Oct 31st, 2013


A few days ago we shared with you some photo samples taken by the then upcoming Nexus 5. Because these shots were taken by Googlers, we don’t think they planned on having their images — from an unreleased phone, mind you — plastered all over the internet and we removed many of them.

Now that the Nexus 5 has finally been announced, it looks the Googlers are coming back out of hiding, uploading pictures taken from the device onto Google+. Because Google touts the OIS camera as one of their best yet, we were definitely curious to see how shots came out in real world use. Here are just a few samples we found.

Before you make any final judgements, keep in mind that 1. these aren’t in full resolution, and 2. it’s possible Google+’s Auto Awesome image enhancing may have touched them up a bit. In any case, have a look see.

IMG_20131017_154854 IMG_20131018_111911 IMG_20131018_130322


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