Motorola Skip is a hardware key for unlocking your Moto X



Much effort has gone into coming up with novel ways to unlock your smartphone. From facial recognition to fingerprint scanning, the goal is to eliminate “cumbersome” methods such as pattern unlock or PIN numbers. While we’re still in the came that believe we don’t mind taking a few extra seconds for the security (or we’ll just leave a lock off altogether), smartphone makers are convinced we need more and more convenience. Enter Motorola Skip, a hardware key for unlocking the Moto X.

The Skip is an NFC-based clip that you can attach to a waistband or shirt pocket (or pretty much anywhere) that is paired with your phone and unlocks it in with a single tap. It also comes with three satellite NFC stickers to station in common areas like on your nightstand or in the car. For something like $20, you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of unlocking your phone again, or so Motorola would have us believe.

The reality is that Skip is not all that more convenient than current methods of unlocking your phone. For starters, you actually have to remember to bring it along with you. It’s small. It could be easily lost. And NFC, while quick, still takes a beat to detect a tag and execute a function. I fail to see the time savings associated with Skip. A novel idea or a novelty? I’m just not sure.

[via Motorola]

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  1. I think I’ll stick with my finger.

    1. Must…resist…

  2. Kevin, it is more convenient. I am one who always liked to keep my phone locked, however, over the past year, it became too annoying to constantly have to type in my password every time I looked at my phone at work or at home. This I can just keep attached to by belt, or a sticker near the couch, for example, and I’m good to go. And yes, this is quicker than waking your phone and typing in a long password. I am so all over this. Bravo to Moto for releasing multiple creative, interesting accessories for this phone, even before the phone is released!

    1. double the work for nothing. he should really stay over at isource.

      1. Agreed completely.

  3. Im guessing this has something weird about it so it will only work with the MotoX?

  4. We have been able to create these tags for a fraction of the cost for a couple of years now. Nothing new here…..

  5. I’ll buy anything that makes me look more nerdy! Yeah!

  6. Check out on kickstarter.

    Still time to jump in.

  7. We don’t like you and your constant negativity, go away Kevin.

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