Sep 3rd, 2013

Nexus 5 leak KitKat unveiling video high res

With Google dropping the bomb on everyone today that their next Android release would be dubbed Android 4.4 KitKat, the world spun into a frenzy. The upcoming firmware to debut on the next Nexus device, suddenly the Nexus 5 (or 4 refresh, or whatever you wanna call it) felt just a little bit closer. Once again, straight out of left field, it appears Google may have unintentionally leaked their next Nexus device in a video for the KitKat statue unveiling, uploaded only moments ago to YouTube.

At the 0:38 second mark in the video, you’ll notice what appears to be one Googler holding a landscape-branded Nexus device similar to the back of the 7, yet sized more closely to the Nexus 4 (as held by the woman in blue). The back is flat and glossy matte(?), with similar LG logos towards the bottom of both devices that can be seen when the angle of both Nexuses are just right (pictured below).

LG made Nexus 5 leaked watermarked

Nexus 5 extreme closeup

Another LG Nexus 4 angle wm

Of course, without an official word, there’s no telling if this is in fact the Nexus 5, or a possible Nexus 4 refresh. One thing is for certain — it’s definitely a Nexus. Android KitKat statue unveiling video linked below.

UPDATE: Annnnnnnnd… it’s gone. Google has promptly pulled the video from their channel where it is now marked as “private”. We’ve embedded a copy of the video, courtesy of The Verge.


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