Facebook Messenger update rolls out to testers, brings complete Holo UI makeover [DOWNLOAD]

  • Peter Elder

    Boo, I got an update today but no Holo UI for me :(

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Samesies :c

      • Powsniffer0110

        Neither version works on CM7 2.3.7

  • Cesar Ortiz

    Looks nice, Hopefully this design rollout soon to all the android users

  • Gilbert G.

    They have removed SMS supports. It’s useless to me now.

    • Danny Dodge

      Really? :S damn – I love chat head pop up SMS

    • Danny Dodge

      OHHH probably because SMS is coming to hangouts… still … Then we lose the heads :S

  • Danny Dodge

    APK ??? Please :D

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Just updated with the pulled apk. Enjoy.

  • Adam Tentis

    How about they actually release a tablet app for Facebook?

  • Marvin the paranoid android

    Looks like an iOS7 app.

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Which is crazy seeing as how iOS 7’s Messenger app still looks like balls. :P

  • Devon Austrie

    I have it and I hope this rolls out to everyone soon. This is damn good.

  • Subzer0

    i see alot of bad reviews.. bad move FB.

  • Justan Palutis

    just download it from xda. I like it wish they would do the same to the Facebook app

    • Justan Palutis

      thats the new facebook messenger got it from xda you must uninstall old one firs new poster here so i dont really know what the rules are on posting links https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2W7Wwh8J8N9U1hyTjVZTkdHTFU/preview

      • Lou_Sasshole

        Thanks for the link, the app looks very nice and performs good.

        • Justan Palutis

          I personally love it love the ui it looks sleek and smooth and it runs pretty smooth only issue is if Facebook didn’t send you the new update on the playstore it tries to tell you that you need to update it but the update is the original design so I’d suggest you unchecked auto update for the app or you’ll be back to square one

          • Lou_Sasshole

            Yeah I noticed that but luckily auto update is turned off.

        • Awais

          How to Log out from This Version ??

  • Caleb Loop

    Not using the HTC First in their press photos is kind of a depressing admission of defeat. ha

  • Barry D.

    Messenger runs great on my S3. No lag at all ever. It also ran great on my cheesy Transform Ultra.

    That being said, I hope they redo the main Facebook app with Holo UI.

    • Cesar Ortiz

      I hope they make that change also, It would run smoother and look way more beautiful with that HOLO UI

  • StormbladeX69

    They appear to have removed SMS functionality with this version.

  • Guest

    not the full apk.. repost DL link.

  • Jastin Cruz

    How to log out if I want to..been figuring it out but i can’t find a way..anybody knows please?

    • Awais

      dont if u then telme also plzz..

  • TheHowiie

    Love the design, but removing SMS support was a bad move. Especially since I hardly ever need to message anyone on Facebook.

  • Cesar Ortiz

    Installed this new design of facebook messenger and i love it!! it is way better than the other design plus it seems to be much faster in sending the messages to your facebook buddies..

  • Brett

    I had uninstalled the old version, and installed this one. Overnight, Google Play ‘updated’ Messenger by returning it to the old version. LAME.

  • Andrea

    Installed, works great. But am I the only one having problems making calls? Based on this download?

  • Awais

    How to log out it from this version plzz tell if any one know..?