Aug 15th, 2013 publishUpdated   Aug 16th, 2013, 12:02 am

Motorola Skip NFC accessory

While Motorola still hasn’t provided us with any solid release date on the Moto X, we know that it’s coming soon. Real soon. One of the signs of the device’s impending arrival is the Moto X’s now outed NFC accessory — the Motorola Skip.

What exactly is it? Well, it’s a $20 accessory that clips anywhere on your person, and allows you to tap the Moto X to it, and quickly unlock your device. The accessory appeared briefly on Motorola’s accessory page for the X, but was quickly taken down (it now forwards you to the Moto X homepage). The setup page can still be found, along with the app on Google Play to help with pairing.

Moto Skip app setup

While some would argue this is a new kind of lazy, this could be convenient for those (myself included), that hate the inconvenience of locking their devices down with pins and patterns, but want to be assured their device is secured in the event it’s misplaced. Kinda genius but kinda… pointless, we’re still deciding on which.

It’s true $20 sounds a bit pricey for a simple $1 NFC tag, but Motorola’s wording on the Skip’s listing has us wondering if this wont be given away for free for those that buy an X through Motomaker. Anyone readying their wallets to pick one up with their Moto X? Oh, you can also find a few Moto X cases, still listed as “coming soon”.

[Motorola 1, Motorola 2, Motorola Skip on Google Play | via Droid-Life]

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