HTC One Developer Edition now getting Android 4.3 update

HTC One Developer Edition Unboxing

HTC has been quite quick to bring out the Android 4.3 update. International units began receiving the upgrade earlier this week, and now the Taiwanese company has announced that the rollout for the developer edition of the device has started. It makes sense that these versions of the device are seeing it so early, as HTC doesn’t have to deal with annoyingly lengthy carrier approval processes.

You’ll be going from versionĀ from version 1.29.1540.17 to 3.22.1540.1, in case you were wondering. What does it bring? Well, pretty much only what Android 4.3 brings — restricted profiles, Bluetooth Smart Ready support, Open GL ES 3.0 support, improved DRM, and more. Truth be told, a lot of what 4.3 brought wasn’t immediately important to typical users, though developers will enjoy them a ton (and end-users will ultimately benefit because of it).

Google’s been on a decoupling campaign as of late, with the tech giant opting to bring new features in the form of app updates instead of system updates. This brings us tons of new features without having to wait for carriers and OEMs to get their acts together.

The HTC One will still feature all the stuff you love about Sense 5 after this update, including BlinkFeed, BoomSound, HTC Zoe, and more. Be sure to turn your WiFi on and head to the settings menu to find your download, as HTC is rolling this puppy out over-the-air. Let us know how you’re enjoying it in the comments section below.

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  • Rad Stevens

    Hurry up with my damn croissants.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Hot, toasty croissants?

  • OMFCody

    Also the update has been approved on all Canadian carriers! :)

  • JonnyPo

    I’m headed to LG or Motorola next. I am completely finished with HTC. I am trying to sell my HTC ONE as soon as possible.

    • Jacob Serna

      …..I get mad when my device manufacturer updates my phone too. The nerve of those guys. Sell!

      • JonnyPo

        You sarcastic smelly douche.

        • Jiro K

          Well that escalated quickly

          • JonnyPo

            Huh? What did?

          • Jacob Serna

            I’m just not following your logic. You claim you’re selling the phone because hTC is going through financial issues.

            Even if that’s true it doesn’t just stop the One from being a great device suddenly. If anything this is a positive sign that hTC still has the capacity to update their flagship to the latest version of android.

            Unless of course a brand is the only thing that matters to you. I’d recommend an iPhone :p

        • Jacob Serna


        • BELIEVEinMYTH

          and how is LG better ? LG has a track record of making glitchy bug ridden phones. LG G2x anyone ?


      Why ? because theyre updating your phone ? If you think LG or Motorolla are going to get updates sooner, youre sorely mistaken.

    • Kpennett

      Buh Bye!
      So, now we won’t have to see you on ANY HTC Posts, RIGHT?

    • DavidVarghese

      Why do I have the feeling that you’ve up-voted yourself?

  • simpleas

    Update? From HTC? lol nice

  • blackroseMD1

    I thought HTC was terrible about updating their phones. That’s what the comments sections of most articles about the One told me.

    • blest

      Well everyone changes with the times right?


      Some commenters are just trolling. Some hate HTC just to hate HTC. All of my updates had to come thru T-Mobile so if there was any delay in getting it, i always blamed them first, not HTC.

      • Chad Vincent

        I hold it against the carrier if the international edition gets the update. If neither does, then it requires a bit more research. ;)

  • EnX$$

    Great HTC keep it this way

  • Kpennett

    So, Anyone Else Want to Know WTF the “N” Icon on the status bar is all about?
    Already Another thing I DO NOT LIKE Is that the “Speak” App Automatically Starts when in Car Mode

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      “N” icon on the nav bar sounds like the Near Field Communication symbol.

      • Kpennett

        Yes, I shoulda Guessed that

  • taye

    Yea 4.3 update for the developer edition not the carrier HTC one’s in which they promise to deliver before the end of September but will fall short again not hating here I actually own a HTC one love the phone but when it comes to updates they kinda slow to deliver

    • malcmilli

      did they promise the carrier version specifically, or did they promise that HTC one would get the update before end of september. I don’t think they could guarantee anything that’s out of their hands.

      • Raymond Mueller

        Yes they promised it specifically they said they were pushing out 4.3 to all the HTC ones across the scus aka carriers by end of sept

      • taye

        Yea they did look it up it’s even specifically stated that it’s on record here on phandroid and plenty other sites including there own Twitter

  • Iain

    The speak app your on about can be turned off I believe.

  • Rampage1

    Johnnypo is an idiot if he thinks anyone else is getting out updates faster, way to go Htc keep it going.

  • DavidVarghese

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s the fastest OEM firmware update turnout ever!

    Now waiting for it come to Sprint….

  • Adam Goldberg


  • Jon Spittle

    I love how 4.3 is coming to the One before the S4 gets 4.3 it’s will shut up those critics I hope! I loved my One only got rid of it as I get bored of phones, got a Z1 now, which is another awesome phone.

    • taye

      Well it’s coming to the developers edition first not carriers HTC one which they promised to deliver by the end of this month but that’s not looking to promising S4 will be receiving 4.3 in October as well so yeah nd I own a HTC one currently well for now note 3 here I come

  • taye

    Does anybody else notice that this update is for the developers edition only CEO released a statement on Twitter like a week ago now so I hope the guys with the carrier brand HTC one’s aren’t getting there hopes up

  • InspectorGadget80

    How the hell GOOGLE EDITION gets it first before the carriers?

    • JBrowne1012

      GOOGLE! STOCK ANDROID! thats how.