disaster.

    Oh look, 19 percent in the poll like the new system? LOL That’s Google stacking the poll.

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