Samsung working on “Gear Glass,” their own version of Google Glass [RUMOR]


We can’t say we’re surprised by news that Samsung might want to attack yet another segment of the emerging wearable technology market. This time, leakster Eldar Murtazin is reporting that Samsung will be looking to launch their own-branded tech-infused glasses at some point in Spring 2014. According to him, it will be called the “Gear Glass,” though he didn’t have much other information to share.

It’s unknown which platform Samsung would look to leverage with Gear Glass, but one can assume Android has a good shot of being the driving force behind any experience Samsung is looking to cook up due to their desire to make all their mobile products compatible with each other.

With that, we’re not sure if Samsung would look to use Google’s home-brewed glasses experience (assuming it could be ready for public consumption). It sounds like it could hit store shelves around the same time that Google is looking to make Google Glass available to the general public, though, which could suggest they’re working on their own platform.

It’s way too early to tell what they’re thinking in regards to this whole thing, so we’ll try not to get too far ahead of ourselves. That said, we are curious to know if you’d be down to purchase one of these things if these rumors do indeed turn out to be true. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Tomáš Petrík

    If you pay attention to their latest Galaxy Gear ad, at the end when there is an incoming call, the name shown says Jamie Glass. This could be some sort of a hint…

  • veccster

    Why wouldn’t they call it….GALAXY GLASS???

    • AMbro86

      Agreed! Personally I’d say lose the “glass” altogether as it’s too blatantly referencing Google Glass for my tastes. But Samsung always was a good copycat so they probably don’t care. But even “Galaxy Glass” sounds better than “Gear Glass”.

      The Galaxy name definitely has more going for it than their “Gear” name branding right now though for sure.

      If I were on Samsung’s product naming division though I would have gone with “Galaxy Vision”, “Galaxy Goggles”, or “Galaxy Specs” or literally any other name. Gear Glass sounds unimaginative, bland, and mostly like a cheap copy of Google Glass.

  • David Narada Brown

    SAMSUNG IS WORKING ON MY LAST NERVE! they seem to be doing too much. over priced, half done, closed ecosystem, over saturated with useless features. get it together Sammy!

    • ari_free

      The difference is, unlike Google devices, this may actually sell

      • Wozn2

        You mean like how the Galaxy Gear is going to fly off the shelves?

  • Unorthodox

    C’mon Samsung. Stop wasting your time with this nonsense. The Gear is already a fail, now you want Glass to add to that line? Try to better what you’re already good at!

    • Tony Lai

      Well, the first device of a product line from Samsung is usually a failure while Note only being the exception… so I don’t expect too much from this Glass thingy…
      Look at Galaxy S, Gear and Tab 7.0. Pretty much flopped until 2nd version of some devices comes out.

      • SB16-Professional Actor=Frank

        Galaxy S was one of the best phones at its time. Don’t even compare it to Tab 7 and Gear…

        • ari_free

          everyone complained about the gps

          • Jason Farrell

            I still have my SGS1 (Captivate), and the GPS is still slow and sucky, but it does eventually work. CyanogenMod might’ve helped “fix” it, as much as they could.

          • SB16-Professional Actor=Frank

            I actually had one, and the GPS worked awesome. I never had any problem with it. After that phone, i bought Galaxy S2, one of Samsung best creation. Then it went downhill.

    • Charles Humphries

      The gear is selling very well, and is a great build quality. Every review that says it sucks online is by a journalist who is mac-centric or samsung phobic. In fact, curious to see one, I have not been able to find one since the open day – unless it is on someone’s arm. I know two people – who claim to get 1-3 days of use – but they are p[ower-users, so who knows. One has his whole phone killed during screen shutdown – so he doesn’t get as many battery draining notifications. It is an expensive watch, but not the most expensive or least value. The quality is nice but the charging is awkward. But at this point, it really this feels more to me like something I would use on occasion, not everyday. Like, I am going to a 8 day vacation, and this would be awesome for that.

  • supremekizzle

    Probably only compatible with other galaxy devices. Samsung is starting to turn into a closed ecosystem and will alienate themselves, and ultimately break away from, android.


      That’s why they are supporting Tizen. They really do plan to breakaway from Androird, the software that made them $BILLIONS

      • selonmoi

        I can’t wait to watch them fail spectacularly.

      • Charles Humphries

        They won’t break away, they will do what Samsung does – offer options in any scope that they can, and strive to make them affordable and powerful and drive them to lead the market. Even with Tizen, they will still support Android obviously, just as they support iOS and Windows. Samsung is the only OEM on the PLANET who made apps compatible with the latest BlackBerry incarnation. You think they would abandon Android? Some people consider Android too laggy for some things and too complex for others. It is not by any means PERFECT so I welcome options myself. But I don’t know, for example, I would turn down Tizen on principle. It is not like I don’t have iOS and three versions of Windows and Linux (debian, Ubuntu, and Mint) two different builds of Android, and a lot more in my house. Also, a dual boot Tizen and Android is possible, and if patent trolls would get out of the way, you’d see how well they dual boot android and windows on the ATIV book Q – one being more Googlecentric. The Note 10 doesn’t keep them from making the ATIV Tab 3 – which is a very powerful Windows tablet with a full version of Windows 8.

        • AMbro86

          Tizen looked awful. I mean, I know it’s still too early to see its ultimate path, but it looked pretty rough. I was far more excited about Ubuntu for phones. It looked elegant, beautiful, and functional.

          Too bad the Edge crowdfunding project didn’t make its goal, I would have loved to have a dual boot Android/Linux phone!

          But anyway, back to the topic at hand, I agree. Samsung wouldn’t ditch Android just yet. It’s too lucrative for them to just dump it 100% for Tizen. But they do seem to like adding their own stuff to Android like crazy. I wouldn’t mind that so much, but they needed to make their stylus more functional with third party apps to be more than a novelty for me. I did love using the stylus on a Note II when I tried it. But good grief I hated using Samsung’s TouchWiz apps.

          • Charles Humphries

            That’s the thing – it is NOT a stylus. It is a WACOM pen. Your Note 2 stylus will work on a Microsoft Surface Pro, because it is WACOM enabled (and made in Large Part by Samsung). Your WACOM pen will work on your note, and your S Pen will work on wacom devices. It charges wirelessly while you use it ,and the “tip” is a button. So get close enough to the screen and use your finger to hold down the tip, and don’t touch the screen. It will still write on a screen! That is a big difference between a S Pen and Rubber Tip Stylus for any capacitive screen. A lot of people don’t seem to realize the S Pen is not a stylus, it is actually a WACOM pen, and therefore only works with WACOM enabled devices.

  • steveb944

    If it’s anything like their watch, I’ll pass. I’m sticking to Google no matter what.

  • Hrethgir

    Probably only going to be compatible with certain Galaxy phones, like Gear and that home entertainment device. So I already don’t care, I’m not liking myself to 1 single manufacturer, that’s why I left Apple.

  • Seth Forbus

    Really? lol. I didn’t see this coming but I should have. I want google glass.

  • selonmoi


  • guitarist5122

    Can’t say I’m too surprised. Just hope it looks better than their Galaxy Gear

  • Casey Persson

    C’mon people, we should be welcoming competition to Google glass. Just like we all got up in arms about competition when Samsung lost the big court battle with Apple (who also should bring smart glasses to market). Good for you Samsung, I more than likely won’t get it but still, thanks for trying.

    • AMbro86

      Yeah. We need a more TouchWiz-y version of Glass! I welcome the competition…I just don’t think it will gain as much popularity as Google’s offering.

      But hey you never know, I never thought Samsung devices would not only take the crown as king of the Androids, but king of the smartphone world in general (and even best Apple). So I guess anything is possible.

  • AMbro86

    Oh Samsung…they don’t have much to compete with when it comes to the iPhone these days, so now they have to copy Google. That’s kind of sad.

    • Charles Humphries

      science fiction invented the smart glass concept. it will be implemented. I am eager to see how until we get lenses or implants.

  • Wozn2

    It has to be better than the Galaxy Gear, otherwise why bother?