Some Nexus 5 orders have already begun shipping


Nexus 5 shipping confirmation

Well, that didn’t take long, now did it? Those who were hot with their keys today after the Nexus 5 went live in the Play Store have already begun receiving shipping confirmations. Seems Google is cracking the whip over at their warehouse, and a few customers will have their Nexus 5s on their doorsteps in no time. Hopefully this will help wash out the bad taste left over from last year’s Nexus fiasco. Remember that?

Thanks, anon!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Here are a few new Nexus 5 camera samples (let’s hope these aren’t taken down)

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  1. Tax and shipping… :(

    1. Gotta love living in a sales tax-free state…

      1. We all hate you!
        *Lucky man*

      2. Had mine shipped to Delaware no tax baby

        1. Can I ship mine there too? – :P

      3. GAAAAH. Could have saved $60 if I was you. >:(

      4. Whatevs, you pay anyway, either your vehicle registration is sky-high, or your property taxes, somewhere else you’re paying.

        1. Isn’t that the truth, they will take your money however they can!

        2. Yeah, it all evens out in the end. Make budgeting purchases a bit simpler, though. :P

  2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JeHogXatJB4/UDbuAhFw1DI/AAAAAAAAA20/UH8AVQAPRek/s400/mother-of-god.gif

    I ordered within the first two minutes; here’s hoping…

    … but we all know it’s not a FIFO system, there. :D

    1. That’s awesome that you just used an accounting term!

      1. If you are referring to FIFO it is not just an accounting term. Software development, logistics and other industries use it regularly. If you were referring to something else, disregard this entirely :P

        1. He is, and that’s true. I know it from warehouse and accounting perspectives.

  3. I ordered at 1:09pm CST, perhaps…..

  4. I’m not as concerned about this.. as long as I got it.. I am grateful!

    1. You know it. I was sure they’d all be gone, or the server would be crashed, when I missed the announcement by nearly an hour.

  5. Anybody know where they are shipping from? It took a few hours for my CC to clear the transaction. I hope it ships soon!

    1. from louisville, ky.

      1. Thanks! :) Got my shipping email at 3 am, ordered with 2 day shipping.

  6. Hey @ChrisChavez which one did you order? Or did you order one?

    1. I imagine he passed on this one since it doesn’t have the glass back he loves so much.

    2. Yeah, I got the black 32GB. I almost always opt for 2-tone white (reminds me of a Storm Trooper), but didn’t like the the big black gaping hole for the camera. If only it was silver or also white, I would have jumped on it. :)

      1. If you look closely at the official images of the white model, it shows the ear piece being white. Just a small whit dot on the front of the phone. Bleh.

  7. what da hey…i ordered 11:05am PDT but no shipping confirm yet…

    1. Did you do 2 day shipping? I know I ordered at 11:06, but I did standard shipping. Last year I did 2-day shipping and then I was placed on back order for a month, not risking that again.

      1. Yes. 2 day shipping… Seems like the guy who got his shipped also did 2 day shipping.

  8. Ordered my black 32gb at 2:04:25 PM EDT with no shipping notice yet, still says ‘Pending’.

  9. I ordered mine at 1pm CDT

  10. UK orders are shipping from Ireland which is handy for me.

    1. To add insult to Irish injury they’re not releasing it there!

      1. This is true, but that’s what a VPN is for mine should be delivered Monday :-p

        1. But surely you didn’t enter an Irish delivery address?

          1. In the Republic we have a shipping option called parcelmotel it has a Belfast address

          2. Good man yerself. Will tell my buddies in Ireland.

        2. You also need a UK credit card and a UK postal address Ohh and a UK Google account . they make it as difficult as possible to buy if you’re Irish! And they ship out of Ireland?!

          1. I’m Irish live in Ireland and I got one. VPN and a parcelmotel account is all you need…. Simple.

  11. Still no shipping email here. Waiting feverishly!

    1. Yeah I ordered mine right as it went live. It’s now up to 3-4 weeks!

  12. My order receipt says “You’ve made a purchase on Google Play. You will not be charged until your order has shipped.” I just checked my bank account and Google took the money out, but still no email saying it has been shipped. The play store says “Pending”.

    1. same here

    2. Mine just shipped!

    3. That’s a charge authorization to ensure you actually have the funds available.

  13. I bought mine 4 mins after release, I didn’t get any shipment yet.

  14. anybody can fake that.. XD

  15. My credit card is still waiting to be financially caressed by Google.

  16. That says ships by November 5th…..Today is still October. It doesn’t really say it has shipped.

    Totally sucks there is nothing good on TV for you guys to leave the internets for just a little while.

    1. Look right under the big “Thank you” on top.

      1. It says shipped probably because a label was made and stuck on the box. When the shipper actually picks it up though is a different story.

  17. So google said it wouldn’t charge the card until shipment and my capital one card was already charged. But no confirmation email just yet. Hmmm

  18. Google learns quick. After the messed up Nexus 4 launch this launch is going really well. Is it me or was the press release a little less exciting this year around.

    1. Agreed, they should have has some sort of event, they are always exciting to watch.

  19. Well, that makes me feel great. I ordered the same 16GB White N5, at 2:02:53 EST (a full minute earlier), with 2-day ship.. and someone else gets their phone before me?

    How is that fair?

    1. I was 2:02:57. no ship

      1. Luckily, I got my ship notice very early this morning :) Still, it doesn’t feel right that it’s not done FIFO. Did you guys get your notifications yet?

    2. This is exactly like the N4 launch, there is no real FIFO order.

  20. My order says “Leaves warehouse by November 8, 2013.” When I click info, it still says Pending. My Credit Card has been charged. Does this mean there shipping it to me Nov 8th? WTF I paid an extra 4$ for two day shipping….

    1. “By” Nov. 8. That means it could be before.

    2. It also says Nov 8th because you didn’t make it in the initial batch. The first few were to ship By the 5th. Then the 8th. Then 2-3 weeks, then they sold out. I think the 32gb is 2-3 weeks now.

    3. If you log into online banking, you will see it has charged the card, but it should say “PENDING” on it (mine says that anyway), and when the item ships it will be completely charged

  21. Holy crud; did anybody notice that this super phone offers up to 60 hrs of audio playback? No more killing my phone that way at the end of the night…

  22. lets not forget that “ships by” doesn’t mean it’ll ship on that date only it could be earlier

  23. Les rageux “pro Apple” vont encore venir baver, oui mais après dans les poches sa va être trop gros .. il faut continuer sur la lancer des téléphones plus grand !!! j’ai un Samsung galaxy note 2 de 5.55″ et je peux vous garantir qu’il rentre tout les jeans et même les jeans slim ! until next ipad mini 2 & nexus 5 pas cher

    1. Your French is not welcome here, Va te faire foutre, trouduc!

  24. Mine still says shipped by Nov. 8th. Funny how so many complain that 16gb isn’t enough storage without an SD card but the 16gb is sold out and the 32gb is still available.

  25. Mine just shipped…32gb white, the screen shot above is 100% – I received the same e-mail this morning with a tracking # (not scanned yet, via UPS)

    1. Has anyone gotten UPS info yet? interested to see what arrival dates are looking like

      1. I’ll post it soon as I get it…I’ve been checking the tracking off and on…most probably will be scanned mid to later in the day…can’t wait!!!

      2. Here’s what my tacking info states:

        Scheduled For Early Delivery On: Monday, 11/04/2013, By End of Day
        Originally Scheduled For Delivery On:Tuesday, 11/05/2013, By End of Day

        Last Location:Departed – Louisville, KY, United States, Friday, 11/01/2013

  26. Noooo, this can’t be happening again!! Mine changed from leaving the 5th to pre-ordered.

    1. Where do you find that information. My wallet page doesn’t list the ship by date. I just know it WAS the 5th.

      Nevermind. Found it.

  27. confirmation email at 2:11pm but no shipping yet :(

  28. Received my shipped email last night, but UPS hasn’t yet updated their tracking system or hasn’t yet pick up the package. Does anyone know where their warehouse is? suppose i could google it.

    1. They have several. I believe there is one in KY and another on the east coast. I am not sure about others though.

      1. sweet, mine must be coming from KY then, paid 14$ for 2days delivery so I can get it in time before heading out of the country on the 8th..phew

        1. confirmed-
          Scheduled Delivery:Monday, 11/04/2013, By End of Day
          Last Location:Louisville, KY, United States, Friday, 11/01/2013

  29. Hey, I wanted to know if anyone bought 2 nexus 5 in one order, if the shipping cost is double or just still $13.99. And what’s with the taxation? I thought at $350 the taxes would be included in it.

    1. I bought 4 and the shipping was $15.99..

      1. Thanks. And the taxation is always included at the checkout?

        1. unless you live in a sales tax free state, yes

    2. Do both of yours have the same “leave the warehouse by” date?

    3. I purchased two, both 32gb and the shipping was 15.99 for two day.

  30. UPS tracking just updated – 2 day air, Monday guaranteed deliv. Got it shipped to my office so will receive it before 10:30 AM EST guaranteed. Weeeeeeee

  31. I made my order at 5:17 pm PST on 10/31 from the west coast on standard shipping. Initially, the wait was to be 2 to tree weeks but now my account has already been deducted. As I was also led to believe that I would not be charged until it shipped, I have to assume shiping is imminent.

    1. Don’t hold your breath my friend!

      1. Yeah, I think you may be right. Still nothing. The wait isn’t too bad but the fact that the money is in limbo already means that Google wasn’t being being completely upfront when they stated no one would be charged until the shipping date. Tying up someone’s money isn’t much different than taking it. This does kind of piss me off TBH.

      2. Edit. I have now recieved a shipping notification from google play. My phone will be shipping within 24 hours. That’s far better that the 2 to 3 weeks I was quoted for my black 32 gb phone. Thumbs up for Google from me!

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