Nexus 5 spotted in FCC filing as LG D820 [UPDATE: 5-inch display, Snapdragon 800 confirmed]


LG Nexus 5 leak featured large

My head is still reeling from Tuesday’s Nexus 5 slip up, and then this falls on my lap. What you’re looking at above is a mysterious device that made a pit stop at the FCC recently calling itself the LG-D820. Right off the bat you’ll notice the general shape and large gaping camera hole fit almost identically with the Nexus 5 spotted in Google’s now pulled KitKat unveiling video.

LG D820 FCC wireless charging cover Nexus 5

In the official documentation uncovered by S4gru, we see a device of LG’s making, equipped with NFC, Qi wireless charging, and an unusual assortment of radios, not found in your everyday device. Supported networks on this particular device include T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint (HSPA, CDMA, LTE) with the usual pentaband GSM radios — but no mention of Verizon’s LTE (Band 13). We also found it strange that the device is listed as carrying only a modest 2,300mAh battery.


I’m trying to keep my reserve, but I think it’s safe to call this one in — looks like we could be looking at the Nexus 5 here, folks. In the off chance that it’s not, what do you think this LG-D820 could be? Keep in mind its likely variant, the LG G2, carries the model number D802.


Nexus 5 126mm display FCC

Some careful digging through the docs has revealed the firmware as “M8974A” and build number “aosp_hammerhead-userdebugKyeLimePieFACTORYeng.sangjoon84.lee.20130618.015154.” While it might sound weird that it’s listed as Key Lime Pie, remember that even internally, that’s the name Google was using before officially unveiling KitKat on Tuesday.

When it comes to screen size, the device’s display is listed as 126mm or roughly 4.96-inches (which, depending on how you round it, still leaves the door open for a Nexus 5, or Nexus 4 refresh).

[FCC | via Engadget]

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  1. Well, That basically confirms that video featuring the Nexus 5.
    I know there hasn’t really been a decent leak of the images of the Nexus 5, but so far from what I’ve seen, it looks pretty ugly. Mainly because of the huge camera hole…

    1. Boy you can tell a lot from a bunch of crappy pictures

      1. Can’t get much of a better view of the back than this.

        1. It looks like it cover up by a case

          1. You can clearly see the Nexus and LG logo. Definitely no case on that.

        2. Oh you mean the pixelated backplate… I am sure Google will fix that in the final product. Maybe they were trying to give it a blurry look but you know that’s probably a prototype. -_-

          1. Hopefully it is a prototype. I want my next phone to be a Nexus 5 for sure.

        3. LG is making it as ugly as possible so people will buy the g2 lol. The Optimus G was a great phone but the nexus 4 was just as pretty and priced wayyyyy better

          1. What the $*(@ are you talking about?

            It’s a $*(@(NG rectangle. How can that be so ugly that you’re motivated to post utter nonsense on the internet?

          2. i dont like huge non centered circles in my rectangles therefore its ugly. now if that circle was a rounded rectangle or centered awwww yeaaa

          3. Most phones are rectangles. Not sure what point you’re trying to make

          4. It was a response to Jiro who called it the ugliest thing possible.

    2. The camera hole can be as big as they want, just make sure it takes great shots.

    3. Larger camera sensors usually take better pics(at least from what I’ve noticed)

    4. I’m really happy about the large camera hole. Hopefully means bigger lens and sensor. Better quality pictures, that is. ; )

  2. I’m hoping they have a 32gb variant this time. The space on my Nexus 4 (16gb) is filling up quickly

    1. ill still get the 16gb since mine is almost empty

    2. Given the 8GB is now out of commission, I’d say it’s likely :)

    3. I am betting (and I’m completely pulling this out of my ass) that we will see 16/32 with $350/$400 pricing.

      1. I wouldn’t doubt it, and hope for a refreshed N4 at 250/300 with those sizes.

        1. i think the $200/$250 for an N4 (especially if refreshed) is not sustainable–they were probably already taking a loss at $300/$350.

          1. I agree, and I think that the N5 will be the only phone, since it is smaller than the N4 in body dimensions, so I’ll be happy with that.

      2. I think the N5 pricing will be $299 for the 16gb version and $349 for the 32gb version

    4. Simple fix for this that they could do….Put in a microSD card slot!!!!

      1. To be honest I’d rather just have more space initially

      2. Doubt it! They just removed SD card support from Play Music app

    5. 64GB would be brilliant.

  3. Does this mean a Nexus 5 AND a refresh of the Nexus 4? Anyone have any Intel on the screen size of the 5?

    1. LG/Google might phase out the Nexus 4 completely, or keep it as a low-cost option. There were some rumors that a refreshed Nexus 4 could also arrive in the Play Store, which could be the device in the leak video, and what we’re looking at here.

      Basically, nobody knows for sure. My guess is Google and LG will focus on a single Nexus, and the Nexus 5 (based off the LG G2) will be it. I’d be willing to bet on it.

      1. Interesting to say the least. That would be pretty BADASS if they have s 4 line and a 5 line.

        That’s also pretty sweet that one phone can be used on three networks. Google really is the only company that could push the idea of buying a phone and shopping a carrier to new heights.

      2. Hey Chris, you wanna put your Google Glass set up for bet? :-P

        1. If it was mine to give away, I honestly would :p

      3. They’re going to pull another KitKat and come out with some outta there Nexus device. LoL!! I can’t get that out my head.

        I’m still mad. Google got us good. =.P

    2. The “5” is 4.96 inches.

      Whether that makes it a Nexus 4 or a Nexus 5 … we’ll see.

      1. Pretty exciting! I like the idea of NOT giving my money to T-Mobile for an overpriced phone!

        1. Or any other carrier for hat matter.

      2. I was thinking that too. It would be perfect.

    3. screen is going to be 4.96 inches with 1920×1080 resolution.

      1. I hope it isn’t the resolution you just stated, or we’re looking at a pointless battery drain, but @androidprofit:disqus at least the phone will be smaller than the GNex and N4 in total dimensions!

  4. hopefully it was a typo and meant to be 3200mah Haha really doubt it but idk if I can live with 2300mah and nonremovable

    1. Where are you seeing battery size?

      1. Page 17 of the SAR Report on the FCC page

        1. Thanks and very very disappointing

          1. I saw it in this article but Devon is probably right too haha I might end up having to get a battery case. I wouldn’t mind 2300mah if I could swap batteries

    2. Seems like it… If this is a variant of the LG G2, then we are good because the G2 has 3000 mAH battery

  5. “Note: battery cover is not supposed to be removed.”



    1. lmao, get used to it already!

    2. kind of expected it really…

  6. Does it support “LTE Advanced”? Future proof?

    1. LTE advanced is not even out i doubt it

      1. Samsung S4 has it. Thought its going be in soon.

        1. Yes in korea

      2. Testing in S.korea sorry rollout a few years away still

  7. And Glass Back again?

    1. No glass back expected based on the leaked vid you can download. It looks to have a matte finish with glossy “nexus” letters, like the N7.

  8. It supports all bands of Sprint/Clearwire LTE. This may replace my GS4 if everything else looks good.

  9. Just to be perfectly clear, this is a pentaband gsm device? I like using hspa+.

  10. I hope they keep the pricing structure the same! I’m so excited right now!!! I want to make love to a school boy.

    1. Whoa whoa you went too far with that last line -_-.

      1. Come on. You didn’t get the reference : (

        1. Dumb and Dumber?

        2. No…

    2. well that escalated quickly…

  11. 68.2mm wide? That’s kinda narrow for a phone with a 5″ screen, given that the S4 is 69.8mm wide. At least no one can say it is too big if it’s easier to hold than the s3 and s4.

    1. Xperia ZL is 5″ and 69.3 mm wide. If you look at a photo of it there is certainly room to squeeze another mm out of the bezel.

  12. This is not the same phone as in the reveal video the cam hole is on opposite side in FCC file. In space rotate the FCC image clockwise, also I don’t think the logo is the lg stamp where the circle before the letters lg?

    1. I think you’re mistaken, the camera hole is on the same side.

      1. I concur! This is the inside of the phone, not the outside.

        1. doesn’t the camera circle on the inside of the phone match the camera circle on the outside of the phone? I can kind of sort of see Guest’s comment as being understandable somewhat…. try and rotate the FCC image using your imagination to be in the same orientation as the googler holding the N5. does it match?

          1. Not rotation so much as mirroring need to see how it matches.

          2. when the camera circle is on the left from the observer, we’re looking at the back of the phone. when the camera circle is on the right from the observer, we’re looking at the front. what confused me is that it appears the back covor was removed, when in reality, based on what you said, actually the front glass is removed… and we are looking at the insides……. the insides from the front…

  13. Disappointing. If it is based off of the G2 it’s VERY loosely based. In fact, based on the available info, I don’t see any similarities at all. Different shape, screen size, camera location, battery…The same processor is about it. Wish it kept the 5.2 inch screen and large battery.

    1. That sounds pretty much like what happened with optimus g/nexus 4

      1. I hope the screen is upgraded to 720P, since who needs a 444 PPI screen that sucks up more power and processing, and you notice absolutely no difference without a magnifying glass. Give us 300 PPI N5.

    2. it will have a 192×1080 display.

      1. I mean 1920×1080

    3. The CPU and family of chips is significant design carryover possible from G2. So even if they change out camera, display, etc. it could still be a close cousin to G2.

  14. something else just occured to me..

    In the images, the 4 metal circles arranged in a square could be magnets, for ‘snapping’ the device to a wireless charger.

    1. I believe you’re correct, probably not just posts for the coil and polymer sheet!

    2. If that’s true you wouldn’t be able to keep your phone by your wallet since magnets will potentially damage the stripe on the credit card.

      1. it’s typically not advisable, anyway, due to the fields generated by any cell.

      2. wouldn’t they put the magnets in the charging base? so the posts would just be neutral metallic.

      3. Didn’t stop them from doing the same thing with the palm pre 3. Just have to trust the engineers are sure that it won’t. (If that’s what they indeed are)

  15. how did u confirmed about the snapdragon 800? i dnt see it anywhere in the documment provided by FCC

    1. apparently firmware “M8974A” refers to snapdragon 800 firmware

      1. that makes sense! if that is the case, this will be my next phone. its basically a sleek design and for some reason i like more this than the lg g2.

  16. That guy just looks so derpy.

  17. Shorter and skinnier than my One X….. goodbye One X it’s been real.

  18. I’m gonna be SUPER PISSED if I can’t use it for Verizon

    1. Nothing is let in from the outside on Verizon, so sorry for the urine.

      1. Doesn’t mean we can’t be pissed about it :P

    2. Verizon just paid the FCC $1.25M for blocking tethering apps in Google Play. “misinformed employees” they had.

      FCC hasn’t even sued yet for blocking alien phones, secret price lists, throttling and all that other good stuff Verizon gets away with at the moment. SO don’t sell yourself to Verizon for more than a month at a time.

  19. Tri-band LTE? Can someone say, phenomenal resale value? Hell yes

  20. Well piss, what happened to “phenomenal battery life”? I mean, with a shell that big you should be able to fit a battery 50% larger in there.

    1. Depends on its depth/thickness, but yeah I was a little surprised too.

  21. Calm down. It’s probably only LG’s G2 Sprint they have been talking about.

    That’s a Sprint and T-Mobile phone. Google wouldn’t do that. Get real.

    1. Engadget lists the bands for GSM and HSPA+, so it’s AT&T, too. Then it’s US less Verizon. Google would do that :) It’s a Nexus.

  22. i dont think for that battery 2300mAh , in moto x was the same fake rummor for 1700 or 1900 i dont remember , hopeto be , 3000+ thats would be great

  23. Nexus 5, I think you’re my next phone. : P

    1. Absolutely since it is smaller than the N4 with a bigger battery! I guess the next question is the thickness, but I can’t imagine anything over 10mm.

  24. I just wish I understood what all those things in FCC filing meant -_- #stupidme

  25. Sprint! sprint nexus! omg yes!

    1. I really wonder how this will be implemented, since sprint doesn’t do sim cards for their phones, unlike Verizon with LTE.

  26. It is our owner to know about this. Thank you very much.

    1. honor not owner..:)

  27. Release Date Nexus 5?

    1. Nothing solid, but I bet when the invitations get sent for another Google event we’ll find out.

  28. LG nexus again?? :/ skipping another nexus version. still on my galaxy nexus, hopefully the updates will come to it too.

    1. You prefer a Samsung Nexus device over LG? Dude. I gotta say. the LG Nexus 4 is so much better built than the Galaxy Nexus… It’s not even comparable. I really hope Samsung doesn’t make Nexus devices anymore. Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus felt like toys.

      1. really? like how the Lg has this thin glass back that can shatter from a small fall? Glass does not mean good quality build. I find that yes plastic does feel “cheap”, but it does resist the occasional slip from the hand. and honestly I would rather have a “cheap” looking phone than a broken or cracked one.

        1. This will be plastic back, as far as we can tell right now.

        2. Well, I bought mine at launch and It’s still scratchless. Just treat your things right. Don’t need to use It like U’re handling your baby. It’s not THAT fragile… just don’t do stupid things with It, like holding the phone with your head and shoulder, or leave It on your lap while sitting in a bar. It’s a matter of how you use your things.

          If you don’t want a glass back on your phone, make It with another material. Hell… even plastic can feel solid( I had a Nexus One and It felt really good and was plastic), but Samsung’s plastic just feels like a toy from a .99 cent store.

      2. I don’t totally agree having both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4. Had to upgrade to the Nexus 4 after fallin in the pool with my GNexus in my pocket and even though I didn’t want to upgrade I was forced to due to the water damage. Now overall yes I’ll agree that the Nexus 4 is a better phone BUT the screen on my GNexus was so much brighter and I really miss the removable battery door and SD card slot but like I said the nexus 4 is a great phone especially once you root it and flash one of these amazing custom ROMS.

        1. GNex did not have an SD card slot, but it did have 32GB on Verizon which is about the only thing right about the Verizon variant.

        2. Your Galaxy Nexus had an SD slot?

        3. I loved the GNex but that screen was WAAAAY too over saturated.

  29. The Nexus 4.96 has a ring to it!

  30. Yess….am so happy and heartily wait for the launch of Nexus 5.

  31. No Verizon version How come I’m not surprised nor will I be surprised if we never see one?

    1. The air interface that’s listed in the FCC filing shows CDMA and LTE, so that’s a good indication that I might be going to Verizon as well as Sprint.

      1. It was Verizon that totally screwed up the GNex. Verizon has no clue what a Nexus device is. I find it ironic that they blocked Google experience apps (i.e. Wallet). For Verizon to get another Nexus phone, they should no longer block Nexus apps and don’t wait a month to release updates. I think the real clue this is not bound for Verizon is that it doesn’t support Verizon’s LTE band.

        I can’t really see where Sprint messed up. They have the best integration of Google Voice and they don’t block Google Wallet.

        1. Ah… Google voice. I love that service. Please don’t kill it, Google!

          Word of warning: before you change your phone number after a move to a new area code, you should un-associate your Google Voice number from your phone.

          Otherwise, you won’t be making calls and you will have a bad time.

        2. I’m not sure how they got away with blocking software after signing the agreement that prevents this on their LTE block. I guess it was easier to side-load and continue to use it than to fight Verizon on that. Just sad to show people Google Wallet with a lame “unsupported device” on screen.

    2. Verizon does not equal a good Android experience, Verizon needs to make there own skinned Android and include all the bloatware they please.

  32. “aosp_hammerhead-userdebugKyeLimePieFACTORYeng.sangjoon84.lee.20130618.015154.”…..Big clue that it could be a Nexus is the word “Hammerhead”…..they have used code names referring to animals. Mantaray (nexus 10), a bull “toro” (Gnex’s)….so now hammerhead for a new Nexus.

    1. Maybe be hammerhead shark?

      1. Urrrrm… that’s what he was referring to..

    2. More specifically, they’re all fish.

      1. well i meant in general terms…..they all are AMINALS! lol

      2. I didn’t even think about toro being a fish… Good catch!(pun intended)

        1. Also, Maguro is tuna and Yakju is a dam/reservoir. Takju do come into play anywhere that I have found.

  33. Can’t wait.

  34. When this thing launches for $350 (seeing as how the Xiaomi Mi-3 is $327 I’d say this is a sure thing) it is going to kill Samsung, HTC, and Moto sales on GSM networks. I still do not get why Google is outsourcing the Nexus devices when it owns Moto unless LG and Asus are losing money on the devices.

    1. Because Google can’t afford for LG, Samsung, and HTC (mainly Samsung) to jump to another OS, and if they play favorites they will. Samsung is already working on another OS. Samsung also has there own app store, and would like to have their own ecosystem.

      1. Exactly, and Google absorbs the initial cost to get the money from us in the use of their ecosystem and our data.

  35. Dear Fellow Verizon Customers,
    Do you remember last year reading about the Nexus 4 as it was announced, getting more and more excited about the xmas present you were about to buy yourself? Then that moment of sheer disbelief and sadness that it didn’t have LTE and that Google would snub Verizon, the biggest American network? Welp… Looks like that sadness is about to happen all over again.

    Edit: Actually, it’s a slightly different situation than last year… Now Sprint gets the Nexus but still no Verizon…

    1. verizon already had a nexus and we all know how well that one went…

      1. I know… Sucks… Hopefully, Google and Verizon forget about their past misfortunes and become friends again. Maybe Verizon could even allow Google Wallet?… Just kidding, one prayer at a time.

    2. The solution is to leave Verizon.

      1. I would but I can’t say no to having 4G everywhere I go and I still have unlimited data… While I like to hate on Big Red, the service wins. I just wish I could use the Nexus 5 on that service.

        1. Verizon doesn’t like to play with other kids, so their way or the highway.

        2. I used to think that but I myself and just done with them lol. I’m willing to give up a little coverage and switch to T-Mobile for a better overall smartphone experience. After all, I use my phone as a tool. I don’t need perfect LTE service everywhere I go. I’m willing to have great HSPA+ service and okay LTE service with T-Mobile :) Switching in December when my contract is up.

      2. This is my plan.

    3. Verizon will likely get the LGD821that just passed thru FCC certification with bands that seem to play Footsy with those of Verizon. Fret not Big Red brethren…u will not be left out of the KitKat new Nexus fun.

    4. If you want a Nexus, get a different carrier because Verizon doesn’t allow updates directly. It needs to go through a rigorous testing process that can take weeks or even months.

      It sucks but that’s just the way it is.

  36. If this have a 32GB model or bigger i’ll buy it. but it didn’t say what size SIM card it uses

    1. It’ll probably be micro, but who know’s they might go nano to save the extra space like what happened with the moto x.

  37. sprint and t-mobile on the same device? nice, think it might be sprint’s first nexus?

    1. no sprint had the nexus s 4g as well as the galaxy nexus. They just got them late.

      1. But they were Nexus devices in name only. For whatever reason CDMA devices can not be updated straight from Google like their gsm counterparts. Google seems to only have full control on the gsm Nexus devices.

        1. 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 was the only OTA I was willing to wait for and it occurred the day I bought the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. After that it always had a community aosp build on it.

        2. I would imagine that there are proprietary CDMA binaries that aren’t licensed properly to fit under AOSP’s Apachev2 license.

  38. The screen is 126mm diagonal and the phone is 146mm diagonal. This means that the top and bottom bezels are less than 10mm each! This phone is going to be nearly all screen. I want and I want now!

    1. Holy crud, that just made my day to realize that the phone is small than my GNex, which is 151.6mm, and the N4, at 150.5mm! I was against the size, but now I’m going to get it! Thank you for pointing that out!!!

    2. You are about 1 mm off. According to my spreadsheet which assumes a 16×9 screen, the bezels for the stated dimensions (126 mm screen, and 131.9 x 68.2 mm phone) are 11.0 mm (top/bottom average) and 3.2 mm (sides). That is pretty good – a bit better top and bottom than the G2 (which is 11.7 mm and 3.1 mm).

      Given the main constraint of the 5 to 5.5″ phones for me is length – I can hold them in my hand OK, I just don’t like long phones in my pocket, I look forward to sub 10 mm (6-8 ideally) top and bottom bezels on future phones, but this one isn’t it.

  39. At 5″ I’ll gladly pass. I already have a 7″ Nexus tablet. Absolutely no need for a phone that big! my pockets nor my hands are that big that i can comfortably type on a 5″ screen with one hand.

    1. The interesting thing here is this phone is smaller than the previous Nexus with a larger screen. Nexus 4 = 133.9 mm x 68.7 mm while the Nexus 5 = 131.9 mm x 68.2 mm

      1. Some people are scared of big screens.

      2. And take into account the smaller screened Gnex for good measure at 135.5mm x 67.9mm. 5″ I never thought I’d go there, even though I’m 6’5″, but I welcome it! Its funny how it happens. I remember thinking I would go above my 4″ screen on my G2x, then I realized how close the dimensions of the Gnex were, then I thought the Gnex at 4.7ish was where I would stop, but then they throw this curve ball called smaller phone with bigger screen. I think I can thoroughly say this is the one for the next 2-3 years… Please, no hardware screw ups…..

    2. a big screen doesnt mean a big phone anymore. the s4 isnt big and its 5 inches

  40. Okay, I just happen to measure the overall dimensions of my Galaxy Nexus, they were 135.4 mm x 68 mm. Comparing that to the reported 131.9 mm x 68.2 mm the new Nexus device is VERY close to the same size of the old Galaxy Nexus but with a 4.96″ screen. I don’t think anyone would call the Galaxy Nexus a phablet. I’m very impressed with the bezel shrinking going in this phone. The guy pictured in the video may just have really small hands.

    1. He might be a midget with longer arms standing on a stool!!! XD

  41. In case there’s any questions about the match of this mystery FCC device, here is a sweet gif I found.

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