Did Google just leak the Nexus 5 in their KitKat unveiling video? [UPDATE]


Nexus 5 leak KitKat unveiling video high res

With Google dropping the bomb on everyone today that their next Android release would be dubbed Android 4.4 KitKat, the world spun into a frenzy. The upcoming firmware to debut on the next Nexus device, suddenly the Nexus 5 (or 4 refresh, or whatever you wanna call it) felt just a little bit closer. Once again, straight out of left field, it appears Google may have unintentionally leaked their next Nexus device in a video for the KitKat statue unveiling, uploaded only moments ago to YouTube.

At the 0:38 second mark in the video, you’ll notice what appears to be one Googler holding a landscape-branded Nexus device similar to the back of the 7, yet sized more closely to the Nexus 4 (as held by the woman in blue). The back is flat and glossy matte(?), with similar LG logos towards the bottom of both devices that can be seen when the angle of both Nexuses are just right (pictured below).

LG made Nexus 5 leaked watermarked

Nexus 5 extreme closeup

Another LG Nexus 4 angle wm

Of course, without an official word, there’s no telling if this is in fact the Nexus 5, or a possible Nexus 4 refresh. One thing is for certain — it’s definitely a Nexus. Android KitKat statue unveiling video linked below.

UPDATE: Annnnnnnnd… it’s gone. Google has promptly pulled the video from their channel where it is now marked as “private”. We’ve embedded a copy of the video, courtesy of The Verge.


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  1. Uh?

    1. This looks like a publicity stunt…a sneak peek…a typical Google stunt….love it …nexus 4 on right ..nexus 5 left !! Can’t wait

      1. It looks like the guy in back may have the Galaxy Nexus.

        1. He does. Few more weeks (or months) and I will have had all three phones in that image :)

  2. Looks like a smaller version of the new Nexus 7

    1. Nexus 7 2nd has no flash tho.

    1. enhance!

  3. Sideways Nexus logo is quite ugly. It made more sense on the Nexus 7, but most of the time, people hold their phone vertically-oriented.

    1. It’s a matter of taste , I like it that way

    2. Most of the time, when people are holding their phone as a phone, they cover the back of it with their hand. When they take a photo, they do it like it is done in the picture above, showing the Nexus logo properly.

  4. It’s definitely a 5+ inch device:-( I’m 6’5″ but I prefer the size of the Gnex and N4 at the max. One plus is that it looks to have a plastic back!

  5. Umm did anyone notice this is not an LG phone??? its based off of Sony Z1!! Look at the backs of the two!!


    1. Holy crap, you’re right! The only thing I’d hope they hold back is the screen to 720p!

      1. There is an LG logo at the bottom of that phone

        1. Yes, I’ve commented as such since this post.

    2. It certainly does.. http://db.tt/NuZUYi4X

    3. It actually has almost the same exact LG logo as the Nexus 4. Take a look again towards the bottom…

      1. either the picture quality is bad or i am blind but i really don’t see the lg logo on the mystery device. i definitely see it on the nexus 4 (it’s very clear) but i can’t see it on the other one. all that stuff at the bottom looks like the standard fcc stuff.

        1. It’s at a specific point in the video (now private) where you can see the glare on both the mystery device, and the Nexus 4. Both have the same LG logo at the bottom. Check it: http://i.imgur.com/5WiBwXH.jpg

    4. nahh. there’s clearly an LG logo at the bottom. notice the little circle and two letters next to it.

    1. Damn. That looks thin.

  6. I’d like to Nexus her.

    I’ll walk myself out.

    1. Pervert!

  7. “This video is private”

    Thanks for nothing

    1. It wasn’t 15 minutes ago.

    2. It wasn’t private 15 minutes ago.

  8. Please come to Verizon!!!! I’m hoping it does cuz I’m seriously considering the Nexus 5 for my next device.

    1. After the unlocked versions come out of course. Verizon will delay it for the rest of us if it does.

  9. Annnnnnnnnd it’s pulled…what a tease Google….

    1. Only 300 views…

  10. I hope its not an Xperia Z variant by Sony!!!!!

    1. I hope it is!!!

  11. If you check out the woman, she has a Nexus 4. This Nexus 5 bigger. Is it a Nexus Phablet?

    Also, I am sick of private videos being posted. It would be nice to check it out.

    1. It was available for everyone until 15 minutes ago. Yes I believe it is true to the rumored N5 name, hopefully with a new N4, too.

    2. “If you check out the woman, …”

      Yes, checking…

  12. Its made by LG !! Nexus 5 for sure….took a screenshot and you can see the LG logo on bottom of phone…same as nexus 4 which girl is holding….

    1. Evidence?

    2. I can agree with that, though it does look a great deal like the Sony z1.

      1. With a LG logo on it???

        Don’t think so…

      2. Huh? Z1’s back looks a look like Optimus G’s back then and many more blank back covers. You can’t even see this phone clearly to say that. Z1’s back really isn’t anything special or original.

    3. If it is made by LG I would rather get a Moto X.

  13. How in the actual f*** do you just record a nexus 5 oops!! Lol wait what? God damn its been pulled!!! Omfg!! Why do Google just leak the future devices like the nexus 7 2013!!!! XD rotfl I’m out

    1. You have no idea how hard that was to comprehend. LoL!!

      1. Lol sorry about that I was ranting

        1. It was funny though, I laughed all the way to the last word….lmao

          1. Glad I got laugh :)

      2. Hey guys what’s your thoughts on this?

  14. Make it 5.5″-5.9″ full hd screen, snapdragon 800, micro sd slot, stereo front speakers and at least 3100 battery and I just MIGHT consider changing my note 2 for it (instead of note 3). A fingerprint reader would be a plus as of late rumors and let it be u der 600USD with a free 25 Google Play gift card. That’s all. LOL

    1. Sounds like somebody wants the HTC One Max Dev. Edtition.

      1. I’m looking forward for its announcement together with note 3’s. Unfortunately chances are the One Max will not have a memory card slot which is a big bummer for me (specially with new generation 128gb micro sd around the corner)… but we will only know for sure few moments from now. I CANT WAIT!!! :D

    2. Lol. You’re funny

  15. Whats the chance that new Nexus (4or5) get better than LG G2

    1. very slim chance, as google always like to cut corners.

      1. There’s a difference between making a judgement call on what features to cut in order to meet a price point and saying “you don’t need whatever we don’t provide” and then charge $800 for it (read Apple, Bluetooth then, NFC now etc..)

  16. That’s a BIG camera hole… O_o

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I was like, “Is that the camera”? Then I started thinking it would have some massive megapixel capturing capability.

      1. Ha! I mean, it’s just the glass cover, not the actual lens. I’m sure it’ll still provide the same “Nexus results” we’re all used to. :p

    2. Just look at the smile on his face, yea he knows how big his camera hole is.

    3. But still feels so tight!

  17. this was done on purpose i’m sure, some “leak”

    1. Was going to say the same thing until Google removed the entire video and now, all of YouTube is down. Lol

  18. I think the question we should be asking is why Link owns a Nexus 5 before everyone else.

    1. haha i get it.

    2. Haha I get it too but if anything, Link in this image seems to be holding the Galaxy Nexus? Unless there’s an Indian version of the Matrix (ugh!) that I missed watching..

    3. He’s not Link. He’s one of Santa’s elves

    4. Ill just leave this here.

  19. Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar ?

  20. the dude in the back is holding a Galaxy Nexus >.>

    1. I weep for him

      1. tell me about it mine only lasted like an hour and 30 min on heavy use before i upgraded, and the radios/external speaker completely sucked

    1. Not accurate to say up again. The video was downloaded and reposted on another channel.

      1. It was on Youtube and then it disappeared and now it’s up again. Why did you feel the need to comment on something so trivial?

        1. Because he’s upset that Nestle uses slave labor?

  21. LOL, Oops. This is too funny if google really slipped up on this one.

  22. Look at white text/picture at the bottom of the device. Now go online and look at a picture of the LG Logo on the Nexus 4. The general shape is the same with the LG face/icon followed by the letters LG.

  23. s/Google has promptly removed the video from their channel./Google has promptly made the video private on their channel.

  24. lol @ the watermark

  25. While I don’t care about the glass back since I always have a case on my phone, it’s sad that they decided to do that again instead of going with plastic or aluminum (as much as I dislike aluminum).

    1. Uhhh the device in the image looks like a matte plastic finish to me with the nexus 4 next to it. How can you tell that is glass?

      1. To add into that it might not be completely matte but it doesn’t look nearly as glossy as glass would more a dulled plastic finish…

        1. I concur. It is the exact same finish as the N7.2, matte with glossy nexus lettering.

  26. Now I feel like a ass for buying the N4 like a day ago. I thought Moto was making the next nexus damn you internet rumors!!!!

    1. What? The next nexus being made by LG was leaked at least 3 months ago, possibly more.

      1. Yeah as there were also rumors that Moto was making the next nexus like 2 weeks ago. :

    2. N4 is still a great device and you got it at a great price! Enjoy it like us until maybe November that we can get our 5.

    3. you should have just waited a few months. your bad.

  27. I’m not so sure the back of the mystery Nexus actually is glass. The only thing that seems to be reflective is the Nexus logo, not the rest of the back of the phone. You’ll notice on the woman’s Nexus 4 that you can clearly see reflections throughout the back. The mystery Nexus stays completely black with no reflection aside from the Nexus logo itself.

    1. It doesn’t look like glass to me, but I like the glass on the back of my N4. I’ve had it since November and it’s in great shape.

      1. Same for the most part. However I JUST got a small hairline crack on my glass back. A cried a bit really, like a man of course though.

        1. “I cried a bit really, like a man of course though.”

          I just can imagine that…

          1. then you dont understand manly tears of justice, they flow like waterfalls

      2. mine is fine too, BUT its in a case.. And I loathe cases. can’t wait till i upgrade and can go back to raw dogging it.

    2. Watched the video about a million times and you know.. you might be right. Going to update the post.

      1. I originally thought that maybe it was just the angle he was holding it or something odd like that. But if the Nexus logo reflects as it does during the video then we would have to see SOME reflection from the back of the rest of the device yet it never happens.

        1. maybe only the logo is reflective plastic or reflective glass, not the rest of the back

  28. I officially hate that dude.

    1. Just imagine living with that kinda pressure on your shoulders. Knowing you have one of the most sought after pieces of technology, and not being able to tell a single soul.

      I don’t hate him, I feel sorry for him.

      1. well played sir. now you have me feeling bad for him. Its been an emotional day lol. Still not sure how I feel about the whole Kit Kat thing.

        1. If you’re not sure, then that means you approve. It’s really not that big of a deal as everyone is trying to make it out to be.

          I don’t care either way, and I’d be totally cool if Google goes with name brand candies from here on it. Shows they’ve hit the mainstream :)

          1. No doubt. I’m already ready for some lemonhead love.

      2. Ya he probably just lost his job as well…..

        1. Nah that’s an Apple move. His team is probably reading blogs like this chuckling at the speculation.

      3. Considering he has it out in the open one would think he has an entire team of people to share it with.

      4. If he is one of the Engineers (myself being an Engineer) then he is more feeling his own anticipation of the final device, hoping his team can get their latest design efforts finalized and perfected before the world see it / scrutinizes it / reviews it / purchases it / loves it for 2 years.

        If anything he feels that anticipation every day.

  29. Come on Verizon Nexus device…

    1. uh… do you not remember the disaster that was the VZW Galaxy Nexus?

    2. Not going to happen. Google wants the Nexus devices to be open and Verizon is anything but open.

      1. Go ahead, just steal my hopes and dreams… :'(

      2. Sad but true.

  30. LG!? shocker!

  31. The back looks awfully reminiscent of the Nexus 7 (2013) back. Matte finish, nexus logo is spot on, and the camera is almost identical. Did we just figure out the phone’s manufacturer?

    1. Sony xperia z1 honami replica

    2. LG logo at the bottom is a bit of a giveaway..

  32. LG!? Shocker!

  33. That’s not a nexus, it’s a pair of sunglasses!

    1. I’m jelly of those sunglasses

    2. Wow, can’t look away from even fully clothed boobs?

    3. “Pardon me, I was just admiring your impressive pair of sunglasses.”

    4. Oh, I see your sunglasses now….

    5. If you look closely at the phone she is holding it also says nexus, but horizontally instead of vertical. And in one shot in the video you can see the front of her screen.

  34. “With Google dropping the ball on everyone today”

    I think you mean “dropping the bomb.” “Dropping the ball” means something different (unless you’re saying that they had a good thing going and ruined it with the KitKat name).

  35. That’s a huge camera lens. Let’s hope Google focuses on camera quality, like they promised they would!

    1. Looks like, but it’s just the glass covering (like on the Nexus 7).

    2. OH yes, that’s a huge camera lens, Google have more effectively plan to lunch the New Phone.

  36. I feel like I’m the only one going insane with this leak. I can’t wait! Sure I wanted a Moto Nexus, but I love my LG made Nexus so this thing will surely not disappoint. Kit Kat N5 come to me!

    1. I have a theory that well see a Nexus 4 made by Moto and a Nexus 5 made by LG

      1. I hope that rumor is true! I think 5 is pushing it, and I’m definitely not small.

        1. I think that’s why they’ll do both. There is an obvious market for these stupidly large phones so why not bank on it but there are also plenty of people that want to keep it under 5, I think a 2013 Nexus 4 about the size and shape of the Moto X would be an insta-buy for me.

      2. or a Nexus5 made by LG and a New Nexus10 made by Motorola

        1. except we’ve also heard that Samsung is doing the 10 again. *sigh* too many rumors and not enough time. lol

    2. maybe the rumors are true…….. and motorola really is making a nexus………… the NEW Nexus10

  37. Ay all these leaks, you can spend forever waiting for one phone, and then up pops another that prompts you to wait some more.

    1. actually, the next nexus phone won’t popup until next year……… so it only happens once per year.

  38. In before next version is called Lemon Head.

  39. Hmm…two thoughts. 1) it looks like they knew the Nexus was in the video as the Nexus logo was partially blacked out, with that one frame being the most revealing. Looking at it frame by frame anyway. And later at about the 46 sec mark the same guy is shown with the same phone, this time with the Nexus logo completely blanked out. 2) is this just bad editing by a Googler, or was this an intentional easter egg for sharp eyed fans? All these “leaks” always get the conspiracy theory area of my brain in gear.

    1. the logo isnt blacked out, if you watch it again, there is a point in the video where a glimmer of the n is showing and not the rest of the logo. apparently, whatever material the back is made out of, will only reflect the nexus logo at a certain angle……… Glass back maybe? either that or we are zooming into a video still picture which degrades the quality of the image we are seeing… there is noise in the picture……. probably because this was not recorded using 4K video.

      1. Hey, stop ruining my conspiracy theory!

  40. I wonder what KLP tasted like .

  41. looks like a test device to me.

  42. It looks stupidly large.

  43. Oh look, there’s Jony Ive in the video too. Looking for some ideas for the next chocolate iOS?

    1. not even close haha

    2. i love it. he is doing copy past ideas send to apple head office with Google glass

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  45. Damn I sincerely hope the next Nexus isn’t that big. It really doesn’t seem like Google’s style to make such a large device that doesn’t seem mainstream.

    After holding the Moto X it’s the absolute perfect size, I’d never want a phone bigger than that. Feels just right, even more so than my iPhone 5 (work phone), and the non-pentile screen looked great. They should just make it a little thinner and slap Nexus on it.

    1. I’m not sure companies really know what is mainstream on phone size yet. People used to say 4.3″ was too big. But now the Galaxy S4 with a 5″ screen is very popular. Having owned an iPhone and a Note II, I think 5″ with narrow bezels all around is the best choice.

      Looking forward to the camera review – I hope it it is competitive with the iPhone 5S and Nokia’s flagship.

  46. Very plausable… Now I can’t decide between the Xpeira Z1 and the Nexus 5

    1. Nexus 5, dat developer support

  47. that dude has the eyebrows and smile of a true indian king

    1. Looks like two caterpillars fighting to me.

      1. bwahahahaha

  48. The back looks very HTCish! Polycarbonate back, big camera sensor with single LED flash…

  49. I wish that statue was made of real kit kat. That would be epicly delicious.

    1. a kitkat made out of dark chocolate is vastly more delicious than a regular kitkat

      1. I’ve never tried dark chocolate kit kat. Does it really taste better?

        1. I prefer the white, then the dark.

          1. who cares

          2. You did, enough to comment, at least. And, done.

        2. Yes, they are special edition, and they are not always available. but sometimes if you spot one, BUY IT ASAP or else it will be gone for a while. they really do taste better.

  50. maybe it won’t be called the nexus 5? the next android version is called kitkat while everybody thought it would be called key lime pie, so maybe we’re being thrown off on this one…

    1. hmmmm…. some people say the Nexus4 is called the Nexus4 because it’s screen is 4.x so perhaps it will be called the Nexus5, due to its screen being 5.x

      1. The 4 was the fourth Nexus, it was coincidental that it had a 4.7 inch screen

        1. I disagree as the N7s and N10 are both determined by their screen size for their names and thus seems to be the new naming scheme with the there being a 2nd gen N7.

        2. hmm, the 5 was the fifth nexus, and it is also coincidental that it will have a 5.x inch screen. the N7 has had the same name 2 years in a row…. 7-inch screen….. I am seeing a pattern here.

  51. Welp, was waiting to see what the N5 would be. Guess I can go ahead and upgrade now. Do not want a phablet N5. Was really hoping they would keep it at 4.7″ or less.

    1. There may be a new less breakable N4, as is rumored, just like we are getting this phablet.

  52. Looks like the same size of a LG G2 that has a 5.2″ screen

  53. Strangely it looks exactly similar to the xperia z1 honami from the backside

    1. Aside from the LG logo, it kinda does. :p

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