Here are a few new Nexus 5 camera samples (let’s hope these aren’t taken down)


A few days ago we shared with you some photo samples taken by the then upcoming Nexus 5. Because these shots were taken by Googlers, we don’t think they planned on having their images — from an unreleased phone, mind you — plastered all over the internet and we removed many of them.

Now that the Nexus 5 has finally been announced, it looks the Googlers are coming back out of hiding, uploading pictures taken from the device onto Google+. Because Google touts the OIS camera as one of their best yet, we were definitely curious to see how shots came out in real world use. Here are just a few samples we found.

Before you make any final judgements, keep in mind that 1. these aren’t in full resolution, and 2. it’s possible Google+’s Auto Awesome image enhancing may have touched them up a bit. In any case, have a look see.

IMG_20131017_154854 IMG_20131018_111911 IMG_20131018_130322


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  • Brett

    I’m hungry for chicken now…..THANKS GOOGLE.

  • Brian Menius
  • itsgonnalast

    Wow…. impressive low-light shots.

  • Nathan Bryant

    They never take the best pictures. I’m gonna have to see it in a review. So wished they gave you all review units and stuff.

    • TeeJay1100

      Thats what i said. That’s what I’m waiting to c before I buy one.

  • Covert Hops Society

    Yeah…..If you want really good images, just buy a camera with a better lens. You can get a P & S for around $100 that is portable and will produce images far superior than any phone will.

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, but who wants to carry around another camera? How would you share the photos?

      • kishan

        @chris. What do you think about these pictures compared to G2? Are these as good? or ?

      • catlett

        Lots of people and there are many ways to share them depending on the camera or alternately an SD card with WiFi. Many Sony’s can be controlled directly and transfer photos automatically to Android.

      • Covert Hops Society

        Good god……I hear all this “Camera sucks!!” rhetoric, but then get nothing but teen aged “why should I have to do all that” angst when I suggest a REASONABLE alternative. You will NEVER get a decent image from a phone with the lenses that are utilized. If you want decent images, you need a better medium.

        As far as sharing the images……Honestly, how many people really care about what you share?

        • Clueless

          “You will NEVER get a decent image from a phone with the lenses that are utilized”

          And then you go and suggest a $100 point and shoot? Most top tier phones take better pictures than a $100 point and shoot. And caring a second camera that does not automatically upload your photos is not a reasonable alternative.

          • Covert Hops Society

            I disagree…….As a photographer for most of my life(I started when I was 8), the lenses on the P & S are FAR superior than what is on a phone……As far as sharing…..What the hell did you do before the digital age? To say “carrying” an extra camera is unacceptable because you can’t share is asinine. A total first world problem and sad you actually find it a problem.

          • riprowan

            If you’re a professional photographer then you know “the best camera is the one you have with you.”

            THAT is why photogs want the best possible camera on their phone.

          • Covert Hops Society

            Eat my ass

          • Cesar Ortiz

            * Waiting for Vaild Rebuttal.

          • Clueless

            You are free to disagree all you want but you’ll be alone on this one. One one wants to carry two cameras. Of course there are P&S that are better than an high-end phone, but they do not cost $100. As for the first world problem argument, what kind of argument is that? Why don’t you extend it a bit further and ask me why do I even care about having a camera, since they didn’t even exist a hundred years ago? Try again.

      • Covert Hops Society

        Also, what did you do before digital? How did you share images then? Stop whining!

      • FanboisSuck

        most good cameras connect directly to your smartphone and also to your wifi network.

        there is nothing more annoying than the awful, blurry that people post on facebook and share with their friends, but are too stupid to realize.

    • leocal79

      Average person doesn’t care enough. These images are pretty good or good enough

    • malcmilli

      if i dont want to walk around with two batteries in my pocket i damn sure wont walk around with another camera every where i freaking go.

      • Covert Hops Society

        When I read your response, all I see is “gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!!”

        Wow 2 batteries is too much for you? Don’t you have a boyfriend/husband to help?

        • malcmilli

          Sorry, but i don’t walk around with a fanny pack. Got my left pocket for my phone/headphones, and my right pocket for my wallet/keys. I also don’t have the patience to charge multiple batteries at night. Sure i could carry around 2 batteries, i could also carry around an ipod touch to handle all of my music/movies like I used to a few years ago; but I find that to be inconvenient for me.

          I’d rather one device that can do it all, instead of carrying around 5 specialty devices. A phone with an extra battery, an extra camera, an extra gps, ans extra music player can be quite cumbersome at times.

  • leocal79

    Pretty good

  • AlexMWilliams

    Has anyone had the chance to see The Verge’s take on this phone and how crazy biased they are towards Apple? Before they even used the phone, they said the camera will be disappointing because Android phones always are. Then they want on to call it laggy because Chrome doesn’t seem “snappy” enough. I like the site for their news in other segments but their take on smartphones I generally don’t agree with.

    • Hipking23

      really? whats the link?

    • TeeJay1100

      I seen it and I must say that was the worst hand on impression I have seen yet. If the verge journalist aren’t bias, I could not tell. I am surprised the editor in chief allowed that to be posted on the verge website.

      • ChristianMcC

        Too true.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      It was pretty apauling.he acts like all Samsung phones dont have great cameras and lg is stepping their game up major.

    • Chris Chavez

      Not bashing ’em (I love The Verge for the most part), but that was the most unenthusiastic hands-on ever. Dude sounded like someone forced him at gunpoint to give the Nexus 5 a hands-on. xD

      In case anyone’s wondering:

      • AlexMWilliams

        The Verge does a tremendous job of keeping up with news in various segments and I visit the site daily because of that. Generally they have great articles on top of that but their take on Android has always been frowned upon.

      • GlennStile

        This hands-on was very poor but also the “Vergcast” had some utter rubbish statements too. Josh was at least trying to be a impartial but the other two are clearly massively bias. Josh even had to tell one of them to admit “he was an iPhone guy” and he should give up on his HTC One.

        This has put them even further down in my opinion, I’ll stick to ARS and Anandtech for decent reviews and information, The Verge can keep their hipster love-in.

      • TinmanTinman

        I have a theory about this. They are pissed of that they did not get an exclusive , they consider themselves to be a big shot website. So, if you throw tantrums this time Google will try to appease them with more exclusives in the future.

        Although the look and feel of the site is good . I don’t think the quality of the articles is any good on their site. All their articles lack the technical depth .

    • ArberBeq

      Honestly mobilesyrup gives the best reviews on phones.

  • itsgonnalast

    Snapseed + Google Plus + KitKat… it’s nice to have all these photo-enhancement options, especially the G+ auto-edits.

  • rapage1979

    I don’t think the pics are far off of the G2 camera I have the G2 and the camera is awesome I think the pics are very close.

    • FanboisSuck

      id still rather have a G2 though…. :(

  • J Cav the Great

    not bad at all….better than my GS3…..theres an upgrade right there….

    • Pan_Da

      I think the GS3 still takes nice pictures…see attached

      • J Cav the Great

        i agree that it takes Nice pics…. im just saying that by what i see, these N5’s are bit better.. especially the low light one….

      • roberthenderson

        Most recent phones take good pictures in daylight. The true test is indoors and low light.

        • J Cav the Great

          my point exactly.

  • surethom

    Finally a nexus that can take decent photos.

  • oneloveonehate

    Why is the cooked duck next to the uncooked duck? Thats gotta be a health code violation.

    • Chris Chavez

      Lol! Pretty sure it’s a chicken :P

      • oneloveonehate

        I know, but a chicken with identity issues.

    • mooch

      LoL – its actually steam cooked chicken

      • oneloveonehate

        Ok man, Im sorry….that you and Chris seem to know naked birds way better than I do.

    • Ernest

      that is a steamed chicken.

      • oneloveonehate

        It could be quail for all I care its still a health code violation. That gets you a B- in your window.

        • Guest

          I believe the key word in Ernest’s comment is “steamed”.

          • oneloveonehate

            Ok people its a dead bird bottom line.

          • NexusPhan

            Ya. Next to other dead birds. I’m confused. Do you not want dead birds next to other dead birds? Would you prefer them to be in the peanut butter isle?

        • John Kiser

          Steamed meaning it’s cooked and all

        • Ben Smith

          Way to stay on topic.(^_-)

    • J Dub

      It’s obviously not in the US. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not like the flu where it spreads in the air. Salmonella is a direct contact type of thing. Live a little bit. You don’t need to wash or sanitize your hands all day to stay healthy.

    • SorinDobrin

      The dev should rewrite that code, there’s new API in 4.4

    • JMS55C

      Forgive this guy, he’s probably himself aside from grilled cheese sandwich.

  • jimmy

    The Verge really failed by putting someone biased towards another OS to do the hands on. Every thing he said had a dig at Android. Here’s an idea, give the job to someone who is enthusiastic to see what tech was released.

    • perfectalpha

      Jimmy…I agree about the Verge preview. It was RIDICULOUS watching their video review. But you have to look at it like this, the iPhone 5c was reviewed higher than EVERY OTHER ANDROID PHONE THIS YEAR. That means S4, One, Note 3, G2, Moto X…every single one reviewed worse than the iPhone 5c. I didn’t want to go there, but I did figuring maybe, just MAYBE they would find something nice to say. But nope. LOL.

      • NinoBr0wn

        Is that true? The 5c? lol.. That’s not a haha laugh, that’s a Wtf instant reaction laugh.

        • perfectalpha

          I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.


    I’m really interested in seeing the results of the front camera, my S3 adds this terrible terrible smoothing effect to all pics taking with the front cam. Hope this doesn’t do it.

  • Steven Cannan

    Holy crap…

  • C Jacobs

    Are those untouched or auto awesome pictures?

  • master94

    Wow, that camera is AMAZING

    • trwb

      How can you say that. These photos are not good. Take a photo with an S3, S4 or i5, about 10 times better. I ordered a Nexus 5, but not too excited about the camera at this point.

  • J Dub

    The first 3 are decent. The coffee one is a little meh. Looks out of focus on the coffee. Now the delicious looking birds in the glass cabinet. That’s one is pretty sweet. I don’t see the Nexus 4 taking that shot.

  • FanboisSuck

    the latte shot is bad. focus is on the laptop, not the coffee

    • cns2007

      When taking a picture, can’t you tap to select the area you want in focus? I thought you could.

      • FanboisSuck

        yes you can, but most good cameras identify the focus point themselves. the google camera app just uses teh center of the frame.

        and tap to focus is erratic and slow

    • Gabriel Costa

      That was the intention of the person who took the photo. He/she could just tap the coffee to set the focus on it.

  • fabian hernandez

    these are not bad at all, compared to past nexus phones, this is a step forward

  • John doe

    Here are some awesome examples of the Nexus 5 cam.