First 12 Samsung Galaxy Gear apps revealed, 70 total promised down the line


Samsung Galaxy Gear 1

The October release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear is fast approaching and for those of you who weren’t turned-off by its love-it-or-hate-it design (I think it looks rather snazzy), you might be wondering exactly how “smart” the Galaxy Gear will be when it’s finally released. Because the Galaxy Gear isn’t your typical Android device, it will require developers to create apps specifically for its tiny 1.6-inch display for installation outside of Google Play.

At $300, the Galaxy Gear isn’t exactly affordable, but so far, the response from developers is fair. Samsung is promising over 70 custom made apps will be available for the wearable and while the vast majority of these apps weren’t specifically named, 12 of them were made official. Let’s have a look at the current running list.

  • Atooma – An app that provides an IFTTT like service (if this then that), for automating the device according to different variables. Things like time of day, or location can trigger specific actions.
  • Banjo – A social location-based app, Banjo will alert you when friends are nearby and provide a live stream of pictures taken by friends at a specific event.
  • eBay – The eBay app will help you keep tabs on auctions, providing alerts on bids and ensuring you’re always kept up-to-date on all of your eBay activity.
  • Evernote – Other than an announcement that an Evernote app was in the works, not much else is known. We’re sure it’ll behave much like the Google Glass version of the app, allowing you to quickly save voice notes, snapshots, and providing you with reminders.
  • Glympse – A fitness app that can locate friends via GPS, tracking workout routines much like a Nike Fuel band.
  • Line – Currently the only real messaging client for the Galaxy Gear, Line lets you quickly send instant messages to friends (and even add stickers). It will probably be easier to whip out your phone for instant messaging, but at least it’s an option.
  • MyFitnessPal – Less workout tracking and more of a calorie counter, MyFitnessPal helps you keep track of your diet, while also detecting how active you’ve been during the day.
  • Path – Billed as a “private social network,” Path functions much like Facebook or Google+ with users posting status updates and photos. The Gear app will make this process a little bit easier for all 5 friends on Path.
  • Pocket – Once known as ReadItLater, Pocket is a service that saves interesting articles from around the web. While you wont be doing much web browsing from the Galaxy Gear, the Pocket app will read aloud saved articles making it easy to stay up to date on everything you saved from the internets.
  • RunKeeper – An app for tracking runs, you can record distance, time, and pace, directly from your wrist.
  • TripIt – Like Google Now, TripIt keeps you notified of flights changes, delays, and general takeoff times.
  • Vivino Wine Scanner – Simple app for taking a snapshot of a wine bottle, and immediately identifying it, pulling up a variety of information before you buy.

Samsung galaxy gear on wrist

Like any other device, the Galaxy Gear will need to prove its usefulness for consumers. Keep in mind that while only 12 apps are available right now (and possibly at launch), it’s still off to a better start than competition like the Pebble smartwatch. It’ll be interesting to see how developers take to a new platform, shoehorning robust apps and dumbing them down for the small screen. Like fellow wearable Google Glass, the Galaxy Gear definitely has a lot of potential, but as so often is the case, it’s developer support that will ultimately decide the device’s fate.


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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. The Gear is already laggy and I can’t imagine what would result running these apps…. Lagluster?

  2. I just don’t see anybody paying $300.00 for this watch it should be $99
    and $50 with the purchase of a Note 3 just my opinion.

    1. I would get it for 150$ but that’s the highest I would go.
      The display isn’t all that great and since its Amoled you probably wont be able to see it in sunlight very well. The camera is 1.9 mp which is pretty much worthless, i would still rather take out my phone or DSLR depending if i have it on me.
      I actually like the design and the functionality of it but don’t see how this thing is worth 300$,

      1. But when you don’t have the 45 spare seconds to pull out your DSLR then you have a simple 4 second wrist up, swipe down, photo taken picture moment

        1. 45 seconds? You must have not owned a camera in the past 10 years, every single one of my cameras boots up in about 1-2 seconds which might even be faster than geting into a smartphone camera. The point i was trying to make is that a 1.9 mp camera is pretty much worthless even if it is convenient, the pictures will turn out too grainy and pixelated so much so that you would have wished to have used an actual camera to capture that moment. And you can preety much forget taking pictures in a dim lit area

          1. You always carry around your DSLR up to your face the whole time you have it? You don’t have it in a bag or a case? Interesting…

          2. I think you miss read my first post, I said “depending if I have it on me”. If I’m going out to photograph I never keep my camera in a bag wouldn’t make much sense to since I’m planning on taking pictures, if I don’t have my camera with me I still have my phone which still takes much better shots than the watch, if i were to buy the watch it would be more like a last resort thing in a scenario where my phone battery is dead and I don’t have my camera on me.

      2. I wouldn’t wear it for free…

    2. All that high end tech and you want to pay 50. Wow next time you design a watch and sell it for 50 dollars for your hard work and see if it pays off!

      1. Its called Marketing they do it all the time to keep u with their brand. HTC gives free beats headphones with the purchase of their products do you know how much beats cost? But they take that lost so you can buy their product. If I’m spending $299 for the Note 3 they should be able to give me a $50 discount cause its all goes to Samsung and the consumer is stuck to their ecosystem just my opinion.

      2. They would still make a profit. It takes between $15-30 to make some smartphones, especially outsourcing it. And they sell it for $600-800 retail or $200-300 subsidized. yeah they would lose money but they would still be making a profit. Maybe if it was between $100-200.

        1. Parts and assembly are not the only price associated with the price of a product. Does your 15-30 dollar price include the salaries of everyone who works in the Samsung mobile division? What about marketing, warehousing, and shipping. What about those same costs on the retailer end? What about rent, heating, and cooling?

    3. Dream on. I have no doubt that people will buy this. People waste their money on overpriced tech all the time, how else can you explain Apple’s sucess ;)

      1. Not true go look at the nexus Q that was $300 and only like 10 people brought that device. U have to justify a reason for people to spend that much for a product. And $300 for a watch that’s not high end just basic and the pebble is half the price doesn’t makesense

        1. yeah maybe, but expecting 99$-50$ price range will never happen. I pay 150$-300$ for my watches and they are analog ;)

          1. Yeah, but at that point it’s a piece of jewelry, not a practical item.

          2. well it tells time and has weathered 8 years on my wrist pretty well, I’d say it’s practical :)

  3. I think that the whole fad of ‘smartwatches’ will be extremely short lived. The concept is not new and Samsung is not breaking any new ground here. No one wants to have a watch reminiscent of a Casio calculator watch. Especially in meetings with executives. Either way, wrong view price point.

    1. I respectfully disagree. I think the smartwatch scene will become huge over the next few years as the technology matures. Just judging by the amount of interest in kickstarter alone shows that people are interested in the idea. When flexible OLED hits the smartwatch market it’s really going to take off as the watch would be able to be more fashionable.

      Just my opinion.

      1. It doesn’t take a genius to see that lol. Obviously as tech progresses, these watches will do so much more. I think this Samsung watch is off to a fantastic start. Many reviews are calling it the best smartwatch you can currently get and I agree.

      2. Samsung have the flexible display tech right now. Had they used it, and had a designer with some actual flair and talent design the watch, then they could’ve knocked this out of the park. As it stands, this product will be made to look like the amateurish effort that it is when Apple release their smartwatch – no doubt it will be beautiful and have tons of working, decent apps wheb it comes out.
        I’m no Apple fan, but you know they’re probably just wetting themselves laughing at Cupertino right now.

        1. Yeah I know they have it. Why they didn’t use it I have no idea. I completely agree with you about Apple. They are going to capitalize on this big time.

        2. When was the last time that Apple completely redesigned the iPhone, or really created anything that broke new ground, or created a whole new marketing segment? Has anyone been paying attention the last 2 or 3 years? Rehashed products and spec bumps are about all that has come out of Cupertino. Oh, and don’t let me forget patent trolls. The glory days are over.

    2. I bet you that watch can do more than a Rolex!

      1. But it cant do one important thing: 1. Not look ridiculous and 2. Tell you the time for more than one day without taking it off and charging it. Sry; thats 2 things.

    3. Screw executives that would look down on your for your choice of watch. No, actually… screw executives.

  4. That thing is horrendous

  5. OMG. Is it champagne colored. Apple call your lawyers.

  6. I work for Samsung at one of the SES stores inside Best Buy.

    I will be honest – I do not look forward to selling this thing at all.

  7. Can you even load all 12 apps on to the watch at once? I heard the limit of installed apps is pretty low.

  8. We are very glad to know your views about this.

  9. I was interested… 3 things made it not interesting any more. 1. Only works with Galaxy products. 2. Its huge and ugly 3. Price.


  10. Do they have an app that will find you new friends after your old friends run laughing at you from the room when they see you wearing this gaudy ridiculous thing?

  11. The fact that this thing ONLY works with Galaxy product will cause it’s death in the end. I mean I love Samsung as a brand but take me for example; I had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus until I fell in a pool with it so now I’ve upgraded to the Nexus 4 out of pure necessity. Now I own a Pebble already so you know I’m totally into the wearable’s but now with my newly upgraded phone (which is by far better than the GNexus) I can’t use this Samsung smartwatch??? bad move NEVER want to exclude any of your loyal Android lovers because when it comes to Android it doesn’t matter what brand it is…a true Android fan will want it and if I cannot partake in this awesome new technology I’ll feel very left behind due to Samsung’s decision. Hope they open it up soon to work with other Android phones…I can’t see it needing more than just a nice companion app and BOOM you’re good to go. We’ll see and I guess for now I’m still a Pebbler

    1. I think the galaxy gear is beautiful but this line up leaves me wondering what they’re thinking. toq from qualcomm for the win.

      Really Google should have done this first before glass and then set the standard and the os for the watch. Do we even know if the gear os is android. I doubt it is.

  12. The more I read reviews about this watch the more I want to get it.

  13. What? No star trek mode? I mean if you’re gonna make a geek toy….

  14. I just can’t help but compare this to the Nexus 4. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out:

    Nexus 4 / Galaxy Gear
    Screen: 4.7″ 1280×768 / 1.63″ 320×320
    Processor: 1.5Ghz Quad Core / 800Mhz Single Core
    Storage: 8gb / 4gb
    Battery: 2100mAh / 315mAh
    Camera: 8MP Rear 1.3MP Front / 1.9MP
    Price: $199 / $299

    I think it’s a neat piece of technology, but I don’t feel like you’re getting a fair price. Also I hate wearing watches.

    Edit: I spent lots of time making 2 columns that all lined up, but once i posted it kind of jumbled it all together.

    1. “A” for effort. :)

  15. I’ll adopt this new tech when I need it. I am content with pulling my phone out of my pocket. I am not lazy enough to look at my wrist for Facebook statuses or text messages.

  16. I haven’t used a watch since grade school. Don’t think i’ll start using one now.

  17. My favorite App here is RunKeeper. I think it is a great idea to have an app track your progress while running with a Note 3 or Tab 10.1 in your pocket since it is required for full functionality. F’ing retards at Sammy limit the target market to almost no one.

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