Moto X, Moto Maker come to AT&T August 23rd


Moto X wheel cropped

We just showed you what you can do with Moto Maker. You can see for yourself starting August 23rd. That’s the date AT&T has announced for the release of the Moto X on their network.

The phone will be available in store for $199 for a 16GB model in black and white options, but AT&T’s exclusive access to Moto Maker is where it’s really at. You can custom build a device using a plethora of color combinations and add your Google account out of the factory. Instant gratification (after 4 days processing/shipping).

To make the experience even more enticing, AT&T stores will be displaying various samples of custom Moto X designs to get your creative juices flowing and give a sense of how the phone will look and feel in your hand. A few lucky folks chosen at random from the Moto X signup page at AT&T will get to check it out in advance on August 19th. So who’s buying one?

[via AT&T]

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  1. My local Walmart already has the phone in their system. Its listed as “White” and is $168, with a 2 year agreement.

  2. Would buy it on launch day with TMO if only they hadn’t done the stupid exclusivity thing.

    1. same . I’m still using the galaxy nexus unlocked

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