Sep 26th, 2013

Google Glass Camera closeup

Folks in the Google Glass Explorers program might be feeling a bit slated that it’s not easy to get third-party apps up on the platform just yet (after all, developers did pay $1,500 to own the thing). It looks like that might be changing soon, though, with Google said to be bringing the ability to publish third-party Glassware apps in an upcoming XE10 update.

This milestone release will apparently give developers access to the various sensors and features inside the piece of wearable tech that make it tick. This deeper access should enable developers to create even more capable software, such as better games and more interactive, functional apps. We’re not sure of the exact level of functionality they’ll have access to, but it sounds significant.

We’re supposed to be seeing this upgrade at some point in October, and if the timing of previous updates are anything to go by, that could be happening within the first half of that time frame. Google will definitely have to get a move on things if they aim to get the platform fully supported by the time it launches to general retail in early 2014. We have our Glass units in hand, of course, and we’ll be patiently awaiting the day this update arrives.


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